A Traveler Meets a Vixen


The taxi dropped me off early. I checked into the motel around 4 p.m. I travel a lot, and tend to crash after I reach my room. This time, however, there were no towels in the bathroom, so I called the front desk immediately, and kept my shirt on until some were delivered.

In a few minutes there was a light knock on my door and a female voice said, “Housekeeping.”

I opened the door to one of the loveliest faces I have ever seen. I stood for a moment dumbfounded, and just looked into her eyes. My guess was that she was in her late 20s. She had long medium brown hair all the way to her butt. She also had glasses that accentuated her dark eyes. Her face was round and her cheeks bulged just a bit as she looked at me and smiled with lips that enchanted me. She was not lithe. In fact she was big but not tall. Her skin was as white as porcelain, and I could smell faint perfume. A thin chain hung from her neck, supporting a small pendant that hung at the beginning of her cleavage. I could tell that her tits would be pure delight to snuggle into. I wanted to kiss her lips, caress her breasts and lose myself in her eyes.

Her eyes twinkled in mild amusement, and her smile became even wider as she looked right back into my eyes. She tilted her head and said “You were short some towels?”

I stepped back and stammered “Yes.. uh.. yes, I called the front desk.” She walked into the room and turned into the bathroom. Shaking her head and smiling. “I won’t bite,” she said. And the thought of her biting me in certain places sent tingles of pleasure to my loins.

She stretched to put the towels in their holders, and I looked at her dress as it became taught over a beautiful ample ass that I wanted to hold, and pull to me. She apologized about the towels. She had just finished the room and called it in apparently as I was checking in. Her last step was to put in fresh towels, but her cart was empty so she went to the laundry room to get some. My call came in the interim.

I said, “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” She blushed and said that I must have been staring for a reason. It must not have been a bad reason though, because my face was like a little boy’s at Christmas, but with a touch of dirty old man to it.

She surprised me again when she said, “Did you know I have a thing for older guys?” She blushed even deeper as I smiled with joy, and Casibom none too subtle lust. She said “You’ve got a cute beard too.” She looked down then, blushing so hard that her cheeks and chest turned crimson. It looked like a flush of sex to me. I wondered if she was thinking about this beard moving between her lovely thighs.

I said “Can I buy you a drink?”

“No!” she said. “Not here, I work here and they know me.” “Besides, I’m married, and so are you judging by your ring.”

“I’m sorry for being so forward, but you are one of the most beautiful and desirable creatures I have seen in a long time.” “I can’t help my stare.” I quite brazenly looked at her face, up and down her body, and then directly into her eyes. My face was alight with a huge grin.

She sighed deeply and said, “I have to go home.” My disappointment showed as she left the room. She turned as she closed the door and said, “You behave now, hear?”

That night I mentally undressed her and had my way with her. I masturbated twice, dreaming that my hand was her hand, her lips, her throat — her pussy. I thought of tasting her perfume on her breasts, and kissing the center of her being in a deep lingering thrust of my tongue. I woke up with a hard-on.

Business meetings the following day were technical and boring. I gave my opinion at the appropriate time, and left early so the local management could mull things over.

I returned to my room around three, hoping to get a glimpse of my lovely. A cart was in front of my room and my door was open. I fervently hoped it was her.

It was.

As I entered the room, she looked surprised this time. “I didn’t think you would be back so soon.” she said, “This is my last room today.”

“Saving it for last?” “I think you did this room last just in case I did come back early.” My lecherous grin returned. She blushed and smiled back.

“We can’t do anything.” She said. “We’re both married, and besides, I would lose my job if the manager caught me sleeping with our lodgers.”

“On the first part, I’ll never tell.” “On the second, after 30 years, my wife has lost some of her interest in sex.” “Lastly, it is still early, the manager’s parking space is empty, and the front desk thinks you’re working.”

“We don’t have to leave for a drink,” I continued “I have whatever we may like in the mini-bar. The manager Casibom Giriş would love me to open that little money machine the motels tempt us with.”

She looked at me and I could see temptation in her eyes, then doubt.

“I have never done anything like this before,” she said.

“I haven’t either, but sometimes the chemistry is just there.”

I could see her melt. She sat down and sobbed, “My husband hasn’t touched me for months. I think he may be seeing another woman.” Tears rolled down her cheeks. “I also think he holds my weight against me.” At this point she shuddered and sobbed again. She mumbled that she was thin and cute when they got married, but time, toil, and family obligations seemed to build on her body. “You don’t know what it meant to me when you said I was beautiful!”

“I meant it deeply.” “You ARE beautiful!” “Your husband must be blind, crazy, or a no good son-of-a-bitch.”

I took her head in my hands and kissed her tears, her cheeks, and then her lips. They were soft and parting. We kissed again, a little harder, and I could feel her connection to me. Our hearts seemed to be beating in unison.

She grabbed my head and pulled it to her breasts. I breathed deeply of her and kissed her neck and the top of two exquisite tits.

She pushed me away and said, “Let me move my cart in front of an empty room.” “From the central corridor, it will look like I am working.” “I’ll be right back!”

I went to the bathroom, swigged some mouth wash, and quickly ran a damp wash cloth over my cock, balls and ass. I had showered that morning, but I wanted everything to be super clean if we got as far as I wanted to go.

My pants were still around my knees in the bathroom when she came back in. She saw what I was doing, and I blushed.

“I just wanted to be clean if… you know.” She looked at my now half hard cock, and nodded.

“I have put in nearly a full days work.” “I need some of that too.”

I slipped off my pants and we embraced. My re-hardening cock pushed against her lower stomach. We French kissed, our tongues darting into each other’s mouths.

She unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. I shed my shirt and unfastened her bra. We looked at each other. I was naked with my pole sticking forward and up. The head of my prick seemed to be reaching for the top of her panties. Her tits drooped Casibom Yeni Giriş slightly with rose pink nipples pointed to me. I could see her mound and pubic hair through her white panties. I grabbed her panties and pulled them to the floor, kneeling as I did so. I kissed her mound and flicked my tongue at her clit.

“Wait!” “I want to be clean for you.” She ran warm water and rubbed scented soap on a wash cloth. I took the cloth from her hand, knelt before her, and gently washed her pussy, thighs and ass. She broadened her stance to spread her legs for my washing caresses. I took a hand towel and dried and kissed everywhere I had washed, taking care as I licked between the lips of her vulva and up to her sweet clit. She smelled good and tasted wonderful. Her pussy was getting more moist by the moment.

We moved to the bed. “I haven’t even made it yet,” she commented. Neither of us cared.

I sucked and kissed her nipples as my hands explored her generous breasts. I slipped two fingers into her vagina and then moved down to taste her pussy again. We formed into a 69. She stroked my cock and took me into her mouth. We gave each other oral pleasure.

Before we could reach climax, I turned around, pushed her knees up and entered her. We both gasped in joy. She felt heavenly, and must have thought that I did too. I stroked deep and could see the lust in her eyes.

After a particularly deep thrust, I pulled out and went down on her. Her pussy gaped open where my cock had been, and I stuck my tongue deep into her hole. Then I moved up to her clit and licked the hard little knob and made it push out harder between her pussy lips.

She rubbed my head against her cunt and then curled down to take my cock back into her mouth. She licked her juices from me with vigor.

In a moment we switched, and I drove my cock deep into her pussy again. Our lust reached a fever pitch. We could see our hearts pounding in our chests. Her ankles were by my ears as she raised her legs to take me deeper. I came deep within her and pushed ever deeper with each cumming thrust. We seemed to push together clear to our bones.

When I was completely drained, I pulled out, knowing that she was not finished yet. I put my hands beneath her knees and held her legs up and her pussy open while I licked her cunt and worked my tongue on her clit. She finally screamed and shuddered, grabbing my head and pulling it hard against her cunt.

We hugged and kissed, tasting each other. We lay quiet, feeling our bodies side by side as our hearts slowly returned to normal.

“Do you come here often?” she asked.