Transgender Avis’s Incredible Power


Skokie, Illinois, 2009

Aiken Aycock was sad to be losing her brother Aiden to the operation. He was a great guy, but he gave Aiken the beatings and torture she needed. But he’d finally gotten the money to do the big change.

Aiken had really enjoyed supporting Aiden, letting him live in her apartment…stripping naked when she got home, and taking a few from his long, thick braided snake whip.

But his desire was to do this professionally. To dom lots of rich people. And, as a transgender girl/boy… a little bit of everything. And how Aiken would miss him.

“What do you think you’ll call yourself after you get the boobs?”

“I don’t know, Aik…Avis?”

Buttermilk Falls, 2018

Dr. Shepherdson Grangerford was in an agony of ecstasy.

Avis smiled at Shep, and ran her pretty fingers up and down her big dick. Squatting at the end of the bed, while Shep was tied spread eagled, Avis loved this.

Avis shook her pretty 32 C’s at Shep, and jacked her penis a little faster.

Shep tried not to look bedazzled. His nipples were caught between two of Avis’s multi spiked hair clips, and they hurt.

Gritting his teeth, Shep vowed not to make any noise, or to do any begging.

He wanted to cum, since he’d been in chastity so long.

He wanted the pain to stop.

He wanted, desperately to suck his transgender Mistress’s penis.

What this ladyboy put Shep through…

But Avis was so incredible. She moved a little closer to Shep on the bed until she was on her hands and knees over Shep’s straining penis.

Shep was in extreme discomfort, because his penis was locked in a plastic chastity device that was supposed to flatten his penis against his crotch.

It might have been easier, if his dick had been in a looser chastity cage, just a tiny bit of room.

Avis tossed her honey blonde tresses and began bending down so she was running her dick up and down Shep’s own trapped organ in the plastic cock cage.

Avis had strung a long piece of piano wire around the base of Shep’s cock, and another one just around his scrotum.

“Don’t fall asleep, Shep.” Avis said, giggling, and she yanked hard on the cock wire, causing Shep to wince.

This wouldn’t happen. When Shep had come in to visit Avis, his key holder of three years, she’d expressed concern that his butt was too pale and needed some “cheer”. This was probably because she had no direct reason to punish him.

Avis had just purchased a twin-tailed tawse, and after Shep had given Avis her tribute and stripped to lie on his stomach on the bed, she’d really enjoyed laying him out with the tawse.

Shep had tried desperately not to scream. He had bitten into the bedspread and gritted his teeth around the cloth. It was then that Avis had strung the piano wire around his cock and balls.

Then she’d tugged hard and made him turn around, and tied him up.

Now, after forty-five minutes of teasing his still locked penis, Avis grinned. She knew she looked scrumptious just in her pale blue bustier, garter belt and stockings.

She also knew that Shep must be going through paroxysms of rage and misery, as he’d been in his belt for most of the last month.

Shep didn’t have a great deal of money, and he always stayed locked between the $500 a month sessions.

Usually he could afford to visit Avis about once every six weeks, and then it was still a toss-up whether she’d let him have an orgasm. Still, she usually unlocked his penis, washed a months worth of sweat off it, and of course cleaned the chastity belt.

But there had been no mention of removing it this time!

Now, Avis stood up on the bed, using all her muscle to pull the two metal wires-so harsh, so thin-up, hoisting up Shep’s hips.

Shep tried to help by pushing up with his feet, and finally Avis looped the piano wire through a hook in her ceiling, which fortunately, was concrete.

Avis tied the piano wire, but decided it looked a little iffy, and she whistled, and a male attendant who resembled the cartoon character Magilla Gorilla entered, giving Shep and his plum covered testicles a contemptuous look.

“Fortinbras, can you pull the piano wire a little teeny bit higher, so Shep’s feet are off the bed, and then lock it with something?”

“Like this?” Fortinbras pulled on the wires contorting Shep’s genitalia so he indeed was just kept on the bed by his manacled hands, and his head was slightly off his pillow.”

“Oh, Fort, you are awesome. I’ll let Fort suck you later on, if you like.”

“What a thing to look forward to.” Fortinbras snickered in a deep voice.

Fortinbras looked at Shep carefully, and of course Shep felt very awkward, hanging there with his head upside down, the blood rushing.

“This is the one who thinks you’re his girlfriend…he bought you a lace teddy, and you made him wear it instead, right?

You took him to that place on the pier where you met new friends for him!”

“Yup.” Avis said. “I doubt if he’ll ever dare to do that again.”

“He needed to know what it was like to be a tranny himself.”

“Yeah, shame I couldn’t do the full job on him, it was just making poor Shep a drag queen.”

“I remember,” the big man said, laughing

” Avis, you put two full balloons in his cleavage, and then you told me one of them popped when he was blowing some longshoreman down at the pier, and they all laughed at him, and threw beer cans! Poor Shep!”

Fortinbras began laughing harder. He slapped Shep’s naked hip hard, and strutted out of the room.

Shep felt as if his balls would be pulled off. He was not a skinny guy, and it was quite a squeeze and intense pressure on his bound testicles and shaft.

Avis stepped down off the bed, and picked up some keys and her Licorice Whip riding crop, made of hard fiberglass.

Shep reflected that if a crop like that were ever used on any horse, anywhere, the owner would be prosecuted by the Humane Society immediately.

Avis unlocked Shep’s chastity device (finally) and then waved the crop between Shep’s elevated thighs and whacked his penis hard.


“I just want to make sure you’re staying awake, big guy.”

Avis whacked Shep’s penis again, and he began crying, but his cock got even harder. Avis reached down and took a thick dildo off her vanity table.

The previous visit (such a long time ago) Avis had made Shep shave her twat, and then had had him sit on the dildo as it stuck up on a kitchen stool.

Shep had complained that the dildo was too big, and had been forced to lick his blood and shit off of it. Because of the complaint, which Avis saw as “whining” Shep had been locked up without cumming,.

Avis had ordered Shep to buy a similar dildo for home, and to stuff it up his ass for periods from ten minutes, to all night, so his anus would be looser.

“You’d best have enlarged that backdoor some, Shep.” With that, Avis jammed the thick dildo in Shep’s ass and pushed it down, sans lubricant.

“You don’t need lube if you’ve been working on your hole.”

“But why can’t you fuck me with your own penis!”

“You can’t touch my penis with your mouth or asshole until we’ve done sessions for at least two years. I can’t change the rules.”

“I…it makes me want to cry.”

“Shut up, Shep. Just take my dildo. It’s the best thing for you!”

“Aaah…it’s so big!”

“Stop bitching. If you visited me more often, it would go better for you. But you can’t afford it, right?”

“I pay a lot of alimony and child support, ma’am”

“Yeah, you’re a doctor, but not much of a husband. Two wives and five kids you pay out to?”

“Three ex-wives and seven kids, three in college…

And my fourth wife is traveling the world with her lover, and I have to wire her money constantly. When Treva’s abroad, she likes to spend.”

“And you can’t get money from your family?”

“My dad is a Mormon bishop. No, he wouldn’t fund that.”

Avis’s Aunt Beulah, of Provo, Utah was domme and key holder to former Brigham Young University fullback Hollis “Grange” Grangerford.

Grange, an ex-Marine, current bishop was Shep’s dad, a so-called tough guy.

Then there was Shep’s older brother, a State Supreme Court Justice.

The older brother, was Hollis Grangerford Junior, except when his very wife tricked him out in a miniskirt and then he was “cocksucker Hollie”…

But of course, Shep didn’t need to know this.

Shep seemed so devoted to Avis that he’d actually turned down an offer by the J.T. Phurninghaus Memorial Clinic in Rennsdale, where he would’ve been Head Surgeon.

It would have been a lot more money, but a good seventy miles away…

All because of his devotion to Avis!

She had to admire that. It was quite

After Shep’s session was over, he was re-locked without orgasm, and was sent to satisfy Fortinbras’s gay urges.

Next, Wickert Aycock arrived. Wick was a far more wealthy client, and had lots more appointments with darling Avis.

Wick had been seeing Avis for five and a half years, and so he was more than eligible for service with Avis’s beautiful penis.

Avis smiled and watched Wickert undress. Avis had put on her panties, and her bulge was barely contained between her legs.

Wick stared with intense desire at the bulge in Avis’s panties. Wick’s tongue salivated as he saw Avis’s nipples harden.

Would Wick get to suck the big cock? Would Wick be sodomized by the intense erection of his lady boy Mistress/Master?

The last couple of times Wick had visited, they’d experimented with girdles and little dresses.

Avis had sent Wick out to service various men. Wick was supposed to get $20 from each guy, for use of his ass and mouth…

But it was never enough, and Avis, as Wick’s pimp, would beat the shit out of him for not making enough money.

And generally, if Wick couldn’t make at least a hundred dollars, he wasn’t unlocked from his chastity belt.

There was some comfort in that Wick would have Avis’s penis fed in between his glossed lips…

Mistress Avis would grab Wick’s ears and skull fuck him intensely. Wick was learning to be a champion “throater” if there ever was one.

Now, Wick stood before Avis, naked except for his chastity device.

“So, I guess you’ve been fantasizing a lot about getting unlocked.

I understand you went to all the places I gave you to service a lot of customers. You owe me your fee to see me, plus at least a hundred dollars from your various clients…

…But I’ll know if it didn’t come from them, as your pimp, because you have to give me Polaroid’s of every cock you sucked since last week.”

And of course, Wick had only sucked four dicks instead of the requisite five.

For a time, Wickert had been dominated by his adult sons-

As a Foreign Service officer, he’d sired two boys with a European chick, and she’d raised them until they’d come to the U.S. in their mid twenties.

When Pieter and Pascal had discovered their father’s proclivities, they’d moved in with him, put him in chastity, and had big parties on Friday and Saturday nights, in which Wick would kneel, with a leather hood over his head, and suck endless cock…

But then Wick had retired and moved back to his childhood home of Buttermilk Falls, a much less lively place than Manhattan. And the boys had stayed.

So now Wick was getting his needed discipline from Avis, and it was really good for morale!

Now, Avis pulled out her penis, long and thick and full, and waved it at Wick.

“See how big it is, and how beautiful? Yours is a shriveled mess next to mine.”

Wick looked down sadly at his own organ, which was still locked in the device.

“You’re right, Mistress. My penis isn’t much to look at. And it’s been so lonely for you.”

Avis was bored by flattery. She stuffed her own penis back in her panties and unlocked Wick’s member, tickling it with her pink nails until it filled with blood.

“You haven’t had a release in some time, goodness. And you don’t do anything you’re supposed to do, Wickert.”

Wick bit his lip. “I tried to get more cocks sucked, but a lot of those I approached said they didn’t want to put their dicks into an ugly old man’s mouth, Miss Avis.”

“Isn’t that sad. No woman wants you, because you’re just a tiny-dicked old queen, and men don’t either.”

Wick sobbed softly, but his dick was rock hard from this humiliation.

“And that’s why you don’t qualify to suck my pretty titties, or to even take the head of my penis in your mouth.”

Wick was allowed to occasionally give a blowjob to Avis, but it had not happened in the last five or six visits.

Avis picked up a piece of piano wire that had of late been tied to Shep Grangerford’s testicles, and tied it just behind Wick’s thick glans. She yanked it a bit, and Wick stumbled forward.

Then, smiling evilly, Avis took up a riding crop and THWACKED Wick’s dick, several times, and Wick tried to pull back…

But of course she pulled him forward again, and he began weeping slightly.

Avis whacked, and Wick kept trying to pull his penis away, but the piano wire was unforgiving.

Avis took a long kitchen match, one of those glorious Lucifer matches that you strike against anything, and ran it across her thigh.

When the big wooden match burned, she flicked it at Wick’s right nipple and again he tried to pull back, but could not resist the piano wire.

Eventually he burst into tears, but his penis swelled, betraying his real desires.

Wick had cried harder when he realized that Avis was not going to skull fuck him today, just toy with him a bit. And no, no orgasm…just getting flicked with burning matches.

As Avis played with poor Wick, she thought of her female client, Eliana, an obese woman who was locked in the closet…

Eliana was in the closet, wearing an overwhelming rubber encasement.

Avis had flicked more than several matches at Eliana’s flabby figure.

Eliana was one of those lunatic chicks from Concerned Women for America, who baked cakes and raised money to battle women’s rights and gay rights…

But she secretly came to visit Mistress Avis.

Avis wanted to despise Eliana, but she couldn’t help loving Eliana’s expert tongue on her cock, and how it also could rim her grimy asshole and suck her toes in an ingenious massage.

Avis knew she should probably let Wick suck her dick, but wanted to save her orgasm for Eliana’s pleasant, massaging mouth.

Eliana was an unrepentant cuckquean and had been locked in a bondage chair and made to watch as her husband had been fucked by her sister…

An assignation that had been created by the cruel Avis. Eliana’s sister, Jelena, was a bitchy super-liberal, and the two had never gotten along.

The humiliation that Eliana was put through seemed to work to engender family reunification, or at least some appreciation.

After Wick was finally dismissed, Eliana was hauled out of the closet, and the rubber suit was taken off.

Eliana looked blearily and gratefully at Avis, who smiled slightly.

“Are you feeling better, my piggie?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you for ventilating the closet, or it might not have gone so well.”

“Do you want to suck on my yum-yum now? I just did a nasty comparison with my big dick and poor Wick’s tiny one, and I think it depressed him considerably.”

Eliana couldn’t help laughing.

Eliana fell to her knees and took Avis’s dick in her mouth, using her full lips to tickle and stimulate.

Avis breathed deeply, and closed her eyes.

Eliana fellated deeply, and Avis dropped her fingers down and twisted Eliana’s right nipple sharply.

Eliana gasped, but did not release Avis’s cock.

Avis had long trained Eliana to focus so readily on Avis’s cock that that the sub could slurp happily and take a full whipping on her bare buttocks.

Avis thought of the old days, when she was still Aiden, and how she’d tie her sister

Aiken down and use Daddy’s big leather belt on Aik’s bare ass…

And then Aiken would suck intensely…so intensely.

Now Aiken was married to a benevolent male master, and the siblings didn’t see each other much.

But Avis would always be grateful that Aiken had helped support the operation to provide the marvelous tits and estrogen.

Now Eliana sucked faster and harder, and finally, Avis shot into Eliana’s mouth, and then the fat woman cleaned Avis’s genitalia with her tongue.

After this, Avis allowed Eliana to rub her clit against the leg of a table in the room until she had a shattering orgasm.

Then of course, Eliana was locked back in her own chastity belt until the next time there would be a session.

Avis felt sorry for Shep, Wick, and Eliana. They’d have days and weeks of denial, sitting at home, unable to date or masturbate, waiting until it was time to be unlocked once more.

The terrible, cruel need to cum denied day after day. night after night.

But it seemed worth it. Better to suffer long-term celibacy with an occasional stimulation by a cruel yet benevolent transgender Mistress than passionate weekends with compassionate lovers.

It was just the way things were.