Lights, Camera, Sex


Chrissy wanted to be a Hollywood actress one day. Me, I was just taking drama for a few easy college credits. I didn’t expect to land a part in one of the several “off main stage” productions being done in the second semester of junior year. Ms. Jonas had paired Chrissy and I up in the two act romantic comedy written by some nobody playwright. We were nearing the end of rehearsals, working pretty late, getting ready to videotape the dress rehearsals next week. It was around 10 pm and the rest of the cast and assistant director had left. Ms Jonas wanted to talk to her two leads.

She said we were both doing well, but in our romantic scenes (two where we kissed) it was clear that we were not an intimate couple. “People intuitively pick up on these things, she said”. The only way to fix it was to become intimate.

I thought this was crazy, I liked Chrissy and all, but she was not my type and I felt sure Chrissy would be totally against it. Ms. Jonas was one of these artsy types. 40 something, nice, good looking, but clearly had never gotten anything Gaziantep Onkoloji Escort accomplished outside the walls of a university. Chrissy was also a bit shy for someone who dreamed of acting professionally one day. Chrissy did object, but Ms Jonas asked her if she ever expected to become an actress if she weren’t ready to view her body as merely a tool, throwing away any and all inhibitions.

I was shocked when Chrissy quickly agreed and began to disrobe, pulling off her sweater and jeans, then removing her bra . She looked great. Her dark black hair contrasted her pale skin. She had big tits and shapely legs. At Ms Jonas’ urging she pulled off her white panties to reveal a dark patch of pubic hair in a near perfect V shape.

Ms Jonas gave Chrissy her directives, “You are lovers, seduce him and make love- ACTION!” Like a hypnotized nympho, Chrissy walked over and embraced me. My cock was straining against my khakis and she began to rub it as she kissed me passionately on the mouth. Her tongue circled mine as she undid my pants and pulled down my boxers. In no time we were both nude. I was in shock, over the situation, but I had instantly bought in on what was going on.

Ms Jonas, sitting in her director’s chair, called out to her starlet. “Lead him to the bed.” Once on the bed, “69!” Chrissy straddled my face as I felt her hot mouth on my rigid cock. Her abdomen was hot on my chest and her inner thighs warmed my face. My nose brushed her pubic hair as I smelled her pussy. My cock felt as though it were made of concrete as it swelled to its maximum over the sensation of the blow job I was receiving, coupled with the fragrance of Chrissy’s pussy. I licked her lips and clit, working around in a circle, tasting her for the first time and sliding the tip of my tongue into her opening.

Ms. Jonas instructed us to fuck, which we gladly did. I was on top as I slowly worked my phallus into her. Some slight, initial discomfort gave way to the tightest, slickest fucks I’ve ever had. I quickened the pace and Chrissy responded, moving her hips in time with mine. I felt myself getting close to climax when Ms Jonas stepped up to the side of the bed. She told me to slow down as she began to disrobe.

Ms. Jonas was in her early forties, with a pretty good body. I don’t think she was married, divorced maybe. She deliberately straddled Chrissy’s face, lowering her twat to Chrissy’s lips. “Lick me” she ordered.

Chrissy hesitated before tentatively dragging the tip of her tongue across Ms. Jonas’ pussy lips. Ms. Jonas gasped and threw her head back. Chrissy seemed to respond and began attacking her pussy more passionately bringing more gasps and moans from Ms. Jonas.

After several minutes it got to be too much for me and I felt the pressure building in my balls. Quickly I pulled out of Chrissy’s cunt and I began to erupt more forcefully than ever before. My cum splattered across Chrissy’s tits and collided with Ms. Jonas’ abdomen. I rolled over, totally spent as Ms. Jonas ground her pussy on Chrissy’s face until she climaxed.

We “rehearsed” several more times that semester, but Ms. Jonas took a job at another college the following one. Chrissy and I never really acknowledged our “acting” together.