Doctor’s Orders Ch. 02


“You seem distracted Michael.” Doctor Teodore noticed.

“Doc… Your advice the other day… About Jake…”

“Did it go well?”

“Something came over me. I intended to simply just talk to Jake, but then the next thing I know, I later woke up naked next to Jake in his bed. I couldn’t remember anything.”

“Michael, since your divorce, how had your sex life, been?”

“I’ve been busy with work, I never really had the time for even dating.”

“Did you ever masturbate?”


“So, our previous session was the first time, you’ve ever had a sexual encounter?”

Michael took a deep breath. “Yes.”

“It appears that all those years of denying yourself your sexual desires, this ‘sexual deviant’ manifested itself within you, and had awakened after our first session together.”

“Wh-what are you saying? That I have a split personality who’s infatuated with my son?!”

“It would appear so.”

Michael covered his face with his hands in dismay. “I don’t believe this.”

Teodore stood up and walked behind Michael and began to massage his shoulders. “You need to accept the fact that you have these desires, Michael. You need to acknowledge them.”

“Doc, I…”

“It’s the only way for you and your alter to become one again, otherwise, all that tension building up can make him take over at any moment, and run amok of your life.”

Teodore ran his hands down Michael’s shoulders and over his chest.

“No, Doc, not again…”

Teodore whispered into Michael’s ear, “We’re sexual beings, Michael. We should embrace our desires, not repress them.” He groped Michael’s pecs and watched the bulge in his patient’s trousers grow. “You’re enjoying this, Michael.” He reached down to Michael’s crotch, and massaged the length of his bulge through the fabric of his black dress pants.

Michael flexed his cock against Teodore’s touch and moaned. “I can’t stand it anymore, I need to cum, Doc!”


“Mikey ran away, Doc.”

“And who are you?”

“I am Eros… Don’t make me beg for it.”

Teodore unbuckled Eros’ belt, and undid his trousers and pulled out his aching wet cock and began to stroke it slowly. “While you’re here, Eros, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

“Keep doing what you’re doing, and you can ask me anything.” Eros replied, panting heavily.

Teodore stepped around Eros, and kneeled down between his legs and continued to stroke his cock. “What are you doing inside Michael’s body?”

“You’re kidding right? You think I’m in this prude’s body by choice? I’m trapped in it… Oh fuck, that’s the spot! Keep going!”

Teodore lubed his palm with Eros’ precum and made long and slow strokes, while occasionally licking the base of his uncut cock.

“And what is your fascination with his son, Jake?”

“Have you seen the kid? He’s a fucking stud, and fucks like a stallion. Michael is so lucky to have a boy like that, yet he’s never fucked him, can you believe that shit? If I had a son like Jake, we’d screw each other senseless all the time… God dammit, Doc, I like that thing you’re doing with your tongue!”

“You do realise that’s sarışın porno incest, right?” Teodore asked, then began to lick the base of Teodore’s wet cock to the tip of the head, and sliding his tongue under the foreskin, and wrapping it around the head of his cock.

Eros groaned as he thrusted into Teodore’s mouth. “Aw, fuck yeah! Of course I realise it’s incest, I’m not fucking stupid. But what can I say? I like sex, and I don’t care who it’s with… Come on, Doc, don’t tease me! Suck my dick!”

“But you seem very drawn to Jake.” Teodore said before taking the first few inches of Eros’ shaft into his mouth, and sucking eagerly as he pumped the base with his hand.

“Oh, man, that’s fucking good…! There’s something special about Jake. I almost see myself in him. That appreciation for sex, and how he doesn’t give a damn about who it’s with.”

“And what about Michael?”

Eros rammed is cock back into Teodore’s mouth. “No more questions, just blow me.”

Teodore continued to suck Eros’ cock without any objection. He ran his tongue up to the tip of the head, and held it out as he collected a wad of leaking precum on the tip and swallowed it.

“You’re a real twisted piece of work, you know that Doc?”


“That wasn’t an invitation for you to talk, keep sucking…! Seducing Michael, instructing him to fuck his own boy. And from your cock sucking skills, I’d say Michael wasn’t the first patient you’ve seduced. Not that I’m judging you. You’re the kind of person who grabs live by the cock, and milks it for all its worth. Michael is such a sad man. Never indulging himself in the pleasures the human body has to offer, instead he submerges himself in self pity, wondering where he went wrong in his marriage. It’s pathetic, I can’t believe I’m stuck in this fool.” Eros held Teodore’s head with both hands, as he began to fuck his mouth.

“Aww, fuck yeah! Here it comes!” Eros held Teodore’s head down to the base of his cock as he shot his load into his mouth. “Fuck!! Come on, swallow all of it!”

Teodore swallowed Eros’ load and suckled on the head of his cock for every drop.

“You’re such pervert. I love it.” Eros said.

“We need you and Michael to come to an understanding. You’re trapped in Michael, and there’s no way you can ever ‘escape’. You and Michael need to come together and work something out.”

“Fuck that, I’m not discussing shit with that prude.”

“Keep in mind, this is Michael’s body. What you do while you’re in control will affect both of you. If you land Michael in trouble, you’ll suffer the consequences as well.”

“I’ll take my chances. Now, take off your pants and sit on my dick.”

Teodore removed his trousers, and positioned himself above Eros’ still rock hard cock, and slid it into his hole, and groaned.

“You went up there without a fight, Doc. I wonder how many cocks you had before me.”

Eros pumped into Teodore’s hole up and down slowly, basking the sensation as he moaned. “Mikey has no idea what he’s missing.”

Teodore removed his tie and gagged himself with it to muffle his wails of ecstasy

“You’ve never sex hikayeleri had someone work your ass this good before, I can tell.”

Teodore ignored Eros’ remark as he began to bounce on his cock.

“Oh yeah, that’s good, just like that!” Eros said as he tore Teodore’s shirt open, snipping all the buttons off, as he began to suck on his nipples.

“What are you doing?! I still have other patients to see!”

“Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn.”

Eros picked up Teodore and laid him out on his back over the desk, spilling all his supplies on the floor, and continued to fuck him. The look of hunger and lust on Teodore’s face made Eros wild. He grabbed the doctor by the neck and leaned down close to his face. “Beg me to fuck you harder, show me how much you want it, you pervert.”


“You call that begging? Shout my name.”

“I have other patients waiting outside…!”

Eros spat on Teodore’s exposed chest as he took one hard thrust into the doctor’s abused hole. He held Teodore’s throat harder and stared him directly in the eyes with an animalistic glare. “Do it.” He ordered firmly with another hard thrust.

“Please, fuck me right, Eros!!”

“That’s more like it.” Eros said as he continued fucking the doctor while jerking his cock in sync with his thrusts. “My turn to play doctor now. Tell me, Teodore, earlier you questioned me about incest, and you sounded rather judgemental, yet you encouraged naive little Mikey to fuck Jake. For a therapist, you’re quite fucked up in the head too. Tell me, do you have a son? Have you fucked him? Do you want to fuck him?”

Teodore groaned as he grinded his teeth together. “No, I don’t… But I used to always have fantasies about my own dad… unf…!”

Eros spit on Teodore’s cock to lube it up more as he kept jerking it. “Go on, tell me everything.”

“When I discovered I was attracted to men, I was always into older guys…” Teodore bit his thumb trying to contain his moans, as he confessed to Eros who continued to fuck him mercilessly. “Then I noticed my father. He was everything I wanted in a man… I started jerking off to thoughts of sucking his cock, getting fucked by him… Fuck! I’m gonna cum!””

Eros stroked Teodore’s cock faster, and slammed his ass harder. Teodore bit his arm as he shot his load all over Eros’ hand and chest. He rolled his eyes to the back of his head, and convulsed as Eros squeezed the cum out of his cock.

” A passive and naive dad like Michael, and a situation like his doesn’t come along often,” Teodore continued, short of breath. “I wanted him to take advantage of the situation.”

Eros brought his cum-covered hand to his mouth and licked every drop of his hand, then spat it back out on Teodore’s face. “You dirty pervert. I like you.” Eros slowed his pace, then leaned down and burried his face between Teodore’s neck and shoulder. “Let me tell you about how I bedded Jake.” He said as he bit Teodore’s neck.

“Michael wanted to make love to Jake so badly for years. I finally decided to take over and do what he couldn’t. It was incredible. His son is such a stud, he wanted şişman porno Michael just as badly, but Michael is so cowardly, he denied the poor boy that for so long. It wasn’t fair. I pitied Jake, so I gave him what he wanted- A fathers love. I gave him a taste of his father’s cock. You should have seen the delight in his eyes to have the cock that made him in his mouth and feed him. The way he moaned when he deflowered Mikey’s virgin hole. It was incredible, I wish I could be able to have a son like that. Michael is so lucky and he doesn’t even know it… Argh! I’m gonna cum…!”

“Not inside!” Teodore begged, but Eros disregarded him. He pumped his cock hard in Teodore’s ass, filling him up with his hot cum.

“Aww, fuck yeah, Doc. I can feel my hot load all around my cock inside you.”

“I said not to do it inside!”

“Consider it a parting gift. After I leave here, you’re going to feel the slippery residue of my cum inside your hole for the rest of the day, and you’ll think of me, and beg me to come back and fuck you again.”

Eros dressed himself started for the door, but just before he reached for the knob, he paused. “What the-” He turned around and his eyes widened with shock as he saw Teodore naked on his back upon the desk, shirt torn open and cum dripping out of his hole.

“Michael?” Teodore questioned.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Michael said as he backed against the wall.

“Your alter, he revealed his presence to me.” Teodore said as he got on his feet, and pulled out a handful of tissues from the tissue box to clean his cum-filled hole.

“So you had sex with him- me?!”

“I need you to calm down and let me explain.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“Michael, this occurred because you’ve repressed your sexual desires. All those feelings, pent up and ignored for so long, it needed to come out some way, so it manifested itself into a different personality. These are your own desires, but you won’t accept that. I explained this to you already.”

Michael shook his head in disbelief. “Stop it! That’s not what I want! That’s not me! You’re supposed to help me!”

“I am trying to help you Michael! Listen to me, your alter, Eros, I wanted to talk to him, and see if he could help me understand the roots of your feelings, but he only would talk to me if I agreed to have intercourse with him. Your wife was a terrible woman wasn’t she? She was selfish, emotionless and took you for granted, but you refused to see that. When she left you, you blamed yourself. You felt like you didn’t deserve to love or be loved again, but Jake was always there for you, and at some point you started to develop romantic feelings for him as you watched him become a man. The trauma of your failed marriage, and the shock of realising your feelings for your own son, you suppressed those feelings. You need to make peace with yourself, your divorce was over ten years ago, it’s time to get over it.”

Michael contemplating Teodore’s words. They made sense. “And… What of Jake?”

“You know Jake desires you the same way you do. Explore with him.”


“I personally see no harm in it. You’re both adults. Just keep it low key. If you don’t let yourself come to terms with these feelings, your alter will continue to make your life even more complicated.”

“…I should go…” Michael said as he left, and was greeted to the sickened and judgemental stares of the people in the waiting room. Oh god…