The Lesson


Justice had been working all day and wanted to get home to his girlfriend, hoping she was naked on the couch, waiting for him. Much to his disappointment, she was not there when he arrived home. His brain started to kick into overdrive. He had been working very hard to overcome the jealousy that always jumped into the forefront of his mind. A few beers into it did not help his thoughts of who she could be with and what she was doing. He was hoping the phone would ring but silence still remained. With much more time on his hands, he got more pissed as the minutes passed by. The plan was concocted. A smile passed over his usual angry look. “If that bitch can’t call or leave a note she needs to be taught a lesson,” he sneered to himself.

Two hours later Alexis pulled into the driveway. She knew that Justice would be irate at her when she walked through the door but she had done her best to prepare for what was to come. She was still working on the explanation while she walked toward the house, remembering the last time Justice had been later than usual and the ass chewing she had given him. She figured she would let him vent, cook supper then go to bed rather than deal with his shitty attitude for the rest of the night. “Things come up and I can’t always remember to leave a note or get to a phone,” she reasoned to herself. This thought gave her no solace on the matter.

Walking through the door she was greeted by the stereo blasting some heavy metal tune. Justice was nowhere in sight. Gently sighing, she hoped he was taking a nap or in the shower. “This is just the calm before the storm but a moments peace is a moments peace,” she said aloud unaware that he was standing behind her.

“Boo!” Justice said.

“Jesus fucking Christ!!!” Alexis jumped and almost pissed herself he scared her so bad.

“Before you start, please let me explain,” she pleaded. “I was home and got a call from Jackie. She was really upset and needed someone to talk to.”

“Not that I really give a shit but, is she alright?” asked Justice.

“No she isn’t, Mark left her today for her mother. He told her that he was tired of her and needed to have a real woman!” explained Alexis.

“Of course you are the only one that she could bawl to?” he spat out sarcastically. “I told that stupid bitch from day one that Mark was a fucking douche bag and she should stick to the produce section for her sexual needs but of course nobody wants to listen to me. Fuck, what the hell do I know anyway! Oh wait, yes I do know…..YOU ARE FUCKING LATE!!!” Justice screamed at her.

She could see the fire that burned in his eyes. He was really pissed, much more than she had anticipated. Knowing from past experience, she looked away from him and just stared at the floor. Tuning most of his hurtful comments out, she waited for him to take a breath so she could defend herself. Alexis couldn’t understand why Justice was overreacting because she knew he would have done the same thing for one of his friends if they were in a similar situation. Snapping out of her own thoughts, she heard him say, “Why are you so fucking stupid. What a dumb cunt. ” That did it.

“Where the fuck do you get off calling me that?” she adamantly queried.

“I already explained that, so it is obvious that you weren’t listening to a god damn thing I just said. Besides your actions tonight should explain it all. But, I forgot how dense you are.” Justice said as he shook his head in total amazement of her stupidity.

SMACK….Alexis slapped him on the side of his face. “Don’t you ever call me a cunt ever again, motherfucker.”

“No I’m not, that is Mark lest you so quickly forget your story” Justice replied.

Through the streaming tears and sobbing, Alexis asked “Why are you always such an asshole?”

Knowing she was in a vulnerable state of mind Justice switched gears and gently touched her shoulder and softly said, “I’m sorry, can we stop fighting and just call a truce? You know how I can get, I was just worried and when I didn’t know where you were I started to think the worst. As usual I mersin escort over reacted when I shouldn’t have.”

Turning to him he saw the opening in her eyes that he was looking for. As he was hugging her she said “I’m sorry that I didn’t take the time to leave a quick note to let you know where I was. I never meant for you to worry so much about me .That’s one of the things I love about you .Always wanting to protect me.” Alexis thinking the worst was over and she could now let her guard down .Snuggled her face into Justice’s shoulder. Having no idea what was coming next.

With his chin resting on the top of her head .Justice smelled the fragrance of her shampoo still lingering from her morning shower .Luring her into a false sense of safety he stroked her hair, feeling her body relax into him. He did this for a few minutes. Then, grabbing a fistful of hair, he snapped her head back, looking into her eyes to see her reaction. Loving what he saw…..confusion. He growled into her ear “Listen up your worthless whore. I am going to teach you a lesson for your transgressions. I don’t want to hear anything out of you. No crying, screaming, whimpering, or moaning .Do you understand?”

Being taken completely by surprise, Alexis started to speak then quickly nodded her head to let Justice know she understood her role. She was slightly intrigued as to what he was going to do to her but more worried that it was going to hurt .Normally, Justice was a very compassionate lover but tonight he was acting very differently. This caused some flags to go up in her head but she dared not defy him. Figuring the out come would be far worse if she resisted. “Just better to do what I was told .Besides, how bad could it be? Justice has never been that outlandish in the bedroom,” she reasoned to herself.

“HEEELLLLOOOOOOO” bellowed Justice into her ear.” Pay fucking attention to me, got it?” he said, shaking her head a little to drive the point home.

The pressure of him pulling her hair was starting to hurt and she let out a slight whimper. He slapped her face in one quick motion to correct her. “Now do you see why I called you a dumb cunt? I just got done telling you to shut the fuck up. Then you whimper like a dog that is begging for food.”

“I’m sorry, Justice” she cried.

“I told you I didn’t want you to speak!!” he slapped her face again with a little more emphasis this time. “Since you don’t want to be quiet on your own, I’ll ensure you shut up.” He pushed down on her head and forced her to her knees. Alexis cowered at his feet but was quickly jerked back up to crotch level. She didn’t need to be told what he wanted her to do. She slowly unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out, placing the head of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue swirl around the tip. Justice twitched from her licking. He really wanted to hear the bitch gag, so he forcefully drove his cock to the back of her throat. To his amazement, Alexis just took his dick in stride, opening her throat to accept the intrusion. Not being satisfied with the initial result Justice forced Alexis to take him all the way in again and this time he held her head in place.

“Ummmphhhhh,” was what she mumbled, while desperately trying to pull away so she could breathe again. Letting her fight for a few moments longer, he then let go of her head to allow her to come up for air. Choking on the saliva that had built up she left a spit trail from his cock to her lower lip. She looked up at him. Justice was absolutely beaming from making her gag on his manhood. “What a sick bastard, enjoying degrading me like a cheap slut,” she fumed to herself. What Alexis found more alarming was the fact that her pussy was beginning to become wet.

“Enough of your cocksucking bitch; I am not going to give you the pleasure of swallowing my load. You haven’t earned the privilege yet.” Justice stated smugly.

Pulling Alexis up by her hair, Justice quickly unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. Admiring her choice of blue bikini panties she had kocaeli escort worn that day. Thinking it was a shame to ruin such things. He ripped them from her body, leaving her naked and vulnerable. Pleased with his handy work Justice stepped back to drool over her luscious ass.

“Bend over, you fucking bitch.” barked Justice. Doing as she was told, she grabbed her ankles. His hand cracked her across the ass. The pain was almost unbearable for her but still she remained silent. As the pain began to subside, Alexis realized that her pussy juice was leaking down her legs. She actually enjoyed that slap on her ass. Smack, smack, smack went Justice’s hand to her ass. Her now glowing red ass contrasted her pale white skin beautifully. Justice noticed the juice pouring from his lovely girlfriend’s twat.

“You fucking like that, don’t you? We can’t have you making a mess all over the place…now can we” he said, picking up her torn panties from the floor. He began to wipe up her love juice from her inner thighs. Once this was done he told her to open her mouth. Stuffing her soiled panties in, so that she could taste her self while he degraded her some more. Her soaked panties almost blocked her airway helping to shut Alexis up. She found herself gently sucking her panties trying to draw her juices out of the fabric. Realizing to herself, “Justice is right, I am a cheap slut.”

Pleased with seeing his hand prints on her ass, Justice was ready to move on with his lesson plan. Taking off Alexis’s shirt and bra, he placed her shirt around her eyes using it as a blindfold. Still bent over, Alexis felt the cool breeze pass her still warm ass as Justice open the refrigerator door. Hearing the familiar sound of his beer bottle opening, she couldn’t help but wonder what he had up his sleeve.

Pounding half of his beer and letting out a Viking like belch, Justice stood back to admire his handy work, impressed that Alexis was actually not resisting his directions. Her submissiveness made him want her even more but he used self restraint so that he could finish what he had started.” Lay down on the floor….NOW!!!” he commanded.

Not daring to be told twice Alexis quickly moved to the floor kicking her pants off as she went. The coldness was a shock to her system, causing her nipples to swell. Justice noticed this and grabbed the clothespins from the cabinet, placing one on each nipple. Breathing in sharply from the sudden pain, Alexis subdued the scream she wanted to let out. Taking one of her meaty pussylips between his fingers Justice continued to place the clothespins on Alexis. Doing the same to the other lip, he loved what he saw. Alexis also was enjoying the clothespins on her genitals once the pain slowly ebbed away.

“I want you to pull your cunt open by the clothes pins, you god damn slut” As she did this her love oils spilled out and down her ass crack, leaving no doubt that she was enjoying the punishment Justice was giving her. Grabbing her by the ankles he brought them up over her head so that her toes touched the floor. Using his knee as a brace, Justice picked up the half empty beer and began to fill her pussy with beer. “Oh my god…that shit is cold” she attempted to say through her panties. Hearing the muffled sentence Justice slapped her ass again to remind her to remain silent. With her pussy now full of beer Justice placed his mouth over her opening and drank the beer out of her. “God damn that is the best fucking way to have a beer,” he chuckled. Alexis smiled knowing that she had pleased her man with her submissiveness.

“Now that I’ve finished my beer it is time to fuck that slutty fuck hole of yours.” Justice exclaimed. Removing the clothes pins from her now swollen twat lips, Justice quickly began easing the neck of the bottle into her. Going as deep as he could to get Alexis stretched out. The intrusion was a surprise to Alexis but she quickly relaxed her muscles to make the violation as pain free as she could. Satisfied she was properly gapped. Justice yarded the bottle out of her with an samsun escort audible pop. Not wanting her tits to feel left out he pulled the clothespins off her nipples. The snapping sound was louder than he expected.” Nice touch” he thought.

Pulling her panties out of her mouth Justice said “I know you must be thirsty. So lick your cunt juice of the bottle. Her musky scent wafted toward her nose as he brought the bottle to her lips.

“How I love the scent of myself” she thought “but I taste even better.” Greedily she licked up every last drop of herself, leaving the bottle sparkling clean. “Enough” said Justice. Spinning the bottle around, he began to bury the base of the bottle into her twat. Alexis had never had anything that big inside her before. She loved the fullness she felt, causing her to leak juices around the bottle.

“Let the fucking lesson begin, where’s the bottle to fuck yourself, I know you want to, and don’t stop until you have the neck all the way in.”

Needing to cum Alexis welcomed this task. Sliding the glass “cock” slowly in and out of herself she made more of it disappear with each downward stroke. While she busied herself with this, Justice began swirling his tongue around her asshole, her pink pucker sucking in a little with each pass of his tongue. He began to poke his tongue up her shitter. The sensation of his tongue in her ass was more than Alexis could handle. She felt her cunt muscles clamp down around the phallic symbol causing her to cum violently.

Justice took his rock hard cock and began to work it in to her pussy. “God damn this shit is fucking tight.” It was rough on his dick but he was determined to make his cock fit. Alexis wanted to scream at the top of her lungs from the invasion. She felt like she was being ripped in half. With half of his dick in her cunt Justice spit on her asshole and proceed to jam two fingers into her backdoor.

Tears began to swell as she felt his fingers invade her virgin ass. The pain was almost unbearable. Amazed that her twat was still getting wetter by the second she wondered “How is that possible? This is the most pain I have ever felt in my life but yet I am so turned on by it.”

Justice then pulled his pecker out of her pussy and put in her asshole, burying himself balls deep. Her shit hole was much easier to pound on. Not having to navigate around the bottle, Justice continued his thrusting, bringing Alexis to an earth shattering orgasm. She came so hard that she lost consciousness for a few moments.

She squinted as she opened her eyes because Justice had removed her blindfold while she was out. Still having his cock in her ass he said “Push the bottle out of your nasty pussy, you no good slut.” Gladly welcoming the relief, she used her very sore cunt muscles to remove the bottle. Landing with a clunk on the floor, the bottle rolled away. Justice took his dick out of her asshole, leaving her feeling very empty. Using both hands he stuck two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass. Pulling Alexis apart to see how gapped he had gotten her. Both of her orifices dilated to the size of a half dollar. “That is so fucking hot. Seeing your fuck holes gapped like that.” He told her.

“Get on your knees, bitch. You need to clean my cock off.” He poked the head of his dick against her lips. Not wanting to taste her own ass juice she resisted his advances. Justice slapped her face causing her mouth to open and forced his dick to the back of her throat Gagging from the intrusion she almost puked all over Justice. Keeping his cock in her mouth he began to fuck her face like a man on fire trying to put him out. Alexis began to massage his balls and felt them tighten. She knew he was about to finally cum. Pulling out of her mouth, Justice turned away from her jacking himself off to the finish. “AAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” he bellowed as the nut scuzz spewed from his cock head, splattering on to the kitchen floor.

“Crawl over there and lick up my kids,” ordered Justice. Crawling across the floor she dutifully licked every last drop of his baby batter off the floor. Looking up at him, she opened her mouth to show him that she had swallowed his sweet nectar. Bending down Justice kissed Alexis, tasting himself and her ass. “Not a bad mixture if I do say so myself. He said.

“I know “she grinned “I think I will make sure I need to be taught another lesson real soon.”