My back is against the wall, I’m naked except for my black 4 inch stilettos and red satin bikini panties, which are down around my ankles, stretched taught between my long slightly parted legs. the cotton crotch on full display at my feet. I stare down at my naked slave with my emerald green eyes and point at my undies with a French manicured index finger. My slave dutifully crawls to me on hands and knees and puts his mouth over the moist panties. I made him bring me to orgasm with his mouth through my panties when he first arrived, and now he is commanded to lick my cream from the garment. As he cleans my lingerie with his mouth, I let a long stream of piss rain down on the back of his head. He’s practiced enough to know not to stop licking. I shift my hips and pee down his naked back.

When I’m finished, I take the long cane I’m holding in my left hand and whack him on his ass. This is the only command he needs to stop cleaning my panties and begin licking up any pee that might have gotten onto my legs, feet or shoes. He cleans me quickly and thoroughly, making sure to get every last drop. I indulge his foot fetish and let him linger on my toes a little. He knows he has other work so he leaves my feet and looks up at me before he dares move his mouth toward my pussy. No words need be spoken. I nod once, and he buries his face in my cunt. I’m not completely shaven, but I keep myself neat down there, I like watching him look up at me through my short brown curlies. He laps eagerly at my pussy, running his tongue between the folds of my wet twat and up over my clitty. He’s not allowed to use his hands, but he’s good enough at eating me out that he doesn’t have to. I writhe on his tongue, pushing my body down onto his face, willing his tongue to go deeper and deeper inside of me. He is relentless, which is how I taught him to eat pussy. Several minutes of his dedicated effort brings me to a hard orgasm. I shudder over top of him as I slicken his lips, nose and chin with my wetness. Once I’m satisfied I reluctantly push his face away from my crotch and step out of my panties.

Setting the cane aside, I pick up the end of the leash attached to his slave collar and turn around; I reach the leash through my legs and pull his face into my ass. I bend a little at the waist and support myself with my free hand against the wall. My submissive nuzzles me for a moment; he’s an ass man and loves it when I give him this treat. It isn’t long however, before he remembers that his tongue is required to lick my crevice and my tight asshole. I use the leash to pull him tight when I want him to suffer, and let go a little when he needs to breath. He’d gladly suffocate in my rear or the folds of my pussy, but he’s much more useful alive.

His tongue feels good slurping at my backside, so I revel in the moment as he services my rear. I’ve trained him to be an expert analingist and I make him please me for as long as I can stand it. I use my free hand to masturbate, rubbing my throbbing clit and sliding my fingers into my extremely moist pussy. Betturkey For the most part, his tongue is to remain impaled in my asshole, but he takes an opportunity to lick and kiss the curve of my perfectly heart shaped derrière from time to time.

Aside from his slave collar and leash, the only other thing my slave is allowed to wear when he is at my mercy is a butt plug. I like to keep him stretched out so he’s ready to take my strap on cock whenever I like. He’s learned to love it, and love it he does. When I ask if he wants to be fucked in the ass, he always responds with an emphatic “Yes Mistress!”

When my ass has been thoroughly worshipped, I make him put my strap on harness around my hips and strap it to my thighs and waist. He’s learned with the help of lots of swats on the ass, just how tight it needs to be to stay around my sexy lithe body and yet not be uncomfortable to wear. As he puts the toy around my body, I pull my long brown hair into a pony tail, it’s about to get steamy! Once it’s on me, I tell him to get into whatever position happens to strike my fancy, usually its bent over a table with his legs spread, balls dangling free between his thighs. I usually tug on them a little and make him squirm. A few slaps of the ass go a long way toward reminding him that he isn’t my lover, he is my property. I remove the plug but not before I twist and turn it in his rectum, then pull it out only to shove it back in again a few times. He breathes a sigh of relief when the widest part slips past his sphincter for the final time. He breathes a sigh of both agony and delight as I drive my faux cock deep into my slave’s ass without warning.

He is required to thank me for fucking him; after all, I get little pleasure out of wearing a piece of plastic and driving in and out of his ass, just the pressure of it against my pelvic bone and pussy. I do enjoy seeing him this way though, taking my cock like a slut in and out over and over. It’s 7 inches long and his butt has been trained to swallow the whole thing for as long as it pleases me to sodomize him. I like to take my time and drive the big dick in slowly. I tease him about what a slut he is, and make him tell me how much he likes being fucked in the ass. He moans and squirms and pushes his rear back to meet my thrusts. When he’s too loud, or two eager, or if I just feel like it; I slap his ass cheeks with my hands, spanking him as I fuck him. I like to see the red imprint of my hand on his bright white ass. These aren’t love taps, I’m giving my bitch the spanking he deserves, and that he craves.

Eventually I work myself into a steady pounding rhythm. I ease off the spanking and use both my hands to grip his hips pulling him into me as I push the dick into his slutty little butt. We’re both starting to get sweaty as the room heats up. He’s allowed to touch himself while I fuck his ass, but he is absolutely forbidden to cum until I say so. I never let him shoot his load when my dick is in his ass, unless I have in on his back so I can watch him shoot it on his Betturkey Giriş stomach.

When he’s bent over, and I’m taking him doggy style, he gets his cock rock hard and begs me to cum. I pull the fake dick out of his ass and tell him to un-strap me and then order him to pick up my panties. I take a seat in my easy chair and watch him as he uses my already nasty panties to masturbate. He has to do it standing up in front of me. I love watching him play with his big dick and I have to fight the urge to let him fuck me. I put my own hand between my thighs and start to play with myself a little as I watch the head of his dick disappear and reappear in and out of my girly panties. I playfully scold him for watching me masturbate without permission.

He gets flabbergasted and apologizes profusely. Of course men can’t do two things at one time, so I have to remind him to keep stroking his dick while he grovels. He apologizes again and regains his masturbatory rhythm. Giggling to myself I give him permission to watch me touch myself, as long as he keeps stroking that cock of his.

Watching me adds to his arousal, and I have to admit being turned on watching him. Eventually he is ready to cum. He is required to ask for permission and he does. I grant him his wish, with the caveat that all his cum must stay in my panties. I threaten severe punishment for leaking his man cream on my floor. He takes a moment to secure my underwear around his dick and starts to pump himself furiously.

When he cums, his whole body jerks wildly and he doubles over as the blood rushes away from his extremities and right to the center of his naked body. His mouth opens wide as if to release a moan that ends up being caught in his throat. I watch my underwear darken as he fills them with his cream. Most times he catches all of it, if for any reason he misses some, he must lick it up with his tongue while I swat his ass with my crop.

I take the cum soaked panties from him and shove them in his mouth, making sure the wet spots get right on his tongue. I grab him by the leash and lead him over to bed and have him lie on his back. I pull the chain that is suspended above the bed down. A spreader bar is attached to it, and I fasten each of his ankles into a strap at either side of the bar. With his legs parted and suspended above him, I have a great view, and more importantly access to my slave’s ass, cock, balls, and thighs.

I grab a riding crop and at first I just caress his exposed back side. I tell him he’ll be spanked until he gets his cock hard again. He grabs his flaccid dick and starts to play with himself. I begin to spank his butt. The combination of having just had an orgasm and being spanked makes it very hard for him to bring himself to erection. I get to swat his ass for a long time. Eventually; when his ass is a bright shade of crimson, and the moans coming from his panty gagged mouth become too much to bear, I pity him and help him out by reaching between his thighs and taking his dick in hand. The touch of his Betturkey Güncel Giriş Mistress’ hand does the trick and he’s usually hard in only a few strokes.

He remembers his lessons and offers mumbled gratitude through the panties in his mouth. I lower the chain, and allow his legs to rest on the bed. I remove his ankle restraints and return the chain to its place over the bed. Using silk scarves I tie each of his wrists to the bed posts. I mount him, straddling his body and lowering my sopping cunt onto his erection.

It’s my turn to get fucked and I ride him like a woman possessed, all this dominating has turned me on and I want to cum again and again. His wonderful cock fills me and I don’t know if the pounding of his manhood into my pussy, or the look of sheer obedience and servitude in his eyes makes me wilder. This isn’t love making, this is fucking; I moan heavily every time I fully impale myself on his throbbing hard cock.

He’s not just lying there mind you, his hips rise to meet mine and his own moans, dampened by my dirty underwear, fill the room with mine as we lust for one another. I scratch my nails down his chest, hard enough to leave a mark but not hard enough to take his skin, as I climax atop my sex slave.

I keep riding him through my orgasm, pulling the panties from his mouth I order him to cum, and he does as he is told, shooting warm man cream into my already over stimulated cunt. I rise off of his body and scoot up the bed until my knees are resting on his biceps. I lower my soiled pussy to his mouth and remind him to be gentle as he cleans his seed from my super sensitive cunt.

When I’m satisfied, I slip off of him and off the bed; we’ve made quite a mess of the room, my toys and each other. I untie him and send him to draw a bath. He knows exactly how I like it and when he tells me it’s ready, I slip into the hot soapy bath water. I might command him to bathe me, but most often I send him to clean the room. He completes his chores quickly and thoroughly, he has to be back to rinse and dry me before my bath water cools.

He uses a heated towel and brings me my big comfy robe. When I’m all warm and dry, I leave him to attend to himself as I head off to inspect his chores. Once satisfied that everything is clean and in its proper place, I head to the living room to sip on a glass of wine and await my slave. He is allowed only minutes to clean himself and present himself for inspection.

When he arrives before me on hands and knees I look over is naked body and insure that he’s up to my expectations. The only evidence of our playtime is the red marks I’ve left on his ass with my crop, cane and bare hands. I tell him what a good boy he is and return the butt plug to his ass where it belongs. I allow him to dress, and watch as he slips on his “big girl panties”, pink satin with lace ruffles. Then he gets into his business suit, getting ready to return to a world where he is in charge. I step in and knot his tie for him around his neck, expertly pulling the knot and adjusting it on his collar. He thanks me and wishes me well; I give him a friendly kiss on the cheek and squeeze his butt playfully. He discreetly takes the envelope from his inside jacket pocket and lays it on the table by the door as he leaves.

I love my job!