Carl and Cassie


Carl heard a knock on his door as he was about to settle down for a movie. Knowing the knock, he got up and headed briskly to the door. Not even bothering to look through the peep hole, he flung the door open and hugged the eighteen year-old blonde bombshell that was waiting on the door step.

“How’s my favorite girl?” Carl asked, his aged face breaking into a smile.

“Good, and how’s my favorite guy?” the girl replied, shooting a smile that most of the boys in her class would kill to see.

“Now Cassie, you shouldn’t tease an old man like that. Didn’t you have a guy or two wrapped around your finger last time I checked?”

Cassie laughed, “Just one and we broke up. Nothing big, he just was kind of immature.” She winked at Carl, “Got too excited by my tits and thought the height of romance was begging me for a blow job after making out for a few minutes.”

Carl chuckled, the two of them had always been pretty open, “Well you do have some nice tits.”

Cassie smirked though her face did blush, “Well, I guess you’re not as mature as I thought.”

The two of them headed in to the living room making small talk. Cassie had turned eighteen a couple weeks ago but still had a year of high school left and was dreading dance camp and the college visits her mother had planned for later that summer, despite getting into the college she had already wanted. Carl meanwhile, only had his chess games with his friend, Winston to brag about.

As the two sat down on the couch, Cassie looked at her friend, concerned. A few years ago, Carl would be slyly admitting to a wild night on the town with his wife, Anna, and maybe even talking about some of the more wild things they had done with the people they had picked up. However, after Anna died in a car accident, Carl had begun closing himself off; he still worked out and took care of himself, but Cassie couldn’t help but wonder that, if it wasn’t for her and his chess games with Winston, Carl would go days without talking to anyone.

“It’s a shame,” Cassie thought, “I know Anna would want him to move on with his life.” Cassie looked at Carl. He hadn’t changed much since she had met him eight years ago; he was still a fit older African-American male whom old age had left alone, aside from some wrinkles and a mostly bald head. His skin was a dark chocolate tone and wrapped around his muscular body. By all accounts, he was still a prize.

Cassie knew she shouldn’t gaze but the fact was, she had been attracted to him for years. She remembered how, when she was 15, she had actually confessed that to Anna after the two of them had talked about sex. Anna, who was a gorgeous woman of 65 at the time, had confessed to a time when Carl and her had actually swapped with Cassie’s parents for a night and Anna had enjoyed a wild time with Cassie’s father. Despite Cassie’s mom being a bit of a flirt, she and Cassie’s father were ultimately a rather vanilla couple and hadn’t done it again. In any case, it seemed fair to Cassie to finally reveal the feelings she had been harboring. After describing a dream where she and Carl had kissed while being naked and how it had made her feel. Anna had just laid her down on the bed, kissed her gently, and told her that she was a bit young but, if she still felt that way when she was 18, Anna would all but deliver Carl to her tied up and give her blessing . Anna had even hinted that Cassie was free to try her out to if she felt so inclined. Of course, now that Anna had passed away, that day would never come.

Carl saw Cassie and took a moment to look her over. While it had been true that he had had the occasional fantasy and wasn’t blind to her more obvious charms, he still thought of her as a friend. Still, it was hard for him to not at least find her attractive. Her pure white skin covered a toned body she had developed from years of dance and her breasts, which Carl had always guessed to be c-cups, stuck out proudly. Her ass and legs were the part of her body that Carl found himself guiltily peering at whenever he felt particularly aroused and thought she wasn’t looking. That wasn’t to say her face wasn’t beautiful as well. Her face had a girl-next-door charm but had a smile that that could either be a joy to see or a surprisingly arousing sight depending on how her mischievous green eyes chose to behave.

Trying to ignore the hint of a stirring in his pants, Carl got up and headed to the small bar he kept by the television set. Grabbing two glasses and a bottle of wine, he sat back down and poured a glass for each of them.

“Well, now that you’re 18, I guess you can celebrate a bit huh?” Carl said.

Cassie laughed as she took a glass. “Pretty sure I have to be 21. You could get in trouble.”

Carl smiled, “I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Cassie flashed a flirtatious smile at him and crawled over to his lap where she sat. “Well, I guess I can keep it a secret…if you let me watch the movie from right here.”

“Better watch yourself, girl, or I Bayan Escort Gaziantep might just have to bend you over my knee.” Carl said slyly. It was all harmless flirting though, the two of them joked a lot and Cassie had been sitting on his lap since she was ten, So it was nothing too big. Carl Started the movie, an old B&W horror film called “The Innocents.” The two of them had been fans of old movies and watching them was one of their favorite past times.

The movie was good and the wine flowed freely. Carl had hoped it would kill any chance of a boner but every time Cassie jumped from a scare or held him tighter as the creepy atmosphere set in, he kept noticing the way Cassie’s breasts bounced, the firmness of her ass, or her smell. In short, he was getting hard and his mind was going off the movie into a fantasy about Cassie spilling her wine on her shirt and needing to take it off, only to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra; if anything, the wine was making things worse.

Cassie wasn’t unaware of what was going on. She felt the bulge rise up in Carl’s pants, and noticed his eyes. Curious, she fidgeted around a little more and noticed that it pushed even harder against her ass. It was clear she was getting him aroused. She could tell Carl was slightly bothered though, so she left him alone, intrigued and somewhat pleased that she could get him aroused. By the end of the movie though, she noticed that Carl’s member had grown even thicker. It may have been the wine but Cassie couldn’t resist and tried to plant a kiss on Carl. However, he moved and her kiss landed right on his cheek. Carl looked at her, a mix of shame and repressed arousal, and then kissed her on the cheek. Cassie got off his lap, thanked him for the wine, and went home.

When Cassie got home, she saw a message on the answering machine from her parents, saying that the two of them had arrived at their vacation spot safely and where her spending money was. She then headed to her room and reached under her bed and retrieved a small shoebox. Taking it out she poured its contents out on the bed. As she stared at the bits of cloth that dared call itself a bikini, she thought of what her plan for the summer was; a plan that would get let her get what she’d wanted and get Carl to get back to being the man he used to be.


Carl sighed to himself as he set up the chess game. After Cassie had left, he’d been tempted to jerk himself off to relieve himself but he didn’t want to take the chance that his thoughts would turn to Cassie. Even though a part of him felt that Cassie had wanted to go a bit farther than he had allowed, he feared that he would turn her away and then he would lose one of his few real-life friends. Although his online friends would probably love to hear about it or even offer advice or pictures gained from their own conquests of younger girls, he didn’t want to take a chance. He ended up just going to sleep and now he had a case of blue balls and the knowledge that Winston had gotten a new girl in her twenties who he had been training.

Sure enough, the first thing his friend did upon arriving was apologize for being late.

“Sorry Carl, Zandra just greeted me with the nicest smile and one hell of a blowjob before she went to summer school, I just had to play with her a bit.” Winston said, beaming.

Carl sighed. Winston had always been the same as long as Carl knew him. He was a chubby 66 year-old with night-black skin and short gray hair. He had retired after selling his auto shop a few years ago and had been living a fairly decent life with the money earned from that and some other investments. While he wasn’t the best-looking guy, he could be fun to hang around with and his charisma got him more action than most guys half his age and twice as handsome; if he saw a woman he wanted, he’d go right up to them and, more often than not, leave with them. Winston had been a regular swinger with Carl and Anna and had been one of their closer friends.

“You know,” Winston continued, acting unaware of his friend’s annoyance as he moved his chess pieces, “I told Zandra about you. You should come over some time, she’s really caught on and I’d love to show you what kind of a lover she is.” Carl shook his head as he moved a piece. “That’s all right, if the girl’s crazy enough to be with you for more than a night, I don’t think she’d be my type.”

Winston chuckled, “Harsh, Carl, Harsh. Seriously though,” Winston took a more serious tone, “you really need to get back out there. I know that’s what Anna would want.”

Carl didn’t say anything.

“Look, I’m not saying you need to go back to being the guy who would go out with one close friend and his wife and pleasure a whole cheerleading squad in one night but I know you’d still enjoy it and that only playing chess games and getting off on other people’s stories is no way to spend your retirement.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Winston sighed and stared out the window; Carl always said that when the subject was brought up. Winston was about to argue, when something caught his eyes.

“Well, well, Carl, since when did you get such a hot neighbor?”

Carl looked at him, puzzled.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t try and play me. I mean the piece of ass that just walked out of her front door. Sexy little white girl with nice tits and a great ass?”


“Oh, so you’re already thinking of her tits and ass huh?” Winston joked. Remembering a picture he had seen of Cassie from a few years ago, he added. “She sure grew up, didn’t she?”

“Oh, shut up, she’s like a granddaughter to me.”

“Well, ‘Like’ ain’t the same as ‘is,’ in my experience.” Winston said as his eyes traveled up and down the sunbathing teenager. “I’ll bet those lips could do some wonders.”

“Lay off it. I’ve known her for years, she’s cute but she’s too shy around people to do something like that.”

Winston sneered, “I remember a time when you and your wife would scoop up shy kids like that and not let em’ leave until they were bow-legged. Besides, would a ‘shy’ girl be wearing something like that?” He peered over the edge of the window.

“yeah, a little G-string bout,” the old black man pressed his thumb and index finger together, “this thin. Oh, and look at that, bottle of lotion with no one to put it on her. That poor little girl is gonna burn up. Maybe I should head over there and…”

“Checkmate.” Carl kept his eyes on the board as his bishop moved into position to take Winston’s king.

“Well damn.” Winston got up and headed to the door. “I should say that it wasn’t fair for making me try to play with such a nice piece of ass out there but I’ve got to get back to my own little piece of candy. You know though, you should at least take a look; the way she keeps looking over her shoulder makes me think she’s not doing it for her benefit.” Winston let a big smile creep over his face as he walked out.

Carl waited to hear Winston’s car start up before he crept over to the window. His friend hadn’t been lying. Cassie was lying out in her backyard in the tiniest little number he had ever seen. He couldn’t see the top’s front but only a thin little red string encircled her pale little back. Her shapely butt was on full display as well and the little red G-string she wore was being swallowed up. Carl could feel a stirring in his shorts as he watched his neighbor readjust herself on the blue-towel. He couldn’t believe the girl who had been his youngest friend for the past 8 years could ever do anything so sexy but there she was, her blonde hair now covering the little strap that held her breasts.

Carl couldn’t resist but let his eyes continue to wander over Cassie’s body and entertain a few fantasies. As he noticed the little mole on the small of her back, he imagined that she was splayed out on his bed, only wearing her little G-string bottom as he let his hands and lips wander over every inch of her flesh. Maybe even that little piece of ass Winston had been bragging about would be there, prepping his cock before he thrust it into the shy bit of fluff that was aching to be released. As he thought this, his right hand slipped down to the front of the shorts and gave a little squeeze to the head of his hardening dick.

He quickly pulled his hand away. He couldn’t think of her that way. She had been one of his and Anna’s greatest innocent joys. She was the girl that had run over to their house and loudly asked if they could be her friends. She was always over at their house when they weren’t entertaining guests and her laugh had been such a great joy. Carl and Anna had doted on her like one of their own children and when Anna had died, Cassie’s visits had been his greatest comfort. Still, as he gazed at the young woman sunbathing, those thoughts were becoming harder to remember. As his hand reached to sooth his aching member though, he was stopped by something else. Cassie was staring over her shoulder right at him!

“Hey Carl! How are you doing?” Cassie shouted, waving at him from her towel.

Carl quickly waved back, trying not to think of how the hand he was waving with had been mere inches from jerking him off.

“Doing fine, little missie.” Carl called back. Despite how much he wanted to hide his boner, his eyes were focusing on the side of her right breast; whatever her top was, it wasn’t hiding much. “didn’t know you’d gotten into tanning.”

Cassie laughed, a sound that always brought a smile to Carl’s face. “Yeah, I thought I should try to tan up a bit before my senior year. Hey uh…Carl.”

Carl noticed that Cassie was sounding more nervous, like she did when she told him about a crush she had had on a boy in her class.

“Yes baby girl?” Carl asked.

“I hate to ask but could you come down here and do me up?” Carl chuckled as her face grew red, the girl had always been a bit clumsy with her words, “I mean, put some lotion on my back?”

Carl’s answer slipped out before he even thought about it. “Sure.”

Cassie looked surprised and seemed to shudder a bit. “Oh, okay.”

As Carl headed out of the room and down the stairs, his 68 year-old brain started to panic. What was he doing? A day ago, he wouldn’t have thought anything of the girl besides what they would do on her next visit. True, he’d occasionally had a thought about seeing her naked and he might have been more than a bit aroused when she sat on his lap after she and him had sipped some wine but he’d never thought of doing anything more sexual with her than maybe a kiss. It might have been all the bragging Winston had been doing about his latest pet, or possibly the fact that he hadn’t had a good lay for the two years since his wife’s death, it could even have been the fact he hadn’t seen Cassie in such a vulnerable and alluring position before but his body wanted nothing more than to touch every inch of that young body.

Cassie began shuddering as she heard Carl’s front door close. She had wanted to take a risk and show a little skin to her old friend but thought he would just shy away, maybe make a joke, not come down and oil her up. As she heard the sound of Carl’s feet crushing the grass in her family’s backyard, she felt some goose bumps spring up on her body. He couldn’t have been more than ten feet away. A gust of wind blew on her and she suddenly realized just how naked she actually was.

“Well, Cassie, you wanted to try and seduce him and here he comes.” Cassie thought to herself. She turned her head to see where Carl was and yelped as she felt his hands on her back.

“Easy there, baby girl. Can’t really ‘do you’ without touching you, now can I?” Carl laughed. Cassie buried her head back into her towel. Carl kept chuckiling. Cassie had always startled easy and gotten embarrassed even easier. Carl had always thought it made her cute. He looked at the bottles of lotion that Cassie had next to her. He could tell that Cassie hadn’t done this before. One of the bottles was sunscreen that was 30 spf, another was skin crème and the other… “Well, what do we have here?” Carl said aloud as he held up the bottle of warming massage oil. He was starting to wonder how innocent his young neighbor was.

Cassie just bit her lip.

“Well, it is a bit cloudy for you to get a tan.” Carl said. “How about a massage?”

Cassie nodded. Carl chuckled, the cute little girl that just yesterday had been watching movies and playing checkers with him was now trying to be sexy. It was like when his son, at the age of three, had tried to walk around in his shoes; a little kid trying to do something grown-up. He stopped though when he realized that he was rock- hard from the thought. He attempted to push that thought out of his head and covered his hands in the oil. He then squeezed a liberal amount on Cassie’s back and started to work on her lower back, pushing his fingers into her nubile flesh and working up towards her toned shoulders. How had he ever missed this? Her skin was so soft and smooth, yet the years of dancing had made Cassie slim and trim. He started wondering what her thighs would feel like and hoped she would let him do her front so he could feel her belly and chest rise and fall and watch the look on her cute little face as he did it. Before long, the fleeting thoughts of just giving her an innocent massage and walking away were gone: he was going to see just how far he could go.

Cassie sighed to herself as Carl’s hands rubbed the oil into her skin. He was so strong despite his age and his hands were so skilled; every single muscle in her shoulders and upper backs was loosening and even the tension she felt from having a man touch her while she was so close to being naked was drifting away. The oil felt great as it soaked into every pore and warmed her. She started to feel a tingling between her legs. Between the cool breeze blowing on her body, the warm oil soaking into her skin, and the strong hands of the man she’d been attracted to for so long touching her, she was becoming wet. She started to worry that if Carl flipped her over right now he’d see what a dirty little girl she was.

Cassie came out of these thoughts as she felt a tug on her top’s draw string. She fidgeted a bit but Carl shushed her and undid the knot. Since she had come out here with the other string over her head, there was now nothing keeping it on her.

“Didn’t that boyfriend of yours ever give you a massage? It’s a lot easier without those strings in the way.”

Cassie shook her head. “We only dated in the winter. Not exactly the greatest time to be lying out here in a swimsuit.” Cassie replied. She had dated a couple guys and one of them, Derrick, had gotten pretty close to her but every time she would be making out with him, she couldn’t help but think about Carl’s strong, dark hands being where his were. They had broken up on good terms and he was still a good friend but she didn’t want him the same way she wanted Carl.

“Shame. It’s a great way to keep the fire going in a relationship. Though I guess it’s okay you youngins don’t know that.”