Mind Over Management Ch. 10


Grace’s body hair didn’t survive the night, of course. It wasn’t long at all before the ladies all got in on the act and she was totally smooth from her neck down. This was in addition to the cream also applied to her face to rid her of any shadow of facial hair. When she took a shower with Jen and rinsed off the stray hairs, Grace emerged clean, slick, and very feminine for an obvious man with a very real cock and balls … the former quite stiff to boot.

“Damn, girl … you look hot!” Cheryl exclaimed as she began fondling Grace openly, even pressing the trans woman’s mouth to her tits to make her suck them.

When I parted Cheryl’s buns to slide my cock between them, she began pushing back at me, encouraging me to dry hump her ass, of course. While this went on, Pam started groping Grace’s butt, unable to stop herself as she caressed the now smooth bottom of her daughter, formerly her son. While Pam slid a finger into Grace’s asshole to start probing her there, I lubed up Cheryl’s backdoor and my dick to enter her tush. Suffice it to say that Cheryl didn’t hesitate to meet me stroke for stroke, welcoming me further into her ass.

“Damn it, Jack … no one fucks my ass like you do! No one! You’re the best at sodomy … oh, God, yes! Damn it … fuck meeeee more … harder, please! Rougher!” Cheryl begged me for more as I kept plowing her back field for the wonderful hole that it was.

“Grace, fuck Cheryl’s pussy while I sodomize her! Pam, strap that dildo on and peg your sweet daughter good!” I instructed Grace and her mother to get it on with each other and us.

When Jen started rimming me, Jess and Jamie ran their tongues along her body for good measure, but she did her utmost to focus on my pleasure instead of her own. The twosome didn’t make it easy, of course. Nor did Feng Xiao help Pam’s self-control when she started fingering Pam’s pussy and asshole through the gaps in her thigh harness. This orgy was definitely picking up tonight, and Gods was it incredible! D

Jen’s tongue felt wonderfully slick against my butt-crack as she tossed my salad, her licks showing her total devotion and worship of me, including my ass. Then again, this whole thing had started when she first kissed my ass … after I had just told her off in anger. Now, once again, my wife and former boss proved how eager she was to serve me by gliding her tongue everywhere she could between my cheeks, her lips kissing me as well back there in Kartal Yabancı Escort eager adoration. The fact that I was balls deep inside another woman’s bottom, something that would infuriate many traditional wives, only excited her further, even as I enjoyed knowing that Jess and Jamie were licking Jen vigorously and ravenously from head to toe.

Meanwhile, I reveled in the fact that Grace was far inside Cheryl’s twat as we used her from both ends. Oh, Gods, it was sexy as hell, to feel that thin membrane separate Grace’s dick from mine while we shared my delightful blonde colleague. It was clear that, by now, Cheryl was very much hooked on sodomy, whereas when we just started this relationship, she grudgingly accepted and tolerated it to please me.

As for Pam, well, the harder Feng Xiao fingered and fisted both of her holes, the deeper she drove her inside Grace’s bowels, even as Grace continued to pound sweet Cheryl. With each thrust, every one of us on each end of things came closer to orgasm, and while we struggled to restrain ourselves, it was more difficult by the second. When Xiao’s fist reached Pam’s cervix, it was just too much and Grace’s mother let loose a scream that could probably be heard in Xiao’s native China. Xiao kept it up and Pam continue cumming, squirting all over her hand and wrist, while Pam hit Grace’s prostate one time too many and she exploded inside Cheryl.

As Grace pulled out of Cheryl, Pam from her, and Xiao from Pam, I emptied my balls into Cheryl’s colon. Then Jess, Jamie, and Jen rushed to clean me with wet wipes and teamed up to lick my entire bottom half from my tailbone to the head of my dick. Several times, their tongues met at my taint, too, much to my continual delight. While I took a shower with Xiao, Pam, Jess, Cheryl, Jamie, and Jen got back to work as a team on feminizing Grace, including a manicure, pedicure, re-styling her hair (until it could grow longer, of course), and the full cosmetic treatment.

In the shower, Xiao washed me eagerly and welcomed my hands on her body as I cleaned her with obvious excitement. She also kept kissing and licking different parts of me, from my mouth to my chest to my cock and balls to my feet. She even nibbled on me now and then, though she didn’t break the skin, of course. She sighed a bit as I dried her off and when I returned to check on the ladies, her reaction as sharp as mine when we saw the finished product: Grace as very Kartal Yeni Escort much a lady. Even so, Xiao didn’t let go of me.

“I wonder if from now on, I can simply tag along wherever you go … please? I don’t even want to be out of your sight … ever again,” she begged me in front of everyone.

“What about when I use the restroom?” I asked her, curiously, “Or when you need to use it? You don’t want privacy even then?”

“Fuck privacy! I need to be in your presence at all times, Master. Please!” Xiao pleaded with me even stronger now.

“Well, you’re asking a lot, but it’s flattering as hell that you can’t stand to be out of my sight. You’re sure about this?” I asked her.

“Positive, Master!” Xiao assured me, quite desperate from her tone.

“Very well, then. I forbid you to ever leave my presence again, Feng Xiao. You will be my personal valet or body servant at all times, attending on me day and night, doing whatever tasks need to be done and do not require you to leave my side,” I commanded Xiao, watching her face brighten up when she heard this, “I also forbid you to ever wear clothes again, unless I specifically instruct you to wear them for a special occasion. You’re to attend me in the nude, 24/7. You may wear shoes if necessary, but otherwise, total nakedness on your part, my lovely little pet.”

“Thank you, Master!” Xiao kissed me fiercely.

“You’ve made that girl’s day for sure. It’s going to be interesting, seeing as it automatically makes every sexual encounter with the rest of us at least a threesome … because you know that Xiao will be eager to participate in whatever you do. Look at how happy she is. She thinks that she’s died and gone to Heaven! I also get a kick out of imagining interviews with the press, while a naked Asian maidservant attends your every need, waiting on you hand and foot.”

“Just wait until I have her body hair removed entirely, what little is left. In fact, why don’t you girls go ahead and do that to her. I want not a single hair left on her skin below the neck. Tell me she won’t look magnificent totally bare like that, right?” I grinned as I cupped Xiao’s bare buttocks, much to her delight.

“She’ll be as sleek as possible and you’ll wonder if ever she even had hair follicles to begin with, Master,” Jen promised me with a steamy kiss to my lips as Xiao pushed her ass against my hands, “I’d love to be that smooth, too.”

Kartal Masaj Salonu “Me, too,” Cheryl confessed.

“And me,” Pam added.

“And me,” Jess and Jamie said in unison, blushing as they noticed this.

“Very well, then. None of us goes to bed tonight until every woman here is as smooth as can be. When Roxanne and Carl see us next, I’ll have their body hair removed, too. Yes, even Carl’s. I want my boy-toy to be nice and sleek as well. I’m the only one in this household allowed any body hair whatsoever,” I decided firmly, while the ladies got busy depilating Xiao.

“You should do that to every woman that you ever fuck … I can see it now. In fact, you should forbid them to wear clothing except for shoes, too. I’d love to walk around naked all day long, especially at work,” Jess licked her lips at that idea.

“I bet that you would. That reminds me … Xiao will even have to tag along at my old job until I get elected to Congress. Well, I’m quitting it pretty soon, actually. I won’t have time to do that and still campaign, and my donations will cover my daily expenses. Still, the idea of a naked Chinese girl following a cashier around at a retail store is pretty damn cool. I’ll be the only guy there with my own personal plaything,” I winked at Xiao, who giggled as I did that.

“Imagine her in a public men’s room, too … obviously female and just as obviously naked as Eve. Men are going to get seriously hard around her, too. I envy her. However, until Vicky’s a little older, it’s sadly not practical for me to follow you around like a shadow. When my last baby goes to school, however … how about it? Me as your other shadow? No reason not to focus on you then, is there?” Jen announced while she kept giving me passionate soul kisses.

“Not to mention that she’ll be calling you ‘Master’ in front of everyone. Lucky girl, if you ask me. You should not only collar her, but leash her as well, in broad daylight, too. A naked Asian cumslut with a collar and leash … that would make a lot of men get major boners, I imagine. Those who act all outraged would be exposed as hypocrites, naturally, the moment that they got hard-ons,” Jamie added with a mischievous wink.

“And the women who were incensed as well, every time that they got noticeably wet from seeing it,” Pam grinned wickedly at that mental image … angry feminists hoist from their own petards as they got soaking wet from seeing such delightfully patriarchal images.

All of us got a nice laugh from that as Cheryl finished Xiao’s hair removal program and got started on Jen’s … one thing was sure … Roxanne and Carl were about to get one hell of an update! Luckily, I knew them enough by now to know that they would love it.