The Man with the Remote Control


After a couple of hurricanes at Patty O’s, we sauntered down the streets of New Orleans until we came to the perfect little sex shop where we elbowed our way in.

“Oh,la la!”

My eyes widened at the tantalizing array of toys and gadgets and things I had never seen before, enticingly laid out like sweets in a candy store.

Chuck, my boyfriend, just laughed with good humor as I began to bombard the sexy sales girl, in her high-heeled boots and short low cut dress, with questions. “What does that one do? Where does that go? Will it hurt?”

I got a few winks and lighthearted chuckles from the other patrons.

But then they listened intently to every word she had to say. Chuck wandered away for a moment while we discussed whips and cuffs.

My treasures included a stunning black leather skirt that had little ties all the way up to my waist and a matching bustier. It would go perfect with my thigh high black boots!

It was hell getting in and out of it in the dressing room, but when I looked in the mirror it was well worth the effort!

Staring back at me was a total transformation from the tank and jeans I had been wearing.

My mind whispered, ‘Mistress’.

I thought seriously about the whips.

Along with that was a cute little Jack Rabbit vibrator, some oils that promised to set us afire with lust, and some body paints.

“Well, let’s go back to the room so you can change.” Chuck suggested, a brown bag clutched in his hand.

“What did you get?” I asked, trying to reach for the bag.

He laughed mysteriously with a twinkle in his baby blue eyes. Holding it behind his back, he teased, “You’ll find out.”

Needless to say, as I bathed, put on my makeup, fixed my hair, and dressed, those words kept running through my mind. I tried to think of all the things I had seen in the little sex shop and could not guess.

We were dressed to kill.

Chuck, with his black Stetson, black shirt, tight black jeans and cowboy boots, tempted me to just rip his clothes off and stay in the hotel as I carefully looked him over.

That big bulge riding in the front of those tight jeans didn’t help a bit!

As he turned his cute bottom to walk out the door, I gave him a good pinch just for measure.

We were ripe for some good Sax music with heavy bump and grind topped off by a few strip clubs. My wise and wonderfully kinky Chuck had an even better idea to heighten our senses…

Before he closed the door behind us, he snapped his fingers in feigned forgetfulness, and said, “Oh yeah, I bought you something else to wear tonight. It will go perfect with your outfit.”

He laid a little butterfly vibrator in my hand and I swear I almost teared up. “Oh baby thank you!”

I gave him a big juicy kiss and ran to the bathroom.

I didn’t even mind that I had to change from my black lace thongs into a pair of bursa üniversiteli escort regular panties to hold the precious jewel in place.

And let me tell you he didn’t lose any time before he was playing!

As I was sashaying down the street in my drop dead gorgeous outfit I felt a, ‘buzzzzz’, that stopped me in my tracks.

I thought he would fall out laughing as my eyes darted around to see if anyone was looking.

Propping myself against a brick wall, I looked down to make sure it couldn’t be seen.

Waves of tingling sensation turned my legs to water as the busy little butterfly worked it’s magic on my sensitive clit.

When my moans began to rise, he clicked a button on the remote in his hand and it stopped. Leaving me with weak legs and a breathless dazed expression.

“I need a drink!” I gasped, knowing that for this night Chuck had the power to rock my world. He was the man with the remote control.

Every time I sat right in front at a sultry strip club, leaning up to kiss the stripper and put a dollar in her g-string, he buzzed me.

When I went up to request my favorite song from the devastatingly handsome saxophone player, he buzzed me.

As I clung to him while we walked down the street..Yes..he buzzed me!

He had me in the back alley on my knees, buzzing full speed as I unzipped his pants and took his big cock in my mouth and tried to keep up with the butterfly’s wings.

Of course he didn’t cum, he pulled me up by my hair and rubbed that stiff bad boy against my bare bottom until I was ready to scream.

We found a secluded table in the back at the Blue’s Club. I went into the bathroom and took off my panties and the sweet little butterfly.

His fingers were very busy underneath that table.

I swear the guy that sat down not too far away kept looking over every time I moaned and I know that look. It was the one that says, “God I wish I was the man with the remote.”

By the time we made it to the room our clothes were already half way off. He was the alpha male and I was his bitch in heat.

Did I scream, “Fuck me!”?

Oh yes, I did! Over and over, along with, “Harder! Harder! Don’t Stop! Stop! No Don’t Stop!”.

On my knees again, with my head pounding into the bathroom door, he took me fast and hard from behind. Driving his cock so deep, my mouth was hung open in case it wanted to escape through my throat.

Amidst our animalistic coupling, we heard a cheering section coming from the hallway. That only made me scream louder as Chuck pounded into my dripping wet pussy harder.

The next night was a bit tamer, but as we staggered back to our room, at the other end of the hallway were six college boys hooting and hollering. “That’s them! Woohooo! You’re our heroes!”

I quickly escaped into the room, my cheeks flaming as escort bayan Chuck, the man with the remote, swaggered in behind me with a definite gleam in his eyes. I watched helplessly as he flicked the remote to full power.

“Ohhh, no you don’t! I have been a very good girl and now it’s my turn to play!” I crooned, as I reached for my bag of goodies and pulled out the cuffs.

With a cry born from wanton inebriation, I ripped off the panties, tossing the butterfly onto the nightstand where its little wings fluttered, trying ineffectively to take flight.

“Strip!” I ordered, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

Opening my legs wide, I allowed him a good view as I twirled the cuffs around a finger,trailing the tip of my tongue across my upper lip seductively.

Music floated up from the bar downstairs, slow and sexy. Chuck undressed to the beat, tossing each piece of clothing into the corner, until he stood in all his naked glory before me.

My mind was in a delicious spin as I pondered all the possibilities.

I was Mistress tonight. I had shiny black leather thigh boots. I was the woman with the whip.

“Get your hand off of your cock!” I snapped. He had begun to stroke himself while standing there with his eyes glued to my invitingly open legs.

“Yes Mistress!” He obliged with a definite twinkle in his eyes.

“Now get over here on the bed! Spread eagled!”

My heart was racing like a run away train, but I kept a cool exterior.

Snapping the handcuffs to the bed, I stood back looking down at him. His arms and legs were wide apart, the cuffs holding his hands and ankles. I nodded with satisfaction and reached down for the whip, coiled like a little black snake on the floor.

Testing it against my palm, I arched a brow toward him.

“You are a man at my mercy. My every whim or desire will be met. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Mistress.” He replied, wiggling his fingers.

You thought you were something pushing that little remote control button, didn’t you Chuck?”

A vague shadow of worry passed over his eyes as I smiled and trailed the whip across his taut stomach. “Yes Mistress.”

“You have been a bad boy haven’t you Chuck?” I teased, slowly trailing the whip tip along his sensitive inner thigh toward his engorged cock.

His soft moans turned to a gasp as I suddenly drew my hand back and the whip whistled through the air. He replied with a tiny catch in his voice, “Yes, Mistress.”

“I think I will have a drink while you lie there, helplessly.”

I literally purred as I walked over to the small bar in the room, the whip trailing behind me. Pouring myself a stiff scotch, I turned back to him and smiled.

“You know sweetie they say there is a fine line between pain and pleasure. Do you believe it is true?”

His eyes darkened for a moment before he put escort bursa forth his most engaging smile. The one with his dimple I cannot resist.

Then my heart caught as he stuck out his pouty bottom lip.

As it quivered,it was all I could do not to throw myself on top of him and suck it into my mouth. “Now, baby..”

I was immediately snapped back to sanity. “You address me as Mistress!”

Rearranging my tight leather skirt and running my fingers through my hair, I regained composure.

He replied with a long sigh of resignation.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“There will be no more ploys to get you out of this. No pouting. No teasing. I am in control until what time I decide to release you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You know I must punish you for your disrespect.” I teased, clinking the ice in the glass as I strolled over to the bed.

Holding the glass above his stomach, I slowly tilted, letting a few drops fall to his chest. A cold rivulet ran downwards. Leaning over, I licked it up from beginning to end.

Reaching into the glass, I picked up an ice cube. I ran it over his chest and stomach. Droplets fell into his belly button only to be scooped up by my eager tongue tip.

Oh, I wanted howls of pleasure. Not of pain, mind you, but sheer unadulterated pleasure!

My mind spun as I tried to think just how to bring forth that raging inferno of passion.

Oh why not have fun while I think? Quickly I lifted my skirt to my waist and straddled his face.

“Lick my clit and don’t stop until I tell you to!” I ordered. I took a long gulp of my drink before setting it on the nightstand.

His tongue lathed heavily across my bare swollen lips, each hot breath dancing like fire sparks against my vulnerable skin. He darted in and out until my juices were flowing into his mouth.

“Tell me you like wild honey!” I hoarsely whispered. I began to build to an unbearable pitch of pleasure, dropping the whip and grabbing his head in my hands.

“Mmm, I love your wild honey.” His muffled voice agreed.

My hips gyrated against his mouth as I fucked his tongue like it was a small cock darting in and out, twisting and turning against that hidden spot that always sends me rocketing to climax.

“Ohhh-baaaaaaby-yessss!” was interjected with rising cries and moans, until I couldn’t stand it anymore!

My senses were so acute I could feel my cum trickling down the crack of my ass like tiny fingers tickling.

I smelled the magnolia trees in bloom mingling erotically with my heated scent.

Tasted the ambrosia of his kiss, even though I was not kissing him.

Felt every hair on my body stand up and waver, waiting..waiting.

Unable to hold that state of being any longer, I gave in to the crashing crescendo of my orgasm as it rolled over me.

Weakened, I stretched out on top of him, my face against his neck.

He put his arms around me and pulled me closer. “How did you..,” I began to ask.

“Those cuffs aren’t that great. I’ve been loose for a while now.” he chuckled.

Reaching down where the whip had fallen from my hand, he picked it up and tapped my bare bottom lightly, “Now can we hear you say, Master?”