Erin No Bra

Bouncing Ass

(Author’s note: All of these stories are intended for a very specific audience—lesbians who’ve had problems with religious beliefs, and their overwhelming desire to love another woman. The mental and emotional stress they have been subjected to, while wholly unnecessary and erroneous, still takes its toll on those so afflicted.

These stories were meant to reach lesbians, thus though they have much religious text in them, they would most likely not be seen by most lesbians if placed in the Essay category. Beside that, they all are set as stories, thus placement in the Lesbian category. If you still wish to read them, please keep these items in mind.

All citations are accurate within the bibles (King James Version and New Revised Standard Version, plus some from The Catholic Bible) they are taken from, and you are welcome to verify all of it. In fact, I hope you do verify it all as it will lead you, if you need it, to the truth of the lies we are told, and an understanding of how those lies are affecting so many, and in so many ways. Also, the historical evidence is also known as accurate, and you are welcome to verify that as well. Sola Veritas! Thank you.)

(Reading note: All of these stories are about lesbians who have had problems—great or small—with religion in their church and/or religious family, as well as how religion was being used to shame lesbians with much believed lies. The stories are best understood, and make more sense if read in sequence of submission, which is: The Devil’s Gateway, parts 1 and 2; Fortune’s Wiles, parts 1 and 2; Liv’s Legacy: Anise; Liv’s Legacy: Paula, part 1 and 2. Thank you.)

Chapter 1

I was crazy about her. It was the first time I saw her, and she made me tingle all over, and had my pussy raging and about to soak my panties.

“Who’s that gorgeous red head?” I asked May.

“The one with the soft curls?”


“Erin. Erin O’Dea. Hell of a set she’d got, huh? The bitch is a tease though. Everyone wants some of that, but nobody knows anyone that’s had her, at least not yet. She always leaves alone as far as anyone knows.”

“Nobody, huh?”

“Uh-uh. Nobody—yet!”

Soft curls on a teasing bitch, huh? She was everything I wanted from what my heart and pussy were telling me, not to mention my eyes. Lord, she was fantastic. To go with her soft curls, she had shorts that were pretty form fitting. When she danced, and spun around, I could see that they cupped her ass showing it was perfectly round, molding her as if in invitation, and every bit as sassy as she was. If that’s all that there was about her, it wouldn’t be so bad—just excruciatingly terrible for me and my aching pussy.

Oh, lord, she was something.

“Can’t quit looking, can you, Jen?” May asked, grinning.

“Can anybody?”

“Not that I know of, at least not anybody alive, that is. Like I said, everyone wants some of that pussy.”

That made me feel good. Maybe I would have a chance somewhere along the line. As I thought, I was staring at her thighs, noticing her musculature and tone, not to mention skin color like I had never seen. Legs were my thing, that was for sure, but she definitely had much more to go with her fabulous legs.

Yeah, she had everything, but it was her thighs that were like Circe’s sirens to me. Have you ever seen a woman with thighs that did nothing but glue your eyes to them? Maybe it was the dancer in me that appreciated her legs so much. And speaking of dancing, she could dance. I liked that; it made her thighs show up more, made her even sexier. Dream stuff for sure.

“Hey, your tongue is on the table,” May cackled.
I smiled, and came back to earth, to my drink, and wondered… One never knew.

I had stayed with May for the first two weeks I was in town until I found my own place. She was a good friend of my cousin, Amy, who knew I was a lesbian. Amy talked to May, and she let me crash with her. It was a good thing for me since May turned out to be a good friend, and no, we didn’t get it on with each other though she was a lesbian too.

May is good looking, kind of delicious, I guess, but the chemistry wasn’t there for either of us. A hug and kiss hello and goodbye was good for us, or even a spontaneous hug every now and then, but that was it.

“Well, she seems to have a good circle of friends,” I noticed.

“That she has. Always! If not for that, I’d of tried to get a dance with her, but she seems quite content and always has a full dance card, if you know what I mean.”

That was true; she was very active on the dance floor, and May was right, she seemed content, and never did seem to mind, or maybe it was not noticing, all the lust in her friend’s eyes. She was all fun and dance.

“Girl, you either need to dance or get the hell out of here before people start to think you peed in your panties.”

I turned sharply to see May grinning up a storm. “That bad?”

“Uh-huh, that bad. Come on, babe,” she said, getting up.

We went to the dance floor, and soon I forgot my lust Casibom for the red headed Erin. There’s something about dancing that can make you to feel like you’re either lost, or you found where you belong. The dance floor was like that for me.

“Holy fuck, you sure as shit can dance,” May said, admiring my moves.

I smiled. Dancing, for me, was my perfect match; we were made for each other. We danced several dances, and when we were done, a few of the gals applauded. I had no idea anyone was watching.

“We dance anymore and you’ll have a lot of friends. Where’d you learn to dance, girl?”

“I used to dance some; took lessons before I was a teen.”

“Fan-fucking-tastic, girl,” May said, a little awed.

“Anyway, it makes you thirsty, huh?”

“Yeah. Me too.”

May got us another round, and I went back to my drooling over my red headed dream girl.

Later, we had a few more dances, and sure enough, a few of the others stopped by to express their appreciation for me, and to let me know they’d like to have one if I felt like it. I danced away feeling my joy in it.

* * * *

“What the fuck, I take a new friend out to dance, and now everyone wants to be her friend,” May kidded with me. “Wanna come in for a drink, or spend the night?”

There was no hint of anything in her voice, so it was fine with me.

“That might be okay if you don’t have anything to do,” I said.

“Naw, not a thing. Big loaf day tomorrow. Just me and the laundry, and a few other things I hate just as much,” she laughed.

May’s house was nice. It had three bedrooms, but she used one for a computer room. When I stayed with her, I sometimes used the spare room, and other times we talked ourselves to sleep in her bed, but that was it. We were like teenage friends, gossiping, laughing some, and talking about everything that suddenly came to mind.

May was interesting. She was an actuary for a mid-sized insurance firm, wrote erotica on the sly, loved thinking about her life—everybody’s life—and she was looking for a permanent lover. Maybe that’s why she never made a move on me, but that was fine with me. I never felt any chemistry with her other than that of a good friend, and those are hard to come by, thus I didn’t want to ruin it for us.

Me? What did I want—besides the red head? I noticed I didn’t want to say her name in my mind. Maybe I didn’t want to personalize her, and wind up obsessed with her, though that would be a fine obsession. Then again, maybe not. Obsessing wasn’t good.

We had a drink, talked about whatever, then we took a shower—separately—and May tossed me a pair of PJ’s, and we hit the sack gabbing away. As a friend, I loved May, and it seemed that May felt similarly about me.

* * * *

May and I went to the club on successive Friday nights—The CACTI Club. When I asked why it was named The CACTI Club, May grinned up a storm.

“You’re gonna love this: It’s Catch A Cunt Tonight, Inc., the Inc Mary, the owner, says is so she can’t be blamed if it don’t work out,” she cackled. How could one not cackle at that? I know I did, and raucously, ridiculous a name that it was, though maybe not so ridiculous.

We kept going to the club—there was no way I could resist going, what with that package of complete joy being there for me to watch and dream of. Maybe some thought of May and I as a twosome, an item, but no one said so, and that didn’t stop anyone from wanting to dance with me. I noticed the red head’s dance card stayed full too.

The last time we went to the club, and May and I were on the floor, the red head danced nearby to us. Soon a lot of the other dancers gathered around the four of us, and started clapping and whopping and hollering. We turned it up some and even took time to smile at each other once, but just that once. We were both too into the dancing, in feeling the eroticism it can bring, but leaving you feeling good when you stopped.

Was dancing somehow a natural substitute for sex? I’d never thought of it that way.

“Jesus, that was some show you and your fantasy gal put on,” May said.

“Some show we all put on,” I corrected her.

“Bull! The two of you ought to get together, but if you do, you better be careful,” she said as if seriously.

“Why?” I had to ask.

“Fuck, are you kidding? Those others will kill you for taking away their chance of getting at her. Envy runs high for puss like that—and you’re not bad either, you know.”

“Rope, or tar-and-feathers?” I grinned.

“Rope for you, and maybe tar-and-feathers for her from those who are favoring you now,” she returned my grin.

“You’re good for a person’s ego—and you’re so full of it, too,” I laughed. May did too.

The next Friday, after a couple of more dances, we both showed off for each other as we did that first time, and I was feeling good about my chances with her some day. This was her club though—she was here long before I came in—so I was leaving it up to her to make the move. What I was doing was sizing things Casibom Giriş up, being cagy, not letting her think I couldn’t see straight where she was concerned. I didn’t want her thinking me easy though May thought otherwise.

My mind kept wondering, trying to plot things out, but it always came back to her never seeming to have a lover, much less a partner.

Chapter 2

“Boy, when you two get together—and I got a feeling that’s going to happen—I’d like to have a front row seat, and not just on the dance floor.”

I laughed. “Well, it better start happening pretty soon or I won’t have a mind to do anything with.”

“She’s driving you crazy, huh?” May said as we laid in her bed quietly talking.

“If I make any more errors at work, I may find my ass on the street with no job,” I cackled.

“Mm-mm, like I said, I’d love to be the fly on the wall,” I heard the wicked smile in her voice.

* * * *

The next weekend, while we were sitting and drinking, May suddenly had a problem. “Oh, shit.”

“What’s wrong, babe?” I asked, worried she was sick, or something.

“Uh, I gotta go,” she said, and left me in a rush.

I watched her make a beeline for a girl who was more than interesting, somewhat olive skinned, maybe from the Mediterranean area. A fairly large butch started for her too. I know she was because when May got there, the butch stopped, then turned around and went back. The girl May rushed to was sweet looking, too. It looked as if May was making contact pretty good, and sure enough, they started dancing. Then they danced some more. I couldn’t help but grin. May’s pussy must have screamed at her, and threatened to bite her if she didn’t at least try to make it with whoever she was.

They both looked happy.

“Jen, this is Naz,” May said when they both came to the table.

“Hello, Jen,” Naz said, and quickly bent to hug and kiss my cheek.

I did the same, getting partially up out of my chair. “Naz. That’s an interesting name,” I couldn’t help but say.

“It’s Mahnaz, Persian for glory of the moon or something like that,” she said. “My mother is Iranian, and liked that name.”

“I love it. Fits you, if you ask me,” I said.

May gave me a look. “Thank you,” Naz said.

“You’re welcome. Are you joining us for a while? Or are you taking May away?” I grinned.

“No, I won’t take her away, and yes, I’d love to join you both.”

“You two looked beautiful out there dancing,” I ventured to mend my faux pas.

“Thank you. I enjoyed dancing with May. Maybe she’ll ask me again,” she gave May the eye that said she hoped May would—or maybe that May better.

“You bet, hon, right after we have a drink,” May
said, waving at the waitress.

They danced some more, then sat down for a while. It wasn’t long before Naz gave May a start.

“Would you dance with me?” she asked, looking at me, then we both looked at May, but for different reasons.

“I’ll be here,” she said, but a bit uncertainly.

I wasn’t too sure either, but we went out to the dance floor, and got to it. Then Naz got to it.

“Is it okay for me to be dancing with May?” she asked, herself uncertain and wondering.

Now I knew what it was about. She must have wondered if we were together, and didn’t want to step on my toes. I loved her for that.

“I love May to pieces, but as a friend, and a better friend you won’t find, so no problem,” I told her.

“Wow! Thanks. I kinda wondered if you two were, uh…”

“No,” I cut her off, “we’re not together in any way,” I smiled my best smile for her.

“Thank you. I was worried I might be going where I shouldn’t,” she said, nothing but concern for propriety in her tone.
When the dance ended, we returned to our table, and as we did, Naz kissed May’s cheek, and sat next to her where she had been.

May and Naz danced some more, then we broke up.

And so it was that I lost May for the night. I was glad I had my car because May left with Naz, and I couldn’t blame her. Naz was more than lovely.

* * * *

This was new, but I liked it okay. May and Naz decided they liked each other for another go-around. I met them at the club for their St. Patrick’s Day celebration, and green beer for a quarter a mug. There was a lot of beer being drunk—I couldn’t see anyone without a mug of the green in their hand or in front of them. As expected, May and Naz danced together almost exclusively. I did get invited to dance once by each of them. It was a good thing others took pity on me.

At one point, as the music went on, and many were dancing, someone stood and shouted “Long live Ireland,” with a lot of others merrily joining in. Then one of the girls in that group stood up with a mug in her hand and shouted “Erin go braug.”

Then most everyone who wasn’t dancing was standing and shouting it, their mugs held high in celebration. After about three chants, the words seemed to change, and everyone was looking towards where my red head was dancing. Paying closer attention, Casibom Güncel Giriş and listening to May and Naz, I realized that the shout had morphed from “Erin go braugh,” into “Erin no bra.” ‘Erin no bra?’

They were all chanting for my fantasy girl to take her bra off? Yes they were, and pretty demandingly too. Everyone loved, and always stared at, Erin’s tits since she filled her tops out superbly. The chant kept up as if a contest, but there were no sides, just a wanting for Erin to take off her bra. She was slightly embarrassed and grinning, and shaking her head no, but the chant kept getting louder and stronger.

Finally, with a lot of exhortations from her friends close by, she looked like she might do just that..Then it did happen, or started to happen, and a large cheer went up, and continued.

Erin lifted the bottom of her tee top to reveal a front closure, strapless bra, and unhooked it, and without revealing any of her breasts, she pulled it off, and waved it, and blushed so that her face looked like her hair. Then another chant went up.

“Dance! Dance! Dance!” when the music of an Irish jig began. I have no idea what the name of it is, but it’s the one I always think of when I think of an Irish jig.

Erin’s breasts looked as if they still had a bra holding them up, but as she graced everyone with a jig, her tits bounced more than they usually might have. More, it excited her to where her nipples puckered out and teased us all. And the only thing I could do was to appreciate the show, and let my pussy bitch all that it wanted to, but I wasn’t about to pay it any attention while watching Erin dance and her tits bounce so saucy and naughty.

When it was over, the deafening applause for Erin was well deserved.

“That is some gal,” Naz said. “You two would be great as a dance couple,” she said, looking right at me. May nearly choked on her drink.

“Yeah, I agree,” May said after she’d recovered. All I could do was to look at May, and smile.

Besides dancing with some of the other girls, I did some dreaming of my red head, and wondered if I’d ever get a chance. We looked at each other a couple of times as we danced, but that was it. I still held that I was the newbie, and if she wanted to dance with me, she should do the asking. Was I being bull-headed and stupid? I had to admit I probably was, but I didn’t dwell on that thought.

Whatever, I found a pretty good dancer, and I turned it up.

“Damn, girl, you’re making me look bad,” she grinned.

“Never. You’re too good, and make me want to dance more,” I let her know truthfully, or mostly so. What I was after more than anything was piquing my red head’s interest. I did catch her looking out of the corner of my eye.

“You’re Jen, right?”

“Yes. You?”


“You are good, Miranda, and you do make me want to dance more.”

“I’ll take that as gospel and let myself feel good about it. If you ever get your eyes off of Erin, let me know,” she winked at me.

Good grief, was I that obvious to everyone? I had no idea of what to say.

“Shut your mouth, girl, you’re letting all the flies in,” the hateful thing said with too big a grin.

When it was over, I made my lonesome trek home, May going wherever she and Naz went.

* * * *

Getting up at eight, I put some coffee on, and waited for it to brew. As I waited, the doorbell chimed. Looking through the peephole, I saw it was May.

“Hi. What’s got you out so early?” I said as I hugged and kissed her cheek.

“Jeez, hon, I gotta talk. Is the coffee ready?”

“Yeah, come on in and have a cup,” I led her to my kitchen, as if the coffee smell wouldn’t do that on its own. “What’s the problem?”

“I’m in love, babe.”

“That’s a problem?”

“For me, I guess it is. Shit, I feel worse than a teenager. I’m so fuckin nervous it’s pitiful. Hell, I am pitiful!” she said, her arms flung out, and her face making sure I understood her.

“You look okay to me. Why do you think you’ve got a problem, and why does it make you nervous?”

“If Erin was suddenly in your lap, how would you feel?”

Ouch! Uh, like May said, I supposed. Now I thought I might be understanding. So what was it that I was supposed to do?

“Why do you bring that up so early in the morning? Don’t you have any pity on me? Are you becoming a bitch just because you either got laid, or are gonna get laid?” I said, letting her know I that had no idea what to tell her.

“Shit! A fine friend you turned out to be,” she bitched at me. I grinned, and she did too. “Seriously, I’m out of it.”

“Enjoy it,” I said wryly, but then smiled. “I’m glad for you, May. I take it that it’s mutual.”

“Yeah, I think so. I hope so,” she added.

“Me too. I like her. She’s got class to go with her looks, and she dances good too. Can’t get any better than that if she likes you in bed too.”

“She said the same about you—that you had class, and that you can dance,” she made sure to clarify.

“So there, it’s settled then, huh?” I couldn’t help but laugh. May laughed with me.

“Yeah, it’s settled. Damn, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen for anyone so damned fast.”

“Uh, if I remember correctly, it happened when you saw her, right?” I had to tease her.