Reverse Seduction

Cum In

by mandywilluk2000


Amanda Williams

A tender story about how a daughter’s best friend introduces her mother to the Sapphic world of woman to woman sex.


I suppose I had thought about sex with my own gender about as much as most women. Which wasn’t very much or often. Sure, now and then I had wondered what it might be like to have my body pressed against another female and occasionally I had speculated on why some women did and some didn’t. And yes I had wondered what it would be like to be either, bisexual or lesbian, and, very occasionally I had felt a touch of attraction to a woman’s figure or face, but that was more like I might to anything of beauty and not because it was a female. But thinking along those lines occupied little of my time.

Also in the thirty years or so of my active sex life, I had never been exposed to a situation where I had to choose or where I had to reject an advance of any sort. I was never approached and certainly had never been tempted. I felt comfortable and satisfied with my sexuality, with my sex life with my husband of nearly twenty five years and with my lot.

Married to a successful businessman and working freelance as a copywriter mainly for a couple of ad agencies, I had, overall, a good life. We were financially quite well off, our marriage was as succesfull as most, not fantastic, but ok and I was faithful to him as, I think, he was to me. Ok I had strayed once but that was years ago and the desire to check out whether the ‘grass was greener on the other side,’ had left me. Perhaps it was age, but I no longer felt the need to experiment.

I was also quite content with my family life. My twenty two year old son was doing great at Bristol University where he was reading English and Sara, my eighteen year old daughter was waiting the results of her A levels where her school had forecast four A grades; we were all nervous as the results were due in a week’s time.

I had even, recently, become at peace with myself. Most of my adult life I had fought a battle with the flab and had on occasions bloated up to nearly eleven stones, just over one hundred and fifty pounds. Now, I had got that in order. I was fairly settled at just over ten stones and, whilst my ample D cup boobs were an inconvenience, particularly with tennis and golf and a men’s gaze attractor, I was relaxed about my body. Curvy as some called it, Rubenesque as Kevin did, the sod.

It was that summer when things changed. It was August when events occurred that would probably change my life for ever.


Sara was waiting for her A level results. She had provisionally gained a place at Durham, but had decided to delay that so she could have a gap year travelling. During that summer as they waited for their results she and her friends spent a lot of time at my house, largely because we had a pool. One of her friends in particular Samantha, Sammi or Sam as she preferred it for short, seemed to be there nearly all the time, often sleeping over. She wasn’t the prettiest of girls, though neither was she by any means unattractive; interesting would be an apt term for her looks. She had a rather severe looking face with slightly bulging eyes, a nose which was a little too large for her face and thin lips. Her brown, mousy hair was cropped rather short and she gelled it, something I wasn’t keen on with girls. I guess the best description of her build was chunky. She was about average height and whilst by no means overweight, she was muscular. She had the body of an athlete and she excelled at all sports. School captain at netball and hockey she also played in the recently formed soccer team at which she represented both our town and county.

She seemed to have a permanent twinkle in her eye and always had an answer. A little cocky perhaps and somewhat different to the rest she had a pretty poor disciplinary record at school with rumours abounding that were it not for her sporting prowess she would have been expelled ages ago.

Despite the drawbacks in appearance, there was something about that the other kids, both the blokes and the girls seemed to like. She was a natural leader, was outgoing and friendly and was probably the most popular kid in the school.

“You look great Missus W,” she said when I climbed out of the pool in my bikini. I hadn’t realised Sara and she were up, for it was barely eight in the morning when I normally had my swim.

“Thanks Sammi,” I said not thinking much of the way she remained staring at me.

I knew the swim suit was brief and I had put on some weight as well, typically on my DDs as I called the bastards so they were almost spilling out of the bra. I was actually, relieved that I was even wearing a bra for often I swam topless or naked, but not when the kids were around.

“Oh you’re very welcome,” she said walking away, but looking over her shoulder and smiling.

I didn’t think any more of it and went and showered and changed into shorts and a vest, which again was Gaziantep Üniversitesi Escort annoyingly tight on me.

“Breakfast girls?” I said breezily bowling into the conservatory that covered one end of the pool.

Sara was there with another friend Kim and Sammi. They were all in shorts and brief tops.

“Yes please,” Sammi said as the other two concentrated on the Gameboys or whatever they were playing with. She looked right at me from where she was lounged back on one of the sun beds and smiled as she said with another of her beguiling smiles. “What’s on offer Missus W?”

I didn’t see much of them until the evening when I came back from the gym. Kim had gone, but Sammi was still there.

I made dinner and after eating that Sara suggested a swim.

“You shouldn’t swim on a full stomach, leave it a while,” I said.

“Ok, but come on Sammi let’s get changed,” Sara said.

“Into what?” Sammi said coolly

“Our swim suits of course.”

“Do we really need them, after all we’re all friends” she said looking straight at me as she added, “I’m sure your mum won’t mind will you Missus W?”

I felt rather embarrassed. “Why do you say that Sammi?”

“Ah just an instinct,” she coyly replied.

“Don’t lie Sammi you know it’s because I told you mum often swims naked,” Sara blurted out.

I had forgotten Sara had seen me a couple of times; we were pretty relaxed about nudity in out household.

Sammi laughed “Well I never grass on a mate S you know that.”

“I’m not sure it’s too good an idea,” I said a little hurriedly.

“Why not? I think it’s great,” Sammi said suddenly standing up, pulling her tee shirt over her head adding as she pushed her shorts and panties down in one go, “I’m going to?”

She made a skilful dive into the pool naked and swam effortlessly up and down the pool in a very elegant breast stroke. She was a graceful and powerful swimmer.

“Mum?” Sara asked enquiringly.

“You go luv, I’ll pass,” I told her as she slipped her things off and slid into the pool.

I watched the two young girls swimming naked up and down the pool. They were both very graceful and the scene was almost artistic.

“Chickened out then did you, Missus W?” Sammi said as she walked across the patio a trail of water streaming from her body.

“I passed, not up for a swim after the gym,” I replied as we both watched Sara doing more lengths. I gave Sammi a big fluffy towel.

“Gonna dry my back?” She asked flashing me that impish, smile that was sort of her trade mark.

I laughed. “On yer bike, do it yourself” I said as Sara joined us.


“I’m not having a gap year,” Sammi said when she was at our house a week or so later.

Sara was due to leave for her round the world six month travelling in a few days and we were talking about gap years. Sara was inside on the phone to Kevin who was away in the Far East on a business trip. They were arranging to meet in Bangkok the following Saturday, the first day of Sara’s trip and the last of Kevin’s.

“Well I am,” Sammi went on, “But I’m not going away.”

“What are you doing then?” I asked.

“I’ll be training full time.”

“What for?” Sara asked.

“I’ve got the chance to join the Arsenal ladies football squad” she told us “So I can’t go away.”

“What about uni?” I asked.

“What about it?”

“Well don’t you want to go?”

“I’m not naturally brainy and academic like miss big brain, four A’s at A indeed,” she said looking at Sara in the kitchen at Sara. “An A, a B and two Cs,” don’t get you into many top universities other than Loughborough,” she said mentioning England’s leading college for sports degrees.

“Well why don’t you go there?”

“I might, if the Arsenal thing doesn’t work, but I want to try that. In any case I’m getting fed up with being with kids,” she said suddenly looking right into my eyes. “Know what I mean Amanda?”

I didn’t have any idea what she was talking about really, but I felt something shudder inside me. Fortunately Sara came back to the conservatory and told us about her arrangements with Kevin.

“Well our last time for a dip together for a while,” Sara said.

“Yes it’ll be some time until we do this again,” Sammi smiled “So let’s celebrate and this time Missus W we won’t take no for an answer,”

I did feel uncomfortable undressing and walking across the patio naked. I knew my breasts would be wobbling and my bum cheeks jiggling, but there was no way to avoid it.

“You have a marvellous figure Amanda,” Sammi whispered as we all got out of the pool.

“Sammi can come round and swim when she wants can’t she mum?” Sara said as we were saying good bye to Sammi.

“Of course she can.”

In bed that night I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned, my mind continually for some reason, seeing Sammi’s face. More worryingly it wasn’t just her face I saw, but also her trim, athletic body. It was, I realised with a degree of horror, that which was in my mind as my hands found my breasts, as they caressed them and squashed them together before sliding down and slipping between my legs as I masturbated.


“I thought I would take up the offer of a swim,” Sammi said when I opened the door one Thursday morning a couple of weeks later.

“Sure that’s fine, come in,” I replied, feeling rather inadequate that I was still wearing a dressing gown at eleven in the morning. Sammi was wearing tight, hipster jeans and a cut off vest, a wide swathe of her tummy and her naval fashionably on display.

“Gonna join me Amanda?” She asked when we got into the conservatory.

“No I don’t think so.”

“Why, you don’t have to change much do you?” She said her gaze running up and down my body in the thin, red silk, shorty dressing gown, which had no buttons and was held in place by a tie round my waist.

I felt shy and not in control. This young girl was affecting me. The thoughts that had flooded my mind after the time she was here when I masturbated with her body in my mind’s eye, returned.

I had seen her twice since Sara had left. Once at a school thing and the other when she and another girl came to collect some stuff she’d left at our house. Both times she had made odd remarks and had complimented me on how I looked and both times she had held my gaze just a tad longer than most women do with, what I can only describe as, an enigmatic smile on her face; almost an enquiring smile or an invitation. She really was old beyond her years.

“No you go ahead,” I said.

“Going to watch are you?” She asked looking into my eyes and running hers downwards. I just hoped against hope that my nipples weren’t letting me down, but past experiences suggested they probably were.

She turned her back and walked across to the edge of the pool. Without a backward glance I watched mesmerised as she pulled the tee shirt over her head.

“Don’t mind me skinny dipping as usual do you Missus W?” She asked her hands quickly undoing her jeans and pushing them down. She was wearing a little, dark blue thong, which snuggled tightly between the symmetrical, firm, rather muscular, but nevertheless pert and smooth cheeks of her bum.

Naked, she slowly turned. At first half way and then, as she saw I was looking, all the way, thus providing me with what some call a full frontal. I almost gasped. I don’t know why or what made me do it. I had seen loads of women naked, particularly at tennis and had even been in communal showers with groups. I had shared bedrooms with other girls and I had seen Sammi several times swimming naked in my pool, and I had never given their or my come to that, nudity a second thought. But now I was staring at this young girl. I was looking at her naked body. I was seeing her eyes on me and watching that seemingly all knowing half smile on her face. She stood dead still. She simply stared at me as I looked at her. She was very trim, there was no spare weight and most muscles were quite, but by no means to bodybuilder levels, well defined. She had flattish breasts and small dark nipples. Her flat, sculpted tummy veed down into a largish thatch of dark pubic hair. Her legs were long, but shapely and rather, but not offputtingly muscular; they were like the legs you see on runners at track and field meetings.

‘What the fuck am I doing?” I asked myself, at last turning away.

“Have a nice swim, take your time,” I said, my throat dry, my voice probably husky. I started walking away and had just reached the short corridor joining the conservatory to the kitchen when her voice from right behind me made me jump. I hadn’t heard her following me, but then bare feet on a carpet deadens any sound. She said.

“You sure you won’t join me, Amanda,” as she put her hand on my shoulder.

Turning I sort of fell backwards against the wall as her hand slid down my side and onto my hip. She didn’t remove it, but lightly gripped me there through the silk of the shorty dressing gown, which gaped a little.

I stammered. “No, no Sammi, no thanks,” as her eyes bored into mine and her hand held my hip, seemingly tighter. Again that smile came onto her face.

I should have stopped things there and then. I should have walked away. I should have gone to my room, maybe taken a cold shower and got dressed. Possibly I should have kicked her out. But life is made up of the things we should have done. It is also made up of things we shouldn’t have done and of things that others do, or don’t do. And I didn’t do any of the things that maybe I should have done, but possibly I did some that I shouldn’t have done, for I stayed right there. I should not have done that. Leaning back against the wall, the naked Sammi standing close to me, her hand holding my hip, my gown gaping at my thighs and across my chest, our eyes locked. Sammi also did some things that maybe others shouldn’t do, but then that, of course, depends upon the circumstances and their perspective. So in these circumstances and from her perspective, maybe they were not things she shouldn’t do when she whispered.

“Are you positive you won’t join me Amanda?”

And when she moved even closer, so close I could smell her perfume and see the tiny hairs on her face, it’s likely that these were things she felt she should do or, at least wanted to do. Her body was pressed against my arm and her bare leg was touching my bare leg as she went on, speaking very softly almost in a whisper.

“Are you really sure Amanda you don’t want to take your robe off and join me?”

I still wasn’t totally sure what was going on. Was this a come one, was she trying to pull me, was Sammi trying to seduce me? Me, her friend’s mother, a forty something female, a straight woman with no bi inclinations and her, an eighteen year old athlete. Did she have such inclinations, was she bi, was she after having sex with me? Or was it just a game, Sammi messing around as she was known to do. Surely, I thought, I would have heard if she was bi? Suddenly I realised she was one of Sara’s best and closest friends. What did that mean about my own daughter? The ramifications were becoming unthinkable.

‘Oh fuck,’ I was thinking my heart pounding and, more worryingly, my breasts heaving, my nipples hardening and my sexual arousal heightening alarmingly.

I couldn’t think of a thing to say or do. I was nonplussed, off guard and, in some ways, totally captivated by her and the situation.

Nothing remotely like this had ever happened to me. I had never been seriously propositioned with a physical intimacy and closeness such as this by any man and certainly no woman. So I was on completely new ground, in totally uncharted waters and so far out of my comfort zone I was in danger of becoming a blithering wreck. Not only did I find it hard to believe that I was allowing a woman to get this close to me, but also that I was in such a quandary. Well two quandaries actually. Firstly, was this a bi come one or, was I reading it wrong and secondly, why was I aroused and not finding this offensive?

I had no answers, but I tried to rationalise the situation and pull myself together. I started to think.

I realised I could pull myself away and stop things there and then. She could then slide into the pool, say nothing about this incident and no face would be lost. No one, but us would ever know and nothing would have even been admitted to each other, her friend’s mum and her. It hit me like a punch to the stomach when I realised that an alternative would be for me to let my body slip against hers, let her arms go round me, feel her breasts on me and let her mouth close the ever decreasing gap from mine; if that was indeed what the young woman was after. They were the main options, the two extremes the opposite ends of my action spectrum. There was another option, another way of acting, a further choice. That was to do nothing, to let events take their course, to go with the flow. That was the one I took. I did nothing. I suppose I put the ball into her court, I left it to her to decide our destiny, yes I put my entire sexuality into the hands of a teenage girl.

And the next few minutes, which stretched into a couple of hours, decided that my future sexuality would be entirely different to my past.


She must have sussed the situation, picked up on the vibes, saw my conflict and understood my quandary. Maybe she’s been here before I thought as I saw her eyes narrow slightly and her lips part a little. The tip of her tongue licked along her upper lip. I felt her move closer, she pressed her body more firmly against mine, not too overtly, not very heavily and still in an enquiring way, a way that would enable her to back off, I realised, if she had read things wrongly, or if I objected too much. I still didn’t move. This must have given her greater confidence for she pressed herself more firmly against me, her small boobs pressing against my fuller softer breasts. That sent a surge of arousal through me. I jumped and then jumped again as her right hand, which had been on my hip holding me through the material, slid down a short distance. It found the bare flesh of my outer thigh then slid upwards, this time inside the robe. It went further and further up my leg until her hand was resting on my hip bone; she pressed then stroked me there with her fingertips. I know that I then closed my eyes, but just before I did I saw her other hand lifting upwards. Then I felt it on the side of my face, in my hair, on my ear and then round the back of my neck. The pressure of her naked body on my aching breasts and her hand on the back of my neck increased. I opened my eyes and saw her head tilting to one side, her face moving closer to me, her lips approaching mine, closer and closer, nearer and nearer until they touched. It wasn’t yet a kiss, merely a brushing of our lips together.

But that brought out of my near trancelike state.

“No, no Sammi,” I said pulling my head back. Even to my ears there was little conviction in those words. I saw Sammi smile. I saw her tongue poke out and she said clearly questioningly.