Secrets Revealed

Big Dick

Hey, I’m Beau, and this is my first story. So I’m going to be a little confusing. Lets hope not. Anyway, I’m 18 years old. I’m blonde, the typical blue eyes. I am around 6’2, 155 pounds. I have been BI-sexual for about a year now. Well I’m going to tell you my first gay experience.

While attending high school, I met Kelly. Kelly is about 5’6, 135 pounds, red hair, and blue eyes. We were the pair you couldn’t separate without a girl being involved.

Well one day, Kelly asked to stay the night over at my house. We both got our parents to agree on it. So we walked up to his house to get some of his things to change into tomorrow after we got up.

We got to his house; we sat and watched t.v. For a little while, and he finally said that he was going to get his stuff ready for tomorrow.

“Hey while you’re doing that, I’m going to go to the bathroom,” I said. He of course said I could.

So I walked into the bathroom, and pulled my cock out of its constraints. My cock had a light layer of sweat on it. I could tell because it was gleaming in the light from the window.

All of the sudden Kelly walks into the bathroom. I couldn’t get my cock back into my pants before he saw. “Oh my..,” he said. He was staring at my cock while I was trying to get it back into my pants.

His eyes were bigger than I’ve ever seen them. All of the sudden something caught my eye. His pants were stirring. I’ve always dreamed of having sex with him, but I never told him. If I got a hard on while I was at his house. I’d go into the bathroom and jerk kaynarca escort off thinking of him naked. I imagined his cock hard as a rock because of me.

He licked his lips, and then realized what he was doing. “Oh I’m so sorry for walking in on you.”

I decided to make a pass at him, and see if he would be mad, “It’s okay.”

I finally pushed my cock back into my pants. I started to get the biggest hard on, I’ve ever had.

I started to walk out of the bathroom, and as I walked pass him, he grabbed my ass. Oh his hands felt so good there. Kind of like they belonged there.

A moan escaped from his lips. I sat on the coach, and noticed that you could see my hard on running down my leg. I tried to make it unnoticeable. I pulled my shirt out and covered my hard on.

We finally got going, and got to my house. It was about 8 PM when we got there. We were home alone. I still had a hard on from him grabbing my ass. I ran straight to the bathroom to play with myself.

I got into the bathroom, and ripped my pants off as fast as I could. I did all this so fast that I forgot to lock the door behind me.

My hard cock was bobbling out in the open. I started to stoke my cock as hard as I could. I lost all thought. My other hand found my asshole, all pucker and virgin like. I always did like having things fuck me. Hotdogs, candles cucumbers, carrots, and my fingers.

I was jerking off and fingering my asshole at the same time. My whole world was spinning around.

Once again the door burst open. küçükyalı escort I had no chance of hiding my self, with my pants around my ankles. Kelly was standing their ass naked. His hard cock out in the open.

He walked over and touched the head of my cock. “Umm, how big are you, you look so big”

“I’m only 7.5 inches, the last time I checked,” I managed to mutter.

“Wow” he said under his voice.

“I have something to tell you Beau, I’ve always fantasized about us having hot sweat sex. I want to try it. You look so sexy with your hand going between your legs, fingering your own asshole. Let’s try having sexed, this one time. If you don’t like it, or I don’t. Then we don’t have to do it again.” Kelly stated.

“Oh yeah? I’ve always wanted to try that.” I mumbled.

With that he started to stoke my hard cock. “So you’re okay with it?”

“Hell yeah I am.”

With that he started to bend over and put his head next to my throbbing cock.

He flipped his tongue over my cock’s slit. I almost lost it right there.

His hands were rolling my balls around. All of the sudden, he took my cock in his mouth. Oh it felt so good. His mouth was well watered. He went all the way down to my balls, and then came back up. I couldn’t believe it; my dreams were coming true. My best friend was sucking my cock. He was so good to; I could feel his tongue moved around my shaft.

He was going at moderate speed. I put my hand on the back of his head, and started to make him go faster. I finally got him sancaktepe escort going as fast as he could, then I started to fuck his mouth. Both of us going together, made him go faster than I ever thought possible.

He took my cock out of his mouth, and licked my balls.

“Don’t cum, I want it in my ass,” he said in a horse voice.

He stood up and bent over my sink, exposing his little pucker asshole. He looked like he’s never fucked himself with anything. I bent over and started to lick his asshole, lubing up his hole.

A moan escaped his lips. I licked all over his hole, and every once and a while, slipped my tounge in.

“Oh give it to me, I can’t handle it anymore.” he said in ecstasy.

I stood up and grabbed his bobbling cock. He was about 7 inches, and extremely hard. Lightly I started to stroke him.

With the other hand I guided my cock to his little hole. I put my cock up to him, and as soon as I touched him, he thrust himself back. My cock slipped right in.

Oh it was heaven.

I started to fuck his hole, pulling my cock all the way back to the head, then pushing it all the way back in till’ I couldn’t go in anymore.

I fucked his hole, which was now squeezing my cock. He was cumming. His cum rolled all over my hand. He looked at me, his look told me not to stop. I had him look at me, while I licked all the cum off my hand.

I felt his cock swell again. With that I felt my balls swell. I was going to fulfill my dreams. I was going to shot my hot load in him.

All of the sudden I couldn’t handle it any more. I just went off. I was shooting every drop of cum I had in me, into him.

His cock blew up like a volcano. All over my hand again, and on his stomach.

I finished shooting my cum in him, and pulled my cock out.

We were exhausted.