Goodness Gracious Pt. 04


For all those who requested more of this story, be assured I wasn’t ignoring you. Just busy with others, and a bit stuck on where to go with Grace and Brian.

I thank everyone for reading my work, and welcome your thoughts when you finish.

I hope you enjoy it.


The day of our departure arrived. About six boxes of my stuff would be sent by my parents to our new address, but I had two suitcases in tow as we headed for the airport.

We got to the airport early enough that we could check-in, and take advantage of any upgrade opportunities that might be available. We were in luck, and Grace got us two seats in the first class cabin for the nearly five hour flight. At least we’d be comfortable.

Mom and Dad took us to lunch before we went through security. It was a good meal, but there were tears, and awkward silences. It ended with hugs all around, including one between Mom and Grace.

“I promise to take good care of him,” Grace said, tearing up herself in sympathy. “Call us anytime.”

We passed through security, gave a final wave to Mom and Dad, then walked slowly to our gate, arm in arm. I could feel Grace relax, the tension melting away, and she gave me several happy little smiles as we sauntered along. We were ‘us’ now, our life together truly beginning.

She leaned against me, with my arm wrapped around her, while we awaited our boarding call. I noticed that as the stress left her, the playful sexiness returned. She quite casually pressed my hand against the side of her breast, laying her hand over mine to keep it in place. When I wiggled my fingers slightly, she smiled and moaned softly.

“I’m horny,” she whispered, as she turned her head for a kiss. “Ever done it on a plane?”

“No,” I smiled, “but I’ve never been on a plane with you. Are we going to get arrested?”

“As long as we get to share a cell, I’d be fine with that,” she giggled, pressing her hand firmly over mine, encouraging me to squeeze her breast.

We sat, cuddled together, until our flight was called, then I reluctantly released my grip on her, and followed her down the jet way. At the inevitable traffic snarl just outside the plane door, I pressed close behind her, palming her ass through her light, summer dress. She sighed, and leaned her head back against my shoulder.

“Oh baby, we’re going to need to do something, or it’s going to be a long, long flight,” she whispered. “I’m so hot right now.”

I stirred the pot as we shuffled ahead, maintaining the contact between my left hand and her firm ass, caressing the resilient, muscular flesh, for as long as possible. Our seats were in row four, so as we passed the first seated passengers, I moved my hand around to her hip, a more casual but equally effective grope.

“You take the window,” she smiled as we reached our row, and stepped aside, allowing me to dart in and sit. “You’ll enjoy the view.” A nasty, crooked little grin appeared on her face as she said it.

She reached up with both hands to adjust her bag in the overhead compartment, staring into my eyes as she did. Oh my. You minx. The neckline of her dress was a wide scoop, already revealing a titillating display of cleavage and billowing curves. Raising her arms overhead, she stretched the elastic, peasant-style bodice to the max, and another couple of inches of delectable flesh spilled into view. Then she intentionality wrestled her bag into position, shaking and swaying those magnificent boobs at me. She was right : if we didn’t get to do ‘something’, it was going to be a long, long flight…especially with a stiff cock crowding my pants.

Satisfied she had sent her message, she smiled, and plunked down beside me, landing harder than necessary, and giving those tits one more bounce for my appreciative gaze.

“The view will be over there,” she giggled, turning my chin away from gawking at her breasts, and toward the small window beside me.

“Not the one I’m interested in,” I whispered back. “No mountains out there for hours,” I gestured out the window, “so I’ll just check out these ones.”

“Down boy,” she patted my leg, dangerously close to my throbbing shaft. “Let’s at least get airborne before we go crazy.”

Right. Put your seatback in the upright position, and take your cock out of your future wife. For now, anyway.

Within minutes, we were climbing to our cruising altitude, while Grace leaned against me, with my arm wrapped around her shoulders. She was intertwining her fingers with mine, and I was watching her breasts jiggle with the minor turbulence we were passing through. We chatted a bit about the contents of the Skymall magazine, browsing the gadgets, gizmos, and goodies. The stewardess served us a drink, and snack item, but my mind was stuck on another snack I wanted to taste.

About an hour into the flight, she turned to me, and smiled.

“I’m going to, um, stretch my legs,” she whispered, clutching my hand. “Give me five minutes, then Starzbet follow me.” A conspiratorial wink, and she stood, walking toward the back of the plane.

Oh boy, I thought. This is gonna be fun. Maybe I should use the restroom before we ‘use’ the restroom. The first class lavatory was open, so I took advantage, walking forward and closing the door behind me. A few minutes later, bladder relieved, I made my way back to join Grace.

When I reached the aft galley / restroom area, there was no one in sight. I was glad there were no crew or passengers to see us, but wondered which of the three lavatories Grace was in. I didn’t need to wait long to find out.

The third door opened, and a cute redhead stepped out. She smiled, and stepped aside, assuming I was waiting to use it. I watched her walk away, until I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning, I saw Grace’s hand, finger beckoning me closer, from the middle door. She opened wider, and let me in, locking the door behind me.

“Alone at last,” she sighed, and pulled me to her lips for a scalding kiss.

Airline restrooms have never been spacious, but it seems like they have become smaller recently. Maybe designers were trying to discourage the behaviour we were about to commence. They’d have to try again, because Grace was sitting on the toilet, sucking my cock gently, coaxing it to full hardness. Sure, it was like trying to get it on in a phone booth, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and we were desperately horny.

With my dick standing straight out, she released me, and wiped excess saliva from her chin.

“Okay…now the hard part,” she smiled. “You…over here…me, in your lap.” We hugged each other closely, and turned in place, allowing me to sit, and her to straddle me. She carefully placed her feet either side of the toilet, and looked down at me with a smile. Reaching down slowly, she took the hem of her dress in her fingers, and lifted it, holding it in her teeth as she held her little red thong aside, baring her hairless, juicy pussy. I pointed my probe at the opening between her thick lips, and she lowered herself onto it.

“Ooooo, yes…that’s better,” she hissed, releasing the hem from her teeth. Settling fully over my cock, she smiled, and kissed me, while I fondled her left breast through her dress. I relished the full, soft globe that filled my hand to overflowing. Without breaking away from my lips, she tugged the elastic neckline of her dress down, showing me the lacey red bra I loved. She pulled the straps down, slipped her arms out, and peeled the cups off her very large jugs, letting me resume my enthusiastic groping without barriers. I felt her flex her warm, wet cunt around my shaft.

“Okay, now, we need to remember…this isn’t a padded cell, or a hotel room, so excessive noise will attract attention,” she whispered. She rose and fell a few inches. “Damn! I love your cock in my little pussy. Keeping quiet is going to be tough!”

I decided to make it harder, lifting her right breast to my lips, and latching onto her thick, yummy nipple. She moaned softly, and fucked herself more energetically, using longer strokes. When I gently bit the stiff bud, she gasped.

“Yes, that’s it baby…suck Mommy’s tits! Bite my nipples! You’re going to make Mommy cum all over your big, hard cock.”

I was glad Grace had come to embrace our age difference. The ‘Mommy’ routine was pretty hot, and my voluptuous MILF was happily riding me toward her orgasm. That orgasm was rapidly approaching. I could read her body quite well now, and the trembling, quivering breaths she was taking were a good indication.

She looked down at me, my mouth full of her nipple, and shuddered as I bit her softly.

“Yes, honey, I’m cumming!” she whispered, holding my head close to her chest. I held her tight, feeling her shaking as her orgasm wracked her body. She sighed, and exhaled a long, satisfied breath. The pause in her rhythm of strokes ended, and she resumed the gliding movement of her dripping wet pussy up and down my cock. “Your turn, stud…tell me when you’re close. I want more to swallow on this flight than just the peanuts in first class.”

Now that she’d had her fun, she tried to hasten mine, bouncing more vigorously, and shaking her huge breasts in my face. She knew I just loved the way her boobs moved during sex, and was putting on a show for me. I was a rapt audience, and her display was working. The warm tingle began.

I suppose the ability to read each other went both ways, because Grace smiled as she lifted off, sensing my impending eruption. She squatted, and inhaled my gooey, pussy slicked shaft, immediately establishing a rhythm of deep head bobs. I was at her mercy, and she sucked me to the brink. Her eyes locked with mine as she pulled back, and rested the head of my cock on her extended tongue. Her hand tugged furiously. The show was too much for me.

I spurted, a rope of thick goo leaping out and bisecting her pretty pink tongue on its Starzbet Giriş way down her throat. Her lips closed around the head, and she gulped down every shot, pumping me steadily, and moaning softly. I stifled my grunts, and leaned back against the wall, gasping for air.

Grace stood, wiping her lips with a naughty little smile. She lifted her skirt, readjusted her thong, and smoothed everything back down. The bra was next, and I watched her corral those magnificent melons in the cups. She pulled the top of her dress back up over her tits, and puffed her hair, while looking in the mirror. Gazing at me in the mirror, she giggled.

“Do you need help putting that away?” she asked, gesturing to my exhausted, wilted cock.

“No,” I smiled, struggling briefly as I stuffed it back into my pants. “Alright, let’s go.”

Getting into the restroom together unnoticed had been pretty straightforward. Getting out? No.

We stepped out…right in front of a stewardess. Shit!

The blue eyed blonde looked at us disapprovingly. It obviously wasn’t the first time she had caught passengers being naughty.

“I hope you didn’t leave a mess in there,” she scolded.

“Not to worry,” Grace replied confidently. “I swallow.” She didn’t even flinch.

The stewardess paused, then smiled.

“Okay. Thanks for your…um…consideration. Back to your seats, you two naughty kids.” She winked.


Back in our seats, we ate our meal. Grace read, while I had a nap, then she woke me by caressing my crotch. Apparently, she was still hungry.

With about an hour left in the flight, she took my hand. No misdirection or convoluted meeting plan this time. In an hour, we’d never see any of these people again, so she didn’t care, and just dragged me back to the restroom area.

Once there, she pinned me to the wall, and planted a big wet kiss on my lips. We were making out, pawing each other like horny teenagers, when the stewardess came around the corner.

“Ahem,” she giggled, “get a room, you two!”

Grace looked at her with a grin.

“Oh…go ahead,,” the pretty blonde relented, rolling her eyes as she opened the lav door. “Don’t forget to swallow.”

“Mmmmm, believe me,” Grace smiled, stepping in, “I won’t forget. His cum is so delicious!”

I looked at the stewardess, and she smiled back. She winked again as I closed the door and locked it.

When I turned back, Grace was already kneeling on the toilet seat, bent over with her skirt up over her back. Her thong was around her thighs, and she was wagging her rump at me.

“Come on…whip it out, and fuck me! Give it to me hard!”

Once you get Grace’s motor running, she just doesn’t stop. It showed in the padded room at the hospital, and also at the hotel a few days ago. Maybe the wine in first class played a role, too. Either way, she knew what she wanted, and I wasn’t going to deny her.

I unbuckled, unzipped, and freed my nearly ready cock. Rubbing the head between her juicy lips was enough foreplay for her, and I pushed inside, grabbing her hips to take control as I buried it deep in one stroke.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” she gasped. “Fuck me, honey! Fuck me right here, on this plane, with hundreds of people only feet away! Oh god, we’re so bad!”

I barely started shafting her when she started to shake. She talked herself into cumming, and let out a quivering, squeaky breath of ecstasy.

“More!” she grunted, through clenched teeth. “Harder!”

More and harder was exactly what I had in mind. I tightened my grip on her hips, and gave her what she wanted. Long, full, deep strokes, splitting her dripping wet cunt wide open each time, but just gentle enough to muffle the slap of my groin meeting her firm, sexy behind. She came again quickly, and I knew I wouldn’t take long either. Her words were true ; we were being bad, and bad is exciting.

“I’m gonna cum, honey,” I hissed, and she lurched forward, pulling her pussy off my spear. She spun, and grabbed my shaft, plunging her mouth over the head a scant second before I exploded, sending another stream of semen down her throat. She sucked, and stroked, and swallowed, while my legs shuddered, and I braced myself against the walls. Even after I was finished, and my cock began to soften, she kept sucking, drawing out the last drops, while cleaning my skin of her own delicious secretions.

We readjusted our clothes, and stepped out of the restroom. Our new ‘friend’, the stewardess, was there, smiling.

“That sounded like fun,” she giggled.

“It was,” Grace replied. “He’s always fun. I’m sorry if we put you on the spot, but we’re in love, and…”

“I understand,” the blonde responded. “I’ve done it a few times myself,” she whispered, “and I like to swallow, too.” She exchanged high fives with my future wife, and we walked back to our seats.

“Is that going to satisfy you for the duration,” I asked, whispering in her ear as we walked down the aisle. I stepped Starzbet Güncel Giriş into our row, and took my seat. She looked at me over the frames of her glasses.

“For the flight? Yes,” she giggled. “For the day? Not even close. We have an entire apartment to christen. I hope you ate enough.”

“Well, I’d better have more peanuts, then,” I laughed, waving at the first class attendant.

The remainder of the flight was pretty calm, as we cuddled together in our seats. Grace traced her fingers playfully across my chest, and made eyes at me, but other than that, she behaved herself. When I met her, in the hospital, I was only able to get glimpses of the real Grace…the sexy one that showed up away from work. As we got closer, that persona became more prevalent, and now, it was my distinct pleasure to spend all my time with the half of her that openly enjoyed her sexual side.

We landed, and taxied to the terminal. While waiting for the door to open, the blonde from coach came forward to help see everyone off the plane. As we stood to leave, I saw her whisper in the first class attendant’s ear, and flash two fingers at her. The blonde nodded as the other woman looked at her, surprised.

As we walked out, both flight attendants smiled at us knowingly.

“Thanks for…flying…with us,” the blonde nodded. Grace turned back to glance at me, and giggled. All the way up the jet way.


Grace was still tittering happily when we arrived at her apartment. The taxi driver had been watching us in the back seat, making out for most of the ride.

She unlocked the door, and welcomed me into her…our…apartment. It was small, with only one bedroom, but that’s all we needed.

As far as settling in goes, I never really got the chance. My sexy nurse was eager to get started with the christening she mentioned, and we spent about an hour fucking in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the walk-in closet, and finally the bedroom. In the interest of neighbour relations, we decided to leave the balcony until after dark. This time, when I came, she wanted it on her tits.

“There,” she panted, playing with the gooey fluids that adorned her big, soft globes. “Now this is officially our home.” She smiled at me, and licked her fingers.

We had a nap, cuddling together in our bed.

I had a girlfriend. A woman. With whom I now lived, and whom I loved. It couldn’t get much better, could it?


We had intentionally made the move in the early summer. Grace wanted me to have time to get registered for the local college, and get acclimated to my new city surroundings. Of course, having me in her bed, at her pleasure, might have had something to do with it too.

Summer in the west coast mountains is magical. I know when most people hear ‘mountains’, they picture winter, with skiing and the like. Obviously, if you recall the situation that led to my introduction to my darling older woman, skiing was not my forte. I might be persuaded to try it again, but only because I wanted to see my buxom little ski bunny in her tight pants. Summer had other lures, and she suggested we do one of them on her first days off, after my arrival.

Hiking had never been high on my list, but then hiking around home back where my parents lived didn’t have the vistas that hiking here had, and I’m just talking about the landscape. Add Grace’s vista, and mountainous breasts, to the situation, and it was no contest. A-hiking we would go.

The morning we were planning our first hike together, I woke up alone in bed. The night before had been pretty typical for us, with a couple of hours spent in languid enjoyment of each other’s bodies. Still, waking up alone was new for me, as even on days when she was working, there was usually a morning quickie in the cards. I got up, and padded out into the living room.

“Good morning, honey,” she smiled, as I walked into view. I was naked, and my cock was at half mast. “Good morning to your little friend, too,” she giggled, patting my dick when I stepped behind her. I wrapped my arms around her waist, and kissed her neck. She was wearing a silky robe, and my hands slid up to cradle her breasts.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, leaning back against me. Her hands stopped making sandwiches, and landed atop mine, urging me to fondle her further. “You’re making it difficult to focus on the hike, baby. It’s such a beautiful day outside. Let’s not miss it, okay?” She turned in my embrace, and kissed me softly. “Besides, I always liked sex al fresco, and exercise makes me horny, so it’s not an either / or proposition.”

I had an image of the two of us, dripping sweat as we made love under the warm sun, in front of a mountain lake.

“Okay, baby,” I replied, kissing her back. “I guess I should save my energy, then, shouldn’t I?”

“My thoughts exactly. At least it’s all downhill on the way home,” she smiled.

Right…less energy required. I’m sure after a hike, and what was sure to be an energetic outdoor fuck, less energy is what I’d have.

“Why don’t you hit the shower, and I’ll finish up here,” she suggested.

“You got it,” I laughed, getting in one more grope before I left. She laughed, and swatted my bare ass with her hand.