Learning Something New Ch. 01

He opened the door and partially entered, six thin strips of leather in his hand. His face held a question. It was one to which I had no verbal answer, I simply nodded. He entered the room fully now, all 6’3″ of him. He towered over me as I sat on the bed facing him, intimidating me and he knew it.

He held out the leather to me. The question was still in his eyes as though he did not trust my initial acquiescence. I answered in the only way I could by taking the strips from his hand, my voice still betraying me. Relief showed briefly in his eyes before it was replaced by desire. I tried not to look into those blue eyes as I stood, not even tall enough to brush his chin and began to unbutton his shirt. It took longer than expected with the way my hands were shaking but his patience seemed infinite as he made no move to help me. At last the task was done and I brushed the shirt from his broad shoulders allowing a small smile to touch my lips as I appreciated what I had uncovered. I couldn’t resist going to my tiptoes to brush a kiss against his collarbone. His head tipped back to allow me more access but I ignored him. My trembling hands instead went to his belt buckle but he intercepted them and brought them to his mouth one at a time, pressing a gentle kiss to each. His eyes never left my face, I could feel his gaze on me, through me.

I looked at him for barely a moment before he gave me a gentle push to send me backwards on the bed. He knelt before me to remove my boots and then moved over me to allow his lips to touch me for the first time, in the same place mine had touched him. He leaned back and looked at me expectantly, his hands on my thighs. All I could do was stare at him, this time meeting those blue eyes I had avoided thus far, blue as the ocean I had seen once as a child, seemingly deeper. He squeezed my legs to bring me back to the moment and I quickly looked away. I didn’t need to see his face to know a small smile was playing around his lips. I turned to lift the leather I had discarded and separated one strip from the rest. I held his right forearm and tightly bound the leather around him in a design my grandmother had taught me as a little girl. One day I would create my own design. I repeated the action with two more strips on the right and the remaining three on the left. They were completely parallel to each other between the wrist and elbow. It was the way of our people that he would wear my bonds for three days and lie with no other in that time. I chuckled to myself as I thought about the significance of those bonds, we were far from our people, why should we have bothered?

I lifted my head to look at him but he caught my lips in a fierce kiss that almost stole my breath away. He moved over me, forcing me to recline fully on the bed. He pushed his thigh up between my legs until it pressed against the very centre of me through the denim I wore. His kiss was incessant and I could do naught but return it. His hand went behind my back to lift Cami Halısı me slightly as he pulled my shirt over my head with the other and discarded it behind him. His hands moved instantly to press against my uncovered breasts. His lips moved to my neck at the same time his hands went to the button on the tight jeans I wore. He sat back to peel them off me along with my underwear and they soon lay on the floor, forgotten along with both our shirts. I was feeling at a distinct disadvantage to be wearing nothing but skin whilst he still wore jeans and I once again tried to reach for his belt buckle. In response he took both my wrists in one of his hands and raised them over my head, pressing them to the bed. His lips continued on its downwards path from my neck to the top of my breasts. I arched against him as he took my right nipple lightly between his teeth before brushing his tongue over it and then turned his head slightly to give the left similar treatment. He blew lightly on each, sending a shiver racing down my spine. I felt movement between my legs and I realised it was his other hand. I shifted slightly to allow him access and shuddered as his thumb brushed over that most sensitive of spots. His head had lifted to look at my expression as he touched me and I had to close my eyes against the sheer smugness in his that showed he knew exactly what he was doing to me. He still studied me as his hand inched lower and began to push his fingers into the dampness he found there. I wrenched my hands free to grip his shoulders and his expression turned enquiring, his hands stilling instantly. It took me several tries to clear my throat enough to speak, acutely aware of the fact that neither of us had since he entered the room. I tipped my head backwards to speak to the ceiling instead.

“I’ve never….you know…” I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

His hands moved from where they had been and he sat back on his knees. I brought my hands down to cover myself ineffectively and obviously too late. I risked a look at his face and couldn’t judge his expression. I was sure he was seeing his night of easy sex disappear. He still didn’t speak, he leaned down to me instead and kissed me gently, his hands stroking my hips. I moved from him again.

“Don’t do that.”

It was his turn to speak. “Do what?”

“I won’t break.”

He looked at me for the briefest of moments before his lips reclaimed mine with their earlier passion. This time I took his hands and laced them with mine over my head pushing myself into his still partially jean-clad body. I grinded against him, the denim creating sensations I hadn’t felt before. He sharply moved away from me and stood. I inadvertently released a small moan of disappointment as his heat left me and I reached for him. He caught my hands and brought him to his belt buckle which I quickly undid following it quickly with his jean button. I pushed them to the floor and stared at him. He stepped from his boots Cami Halıları and jeans and it brought him a step closer to me. I still stared at him, suddenly ridiculously worried that this was never going to work for he was very large. His hand lifted to brush my hair but remained still under my scrutiny, understanding I’m sure, my fears. I leaned forward and very carefully pressed a kiss to the tip of him. The hand that was gently stroking my hair gripped suddenly and pulled my head back to look up to his face.

“You don’t have to.” His voice was hoarse, his throat seemed as dry as mine.

I looked away from his face, back to the part of him that I was suddenly fascinated in exploring. I brought my legs from under me on the bed and went instead to my knees on the floor in front of him. I gently flicked the tip of my tongue over the head of him and felt the shudder run through him. I smiled and leaned forward to take the head into the hot confines of my mouth. His hands in my hair held tight, preventing me from moving over him any more. I instead ran my tongue over the underside of his cockhead. He groaned and slowly pushed my head further down the length of him. I only got as far as halfway down before he hit the back of my throat and I gagged. He immediately released me. I looked at him, he looked worried. I gave him a smile and ran my tongue from base to tip. I blew lightly on the hot head of him and took him in my mouth again. I went slowly, taking as much as I could, using my tongue to make him as wet as possible. I only made it a little further than previously before having to stop. I pulled off him slowly, deciding instead to concentrated on the engorged tip of him, swirling my tongue around. I brought my hands up slowly the inside of his thigh and cupped him in one, using the other to stroke the part of his shaft that my lips didn’t reach. I barely got into any kind of rhythm before he urged me to my feet. One hand went to the nape of my neck as he tilted my head back and plundered my mouth with his. I somehow found myself on the bed again, his hips between my thighs. I spread them further to allow his hands access. This time his finger did manage to work its way inside me. I wriggled my hips, the feeling was a little strange but not unpleasant. I looked at him, he was biting his lower lip, eyes staring at my centre, concentrating on the task at well…hand. I put one of my hands in his hair and brought his lips to mine. Another finger slipped into me and I gasped, my hips instinctively moving away from the pressure.

I spoke before he could. “It’s ok, I’m ok.”

He nodded once and pushed deeper, both his fingers seating themselves inside me. I bucked my hips against his hand as they curled inside of me. I threw my head back and released a cry, I had no idea what he was doing to me but I didn’t want him to stop. His fingers kept moving inside me, the pad of his thumb rubbing the sensitive spot above my entrance. I felt the feeling inside me spilling up and over and released it on a long, low moan. His fingers slowed inside me and he grinned at me.

“First orgasm?”

I nodded, a little too stunned to speak. He laughed and captured my lips in a deep, probing kiss. He settled himself between my thighs, his fingers slipping from me to grasp himself. I brought myself up on my elbows to look between us. He pushed me back and I felt him move to press against me. He nudged me open and began to spread me wide as he slid slowly inside. I winced, his fingers weren’t uncomfortable but this definitely was. He stilled, allowing me to get used to the feeling, kissing me to distract me and it worked. He slid in further and stopped.

“This is going to hurt.” he whispered.

I nodded and gripped his shoulders, taking a shuddering breath. He pushed hard and I felt something give way inside me. I dug my fingers into his shoulders, a grunt escaping me. He pushed deeper yet until he rested fully inside me. I relaxed my head back and took a few deep breaths, concentrating on the feeling of him inside me. It hurt, there was no denying that but some of the earlier pleasure still remained. I pushed my hips experimentally against him and he responded with a small thrust of his own. He waited a few moments and withdrew slightly before pushing back in. I drew my knees up and crossed my ankles over his back, it felt like he slid even deeper inside of me. His thrusts had gained a rhythm now and I tried to match it. His hands grasped mine and again laced with my fingers next to my head. He grinded against me. His pubic bone pressing against the spot he’d already manipulated with success. It worked again and this time it tore a scream from my throat. His thrusts came deeper and harder now and I closed my eyes against the onslaught I was feeling. His mouth found my neck and pressed his teeth against it. One hand left mine to grasp my breast and tease the hard nipple. It didn’t take long for the pleasure assaulting all three spots to gather inside me once again, waiting to be released. I squeezed myself tightly around the shaft deep inside me and he groaned against my neck. I planted my feet on the bed and used them to lever my hips to meet his thrusting ones. My hands grasped the firm muscle of his behind as I pulled him to me, wanting him even deeper than seemed possible. His mouth left my neck and he brought his blue eyes to my brown ones. His thrusts quickened and deepened, I felt him swell inside me, it didn’t seem possible for him to become any bigger and he stretched me even further, my small scream became a large one as I felt him explode inside me taking me along with him. He gave a few small thrusts before stilling, his head had fallen onto my shoulder and I had closed my eyes, trying to take in enough air to breathe. He rolled, startling me, bringing me to rest on top of him. I rested my head on his chest and gave a breathless giggle. I felt him press a kiss to the top of my head.

I brought my head up to look at him. He gave me a grin.

“Ready for another go?”

I looked at him quizzically as he brought his hand between my legs from behind and slipped the hard tip of him back inside me.