Double Date


On Friday evening I told hubby that I was organising a little dinner party for Saturday evening, so he must cook a nice meal for four people. I added that although he must cook and serve the meal, he would be permitted to dine with me and my two guests, and hopefully he would have fun. He became really excited about this, I assume thinking the guests would be female, or maybe a couple.

The evening arrived, and I instructed hubby to stay naked, and I tied a little bow on his chastity cage. It was a very pretty pale pink bow, and it puzzled hubby, but he was so excited, he didn’t create a fuss. He prepared a really nice Antipasto Misto, with salamis and cheeses and olives, and to follow, a superb Boeuff Bourguignon with rice. The table was beautifully laid, candles were lit, everything was ready, when the doorbell rang. Hubby skipped excitedly to open it, and let the guests in.

“Oh!” he exclaimed when he saw two men.

“Hubby, this is Steve, my current lover, and this is?”

“Justin,” Steve announced, “He’s in musical theatre in the West End.”

“Oh that’s perfect, hubby loves musical theatre, I’m sure he’ll be wanting to get to know Justin very well.”

“I certainly hope so,” Justin piped in, “He’s gorgeous. Do you always keep him naked?”

“Most of the time, yes.”

“What fun, I can see we are going to have such a sexy evening. He has such a cute arse, is it virgin?”

“Oh yes, definitely, but not for much longer I hope.”


Hubby had gone very pale, and was trying to move away from Justin, who was fondling hubby’s left butt cheek.

“And is he always locked up in this cage with a pretty pink ribbon?”

“Locked, yes, but the ribbon is in your honour.”

“How sweet, I can’t wait to undo it.”

“Well, you’ll have to wait until after dinner! Husband dear, where are your manners, get us all some champagne!”

Hubby scurried off to get the Moet from the fridge, glad to get out of Justin’s clutches.

“Are you really going to let me fuck his arse this evening?” Justin asked quietly so Hubby couldn’t hear.

“Yes Justin, I’ve been wanting to do this to him for a while.”

“Wow, I’m sure I’ll manage at least twice, I’m so horny.”

“Good, be patient until after dinner, although you can grope him all you like, I love watching him squirm.”

Hubby got back with the champagne and started filling the glasses. With both hands occupied he was vulnerable to Justin’s wandering hands, and Justin took full advantage, standing behind hubby, he reached round and hugged him close and started fondling his balls.

“Oh Christ!” hubby exclaimed.

“Don’t be so rude to our guest! I’ll have him hit your balls with his fist if you keep this up! Now, Justin has come on a double date, and you need to show some appreciation! Put down the champagne, turn round and show Justin how sorry you are by kissing him sweetly on the lips.”

“Oh God! Do I have to?”


Hubby reluctantly put down the champagne and glasses and turned around. He leant gingerly forward towards Justin’s face. Seizing the initiative, Justin put his left hand behind hubby’s head and pulled him in to a passionate kiss. Justin’s right hand went around behind hubby and onto his arse, and from where I was standing I could see his middle finger working it’s way into hubby’s arse, then in and out, fucking him with his finger. It was so sexy!

Eventually Justin let go of my poor husband and grabbed hubby’s caged cock.

“Look, he’s hard inside the cage, it’s standing right up!”

“Well there you are dear husband, you do want to be gay after all.”

“I don’t, please my love, I’m begging you.”

“I normally love you begging, but right now it’s rude to our guest. Finish pouring the champagne and stop pretending that you don’t want Justin to fuck you.”

So, hubby poured champagne while Justin put his finger up hubby’s arse again.

“A toast,” I announced, holding bayrampaşa escort up my glass, “To hubby’s deflowering!”

We all toasted, except hubby.

“Since you’re being such a sour puss, why don’t you go and finish the dinner.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move so fast.

With dinner cooked and served to the table we were ready to take our seats.

“Hubby you sit on that side next to Justin, and Steve can sit over here with me. Justin, Steve has already got his hand up my skirt, so feel free to grope my husband as much as you like. Hubby, don’t be rude, open your legs and let Justin play with your balls.”

We ate the Anti Pasto, with Justin using one hand and playing with hubby’s balls with his other. When we were finished Justin started to squeeze hubby’s balls harder and harder.

“That was such a lovely starter, I really would like you to come and cook a dinner party for some of my friends. After dinner we could have a little orgy, with all of us taking turns with your cute arse. What do you think, would that be fun?”

“You may need to squeeze his balls a little harder, he seems to have lost his voice.”

“Oh God that hurts!”

“So answer my question darling!”

“Yes, yes, that would be fun!”

“Splendid, then that’s a plan.”

“Oh that’s brilliant Justin,” I responded, “I love the idea of hubby being gang banged by your gay friends, will I be able to come along and watch?”

“Please my love, don’t do this to me.” Hubby begged yet again.

“Husband, I’m getting so angry at your behaviour! After dinner we’re all going to take turns caning your sorry arse, before Justin takes you off to bed!”

“Oh, please no my love, I’ll try to be good.”

“Well, see that you do from now on, but we’re still going to punish you for what you’ve already done.”

My reluctant husband seized the moment to get away from the table and deliver the main course. He seemed to be taking a long time serving the meal so I decided to speed him up.

“Husband darling, shall I send Justin to help you?”

That worked.

“I’m just coming my love.”

Yet again Justin ate with one hand, whilst fondling hubby’s balls with the other. Steve had his hand in my panties, so he also ate with one hand, and I was fondling his crotch, so the only person with both hands visible was my virgin husband.

“Darling, the only person not being fondled here is poor Justin. Get your hand on his trousers this instant, or I’ll send you home with him tonight!” I just loved the look of horror on his face.

We all enjoyed dinner after that, except hubby, of course.

“That feels so good Sarah,” Justin croaked, “I’m so ridiculously horny!”

That was such a turn on for me.

“Just think how Justin’s cock is going to feel as he rams it into your virgin arse darling, I’m getting really excited about watching. You don’t mind do you Steve?”

“No Sarah, I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to the caning, when are we going to start?”

“Right now, if everyone is finished the meal?” I stood up as I was speaking, and everyone except hubby got up too, “Come on husband, it’s time.”

“Oh no, please my love, I’ll do anything.” “My darling stupid husband, this is the anything!”

That got a good laugh from Steve and Justin.

We all trouped up the stairs, hubby first, followed by Justin, who was working his fingers into hubby’s arse again, then me, then Steve, who had his hand up my skirt. I was having such a good time.

Justin and Steve manhandled hubby onto the bed on his hands and knees. They locked his wrists through the bed head, and I handed Steve hubby’s old brown leather belt. Justin stripped naked, showing off his toned dancer’s body.

“Fifteen minutes each, and make him squeal for me.”

For a couple of moments the scene was set. Hubby on all fours with his arse in the air, Steve with the strap in his hand, and Justin escort bayan istanbul naked and priapic. I savoured the atmosphere, hubby terrified, Justin horny and excited, Steve also horny and excited, and me, well, horny and excited!

The tableau stayed set for a few moments, then I said.


Steve pulled back his arm, then swung the belt with all his force, sending it whistling through the air, heading straight for hubby’s arse cheeks, all white and virgin. That first impact was fabulous. The crack was loud and shocking, and much, much louder than anything I have ever been able to achieve. Hubby was too shocked to react for just a moment, then he squealed like a girl, but his squeal was cut off by Steve’s second stroke, then a third, and on, and on, with hubby crying and begging, and squealing and squirming to try to avoid the belt. He was too tightly restrained to get clear, however, and all he achieved was to get hit in different parts of his arse. Steve worked the belt down the back of hubby’s legs, then back up to the top of his arse.

All the time Steve was belting the shit out of hubby’s arse, Justin was stroking his rampant cock, which was a really beautiful sight. I loved looking at the monster penis, knowing that it would soon be reaming out hubby’s most private place, and that very soon, there would be a stream of cocks making use of his man pussy. All too soon Steve’s fifteen minutes was over.

“Right, your turn Justin, then I want to stay and watch your first fuck.”

“No problem, I’m so looking forward to this.”

Justin changed hubby’s position, pulling his legs through the bottom of the bed, and tying them to the foot board, so he was fully stretched out. When he started his belting, he was able to start just above hubby’s ankles and work his way all the way up to the top of his arse, then he even gave a few strokes across hubby’s shoulder blades. With each stroke, Justin let out a grunt, like a woman tennis player, and the cracks of the belt impacting hubby’s skin were even louder than Steve’s. Hubby just lay there crying like a baby, which was just music to my ears, and was making me so horny.

Steve then also stripped naked, before he started undressing me, as Justin landed blow after blow on hubby’s tortured body. Once I was naked, Steve stood behind me, pushing his cock at the rosebud entrance to my arse, whilst reaching round and playing with both my nipples.

“You’re not going in there Steve, so don’t even think about it!”

“Just a little way in so you will know what it feels like for your husband.”

I didn’t say yes, but then, I didn’t say no either. Steve stopped playing with my nipples and his cock pulled away from my arse. I felt bereft, deserted, for just a moment, then I saw him grab the lube off the bedside chest, where Justin had placed it in readiness for use on his own cock. A couple of seconds later and Steve’s left hand was separating my arse cheeks, and I felt his slippery cock head positioned again at my reluctant rear entrance. Both his hands moved to my hips, and I felt him pressing, pushing to get inside me.

“Oh God.” I exclaimed, getting quite scared as I felt my unused arse being stretched to accommodate my well hung lover. I still didn’t say no. My reluctant rosebud was being stretched and stretched, and then pop, and he was inside me. He felt so big, and the feeling was really odd, like I was taking a shit. Steve rocked back and forth, going further in each time, meanwhile Justin was still belting poor hubby, and hubby was still crying, oblivious to what was happening to me.

Finally, Steve was all the way inside me, and his hands reached around me, one to my left nipple, and the other onto my clit. As soon as he touched my clit I realised that having his erect cock right up my arse was forcing my clit out of it’s little hood, and the sensation of him touching me was much stronger, much more arousing.

“Steve, that feels soooo taksim vip escort good!”

“I thought it might.”

“Don’t stop, I think I can cum like this.”

“So can I”

Steve pushed his cock in and out of my stretched anus, not ramming, as he usually did in my pussy, just gently rocking. My arousal climbed and climbed as I relaxed and enjoyed the intrusion.

“Oh, that’s so good Steve, I’m getting close”

“Me too”

Just as I was starting the run up to my orgasm, the frigging alarm went off to end Justin’s belting session.”

“Don’t stop! Keep belting him, I’m going to cum! Hit him harder, faster, harder…I’m cumming!!! Keep hitting him! I’m still cumming!”

Just then Steve started to cum, and I could feel him erupting, and then I felt his hot jet of cum splash into me, causing me to start cumming again.

“Keep hitting him Justin, I’m cumming again!!”

Finally I stopped my climax, although little aftershocks were still pulsing through me.

“Ok, Justin, you can stop now.”

Steve, carefully withdrew, leaving my arse feeling empty. I started to feel Steve’s cum slithering out of my open back passage and down the backs of my legs. I strode quickly to the loo and wiped my arse with paper, and took some back with me in case there was more.

“Right Justin, time to take that big cock of yours and shove it up hubby’s arse.”

“Can’t wait!”

I handed Justin the key to hubby’s cock cage, and he unlocked it and then pulled hubby’s legs out of the cast iron bars at the foot of the bed. I shoved a towel under hubby’s winky, giving his balls a good hard squeeze while I was there. Justin spread hubby’s legs wide apart, and tied them to the bed posts. He then put some lube on his hard cock and climbed onto the bed between hubby’s legs. He then did something I really didn’t expect. He reached between my husband’s legs and pulled his balls towards him, as far as his stretched ball sack would allow, then taking his cock in his right hand he leant forward towards hubby’s virgin bum, leaning all of his weight on hubby’s balls.

“Aaaarh! You’re hurting my balls!!”

“Ask me to fuck you.”


“Ask me to fuck you.”

“Please fuck me!”

Justin leant further and further forward until his cock was pressing on the forbidden entrance.

“This is the first of many cocks that are going up this passage”

With that statement Justin pushed his way inside hubby’s bum hole.

“Please no, please stop, please no more…”

“But sweetheart, I’ve only just started”

“Oh God no,” my husband wailed.

Justin started a steady rhythm, not long strokes, but short in and outs, progressing further with each stroke, just as Steve had with me. Once he was all the way in, he paused for a moment, and I realised his hand was underneath hubby, and I assumed he was playing with his cock.

“I’ve got him nice and hard Sarah, so let’s see if I can make him cum. Darling hubby, I’m going to give you a really hard fucking now, for as long as I can last before I fill your arse with it’s first load of cum. You need to cum while I’m fucking you, because once I’ve cum, your chance has gone for a week. I’m going to lock you up, then we can start to have some fun with your mouth on my cock. This is going to by quite a long night for you!”

Justin, started long in and out strokes, slowly at first, then gradually picking up pace. Hubby was grunting with each forward thrust. The thrusts got harder and faster, in and out all the way, then faster, and faster, until he groaned and roared, before collapsing on hubby’s back. “I think he came as I was finishing, let me just feel….oh yes, a nice sticky mess….lick my fingers darling”

“We’re off to bed now darling, Steve’s getting hard again. Enjoy your night with Justin, I’m sure he’ll enjoy you.”

As Steve and I were leaving the room, Justin climbed off hubby and sat on the bed with his cock in front of hubby’s face. I paused and watched as he put his cock into hubby’s mouth. I did feel a bit sorry for my husband at that point, since Justin hadn’t bothered to wash his cock since it was up hubby’s arse, but I soon got over it. Steve already had a growing erection, and I needed a good fucking.