Tina’s Tryout


It was one of my first mixed sexfights, where they put all the rookies together and just make us wrestle around awkwardly while everyone kinda laughs. Her name was Tina and she stuck in my memory because of how freaky she was. Most girls who sexfight are actually very prudish; they like to have their way and typically are the “hot” girls who are either total whores or the fitness dykes who just hate dudes and do this for the money-since chicks make twenty times what the guys get.

We were both eighteen but while I was a scrawny 5’8″ dweeb she was this thick, busty amazon. Tina stood 6’1″ with long curly brown hair that went down to her midback. She was chubby but not like she had a gut, just thick thighs and a big butt not to mention her enormous E cups. For these “newbie” matches, they make us come out from separate dressing rooms; we march out across this like runway that leads directly to the ring while the arena is full of empty chairs except for the two dozen or so judges sitting on either side in the front row. We stand on the apron on opposite sides of the ring and do the quick introduction, just name and age, wearing street clothes over top of our swimsuits. I nervously went first and did an awkward one-legged hop out of my jeans, revealing my navy blue speedo which at the time I felt super embarrassed to even be wearing since I looked like a damn twig; not exactly in great shape but I did a funny little hulk hogan flex anyway-it got a few laughs, which I heard help, since everybody is always trying to be king badass or whatever.

Tina was wearing a white tank top and this little denim tennis skirt. She whipped off her top and undid a zipper on the side of her skirt, stepping out in a tiny green bikini with white polka dots. Her tits were friggin huge and nearly popping out, as was my erection when we were told to step through the ropes.

This was nerve wracking because we were being directed, like as if auditioning for a play. First of all they told us to do a collar and elbow lock up then to wrestle; only three main judges spoke. I can’t remember their names but it was a black guy, some old white woman, and a dude with a lisp I called GayBoy; he was the most vocal of the bunch. So we walk in, to the center, and tie up; we wait for a moment, expecting a bell or something but GayBoy just says “Go already!” Tina obeys and practically whips me off my feet, flinging me around in an awkward kind of sidewalk slam; as she just picked me up around my waist and fell to the side. With her weight landing across my chest though it kinda hurt I was trying to slip free but Tina rolled herself over onto my hips, keeping me pinned.

I was bucking trying to get her off me and reached up, on accident, and my hand pulled away her bikini top; freeing her one left boob. I was more shocked than she was, Tina didn’t even try to cover up, just grabbed my wrist and secured it to the mat.

We kinda sat like that for a minute or so, just her trying to hold me down and not doing anything, until Gayboy asked if she was going to do something else. Tina leaned down and while keeping my wrist held, she used her fingernails to lift the other cup of her bikini top, exposing both of her big, soft round tits. She looked anxious for a second then took a deep breath before scootching up on my chest and smothering me with her boobs. They were big, Bostancı Fetiş Escort heavy and sweaty and while it sounds like my dream, having a chubby girl basically titty fuck my face, I was really having trouble breathing. She would adjust them a little bit, I guess trying to more efficiently kill me with her breasts but she moved a little to the right and I was able to not only free my mouth but capture her right nipple in the process.

Tina froze, gasping audibly, as her whole body trembled while I made lewd sucking sounds as my cheeks hollowed out to suck her fat titty. I was able to glance up and though her chest was blocking most of my view, I saw her eyes roll up in the back of her head as she moaned “Damn.” Feeling her grip weaken, I pulled my hands free and she barely tried to get them back; it was like all the fight went out of her. I grabbed her left boob with my right hand, tweaking her nipple-Tina rewarded me by moaning louder and panting like a cat in heat-as I pulled her long brown hair with my other hand, tilting her head back so she couldn’t try to smother me again.

My fingers kneaded her fleshy orb and I suckled on her like an infant until finally Tina began panting louder and louder until she shook hard, as though she had a chill, and made a high pitch squeal. That’s when I heard a buzzer like from a basketball game when the first half is over. I released Tina who slowly got to her feet, though her legs looked shaky. We went back to our sides of the ring, the ones where our clothes were piled, as the judges grilled Tina. They each confirmed that she did have an orgasm; Tina admitted she’s been able to cum from just having her big tits sucked sometimes. I couldn’t be sure from where I was standing but I think she blushed when she said it. They praised her strength, at flinging me around like a rag doll, which she smiled brightly at.

I forget the rest but nobody even gave me an “atta boy” or “good job.” Even so, when they started the next round I was still pitching a tent. They told us to freestyle grapple, not using the lock up technique, so I was trying to avoid getting near her freakishly strong grip, but she kinda danced on the balls of her feet, making those huge boobs jiggle hypnotically. She had been told to start the match without her top, since even though she had taken it off herself, I did initiate the loss of clothing. She managed to get me near the corner and we locked up again; despite me trying to evade her Tina’s reach was incredible. She got me in an arm bar which she turned into an arm wringer; it felt like my shoulder was going to pop out, as I was kind of bent over as she held my wrist up high in the air with one arm. Tina swatted me on my ass twice, eliciting yelps of more shock than pain. I tried grabbing her leg with my free arm while bent over but she was too far away; I paid for my actions by receiving a kick to the ribs which, while might’ve been a tap for her, it felt like I gotten hit with a baseball bat. I dropped to one knee and she picked me up with a handful of hair then pulled me in by my arm, for like an irish whip, but ran me face first, smacking into her big tits; it was a breast-line as her big mammary hit me harder than a boxing glove.

Tina ran to the ropes a did a hulk hogan style leg drop across my chest that knocked all the wind out of me; felt Bostancı Gecelik Escort like I had been shot as I lay there gasping for air. I was still reeling when she pulled me up by my hair again and got me in an abdominal stretch; I wanted to cry out in pain since it felt like she was tearing me in half but I was still coughing to trying to breathe. I stiffened as I felt Tina’s hand encircle my cock; she started jacking me over my briefs and in just a couple strokes I was moaning. Her hand worked me over like magic, pumping me with gentle strokes; I tried to pull her hand off, grabbing her wrist but she started giving me little twisting jacks.

“Cum for me, big boy,” Tina began chanting and after a few seconds I did; staining the front of my briefs dark with my jizz as that buzzer went off again.

The judges again complimented Tina; I thought I was going to be ignored again until the female judge noticed I still had an erection-chalk it up to youthful exuberance or the thrill of sexfighting-and said “nice cock.” That was a real confidence booster and we began the last round, fully nude, with the instruction that they wanted to see some screwing this round. The judges told us to do a test of strength, I think Gayboy just wanted to watch me squirm, because as soon as they said go I had maybe half a second of struggling before Tina sent me to my knees; whimpering like a scolded puppy. Tina began pushing me until I was on my back and I felt utterly helpless, unable to kick out with me sitting on my haunches, my feet tucked under my butt, as Tina slowly moved her feet from under my armpits to standing above my shoulders, as she began to slowly drop her bare ass onto my face. Once she sat down she moved so my hands were cupping her big boobs; I was forbidden from doing any painful breast attacks so I could just hope tweaking her nipples would get another orgasm out of her but it was a long shot. I might have been under her maybe a few minutes but it felt like I was under her ass for three hours as she gyrated, hopped, and ground her pussy all over my face until I couldn’t tell if I was soaked from her sweat or love juices. When I finally saw light, from the fluorescents above the ring, I felt like a trapped miner finally smelling fresh air again.

Unfortunately my fate wasn’t over yet as Tina scooped me up and body slammed me hard on my mat. My back was already killing me when she flipped me over and locked in a camel clutch. I was on the verge of tears as she bent me back far enough so she could flop her sweaty titties on my face; further amplifying my humiliation. until she reached down and gave me a really nasty nipple twist that had me screaming like a little girl. Once she was done with this, Tina flipped me over then promptly stomped me in my belly with her barefoot. For some reason I was still hard and after spitting on her hand and jerking my dick to its complete stiffness, Tina squatted over my cock. We both sighed simultaneously when our genitals combined; she was so warm and dripping wet-I don’t know if it was from just beating me or the facesit or both-as she sat down to ride me harder while pinning my wrists to the mat by my hips. I tried humping up to meet her thrusts, hoping maybe my own cock could finish the job, but she let go of my wrist to slap me across the face. My hand tried grabbing a boob Bostancı Genç Escort or something but she caught me and held both of my skinny wrists in her one strong hand.

“This is my dick, say it, bitch,” she growled and when I didn’t apparently say it fast enough, Tina gave me another open palm slap across the face that really fucking stung. I called her a bitch and she began to choke me as she rode my dick harder and harder. God it felt incredible; not just her pussy but feeling owned by a busty amazon. “Say it,” she sighed, her head leaning back as she continued to bounce on my cock.

“It’s…it’s your dick,” I mumbled.

“Louder!” she said, slapping me with her choking hand.

“It’s your dick!” I practically screamed and she grabbed my hair, pulling me up so my face was buried in her tits as she began doing squats on my cock, fast and hard. I sucked on her boobs as she held my wrists behind my head like I’d been handcuffed.

“That’s it, yes bitch, oh god thats iiiiiitttttt,” Tina came with a loud, vocal squeal and shuddered until she collapsed on top of me signaling the buzzer. She took a second to get to her feet, leaving me unfinished, as the judges, all of them, rose and applauded my chubby dominatrix. I was rudely ushered out of the ring by staff members as all the judges chimed in with their two cents about how awesome she was while I felt like street trash doing the walk of shame. I was almost shoved into the men’s locker room while another guy carried my clothes in a pile and threw them on the floor, telling me to get showered and they’d let me know how my try out went.

I felt like a total whore and I was too pissed to even take care of my own orgasm in the shower so by the time I got my clothes on, my duffel bag on my arm and was headed down the hallway to the garage I encountered Tina. She was fully dressed in her street clothes but hadn’t appeared to have showered, her hair and body still glistening with sweat as was the residual smell of sex in the air. She pushed me against the wall and, while looking down at me, said, “I never got to thank you for going easy on me.”

I was going to say something dumb but she leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips; they parted and I felt her soft pink tongue. We frenched for a few seconds, enough for her to feel the erection awoken and practically tearing a hole in my jeans. She slid down to her knees, unzipped my fly and looked up into my eyes as she started giving me the most amazing head; it took my breath away. She took her time too, sucking slowly on the head then licking the shaft down to the balls, taking each one of them in her mouth, then licking her way back up like a popsicle. I tried feeling up her big tits but she slapped my hand away.

“Remember,” she paused and smiled, “this is MY dick.” She emphasized her words by squeezing my cock hard enough to make me see spots, then resumed her epic blowjob. I kept my hands in the air, pinned to the wall, as she took me deep into her mouth then pulled all the way out. She would jack from the base up as she took half of my length into her throat. The feeling was exquisite and I told her I was gonna cum when she pulled away; I pouted for a second but she pulled down tank top and bra, exposing her big tits. She sucked half of me while beating me off as she slurped on my girth before I started to shudder uncontrollably. She pulled off and milked every drop onto her huge boobs while I held a hand over my mouth, moaning and convulsing.

“Thanks for the match, tiger,” she said, putting her bra back on, over her cummy tits, and sauntered off while I just leaned against the wall utterly breathless.