Sisterly Lust


The sunlight comes through my window, and the all too familiar sound of the trains. I notice out of the corner of my eye my bedroom door is wide open, as I throw the bedcovers off to reveal my flowery pink lace panties. Then glancing down to realize I have a raging hard-on. Oh no, my sister is in the hall and coming this way so quickly I cover up.

“You don’t have to do that for me,”

Blushing and finding the covers, “Oh yes I do!”

“Looking at that morning glory, you’ve got to come out of there sometime. I could just stay here all morning!”

It’s Sunday morning and she’s heading to church, just like every other Sunday. I can tell she has something on her mind. I groan, “What is it sis, come on, out with it!”

She hesitates, “Well, after yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t help myself and I was talking to my friend.”

In shock, “Oh no sis, you promised.”

“Yes, yes mum of course. I have a special favour to ask, remember you said anything?”

“Yes sis, okay, just let me wake up.”

“Coffee?” she asks with a smile.

“Yes please!”

I fall back into the covers, and doze off. I love to snuggle up in bed, my doona so soft and I curl up. My head under the covers, in la-la land. It wasn’t long and sis was back with my coffee. I was oblivious to her presence, till she called me. Big smile on her face and the cover off me. Laying there and my sister looking at me.

“Like how long have you been there sis?”

She laughs, “Well let’s put it this way, love the panties and you’re hard!”

“Bloody pervert! Don’t I have any privacy?”

She sighs and with a cheeky gin, “After last night, no.”

She puts the coffee on the bedside table as I jump out of bed and run for the toilet. Quickly returning to my room, pulling the door till it’s almost closed, I turn the radio on. Soft intoxicating jazz fills the air. I sit in the chair in front of my dressing table and open the drawer that hides my lingerie, unaware of my sister who crept into the room while I was looking for something to change into.

She leans forward to whisper in my ear and understandably I jump, “I need a favour.”

For a minute all I think of is standing in my white lace lingerie all exposed to my sister, not really wanting to be reminded of being caught. With a hesitant voice I answer, “What sis?”

My sister Liz, short for Elizabeth, is much older than me, and is quick to answer, “You know my best friend? I was talking to her and she is keen on you.”

Quickly I snap, “No!”

She continues to tell me that she had let slip what happened last night, on the phone, and that her friend was keen on me.

“You will come to church with me and meet her! So get dressed, and maybe the black lace panties,” she says, smiling, “They have a matching bra. I know Kate will like those too.”

I wasn’t sure if I liked this hold my sister had on me, but what was I to do? So I took instructions then Liz left. I fastened the bra and pulled the panties on. Stuffing my cock inside and being careful to keep it away from the lace shield in front. Uncomfortably pinching on the head of my cock, to prevent something I didn’t want to have happen while stuck in a church service.

It wasn’t long before my sister, 5 foot 5 inches, athletic, long brown hair, in tight jeans and cotton button up white blouse, the kind that drops over the top of your jeans, strappy heels, was back in my bloody doorway like a mad woman, “Are you ready?”

Glancing toward the doorway, “I guess, sis.”

Stood up and said, “What do you think sis,” posing for her, “will this do?”

She said, “As long as you have that sexy bra and panties, I’m happy”

I was about 5 foot Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort 7 inches, thin. I cycled a lot and was not the average for someone that had a cock. Feminine face, small hands and feet, and a shapely body and small breasts. Standing in my bedroom, in sandshoes, tight jeans and a racer back tank top and jacket.

With a grin she looked me up and down, “Oh yes, you will do,” and winked.

That made me a little uneasy but hey, I thought to myself, this will be over soon.

Liz grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the front door, “Come on, we have to go, if we are going to get the train. I want to get to the church so I can introduce you to Kate, and I know you are just going to like her.”

We headed up the long road to the train station. I could feel my cock rubbing against the lace of my panties, it always turned me on as it rubbed the head of my cock.

Trying to ignore my hard-on, not something I liked, I focused on the fast approaching train, the usually old smelly Red-Rattler. Soon we arrived at our destination and headed to the church, but on the way the phone rang.

My Sister pulled her blingy phone from her jeans pocket. “Hiya Hun, we won’t be long, love you.”

I thought nothing about the conversation, but I guessed that Kate had rung, checking up on us and her familiarity was just girl-talk. We arrived, and as we approached I noticed this young woman waiting at the gate.

“Hi Kate, how are you hun,” they hug for what seems a longer than normal embrace.

“Aww, so good to see you Liz, a sight for sore eyes.”

She takes her hand, “And this is my Brother”


She giggles playfully, “my sister.”

Kate is a very shapely girl, about my sister’s age, a couple of years older than me. With voluptuous hips and full breasts, blonde hair, in a mini skirt, pale blue blouse and handbag over one shoulder. Very friendly she smiles at me, and gives me a hug, “welcome,” she whispers in my ear.

We walk towards the church foyer and the sound of their heels on the path is something I notice. My sister and Kate seem to be very happy to see each other and very close. Just as we get inside Liz snatches my hand and drags me to the coffee. Finding a little corner we all sit and Liz introduces me with more detail. Explaining that I am not like most, that I am woman, just born a little different.

Expecting to be judged, I was surprised when Kate turned to me and said quietly so nobody else could hear, “I am little different too, but you will find out soon enough.”

I thought nothing of her hand being on my leg, just that she was being friendly. Our little chat was interrupted when someone poked their head in and said “About to start.” Liz hurries us up saying, “Come on Kate, Sis, let’s find a seat.”

Liz moved in and sat down first, and Kate was quick to move in and sit beside her, leaving me to sit on the other side of Kate. “Don’t look so frightened,” she smiles, assuring me, “Trust me! It’s not so bad”

I never really felt accepted in the church environment, but didn’t mind that much. Churches in the end bored the shit out of me

It seemed the service would never end. That coffee had gone straight through me, and about half way through I lean to Kate and excuse myself, saying, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

She says, “That’s alright. I have to as well.”

I get up and make my way to the back of the church. Luckily before the last song before the sermon. I turn to the toilets to find Kate is right behind me and she asks me to wait.

Kate says to me, “Your sister tells me you are doing her a little favour?” Trapped, I am not sure how to answer.

Turning Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort to look at her, “You see, yes, but I am very private about it.”

She looks at me inquisitively, “I have a question. As I understand it, as your sister explains, you are really a woman right?”

“Yes, but it’s hard to explain”

Kate explained she is attracted to all women and doesn’t want to use my male name, and won’t because she understands. “So what is your name hun?”

“Bridgette, my name is Bridgette. Please call me Bridgette.”

Kate smiles, “So Bridgette it is.” She then goes on to explain, “You don’t have to worry, as your sister has told you it will be our little secret!”

With some urgency I plead with Kate, “I really have to use the toilet!”

She grins, “We are alone, and they will be in there for ages.”

Kate takes my hand, then kisses me, “Come on Bridgette.” She leads me into the women’s toilet and then into a cubicle.

I am hesitant, “What would you like me to do?”

“Well Bridgette, use the toilet!”

Unzipping my fly, I pull my cock from my panties and a stream flows into the toilet bowl. Kate has this wide eyed expression on her face, focused as she watches me pee. I shake my cock and put it away. Kate lifts her skirt and quickly sits on the toilet.

“What are you doing?” she asks, farting as I hear her shit in the bowl. “Do you think you are getting away from me that easily?” With both hands she undoes the button of my jeans, bringing the fly down. Looking up, “I am sorry I really have to do a poo, but I am going to make it worth your while.” She continues to fart and poo. Then orders me with a very sexy tone, “Come, you naughty woman. Get that cock out!”

Slipping my finger under the elastic of my panties I push them down, pulling my stiff cock free of the tight lace. Her eyes look at my erect cock. Taking my cock in one hand she guides it deep inside her mouth. It’s not long before she is working my cock with long strokes along the stiff shaft, till my throbbing cock is all the way down her throat and Kate is gagging a little.

Trying to be quiet, after all we are at church and this is my sister’s best friend. I moan softly, with my right hand on the back of her head trying to keep control, but this is way out of control. Just as I thought I was alone and feeling safe, there is a knock on the door.

“It’s me, Liz!”

Kate stops and answers, “It’s open.”

My heart drops, shocked, “Sis!”

Liz giggles, then whispers, “Do you really think I was matchmaking? Kate, I see you have my sister’s cock at work.”

I know at this point I have been setup and there is no way I can get out of their punishment for catching me playing with myself in the toilet at home. “Sis, alight,” I said “do what you want.”

She is quick to reply, “Hell no, you said anything, and I want you to make her cum! You are going to do what we say, and before the sermon finishes! Kate wants a good fucking and so does your sister!”

My Sister moves me out of the way, undoes her blouse, sits on Kate’s lap and kisses her passionately.

Still in her passionate embrace, Liz pulls back and giggles playfully, “You’re my best friend, and you said you would like some cock for a change. And my sister’s cock looks willing enough!”

With excitement, my sister gets off Kate, and stands. Her skirt falls. Liz then lifts her skirt, exposing her sexy ass, takes her panties from one of her feet and drops them to the toilet floor. Then helps Kate bend over, exposing her firm pear shaped bum. Kate leans forward and Liz pushes her cheeks apart as Kate places both hands on the open toilet, Ümraniye Vip Escort still not flushed.

My sister, over the top, holding her, “Come and get some.”

I can’t help myself and lean in to work on Kate’s ass with my tongue and as I do my sister kisses me. Then I feel her push my head till my nose come close to Kate’s butt. Liz orders me to lick the dirty ass clean, and I moan, licking – loving the taste and smell of her recently used ass. Then I hear Kate’s voice as she quietly asks with a sexy tone, “Fuck my dirty ass! Like the whore I am!”

This just makes me more turned on, standing with my erect cock over the band of my lace panties.

Placing both hands on her hips, about to drive my huge cock deep in her naturally lubricated ass. Not worried about a little poo, my sister moves in to get some cock first. With an open mouth she guides my cock down her throat. At first I felt a little weird, but that soon passed. My cock was moist from my sister’s saliva.

“Well fuck her bloody ass!” she snarls.

With one forceful thrust I bury my huge cock in Kate’s ass and she squeals. My sister hushes her and I begin to get a rhythm up, pounding her firm ass. Feeling my sister’s hand on my hips, she holds me back on a thrust and I pull out of Kate’s ass, only to have my sister’s lips around my cock once more, tasting Kate’s juices from her back door. Kate straightens up and steps up against the cubicle wall, then takes my cock out of my sister’s mouth and keeps working with her hand. Stroking it while my sister is soon face down in the full used toilet.

Feeling Kate’s nails digging into the shaft of my cock, she giggles, “Just so you won’t get away.”

Liz, with excitement, orders me, “Well come on sister, fuck my ass good.”

Kate looks at me, making eye contact, “What, do you think your sister is a virgin? We’ve been fucking each other for a long time. What do you think we do at church, pray?” then giggles, “Thank god for toys.” With that, grunting, I drive my cock up to the hilt. Up my sister’s ass, and pound her while her lover watches.

“Come on woman. Fuck her ass, for fuck sake!”

It felt so good fucking my sister’s ass in the church toilet. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold myself back. I grunted, filling my sister’s ass with a full load of cum. Kate reached down for her handbag and took a huge strap-on, handing it to my sister and asked me to sit on the toilet. My sister helped her place it around her shapely hips. While they were busy doing that I couldn’t help but realise the dribble of her juices slipping down her inner thigh.

Looking back to my sister, “OMG sis!” This huge purple dildo is bigger than me.

Kate looked up and eagerly said, “I want it hard and rough, so you can forget the lube.” Kate turned and bent over and placed both hands on my shoulders for support and then I felt a huge thrust from my sister as she drove that purple dildo in Kate’s willing ass. The look on her face of shear ecstasy as her breasts moved in rhythm to the powerful thrusts.

My cock by now was hard again. I began to pull myself as my sister fucked her best friend in the ass. With her moans and my sister’s groaning, before long I shot my load in the air. Some dribbled down Kate’s leg. With the smell of juice, cum and poo, Kate squealed. Shuddering to a massive orgasm, holding her in ecstasy till she stopped quivering.

I helped Kate straighten up and she turned to kiss my sister. With a passionate voice, thanked her. I stood up too and flushed the toilet while Kate adjusted her skirt and pulled her panties up. Then, taking her hand bag, left the cubicle, the door closing behind her.

Feeling I had done my duty I turned and reached for the door, but my sister stopped me. I felt her hand on my hips and she pulled me closer, kissing me passionately. With heartfelt gratitude she thanked me and said, “We are together, Kate and I, and we will need you again. Remember, anything,” she winked, finishing dressing. Then left to take Kate’s hand.