Fucking a Dirty Talking Bitch Ch. 01


Bali was probably the most beautiful island that I have ever seen. Fantastic beaches with some great mountains in the backdrop. Very warm people, exquisite cuisines and some of the hottest bodies on the planet, all in one paradise like island. The days were slow and nights were pacy. Bali knew how to party and the beach parties were the most hip and happening that the world has ever seen.

I walked back into my room after a day of climbing. The muscles were taut and throbbing. Needed a quick shower to revive and relax. The cold spray of water hit and bounded off the body. Could feel the tiredness go away and the muscles relax. My mind wandered to the woman I saw while climbing today. Her name was Jenna. She had excellent rhythm and a great grip on the rocks. Very impressive. I remembered her stretching her and pulling herself up the rock. Grunting and hissing like an animal on the move. Found that very sexy. I think she caught me looking at her. Her tight ass, her heaving tits and her toned body. All very sexy.

Stepped out of the shower and splashed my self with some cologne. Slipped into my black briefs and walked back into my room.

“Well, you got tight buns too.” A husky voice said.

I spun around and then blinked for a few seconds. Just couldn’t believe my eyes. Standing near the entrance to the suite was Jenna. She was still in her climbing clothes and it was quite obvious that she had some how come into the room straight from the climb. She was wearing a black sports bra and red hot pants. Her hair was tied up in a bunch and she was looking straight at my crotch.

“Excuse me?” I stuttered.

“You heard me boy. I said you have tight buns too. And a big donkey dick if that bulge is to be believed.” She looked me up and down and started to walk towards me. I started to relax at bit. Damn! She was hot and if she wanted to play, I was more than willing to participate.

“I saw you staring at me during the climb. Watching my body. Do you like it? Do you like my ass and my tits? Bayan Escort Gaziantep What were you looking at boy?”

“The name is Prince.”

“Yeah I know. Had to ask around for you in the hotel for some time. Didn’t have the time to change because of that. Finally one of the bellboys told me where I could find you. Its quite amazing what a few dollars can do for you. “

She stopped in front of me and ran her fingers over my bare chest. Teasing and circling my nipple while looking at me saucily.

“Well I guess I am not the only one who was staring.”

Jenna laughed.

“Yeah I had a good look at you too when you were scaling that nasty jutting out ledge. Good move that. And I thought to myself, that’s a hot body on the move. Should be interesting to meet up. So here I am.”

“Yeah. Yours is a good move too. To come up in here.”

She moved her body close to mine. I could smell the sweet perfume of her sweaty body. Her breath on my face. My mind was flashing with the images of her grunting and climbing. The heat and sweet smell of her body was making my cock go crazy. I was sure that it’s going to burst out the minute she moves away.

Jenna ground her hips hard against mine and rasped, “Then prove it fucker. Prove it to me that this was a good move. Fuck me hard like a bitch with that donkey dick of your till I am screaming. You think you can do that motherfucker? Do you have it in you to fuck me like a slut?”

Her dirty talk got me hot. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. I kissed her mouth hard and deep. I could feel her bucking and grinding against my body. Her tongue was slithering in my mouth. Trying to make me go deeper. The kiss was almost a war between us. It was passionate and rough and intense.

We pulled away. Breathing heavily, I grabbed by the hair and pulled her face close to mine again.

“You bet I can you filthy bitch. I am going to fuck you like a street slut till you scream and cum. You cunt and whore ass are mine and I am going to fuck those holes like I own them. You are going to get stuffed like fucking turkey with my donkey dick and fucked and sucked and licked till you piss! And then I am going to fill you with my cum till its oozing out of your tight nipples. You hear that, you fuckpig. That how I am going to fuck you.”

I ripped her bra off with my hand and dragged her to the king size bed. Her tits bouncing as we moved there. She threw us both onto the bed and in a swift movement was straddling my chest.

“Yeah MOTHERFUCKER. That how this bitch loves to get fucked. Fuck me so hard that I piss all over us, you bastard. FUCK ME HARD. “

I grabbed her nipples and pinched them lightly. Jenna groaned and threw her head back. I pinched them harder and I could feel her grinding her already wet and sweaty cunt on me chest harder. I slid her down my body and got half up. My mouth moved to her tits and I started sucking on them Jenna was moaning and growling like a bitch in heat as I sucked and kneaded her tits.

“Fuck yes. Suck those tits you bastard. Make them tight and wet. SUCK THEM.. OH YEAAARRGGHHH. Fuck yes. Lick it, lick it, lick it, lick. Uuurrrggghhghh..” Jenna started to thrust her boobs into my mouth. Almost trying to fuck my mouth with her tight nipple. I gorged on the boob and licked it hard.

I moved my face up and saw Jenna running her hand through her hair, her head thrown back in pleasure. Her shaven, sweet armpit was right in front if my face. I moved forward and gave it a long, slow, hot lick. That made her grunt hard.

“AAAARRRGGHHH. YEAH! You dirty motherfucker. You like my armpit don’t you. Lick it you nasty bastard. LICK IT. Shove your face into it and lick it like a dirty dog.”

I licked her armpits hard and fast. She was squealing and squirming on my body. Her tits bouncing in wild animal abandon. My face was glistening with her sweat.

She grabbed my face and kissed me. Her tongue flying across my face licking it.

I threw her off my body and on her back. Grabbed down and ripped her hot pants off. I spread her legs wide to see her wet cunt exposed and begging to be fucked.

“You want that cunt fucked like a whore don’t you, bitch. Well then that’s what I am going to do. Fuck you like a cheap slut.” I spat hard on her cunt and shoved my tongue inside. Her body heaved and jumped off. Thrusting hard into my face, trying to make my tongue do deeper.

“Fuck me. Lick my cunt! Oh God. Aaaarrrghhhh. COME ON! Lick it harder you mother fucker. Like it HARDER you nasty bastard.”

I thrust my tongue in deeper. My hands were on her tight ass pulling her wet cunt towards me. I could feel her thrusting hard and fast on my face. Slapping my mouth with her cunt. Her body was bucking wildly and I could feel that she was nearing an orgasm. Sucking on her clit I rammed in two of my fingers into her wet, dripping cunt. And it exploded!

Jenna screamed and came like a pig in heat. Her cunt squirting out juice on my face and body. She was grunting and growling as the orgasm wracked and jerked her body. My face was dripping with her cunt juice. I stuck my tongue back in and let her spew that cunt juice into my mouth.

As the orgasm subsided I slid up her body and moved close to her face.

“How did you like that whore. And that was just my tongue. Now the real fun begins. Open your mouth bitch. OPEN IT!”

Jenna opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out. I spat hard into it. My spit splattering inside he mouth. She smiled and gulped hard. I spat again on her face and smeared it all over her. Making her look like a cheap trash from the street. She glowered at me and spat back. I moved my mouth close to her. She spat hard inside it.

“Well then fuck me like there is no tomorrow Prince. Fuck me silly. I want my cunt and ass full of your cum. FUCK ME. Fuck me till I piss on your fucking face. Make me feel it. Stuff that donkey dick in my cunt and FUCK IT RAW!”

Prince knew that this was going to be a long night…

That’s the end of part 1. Tell me how you think its building up. And give me some ides of making it hotter. WRITE IN PEOPLE…