Devanna Estates Ch. 02


This is the second installation of the Devanna Estates series – please comment or email me with responses. Feedback is essential to story development and motivates authors to write more! Thanks in advance and thanks to everyone who responded to the original. Enjoy.



Jake Santone walked down the long corridor to Devanna’s office. She had told him to stop by on his way home from work for a “post move-in checkup.” He was suspicious, to say the least. Apparently it was property policy to formally meet with each tenant after they settled in, to ensure that they were pleased with their apartment unit. She told him she wanted to make sure that they tied up any ‘loose ends.’

Amber was at her usual post in front of Devanna’s office door. His eyes focused on her bare stomach that she was showing off below a knotted tee shirt. He wondered how often she must workout as he gazed at the light lining of her six-pack.

“Hey sexy,” she said to him, “when are we going to exercise together? I enjoyed our workout on Sunday but I didn’t get enough reps in!”

“Haha, whenever I’m guaranteed that no one is watching,” Jake responded.

“You’re such a pussy,” she said as she playfully pinched his ass, “still afraid that a woman is going to upstage you, huh? Well anyway, I suppose you’re here to see Devanna.” She banged on the door twice with her elbow.

“Come in,” Devanna stated through the closed door.

“Speaking of a workout, looks like you’re up for one,” Amber said, confirming his initial thoughts.

Jake remembered to take off his shoes and socks and he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he entered the room. He drew in a quick breath as the Amazon of a woman walked up to him. Her scandalously thick thighs touched together with each powerful stride and she crossed the room quickly on her long defined legs. Devanna wore a tight black leather skirt that hugged her abundant hips and was so short that it almost revealed her crotch. A purple button down business shirt was tugged tightly into her skirt. Although tucked in, the shirt was open down to her waist so that her belly button was visible above her skirt. Jake was shocked to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra! The fabric on both sides of the shirt was just covering her nipples, and the sides of her tremendous breasts were in full view. They knocked against each other as she walked and were barely contained by the tautness of her business shirt. Each step gave him an alternating view of the huge globes of flesh. The Hispanic/American woman came close to him and she felt her dark curly hair brush against his shoulder and face. She put her arm around him.

“Thanks for stopping by Jake,” she said as she lightly pulled his earlobe, “as is customary, I want to meet with you to ensure you are satisfied with your apartment. Everything working fine – utilities and air conditioning and kitchen appliances?” she asked as she led him over to the two big chairs in front of her desk. She motioned for him to sit down in one while she sat opposite him. A blue semicircle of carpeting extended from underneath the desk and the heavy chairs were on top of it. It felt good against his bare feet.

“Yeah, it’s all working fine – no complaints here,” he replied as he tried to avoid staring while she crossed her athletic legs.

“Good, you’re only the second tenant to be in that unit so everything is pretty new. I assume that it was spotlessly clean when you moved in?” she asked.

“It really was, it was perfect. I just wish it could stay that way,” he said, giving a nervous laugh.

“Well, you seem responsible enough to take care of that,” she said, patting his knee, “By the way, did you have a good time at the party on Sunday? My staff was happy to become more acquainted with you.” She looked at him hard, knowing it was a very broad question, and waited to judge his response. Even though he figured a question like this was coming, it still threw him off guard to hear it and to watch Devanna’s intense stare.

“Ohh, well, um. . . yes, I enjoyed myself,” he said feeling a little foolish at his response.

“Mmm-hmmm, what was your favorite part?” Devanna said, teasing him.

“Uhh, haha, I guess playing the games, I think was a lot of fun,” he said and fidgeted in his chair. He watched as she took off her high heels and curled her toes. She stuck out her naked foot and slowly ran it up his leg.

“Did you like the foot massage I gave you in the Jacuzzi?”

“Ohh, I didn’t know it was you. I wasn’t sure but yes, it was, ahhhh, rather nice,” he said as his throat became a little dry. Her naked foot went further up his leg.

“I see. And what about in the pool Jake? Did that big cock of yours like being the center of attention?”


She had leaned forward and was pulling her purple shirt out of her skirt. Her gargantuan tits released even further out, as the shirt no longer inhibited them. More of her tit flesh was Ümraniye Fetiş Escort exposed and he could see most of the large nipple on her left breast.

“I’m sorry Jake, am I making you uncomfortable?” she asked the question as if she was talking to a baby. She could see it angered him a little bit.

“No, it’s just that I uh, I’m not used to a woman being as . . . blunt as you are,” he said.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

“Well, I think at times it can be-” but Devanna cut him off.

“Do you like it Jake?” she asked again, much more firmly than before.

“I, well . . . sort of,” he said.

“It’s either yes or no Jake,” she said as she leaned even closer to him. Her fleshy melons were swaying freely beneath her business shirt. The exotic woman was engulfing his vision and he found himself sucked in by her aroma and beauty. He gazed at the huge valley between her massive breasts. Devanna pressed her foot into his crotch. He gulped and wiped his forehead.

“Final time, do you like it?”

“Yes,” he said.

“Does it turn you on?” she purred.

“Yes, Devanna,” he said and knew it was exactly what she wanted to hear.

“Good, as well it should. If you don’t think you can handle being turned on by a woman like me, you can walk out that door right now,” she said, testing him by giving him a way out. He hesitated for a moment and looked at her, wondering what she had planned.

“No, I can finish the meeting,” he finally replied.

“Alright. Since you’re staying I’m going to let you work off some of that rent money tonight. Normally I have a masseuse come in every Tuesday to give me a massage. Unfortunately, she was sick and couldn’t make it tonight. So you’re hired. I’ll credit $50 to your rent for this month. Also, instead of a full-body, I’ll just go with a foot and leg massage. Sound good?” They both knew he didn’t have an option.

“Sss-Sure. I’m not that experienced, but I’ll do my best. Where do you want the massage?” he asked.

“Right here,” she said, “get on the floor and start with my toes and work your way up. Ohh, and Jake?”

“Yes?” he responded as he got down on the carpet in front of her chair. Her dangling foot was inches from his face. It was extremely curvy and oozed seductiveness.

“I want it to be a mouth massage,” she said, and she put her foot directly on his lips.

Instinctively Jake opened up his mouth and took in her shapely French manicured foot. He couldn’t believe he was doing this! He held her foot in place with one hand on her heel and the other on her curvy arch and slowly licked his tongue around the crevasses of her toes. Trying to please her, he sucked on her big toe and twirled his tongue around it for a minute or so and then licked the sides and the bottom of the toe. He slid his tongue over it and moved on to the next one. After each toe that he sucked and twirled in his mouth, he would run his tongue down the sole of her foot and kiss back up and repeat the process. Soon her entire foot was wet and he snaked his tongue in and among her incredibly sexy toes.

“Yes, that’s it. Worship my feet Jake, lick my toes and suck all over my feet. I can see how hard your dick is, you know you like being my foot servant,” she hissed at him.

She could tell by the wide-eyed look in his eyes that he couldn’t believe he was actually on the ground, sucking her feet in order to pay for his rent. She uncrossed her legs and with her other foot, rubbed his dick through his shorts. Jake had a clear view all the way up her shiny, athletic legs and could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties! He gave a slight moan as he took two of her toes simultaneously into his mouth. He sucked harder on her beautiful foot and felt his erection being squeezed by Devanna’s other foot. He slid his hands up and down her firm legs, grabbing the thick flesh when he reached her thighs.

“My little college boy is getting so turned on having a foot in his mouth. You like licking my feet don’t you Jake?”

“Mmmmmhmmm,” was all he could moan as he opened his mouth wider and took all of her toes in his mouth. She pushed more of her foot into him and simultaneously rubbed his cock even harder.

“My foot looks so good sliding into your mouth Jake. I think your lips were made to curl around my toes. Did you know that men who take pleasure in sucking women’s feet normally have fantasies about being fucked into submission by a dominant woman? Do you have fantasies of me fucking you Jake? I bet you beat off at night, thinking of screwing me,” she said and pulled her foot back before shoving a little more into his mouth.

She was now pumping his mouth with her foot, slipping in and out by the saliva that he had coated all over the curves of her feet. His tongue licked around her toes with each thrust. He grabbed and squeezed her legs harder as he sucked her foot further down his throat. She stopped rubbing his dick and pressed both feet against Ümraniye Gecelik Escort his face, alternating pushing each foot into his mouth. While he was sucking on one, Devanna would rub his face with the other foot, wetting it with his own saliva. He felt her toes all over his nose, eyes, and cheeks.

“Yes, you little foot lover. Grab my legs while I fuck your face with my feet. You’re such a bad frat boy, taking pleasure in sucking the feet of a mature woman,” she said and slapped his face with the side of her foot. Laughing a deep laugh that made her breasts jiggle, she slapped him again with her other foot. She spread her legs until her feet were on either side of his head and quickly brought them together against his face with a WHACK. She squeezed his head between both feet and dug her toes into his skin as she continued her mischievous laugh.

“Suck my feet if you can, my sex toy.”

She kept slapping him, now using the bottom of her feet and he tried his best to lick and suck her smacking feet. He was able to get a few toes in his mouth before her other foot would slap his mouth away. Her feet were wet with his saliva and more often than not, her foot slid across his face with him only being able to lick her passing toes. She turned her feet inward and began kicking out at him, bitch-slapping his face with her athletic feet. Her manicured toenails dragged across his face. He took it all. Finally she hooked the inside of his mouth between her big toe and her second toe and shook his face from side to side. He felt like a fish with his mouth being hooked between her toes.

“I think this might be a weekly job for you, my foot worshipper,” she scolded through clenched teeth, “I think I’m going to fire that masseuse and hire your fucking mouth.” She slapped his lips a couple more times with her feet.

“Then you can suck my feet whenever I want. You’re tongue feels too damn good on my toes not to take advantage of our little rent arrangement,” she said and swung her foot around giving him a final slap across his face. Her athletic thighs shook with the motion.

“Now lick my legs,” she said as she shifted her thighs against each other in her seat, “I want to feel your saliva coating my calves and thighs. Massage my legs with your mouth Jake.” He began by licking the base of her foot and around her ankle and then slowly ran his tongue up the side of her calves. Her skin felt smooth as his tongue glided over it. His hands massaged circles along the outside of her defined thighs as his tongue worked up her leg. He slid his tongue past the inside of her knees and licked the tendons between her legs, remembering to kiss and suck as well. He sucked all the way back down to her feet and then switched over to her other leg. Jake licked all over her calf and shin and was surprised by her next comments.

“You know Jake, one of the privileges of being the property owner is that you get to experience the best that the property has to offer. Were you wondering why I let my women fuck you before I did? They were test-driving your cock Jake, to make sure it was worthy of their master. Luckily for you, Amber and Filiga approved of that dick.” He was now licking and kissing up the insides of her thick thighs, and although he didn’t like the idea of being ‘sampled’ like a cheap grocery-store appetizer, he couldn’t hide his excitement at the thought of fucking Devanna. He sucked her legs harder and tightened his grip around her legs. His mouth was pressing hard against the soft flesh of her thighs and she pressed them against his face in response.

“Yes, my sex toy, I see you’re turned on. I know you want to fuck me and I’m going to give you a pleasure that you’ve never experienced before,” she said as she raised her hips and unzipped her leather skirt. She pulled it off her rounded hips and flung it onto the floor.

“Do you want to fuck me Jake?” she cooed.

“Yes!!!” he said as he raised his head and looked up from between her thighs. He was ready to stand up and plunge his dick into her pussy.

“Then earn it frat boy!” she commanded.

With both hands she grabbed the back of his head and thrust it into her pussy. Once his tongue was inside her cunt she clamped her legs in a crossing pattern around his head. She fucked her hips up into his mouth, and he screamed in her pussy as she grabbed his hair and pulled him further between her legs. His head was trapped between the thick vice of her thighs and he felt her juices rub against his face. She rubbed her legs against the side of his head and pulled harder on his hair.

“Yes, pussy boy, prove that you can please me. Prove you deserve to be fucked. C’mon, lick me harder.” She tightened the grip of her thighs around his head. Using her hands she forced his head to move in circles over her cunt. Her clit rubbed against his nose and lips and soon his face was smeared with her wetness. His tongue lapped against her hard clit.

“I said harder!” she Ümraniye Genç Escort demanded.

He licked her even faster and tried to stick his tongue all the way up her slick pussy hole. Her hips rocked in the chair and he grabbed her thighs, trying to pull himself deeper into her snatch. Her purple shirt had slid to the sides of her body, exposing her monstrous breasts above him.

“C’mon fuck toy, if you can’t do it any better than I’ll do it myself,” she roared at him.

He knew he was in trouble. Pulling hard on the side of her desk and the arm of her chair with surprising strength, she jumped off the chair and slammed him onto the carpet, with his head still trapped in her Hispanic thighs. He was on his back with his head and upper-back about eight inches off the ground, firmly implanted in her legs. She reached back with one hand and slid it under his shorts, yanking on his big cock. With the other she continued to mash his face against her pussy. He was working his tongue as fast as he could against her clit.

“Yessss, that’s it. You loved being used don’t you darling? Tell me you like being my pussy toy,” she jeered him.

“Mmmmm-uhhhhhh,” was all he could manage from the depths of her fleshy thighs.

“That’s right, get used to feasting on this pussy baby, this is going to be your dinner whenever I demand it.” He moaned into her cunt as she used her muscles to clutch his face. Her legs constricted even tighter around him.

“Ohhh, yeahh, suck me good you college bitch,” she bellowed at him.

Finally, she released her legs and pushed his head down onto the carpet and scooted up so her pussy was directly over his mouth. She laid the full weight of her body down onto his face. Below her, she held his head with two hands to steady herself. Devanna raised her big ass up and thrust her hips down onto his face, slapping her hard clit on his lips. He was surrounded on all sides by her hips and legs and could only see her invading pussy, forcing itself onto him. Her huge breasts were pressed onto the carpet behind his head and they supported her upper body. The position of the Amazon allowed her complete control to fuck his head and it was taking effect on her.

“Ohhhh, yessss, stick that tongue out and take this pussy,” she said as she slapped her cunt down onto his tongue.

“I’m gonna drown your face with my juices. How does it feel to be taking a beating by a mature pussy? Keep that tongue hard while I fuck it!” she ordered.

With her hands holding onto his head below her, she began to really fuck his head. She lifted her thighs and smacked them down hard onto his mouth, forcing his tongue to thrust high up into her pussy. He reached up and grasped the round cheeks of her butt, trying to steady the ass assault on his face. The sound of her cunt hitting his lips rang in his ears and he was just able to hear her taunts above her slapping sex. She forcefully pulled his hair at the base of his scalp to get his attention.

“Don’t try to control my ass, you bitch. Take it like a man. I’m gonna fuck your face until it hurts! You are here for MY pleasure college boy. Remember that! Now accept my fucking and submit to my pussy!” she yelled at him.

Devanna was in a frenzy as her ass was a bronze skinned blur, pounded his face with all her might. He felt her warm sex bathe his tongue twice every second and her juices were freely flowing down onto his chin and around his neck. Her hard clit hammered against his nose with each thrust down and filled his nostrils with the overpowering smell of her pussy. She was crushing his head into the carpet with every fuck of her hips. He couldn’t move if he wanted to under the weight of her large ass, so he licked as hard as he could at the insatiable woman above him.

“Ohhhhh, fuck yeah, take it, take it. Take all of my pussy you cunt lover! Submit to this pussy, yessssss.”

She dug her nails deeper into his head and smothered him with her pussy. Her legs were trembling around his head and she was close to orgasm. Her cunt lips drove down onto his mouth in their relentless assault and she squeezed him harder with her thighs.

“Yeahhhhh, here it comes my sex toy, get ready to swallow all of my cum. Ohhhh, fuck yessssss, don’t misssss a fuccckkingg droppp! Ahhhhhh, yeahhhh, drink it all you bitch!!!!!! Suck down your prize!!! Taaaake it alllllll!!!!”

With a final pummel, the weight of her ass flesh slammed down onto his tongue and she exploded in a sea of cum all over his face. He gulped as much of her cum as he could, but even more flowed onto his nose and chin. He drank in each wave of cum and licked up the rest that was still in her pussy. Her rolling hips smeared her juices over him and he couldn’t open his eyes as they were coated with her sticky substance. Still he lapped at her quivering pussy until she finally rose up off of him.

“Your pussy licking skills please me very much Jake,” she said and lightly kicked his side. “Stand up.” He rose up and stood face-to-boobs with Devanna. She shrugged off her business shirt and let it drop to the floor beneath her. Completely nude, she took a step closer to him and let her monster tits brush against his face. It was the first time he felt her luscious breasts and he shook from the stimulation.