How It All Started Ch. 02


I grew up with a personality dichotomy. I was gregarious and outgoing, both a good student and athlete, yet shy around girls. My mother tried for years to tell me I was good looking and by my senior year of high school I was a 6’4″ tall and 190 pound, hard-body, but I always thought she was biased because I was her son.

As stated before I was virgin until I was in college so you know I was no horn-dog and I never even considered other women until I discovered my wife was a psycho and a cheating slut. Even after that discovery, I never chased after a woman in my life. Somehow they seemed to always find me, especially after my divorce.

The following is another in a series of stories based upon fact, but I changed the names and places to protect anonymity of the participants.


Now that I had discovered what a cheating slut my wife was I had decided to at least have fun while I traveled for business. I wasn’t looking for women but if someone really nice came along I wasn’t rejecting possible opportunities either. WANDA.

For two years I had reported to a regional office in St Louis and then once I was promoted to Territory Manager, I reported to a new office in Dallas. Almost immediately upon my promotion I attended a meeting there and noticed how many attractive young ladies worked in the support staff and that they participated in most of the meetings and after-meeting-dinners and social activities organized for our distributors.

Once again I played it straight, and it was over a year before I allowed myself to be tempted by any of these women, this time during a week of new product training for area distributors. On the third night of product introductions and training, the support staff organized a party with a DJ, dancing, and an open bar at the Regency Hotel for all the participants.

This relatively new (then) hotel was the hotel where the training was being conducted. After about an hour of watching the distributor sales personnel drink and chase every available gal there, our receptionist, Wanda, came over and asked me to dance.

First a few words about Wanda. As the receptionist who sat in the front window of the office, Wanda certainly had been chosen for her startling good looks as well as her administrative skills. At 5’8″ and maybe 115 pounds, this slender woman had a tight figure of about 34-20-34 and long legs. She also had a very pretty face and shoulder length blonde hair.

Being only 21 years old, she probably spent every dime she earned on attractive clothes and I think every visitor to the office commented on how pretty she was. I also had heard that several of the sales people and sales managers kidded that her full name ought to be Wanda Suckmydick? which I thought was unfair.

I was certainly attracted to her, but never would have ‘hit-on’ a fellow employee, let alone one who was at least 6 years younger than me. Assuming that Wanda was just being sociable to me as one of her out-of-town team-mates, I accepted the invitation to dance, thinking it would be one or two dances then a polite thank-you. To this day, I’m glad I was wrong.

The next several songs were slow ones which allowed Wanda to cozy her sweet body up to me and for us to talk to each other. After a few minutes of dancing and casual chit-chat she said,

“I’ve been wanting to get to know you better for over a year now. You need to let your hair down and have a little fun, and I intend to make sure that you do!”

As we danced she proceeded to tell me that the women in the office had openly discussed why I didn’t chase them like most of the other salesmen and sales-managers did during meetings, and that at least three of them ‘had a thing for me.’ When I asked her which ones, she said,

“Jan, Amy, and me,” and pulled my chin down to kiss me.

Her lips were soft and sweet and I could taste the vodka on her insistent tongue. I wondered if she would be so bold Antep Bayan Escort if she hadn’t been drinking, but really enjoyed her kisses as she probed my mouth boldly with her tongue. After kissing each other for probably 30 seconds while continuing to dance, she said…..”I just knew you would be a good kisser,” and then she kissed and tongued me again and extended the kiss for at least a minute. Wow, could she kiss!

Then she changed her dancing style putting her arms up around my neck and pulling me tightly against her. With her 4 inch heels, she was almost 6feet tall, so she could easily rest her chin on my shoulder and molded her hot slender body against mine while she continued to whisper in my ear.

“I know you’re married, is that why you’ve never acted interested in the girls in the office, she asked?

When I told her that I had always taken my marriage seriously, until recently discovering that my wife was a lying cheater, she said,

“Well she’s really stupid, and I hope that means you and I can get to know each other better. You don’t need to worry about anyone at the office caring about mixing in a little fun, because our office is pretty casual. Besides. the big boss has been having an affair with a lady architect for years, and everybody except his wife knows it, so he really can’t say much.”

She then continued…… “come on let’s get out of here and take a walk,” and pulled me off the dance floor and out the door.

Walking was a bit tough with the rocket I had in my pocket, but our walk only went as far as the elevators when she said

“I made all the reservations here and would like to see what the rooms look like, will you show me yours?”

Now my mind was racing…was this as obvious as it sounded or just innocent curiosity of a young lady? I looked around to see if anyone noticed us leaving, but fortunately no-one else seemed to see, or at least to care.

As soon as the doors closed my questions were answered, as she reached up and kissed me again and hugged me tightly. Now all I could think of was…with her tongue practically down my throat, I hope the elevator doesn’t stop before we get to my floor.

When we got to the floor, the doors opened and she said ” give me your key ” and hurried down the hall pulling me along with her.

As she unlocked the door with the big brass key, she walked in looked around and said ” these are nice rooms, guess I made the right choice.”

Then she pulled me to the bed and said, “come here and kiss me some more. You are so cute, you kiss like a dream, and I’ve been waiting to do this for such a long time, that I could just eat you up.”

Once again she began kissing me passionately and soon had her tongue in my mouth again while we held each other tightly and I rubbed my hands up and down her back and accross her tight little rear. Before long I had pulled the zipper down on her dress to rub her bare skin and she quickly stood up and pulled it off saying…….

“man you’re making me hot.”

Wow, what a gorgeous girl, with a tall slender body, a great tan, and brief red lace underwear barely covering the white skin areas that could only have resulted from tanning in a very small bikini. I couldn’t believe she had basically seduced me and was now lying on my bed in her underwear and pantyhose.

We continued to kiss and I rubbed my hands all over her neck, back and tight ass. As we gasped and kissed, I began licking and kissing her neck and then one-handed her tiny bra as my mouth watered for her succulent breasts. While they weren’t huge, they looked wonderful on her lithe body and I guessed that they were about 34C size. They were conical in shape, like old fashioned ice cream cones, but with pointed areolas and nipples, and I just couldn’t wait to lick them and to get one in my mouth.

I think Wanda was used to having boys play with her tits while making-out, but not with some-onee making the effort to really give her breasts the attention they deserved. I took my time and tongued circles around her pretty pink nipples, then slowly worked my way to first suck one nipple then the other, and she panted and gasped…….. “Oh John, kiss my titties….that feels so good, nobody ever kissed them like that before, Oh my god, Oh, Oh, Oh that’s so wonderful, suck them harder, suck them baby.”

When I lightly bit one, she squealed and I thought she might cum just from nipple play. Back and forth I went, sucking and nibbling them and I’m not sure which of us enjoyed it more, but her breathing was becoming ragged.

She writhed on the bed while I sucked her breasts and I began to gently rub her stomach while still sucking her chest. Soon I began to try to push down her pantyhose and panties and the first time she pushed my hand away, so I waited a minute or two while rubbing her pussy through her pantyhose and panties until I felt it getting wet through both layers.

Attacking two erogenous zones at once was getting to her and this caused her to moaned into my mouth……

“Oh my god you are turning me on so much, that feels sooooo good.”

Again I tried in vain to push her panties and nylons down, and this time she said, “NO honey, let me do you,” and began easing her body down mine stopping long enough to cares the inside of my navel with the tip of her pink tongue.

She undid my belt, pulled down my pants and underwear, and put her mouth over the end of my dick; but unlike other women I’d known, didn’t continue by swallowing my thick rod, but rather began messaging the tender and sensitive underside of my dick with her hand while sucking the big crown. She was slurping on the red and rock-hard end, while basically giving me a hand-job at the same time, which frustrated me and reminded me of college girls who wanted to express their ardor to their boyfriends, while maintaining their virginity.

However, because she had been so aggressive up until then. I thought she must have had a lot of sexual experience with a number of partners and let her take the lead. She continued to lick the tender underside and message and jerk me up and down and up and down, and the feelings intensified. Man I thought I might cum as I got more and more excited, but I really wanted to fuck her, so I decided to take back control of the situation.

I thought that a gentler approach including turning her on more, was what was required, so I pushed her over onto her back and started licking and nuzzling her navel, then lower on her pussy through her nylons and underwear.

Then I tugged those garments down and began tonguing her bare pussy. Now she began to moan and squirm again. Obviously her young lovers had never shown her the pleasures of having her pussy eaten, because when I began nuzzling her box she suddenly began pulling my face into her pussy, saying….

“Oh, god, Oh, god, Oh my god, that’s wonderful, what are you doing to me?”

I continued my oral ministrations and she just seemed to get more and more excited. After ten minutes of rubbing and licking, while she squirmed and moaned, I pulled her panties and nylons all the way down and off, and she not only didn’t resist, but kicked them aside with her left leg.

As I dove back to her pleasure center one more time, I noticed she had only a small amount of light blond hair above her sweet spot, and again writhed as I finally began licking on either side of her clit with my tongue. While I licked around and around her clit, I inserted first one then two fingers into her squishy slit and she moaned…..

“Oh John, Oh John, Oh John this is so great, Oh my god I just knew you’d be good, but no-one has ever licked me like this before.”

Now I was excited too, so I crawled up and eased my hard meat into her. She tensed up for a second and groaned, then wrapped her legs around my back and said……

“Oh my god I’m so full, Oh baby, fill me up. Oh, Oh…..them Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, pump me sweetie, pump me”

She began pulling me forward, so in and out, in and out, I lunged softly, but then out of no-where, she suddenly reacted like a wild woman, thrusting madly up at me, yelling, ” Of fuck me, fuck me baby.”

So I pounded her tight little pussy and her cries and moans escalated while her breathing sped up even more. After another five minutes of pumping into each other, (which seem like hours to me as I struggled to keep from cumming), she frantically wrapped her legs around my back tightly, moaned, and hugged me to her as tight as she could and screamed….., “Oh, Oh, I’m Cumming, my god it’s sooooooo good, Oh John it’s soooo good!”

The way she clutched me took me over the top, and I came, firing shot after shot into her tight pussy. It was almost like she was milking it out of me, and I could feel each shot all the way from my groin and up through my throbbing and spasaming organ. My goodness it felt like I’d never stop, and my energy seemed to be following my sperm out of my body!

As she continued to hug me, she cried “Oh John that was so wonderful,” and then started sniffling and tears rolled down her cheeks.

This I didn’t expect, and I was both surprised and mortified as I suddenly realized this might have been her first time. I kissed her neck, her cheeks, her pouty lips, and her eyes as I cradled her head in my arms, and whispered into her ear….

“Wanda that was so fantastic, and you are so beautiful, but was this your first time? Why didn’t you tell me that you had never gone all the way before?”

She responded, “John, please don’t be upset with me, I just never found anyone I wanted to go all the way with until now, but you are so handsome and so sweet and just made me crazy with your mouth, so I wanted you more than anyone ever before.”

She continued, “I can’t wait to do it again, and again with you, in fact, I could just love you all night, but will you tell me something? Is it normal for a woman to be a little sore after the first time?”

Again, I was surprised and a bit intimidated by this situation but still cradling her head in my arms, I kissed her softly on the eyes and lips and said……

“Yes, Wanda honey it is, and I’m so honored that you chose me to be your first. You are a beautiful girl and I want to be with you whenever you want me.”

We lay together like that for another 45 minutes softly kissing and just holding each other, until she said,….

“I wish I could stay all night, but I have to get up early to have things ready at the office for the last day’s training, so I better get dressed. Will you find my underwear for me?”

She pulled on her panties and once I found her missing bra she said, “since you took that off me, will you fasten it back up too?”

As I did, she bundled up her nylons in a ball, so I hugged her from behind and rubbed her breasts through her bra while nuzzling her neck.

Then she got up and put her nylons in her purse and asked me for her dress. After pulling on my own underwear I helped her zip up her dress, and hugged her again from the rear, pressing my suddenly re-awakened cock against her slender rear again.

She sighed, and said, “if you do that much longer I might get back in bed with you, but then I’d never make it to the office in the morning.”

After several lingering kisses she said “we need to do this again soon honey” and started for the door.

She opened it, slipped out then turned and whispered….”see you in the morning, and don’t worry about anyone at the office, this will be our secret, OK?”

That was the first of a dozen marvelous and sensual meetings over the next two years and if I hadn’t gotten transferred again, there’s no telling where the relationship could have gone, especially after she decided to share me with one of the other two young ladies whom she had mentioned were also interested in me. I’ll write more about that in the future.