The Beach Ch. 3


As we sat relaxing in the sun, Master talked to Steve and Jackie about what they could expect in their new life as Master and sub. He gently probed them to see how far they were willing to go today. It seemed they were eager to learn. When Master offered me to them, they were quick to agree.

Master then began to instruct all three of us.

I was made to lie on the sand, Jackie was to lower her crotch onto my face. She looked a bit hesitant, unsure.

‘Don’t worry about my slut’ he said. ‘She will do as she is told.’

Another moment and she was eagerly planting her knees at either side of my head, and lowering her hairy cunt to my face.

‘Show her how you like to suck cunt, my slut’ I was instructed. And I did. I used my tongue to lick her sex lips first; gentle butterfly kisses, light flicks with my tongue until I felt her start to grind slightly, until she wanted more.

I parted her then, sucking at her pink cunt. My tongue started to delve deep inside her, I wanted to taste her milkiness; she tasted good. I became more eager…. forgetting for a minute that I was teaching her the art of pleasure as I took my own.


I was shocked when he told me straddle her face, until he reminded me she’d do anything. Then I was happy to oblige. I was curious to see how another woman would eat me like this, would she be as good as a man… better?

She started slowly, teasing me, relaxing me. I felt her tongue lightly flicking at my sex lips, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t long before I wanted to feel her tongue firmly inside me. I started to grind slightly, moaning softly. She took the hint.

She felt amazing. Her whole face was pushing up to me, nose, chin and tongue firmly inside my open cunt. She sucked at me hard, drinking down my juices. My head started to buzz then, I was lost in that happy place, only just remembering my husband standing watching.

My eyes opened then, I wanted to see his reaction. He stood watching, mesmerized.

‘What should I do?’ he whispered to Maltepe Olgun Escort the Master.

‘Give my slut some of the pleasures your wife is receiving. Touch her, use her.’

He didn’t need any encouragement. I watched as my husband… my new Master, began to spread her legs.


I felt my legs being moved firmly apart, and a thick finger pushing up inside me. He started to explore me then, his finger moving in and out and round and round. I matched my tongue movements to his finger, especially as he started to finger fuck me.

She was going crazy above me. Grinding herself onto my face, rocking back and forth. Then I felt his cock between my legs. I groaned loud then, spreading myself, lifting myself to receive this huge black cock. I wanted it. He pushed hard and was inside me with one stroke. He started to fuck me so hard, it was difficult for me to concentrate on the cunt over my face.

‘He’s kissing her hard now slut. Imagine them’ my Master told me.

I imagined the scene. Her on my face, moving. Him between my legs, fucking.. and them together sharing tongues. It was enough to make me want to cum. I felt hers too… she’d held out well. Hell, I thought, with her over me like this, I can’t even ask. The dilemma was soon taken from me.


‘I need to cum’ I whispered to Steve.

He looked to the Master, who shrugged lightly… it was Steve’s decision now. He nodded at me. I vaguely heard the Master say ‘yes slut’ as I started to grind faster and harder on her face, moaning loudly as I felt myself build.

Our orgasms came so close then.. mine triggering hers I think, although I wasn’t concentrating too much on her. I felt my own pleasures first, wanted them. I felt her jerking though, I pulled away from Steve’s face to watch her body undulate under him, feeling her pleasures as she took his cock.

I wondered briefly at this. Shouldn’t I feel jealous? No, not now, not like this. This was for us. I was enjoying the sight of them, his Maltepe Sarışın Escort hard black cock fucking into her shaved, white pussy. It was nice to see her lips spread wide, enveloping his cock. The sight only made me cum harder.


I thought I’d go crazy… the pleasure was just too much. I panted deeply into her moist cunt, trying hard to breath as my orgasm pulsed through me. His cock stretched me, pumping harder and further into me with every stroke. My mind reeled at the realization that my Master was letting him fuck me. He knew it was my dream… a hard black cock deep inside me while he watched and enjoyed.

As we all slowed again, I crawled to Master then, smiling, happy. I knelt at his feet, kissed his hand, his cheek. I whispered my thanks. He took my head in his hands and began to devour my mouth… obviously enjoying the taste of her on me. He kissed me for a long time, wanting me.

Then finally he pulled away and told me he had another pleasure for me. Before I could ask questions, he moved away to the others.

‘Steve, have you ever taken your sub anally?

Steve shook his head.

‘Then it’s time’ my Master ordered.


My head spun round to Steve then …. this was something we hadn’t done. But I could tell from his reaction that we’d be doing it now. I had half a mind to refuse… but how could I? It seems I was learning quickly that I had no control. My body shivered at that realization.

He spread me then, face down over a boulder. I could feel myself panting… partly in fear, part excitement. I felt his fingers on my cunt and arse, rubbing something slippery over me. His finger started to explore my opening. I tensed slightly, then forced myself to relax, moaning softly as his finger slid deep inside me.

He fucked me gently with that finger then, moving it slowly in circles, stretching me, preparing me. Soon I was ready for another. Two fingers deep in my arse. He was moaning loudly …. he’d never done this to me and Maltepe Şişman Escort it was obviously affecting him.

Then his cock, nudging gently at me. I forced myself to relax, wanting him deep inside me. I thought of the others watching him fuck me this way for the first time. That was enough to make me thrust back slightly. His cock pushed harder and harder, and inch by inch he was in me.

I wanted to scream as he pushed, it felt like he was tearing me. I wanted to beg him to stop, but he was holding me firmly.. I knew he wouldn’t stop. Finally he was in me, filling me. I heard the Master tell him to keep still for a while, til I was ready. I thought I’d never be ready, the pain was horrendous…. but finally it lessened.

I moved slightly, it was all he needed. He started to slowly fuck my arse. Long, deep strokes that drove me wild. The sensations were like nothing I’d ever experienced, it was amazing. I wanted this, I wanted it harder. I begged him to fuck me harder, deeper.


Master talked to Steve again. Reminding him how he must experience everything his sub experienced. He told Steve how he was going to feel his arse full as well.

Master instructed me to finger Steve’s arse as he fucked Jackie. I greased my fingers well and stood behind him. Gently at first, I played around his arse, preparing him. He ground slightly as he pushed into her. Soon my fingers were playing inside him. He was ready.

Master passed me the big black vibrator that I used frequently on myself. Today I was to use it on this beautiful black man…. I smiled happily.

I went gently, remembering how slowly he initiated his sub, but soon I was inside him. My black cock fucking his black arse. I felt him stiffen, stop moving, felt him ‘feel’ the fucking. Then he was moving again, more forcefully, and I kept my movements in pace with his fucking.

He fucked harder and longer, obviously wanting the same… Jackie was screaming with desire, her body pushing back against him. I found it hard to keep myself steady, but kept pushing back at him.

Finally they were ready, two arse virgins ready to cum together. I felt his final thrust into her and slowed my movements, gently removing the cock from his arse.

We watched, my Master and I, as they came together… happy, newly initiated.