Confession of a Panty Thief


It’s not something I am proud of, I mean if it wasn’t for this thing I’d be a really good person, I mean I am a good person now, except, except when I have to do it. I guess if it wasn’t such a perverted little thing I might not be considered creepy or sick. Of course there are times I wonder if the women weren’t a bit flattered that I stole their panties.

It all started years ago when I lived with my family in a house near a Laundromat. Each week my mother would load up the dirty clothes, toss them in some large bags, grab my hand and we’d walk. While the clothes washed and dried I got to watch the other pretty ladies washing their clothes. When the drying was done my mother would let me move the clothes from the dryers and put them in the little cart with wheels.

I remember how nice the clothes smelled, almost like flowers. The towels would be so warm, my pants and shirts would be kind of rough, but mother’s clothes, especially her underwear, her panties, they were so soft. I can remember how wonderful they felt on my face, the soft, shimmering fabric and the hint of lace.

As I got older, mother and I would go together, but once the washing was done, she’d load up the dryers and leave me to unload them. Once I unloaded the dryers I would sneak home with the roller cart from the Laundromat. Mind you , I didn’t steal the cart, I borrowed it to get the clothes home. After my mother unloaded the clothes from the cart, I’d bring it back.

Of course while I waited for the clothes to dry and after I brought back the cart I had free roam of the Laundromat. It was so easy to wander past a lady folding her unmentionables, as mother gerçek porno started calling them, and slip one into my pocket. I’d then rush out and dive into one of my hiding places and enjoy my new trophy. I got to love the soft feel of satin and lace.

When I went into high school I would volunteer to do the wash each week, so I could continue with my theft. By then I had come to appreciate the unwashed panties, though stealing those were difficult. A teenager doesn’t have the liberty to move in and around the woman at a Laundromat without drawing attention. I usually found a little kid I could bribe into grabbing the panties out of the women’s hampers.

When I graduated from high school may parents moved away and left the house for me to live in. During the last year of school I got a part time job at the Laundromat, and while some of the women complained about missing lingerie, and about how creepy I was, my boss never did suspect me. Of course, at eighteen, while I still liked the feel of the panties on my face, there were other places on me that enjoyed the soft material.

It was then, while I would make some deliveries for my boss, that I began following some of the ladies home. Then I learned how good things could be. I remember following her the first time after lifting two nicely stained pairs of panties from her laundry. It was perfect, the house next door was empty, one of those up for sale by the banks.

Anyway, as she walked in the front door, I quickly ducked into the bushes next door and in a short time I watched as she put away her clothes. With one pair of her panties on my genç porno izle head and the other wrapped around my cock, I slowly stroked my cock. Letting the crotch of the panties run down my nose I worked my lips over the crusty dry spot and began sucking, tasting her while breathing deeply through my nose. In no time I was spurting my cum into the satin panties and onto the ground.

I guess it if it ended there I wouldn’t be talking to you now, I mean what’s a little trespassing and peeking in windows to you guys, right. Anyway, I made it a habit of coming back, like I said it was the perfect setup, I could hide along the one house and by moving in the bushes a bit I could see through a number of her windows. For the most part I watched as she cooked, cleaned the house and sat and watched TV.

Finally, one day when I was watching, someone came by in a delivery truck. I thought it was strange when he didn’t have a package or anything, he just came up to the door. She let him in, immediately kissed him and then led him back into the bedroom. I had to move onto the back porch of the house next door, but there was still enough bushes to hid behind.

She stepped into the bathroom and then came out naked. The man grabbed her, and pulled her onto the bed. I watched her spread her legs and he kneeled down before her, moving his head up to her pussy. She was kind of still for a while, but then started moving, pushing herself up against him. Wow, I pulled out my cock and went to town.

After a while, he pulled off his shirt and pants and climbed up on the bed with her. Once again she spread her legs, hdx porno this time grabbing his cock and putting it in her pussy. He then fucked her good, moving his ass back and forth. Once again she was still at the beginning, but at the end she lifted her ass up off the bed each time he shoved his cock into her, it was incredible. Hell, I came all over that back porch.

I was about to leave then when it happened. I had climbed down off the porch and was heading for the front yard when a car pulled up into the driveway. I saw him look at the delivery truck, shake his head and go in the front door. Fuck, just a second later the delivery guy goes running out to his truck pulling his pants on. Took him three times to start his truck, but when he finally got it started you could hear the wheels squealing as he made a quick turn and drove away.

I was still in the bushes next door when I saw them in the kitchen. He hit her, with the back of his hand and she hit the floor. He went back toward the living room, I could see in there, but when he came back he had a gun. That’s when I moved through the bushed and ran out across the front yard next door. I heard a sound, a loud crack, then another one. I ran across the street and into the alley, hiding behind a trash can.

The husband came out front and looked around, then went back inside. That’s when I ran back through the alley and one of your buddies nabbed me. That’s why I had her panties in my pockets and why you found my footprints and sperm next door. I was next door watching, but I never went into her yard, not to her door or in her house. That’s the truth, I swear.


After a few moments of silence, the officer reached over and turned off the video camera. A door opened and the officer said, “We’re done here, you can take him back to his cell.” They then helped me up from the chair and led me out of the room.