Adding a New Dimension


Two o’clock am the dogs were barking. I slowly open my eyes and hear the doorbell ring probably for the second time. I glance over at my wife who is starting to open her eyes.

“Don’t worry honey I got it.” I say as I climb out of bed.

“Who could it be?” She asks sleepily, but her eyes shortly close as she goes back to sleep never one to let anything keep her awake long at night.

I walk down stairs and turn on the front door light. When I look outside I see my wife’s old college roommate Katie and that it was snowing quite heavily. I quickly open the door to let her in, but the moment I open the door she seems to collapse crying into my arms. Not really knowing what else to do, and with a cat that always tried to sneak out an open door I picked her up, closed the door, carried her up to the living room and sat on the couch with her in my lap still crying. I softly asked a couple of times what was wrong but got nothing but tears, sniffles, and sobs out of her.

After a few minutes my wife slowly comes down the stairs wondering what was taking me so long to get back in bed, I felt a bit uncomfortable to her coming down to see me with a female body in my lap, a quickly mouthed ” Katie.” And shrugged my shoulders.

Instead of being upset my wife Tory hurried down the stairs to kneel at my feet wrapped her arms around Katie and made her own soothing noises. After several more minutes of this Katie got herself enough under control to tell us what this was all about.

Apparently Katie’s father in North Carolina had died and she had come out to see to his funeral and everything from her home in Texas. Her boyfriend during that time apparently skipped country with another girl, wiped out the checking and credit accounts the he and Katie shared leaving Katie only the cash she was carrying with her. She’d found this out trying to pay for her hotel room and before trying to book her return home flight. She paid for the room with cash but it left her nearly broke with no money to return the car or fly home or anything. Not knowing where to go or what else to do she had driven all night, the last 2 and half hours in the snowstorm, which by itself would have made her a nervous wreck just to come to our home in hopes we could put her up for a night or two.

“Of course you can stay as long as you like.” My wife said quietly.

Katie was able to get out a hoarse thank-you before collapse into tears again still in my lap. After another fifteen minutes of that she finally cried herself into exhausted sleep.

“Can you carry her up stairs?” My Tory whispered to me.

I simply nodded my head. Katie was probably only a few pounds over 100, being both short, and very lean due to something my wife had told me all about she was nearly completely incapable of gaining weight no matter what she ate whether it was the syndrome or the medicine I didn’t remember. Katie had short brown hair and if I remembered correctly brown eyes, but I hadn’t seen those all night so that was only memory.

I started up the stairs and when I was about to turn into the spare bedroom my wife pulled my shirt towards our bedroom, so I go in and set Katie on the bed.

“Katie gets cold very easily… you felt her, after all she’s been through and the cold outside, she’s a Popsicle. There is no way I’m leaving her in a room alone tonight to catch a cold. She’ll share our bed tonight, your body is always so damned warmed no matter the temperature…”

I just smiled, my wife saying Katie got cold easily was the pot calling the kettle black, my wife always curled tight to me in the winter because she was always cold while I always stayed plenty warm.

“Let’s strip her, her clothes must be uncomfortable and dirty.” My wife says quietly as she begins to undress her friend. ” Get one of your T-shirts, it’ll be plenty large enough for her to use as a sleep shirt.”

I got out one of my more comfortable if slightly smaller shirts and handed it to my wife who pulled it onto Katie’s limp body as. Then my wife removes Katie’s skirt and panties and rolls her into the bed underneath the sheets.

“Get on in, she’s not going to bite especially in her condition and you are what’s going to get her warmed quickest.” My wife says quietly urging me in.

I climbed into the bed and curled my body fikirtepe escort around Katie’s my wife climbed in behind me. The position with one body in front of me and one behind was very comfortable and soon I drift into sleep.

The next morning I wake up to laying on my back, not unusual, my wife Tory was sleeping with her head on my left shoulder, her left arm resting on my chest, and her left leg wrapped around my left leg, also not unusual. Katie’s head is resting on my right shoulder, with her right leg draped over my right leg and her right hand was lazily tracing the shape of my growing hard-on that was not part of the morning routine. Katie’s eyes are still closed, and her breathing is still fairly slow and light so I assume she is asleep and not purposely arousing me with my wife right there, but the affect is the same. Damn the penis that as long as it is being touched nicely it likes being touched not really caring about the toucher. As it was it was taking all my willpower to keep my hips from humping upward.

“Honey, could you make us some breakfast?” My wife asks sleepily, and this seems to awaken Katie enough that she stops her hand movement with her eyes snapping open in shock and a little guilt.

“No problem hun. Come on down when you girls are ready. How’s waffles sound?”

“Great!” My wife says with a lazy sleepy smile.

In our home I do all the cooking, while my wife does most of the cleaning, I cleaned the kitchen since when I cooked I usually made quite a mess.

I climb out of bed trying to avoid overly disturbing the women and make my way down stairs, glad to have the chance to calm things back down a bit.

Waffles were one of my morning specialties that I didn’t do that often as it took a bit more time than other breakfast options, but for guests that was almost always the first breakfast.

By the time I have finished the second batch the two girls have come down the stairs, both of them still wearing their sleep wear which means Katie is still just wearing my shirt. My wife begins setting the table and after a moment’s hesitation Katie asks where things were kept so she can help out. The table is set as the third batch is finishing so I bring the waffles out to the table for us to start eating.

“I’m sure you want a shower after all that driving yesterday. I’ll get you set-up with one after breakfast.” My wife offers with a smile.

“Thanks, I really feel I need it, but I don’t have anything to change into, all my clothes are in the car and that is snowed in.” Katie’s says with shrug.

“Don’t worry about it, while you shower I’ll get it dug out enough to get to your things.” I say simply, ” Could use the exercise anyway.” I say with my own smile.

The girls clear the table as I get myself ready to go out into the snow, and as I head out they head upstairs on the way to the shower.

By the time I’ve dug enough out to get to the trunk and bring in Katie’s bags, my hands, feet, and joints are frozen. As I carry Katie’s bags up the stairs of our house all I can think of is nice hot bath to return feeling to my extremities. Unfortunately I go into the bathroom after leaving Katie’s things in the bedroom to find the tub occupied.

“We just wanted to soak for a bit.” My wife says with a smile.

“I so needed it.” Katie says with her own smile.

“Well I’m glad you got one then if it will make you feel better.” I say as I turn to leave.

“Where are you going? I know your joints must be near frozen, strip and get in here.” My wife says, ” And don’t start to argue, we are adults and I don’t want you limping around complaining about your knee for the next week and a half.”

Knowing better than to argue with my wife I quickly strip down and climb into the tub before anything can pop up. As I lay back with my eyes half closed I admire my wife sitting next to her friend. My wife has long dark hair that was currently piled on top of her head to keep it out of the water, My wife has blue eyes and the best lips in the world, toss in long legs, a nicely round ass, and firm B sized breasts and there is my dream woman. Sitting next to her Katie has probably A’s or small B sized breasts, A small tight ass and small impish looking face. The two of them had always looked good walking to classes gebze escort together back in college.

“Her asshole boyfriend used to say such terrible things about her.” My wife says bring my mind back to the present.

“Maybe it was true.” Katie says quietly.

“Nonsense, back in college none of the guys you dated complained about your kissing, and they certainly didn’t say one thing about you in bed. She had the guys lined up begging for a shot with her, the ‘little wild cat’.”

“Well we had stopped really touching much months ago, I should have seen it coming.”

“You should have left him a long time ago from what you tell me.”

“Well you always had Dave, he was your high school, and college boyfriend and now he’s your husband, I just wanted someone like that.” Katie says with a quiet voice and small tear.

“I did get lucky with my first guy didn’t I?” Tory says quietly give me a shy small smile.

“You will find that guy for you.” I interject, ” You are plenty hot, believe me, and you are funny, fun to be around, smart… Just most guys are assholes.”

“I was always so jealous of you two.” Katie says quietly, ” Even when you two fought I just wished I could be in one of your places for a day.”

“Really?” I asked in shock not having known this at all.

“I remember one time when you’d been drinking quite a bit you asked me how I caught myself such a stud.” Tory says with a smile, ” I had thought you were kidding.”

“I did?” Katie asks in disbelief.

“Yep and immediately afterwards you asked how he kissed.”

“Oh!” Katie says with a shy smile, ” I kinda remember that, he’d just kissed you good-bye before he had to head home.”

“Really?” I ask incredulously, I wasn’t anything special, not being very tall, with at the time long brown hair, now cut short for work, blue eyes… I was and still am average.

“Why don’t you find out?” My wife offers to both Katie’s shock and mine.

“Huh?” Is my intelligent response.

“Katie, my husband is great kisser and he can fairly judge your kissing ability, plus here’s your chance to find out how he is.” Tory says with a smile. ” I know he isn’t going to be leaving me and a kiss is just a kiss.”

Katie apparently didn’t need much urging as she began to crawl across the tub towards me, but from the look of a couple of bottle of wine along the edge of the tub that wasn’t too surprising, which might also explain my wife’s behavior, but when everyone sobered up I would not have that excuse.

As Katie approached I take one more look at me wife and see her smiling watching Katie’s approach to me. I took that as my final okay and when Katie’s lips were close enough I just gave them a light brush with mine. Then I pulled back forcing her to come a little closer. I then picked her up and placed her in my lap and began to really kiss her.

After a couple of long seconds I opened my eyes enough to look over at my wife to see her rubbing her breasts. Taking that as a further cue I began to let my free hand trace a path over Katie’s body never touching the more private areas but eliciting shivers just the same. Slowly I worked my hand toward her breast and when there I delicately played with her nipple until Katie was moaning into my mouth. I gave her nipple a quick pinch and she suddenly came.

I didn’t stop kissing Katie and as I looked over at my wife again I noticed her hand underneath the water moving in the undeniable pattern of self-pleasuring. I allowed my hand to drift lower to rest on Katie’s love triangle, which was trimmed very short into a perfect triangle shape. Katie began raising her hips off my lap to push her cunt into my hand. I slowly worked a finger into her wet folds and delicately teased her lips below with my finger as I teased her lips above with my tongue and lips. It was not long before she was moaning more into my mouth and as I touched her button she came again in chorus with my wife.

Slowly the two women came down and Katie began to untangle herself from me.

“You are a great kisser.” Katie said breathlessly.

“So are you, that guy was an idiot.” I answered back.

“You two were both so hot.” My wife added, ” Now I have to get out before I go completely pruney.”

I stood up, helped both of the girls to içerenköy escort their feet, pulled the plug on the drain, climbed out and handed each of them a towel, then I went to the closet to get a towel for myself.

When I got back to the bathroom my wife was heading into the room to finish air-drying as she always did and a moment later Katie followed. I only dried for a little longer before I wandered into the room.

I was just in time to see Katie approaching my wife’s spread legs and the moment Katie’s tongue contacted her my wife’s eyes went from closed to open wide. I saw my wife reach her hands down I thought to push Katie away but instead she pulled Katie’s head tighter to her. I watched mesmerized as Katie ate my wife’s pussy and I slowly stoked my very hard cock. I almost came when my wife let out another set of moans and came into Katie’s mouth. I figured that would be the end of it, but then my wife began rotating her body and reached for Katie’s pussy. Katie eagerly complied with this offer and moved to straddle my wife’s face as she continued to lick my wife’s cunt. I was incredibly turned on watching my wife lick her first pussy. I was even more turned on when as she took a long lick she opened her eyes and looked right at me.

Then my wife spread Katie’s butt cheeks and pointed at her ass meaningfully. My wife knows I am an ass fanatic, I love anal play unfortunately my wife does not share my fetish, but she does let me indulge it from time to time and now seemed to one of those times.

I approach this new ass with awe and then I bent over and reached out my tongue and ran it from the top of Katie’s crack down to rosebud. There was a very encouraging moaning coming from the area of my wife’s vagina and goose bumps sprung up all over Katie’s ass. This encouraged me further and I licked my way back up and then down to yet another moan of approval. I slowly circled her back door with my tongue, which caused Katie to wiggle her ass. I worked my tongue into her and suddenly her ass clench on my tongue and her whole body shook in orgasm, and pulled out and licked down to her pussy where my wife and I tongue wrestled for Katie’s juices. I worked my tongue back up and into her as and tongued her for several minutes before my wife reached back grabbed my cock and pulled it forward.

I slowly stood up allowing my wife to guide my cock where she willed, she led it Katie’s very wet snatch. Tory rubbed the head of my penis up and down Katie’s slit causing Katie to shake some more then she lined me up, grabbed my ass with her other hand and pulled me forward until I was buried to the hilt in Katie’s cunt, my wife came in that moment as she held my ass tight and my cock buried in her friends pussy, then as her orgasm subsided she pushed me back until I popped out.

Then Tory put the head of my penis at Katie’s anal opening. I grabbed Katie by the hips and pulled her ass back as I pushed forward, my head popped in and Katie moaned, slowly my cock penetrated her tight little ass. The moment I bottomed out Katie came again into my wife’s waiting mouth. When Katie’s convulsions slowed I pulled out slowly until just my head was in then pushed forward again. My bottoming out caused her ass to twitch in what I took to be the sign her body lacked the strength to cum again. I pulled back and when I pushed forward again the same twitch occurred. I slowly picked up my pace until all three of us were grunting. Suddenly Katie started screaming into my wife’s cunt, and her ass grabbed my cock hard in sudden convulsions. This was more than I could take and my cum came boiled out of my balls up my shaft and deep into Katie’s hungry ass. As I came my wife’s moans intensified and she came into Katie’s mouth again.

After that we were all spent I rolled Katie onto her side with me spooning her from behind with my cock still buried in her ass. My wife Tory crawled up behind me and wrapped her arms around me from behind. In very little time we fell asleep that way.

A few hours later I woke up with both women licking my cock to full hardness. When it was apparent I was awake Tory straddle my cock and Katie straddle my face. They both rode me to our mutual orgasms.

Now it is three years later, Katie now lives with us permanently; she split the cooking with me, and the cleaning with Tory. She works at my wife’s company as an accountant and marketing manager and the sex is phenomenal.

You guys that don’t hold open doors for women are missing out us nice guys certainly don’t finish last and I’ve got two women who are both out of my league.