Julie and Sherrie

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Julie Madison put down her towel and switched off the music in the aerobics classroom. “Great job, ladies! You really seemed to put the extra effort in today. You’ll feel it tomorrow but it will be worth it!” The class gave a good natured chuckle and began to filter out.

“Sherrie, can I see you please?” she called out, as the petite blond packed her things. Soon they were the only ones left in the classroom. “Yes, Mrs. Madison?” she asked.

“Sherrie, since you’re applying to be an instructor here, I wanted to see what you thought of this class. It’s one of my more challenging ones. Do you still think this is the kind of work you’re looking for?”

“Yes, definitely, if you agree, Mrs. Madison. I’d still like to lead a class and see what you think of me if that’s still OK.”

“First, absolutely, yes, I’d love to watch you lead a class. You kept up very nicely today and have a good natural rhythm. And second, it’s Julie. Only my lawyer calls me Mrs. Madison!” She gave Sherrie a brilliant smile that put the younger girl at ease. At 5’10”, Julie knew she could be intimidating, especially to someone who could barely reach 5’1″. Being 39 with long, black hair, a great tan, firm d-cup breasts, and an overall knockout, sometimes didn’t help either, though Sherrie certainly made high marks in cuteness. She was the kind of girl you just wanted to cuddle up with and kiss. Blonde, blue eyed, pert breasts, and a very tight ass that spoke volumes about how much time she spent working out.

“So, Sherrie, how did you hear about the studio? I haven’t seen you as a participant in class before.”

“Well, Mrs. – Julie – I heard about you from Laurie here on staff. She said you were great to work for and that I may ‘fit right in’, as she said.”

Hmm. Laurie was one of here more frequent partners at the studio and in bed. Julie liked the part about ‘fitting right in’. Perhaps this day was going to work out after all.

“Awesome, Sherrie. I’m glad Laurie spoke highly of the studio!”

“Yes, she said you often gave a most ‘loving’ welcome to new staff, which sounds super nice of you.” Sherrie was blushing and looked down demurely. She had a tiny nervous smile just waiting to pop out.

“Well, I certainly like the people I work with to feel special and welcome. Would you like to come by tonight for dinner and I can hear more about your background? TGIF, after all!”

“That sounds great – I’d love to! When would be good? It’s 6:00 now.”

Julie saw that Sherrie was blushing furiously. Yes, she knew what was coming next. This was going to be a fun weekend after all.

“How about now? We can get cleaned up, go to my place and then relax. Did you bring a change of clothes?”

“Yep! Can I follow you there? I’m not sure where you live.”

“That sounds great. Let me put my stuff away and let’s head out!”

Julie’s house was extravagant. Her unusual background was the reason. At 18 she met a man who gave her the most bizarre proposal she had ever heard of. He was a very handsome, insanely wealthy man who owned a number of businesses and by all accounts had a number of girlfriends, though he had never married. At the time Julie was a freshman in her mostly girls’ college, and according to the teacher who was setting her up, she met all of his qualifications: gorgeous, smart, ambitious, and a lover of women.

“What does he want from me then? Why would a rich playboy want with a lesbian girl anyway? If he wants me to join some kind of threesome with his girlfriend, no thanks!!”

“I don’t know, though I will say he has a strong reputation for solid business ethics. He certainly isn’t a slimeball like so many I have to work with. You should see the types I have to deal with when I solicit donations to the College from wealthy business people. I say, hear him out. At the worst, you can meet him at a public restaurant, and have a dynamite dinner!”

That sounded OK, but Julie was still unsure, though willing to see what this was all about.

The following week they met at his favorite five-star restaurant. Since her budget was very much one-star, she was amazed at the opulence. One of his handlers brought her to his table in a private dining area. They were quickly alone.

“Wow! Or should I say, good evening, my name is Jim Madison. Won’t you join me?” He pulled out a chair for her and everything. This guy must bursa escort bayan have read that manners book her Mom always tried to get her to read.

After a few minutes of small talk and a glass of wine – great wine, that’s for sure – for them both, he got to the point. “Julie, I’m a wealthy man, and people would pretty much assume I have it all. But there are some things I need. A man of my age bouncing around between girlfriends is all well and good, but I’m getting at the older end of that kind of thing. I need a wife.”

“Umm – Mr. Madison, I -“

“Now hold on, let me finish. I’m well aware of your preferences, in fact, that’s a key part of my proposal. Julie, you like girls, and I like girls who like girls. I can get sex anywhere, with my position, but in my home I can’t think of anything I’d rather be surrounded by than beautiful women loving each other. I’d like you to become my wife, and go with me to functions in fancy places like this, and let the world see I’m stable and ‘normal’. It’ll be good for the shareholders. No sex between us is involved. But I do want you to bring home women – often – and I’d like you to be very public with your affections in front of me. Sometimes let me watch all the way, other times maybe not.

“There are a couple of additional requirements: you will have to have a child or two, though how conception is handled is up for discussion, and no hitting on my associates’ wives unless they hit on you first. Which is fairly likely, I’m not the only one with this kind of setup. In return, you’ll have all the money you could want. You could take a lover or two to Hawaii on my jet when we go there for business. You could complete college on your own schedule. You could have any car you want, as many clothes as you want – even take some high end clothes off of a runway model yourself, many of them would dearly enjoy that. You’ll be in charge of the household staff, so no worries about housework and so on.

“I’m looking for someone who is smart enough to use these gifts wisely, ambitious enough to want to see her dreams fulfilled, charming enough to play hostess, and sexy enough to make my friends drool on their shoes when they see you. You more than hit all of those out of the park.

“I know that’s a lot, but what do you think? Just for listening, and considering, and not talking to the press, even if you say no there will be a sizable ‘consulting fee’ for your time.”

Well. That was devastatingly huge. Umm.

“How about a day to think it over? Would that be OK?”

“Absolutely. Let’s have dinner now and continue to get to know each other.”

So, eventually Julie became Mrs. Madison, at least in name only. She found she had quite a talent for being a trophy wife, often managing a dinner party and at the same time extracting valuable information for the deal at hand from people who assumed she was a ditzy bimbo.

She delighted in bringing home a string of lovers and making her husband insane with lust as she dressed them up, and stripped them down, in the living room, at the pool, in the kitchen, or wherever her fancy took her. And no few were other wives of similarly inclined businessmen. She even bore him a son named Mark, through artificial insemination with Jim’s sperm, administered by one of her favorite girlfriends through a specially adapted strap-on. While he watched.

But eventually Jim died of a motorcycle crash, taking a curve too fast, and knowing him, feeling the curves of the girl sharing his bike and not paying attention to his driving. Julie inherited everything, and founded a line of workout studios for women. She remained on the board of many of Jim’s companies and dropped off of those she had no interest in. It was the ultimate life.

So Sherrie, seeing the mansion for the first time, was most definitely impressed. After the tour they sat down on the leather couch together with a glass of wine each and began to chat.

“So what else did Laurie say about me, hmm?” Julie asked with an evil smile.

“Well, that, you, umm…” Sherrie was again blushing furiously, looking down at her empty wine glass.

“Sherrie, do you like girls?” She nodded but didn’t say anything. “Have you ever been with a girl?”

Julie didn’t think anyone could blush even harder, but Sherrie managed to. “I’ve always wanted to, but didn’t know who I could ask, gorukle escort or if bad stories would get around if I hit on a girl who didn’t like it. I met Laurie at my old job, and I think she could tell I was interested. I thought about asking her, but she is – umm – well, no offense or anything, but she’s a little scary.”

Laurie Melton was one of the most sexually aggressive women Julie had ever met. Which worked wonders for Julie, who was more than happy to return the favor, but for a first-timer Laurie probably wasn’t the right person to start with.

Julie leaned into Sherrie and kissed her lightly on the lips. She pulled back and looked in her eyes. “What did you think? Did you like that?”

Sherrie smiled hugely and nodded. “Yes – a lot! I was hoping this would happen.”

Julie leaned over to the younger girl and kissed her harder, with real passion. She felt Sherrie melt into the kiss. Looking the petite blonde in the eyes she smiled and began kissing her way across her face, breathed deeply and hotly into her ear, and began kissing her way down her neck. Sherrie let out a small groan of pleasure.

Julie stood and took Sherrie’s hand. “Come, sweetie, let’s go to my bedroom and see what mischief we can get into up there.” The younger girl smiled and followed her teacher across the room and up the stairs.

They landed on the bed kissing. Julie’s hand moved over Sherrie’s breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples through her cami. She was rewarded with another tiny moan. Julie began licking the small of her neck, towards her shoulder. When she encountered the cami’s shoulder strap she moved it out of the way with her teeth, pulling it down over her shoulder. Sherrie pulled her arm free of the strap. Julie repeated the process on the other side, and then kissed her way across the younger girl’s chest with little kisses, licks and nibbles, back and forth, across each breast, always pulling down her cami a bit more with her teeth and tongue. Sherrie was squirming with excitement.

Julie finally cleared the top of her bra and sat Sherrie up in bed. “Off with this now, my sexy pet.” she said, lifting her cami up and off. “Mmm. I love your bra. So pretty and finely worked. You have excellent taste!” She returned to her oral attention to Sherrie’s b-cup breasts, pulling down each cup and licking the exposed treasure inside. When both nipples were firm and ready to play Julie sat Sherrie up, straddled her lap, kissed her, while reaching behind and unhooking her bra.

Sherrie reached under Julie’s spandex exercise top and began feeling another woman’s breasts for the first time. It felt heavenly – though reaching under the sports bra was tight. Julie’s breasts were a good bit larger than her own, and were in fact “enhanced” – a first anniversary present from her husband, one she particularly loved. Julie lifted off her top and sports bra and the two women kissed while pressing breast to breast. To Sherrie it just felt so right. She was so glad she came along, and the last traces of nervousness left her.

Julie laid her back down and positioned herself alongside Sherrie, where she had an easy reach along her body, and continued to kiss her young friend. Running her fingers ever so lightly up her leg, she came closer and closer to her pussy but never quite made contact with her panties under her mini skirt. When Sherrie could finally take no more Julie’s hand reach up and she put one fingertip into her panties and ran it along the lacy top, back and forth. Slowly, so slowly, her finger pushed deeper into her panties.

When the whole length of her finger was in, she moved it to the far side of her panties and hooked it over the top, and began pulling down. Sherrie gladly lifted her ass off of the bed and in another second her “lady friend” was exposed to the air.

Still kissing deeply, Julie ran her finger down to her pussy, running it lightly over the top of her lips as Sherrie spread her legs wide. Her finger moved up and down, but after two motions the younger girl’s lips spread wide open. She was so wet! Julie moaned appreciatively and she hooked one finger, then two, deep into Sherrie, while her thumb brushed her clit. The girl was practically squirming off of the bed!

Julie sat up and moved down to see for herself her latest prize. Sherrie had trimmed her brown hair – hmm, not bursa merkez escort bayan a natural blond – very nicely, and her juices were just starting to leak out. Julie leaned forward and gave a long lick from bottom to top, producing the loudest moan yet. This wasn’t going to take long! She licked again and again, bottom to top, circling her clit with the tongue’s tip. Her left had pulled back above her mound to expose even more of her now rock hard clit. In just a few seconds more Sherrie exploded with a scream and her ass bucked completely off of the bed. Julie continued to lick her until Sherrie pushed her head away, her clit becoming too sensitive.

Julie moved up and gave her young friend a deep kiss. “So how was it? Was it as good as you hoped for?” Julie asked. Sherrie was still relishing the afterglow and nodded hard. “Good I love seeing women having a great time!” Julie continued to kiss her for another minute or two, then without stopping, reached down with her right hand and plunged two fingers deep into Sherrie.

Sherrie gasped with surprise, then moaned deeply. Julie kept up the attack on her pussy, pushing in faster and faster, her thumb rubbing her clit insistently. Within a couple of minutes Sherrie has another major climax. “She looks so hot lying there recovering”, Julie thought, “she’s a definite keeper.”

When the light returned to Sherrie’s eyes the petite blond rolled over onto Julie and began rubbing her breasts. “Oh my God, that was so hot. How did you know I could come again so quickly? That was AMAZING!”

“Because, sexy, all women can. It’s when women get together that they have the hottest sex of their lives. And one reason why I love girls so much.”

“Well, I want to do that to you, but I’m not sure how.”

“Just follow your instincts. What would you like to have done to you? Just do that to me. Let me help.” With that Julie rolled down her workout pants and was nude. “Play with my boobs, and get comfortable. Then explore – go where you would want a girl to go with you.”

Sherrie rubbed, licked and sucked Julie’s breasts while her hands roamed all over her body. “She’s sure an exercise leader – I’ve never seen a woman this age with such a tight bod!” she thought. Soon she moved down and kneeled between Julie’s legs, rubbing both hands up and down the older woman’s legs, across her stomach, and finally down onto her hairless pussy.

She pushed her legs apart and leaned forward for her first taste of another woman. With one small pause before the last leap into full-on woman-loving-woman, she plunged her tongue deep into Julie, pulling it out, and up, across her clit. “Mmm – you are a fast learner!”

Sherrie smiled to herself, pleased she was doing well. She leaned in closer and began to lick harder, more forcefully. After a little while she when she got to the top she sucked hard on Julie’s clit, pulling it up and out of its hood and really making it stand at attention. “God, girl, are you sure you’ve never done this before?!?” Sherrie smiled to herself and continued giving her clit-blowjob. She used her other hand and plunged in two fingers, pumping in and out. Soon three fingers were making the journey and the younger woman was merciless in both her clit and her finger fucking. Julie’s hips moved up and down more and more, straining to take it all and reach her climax. When she did she gave a yell that almost caused Sherrie to lose concentration.

The finger pounding never stopped, as the blond waited for some kind of signal that Julie had had enough. She turned her fingers over and curled them up, thinking of what she liked to do when she masturbated, and found the fleshy spot inside her teacher’s walls that she new would drive her crazy. Julie’s orgasm blossomed into another, her hips leaping off of the bed. Julie pushed her sex pet’s hand away and rolled over.

“GOD, woman, that was fantastic. How did you learn to do that? Was it really your first time with a woman?”

“Yes, definitely. I just pretended that I was you and it was me you were playing with, and went from there.”

Julie grinned and pulled the petite blond to her. “Then, my dear, I will have to really show you some things. Do you have anything going on tomorrow? Would you like to spend the night? Or the weekend?” A delicious smile accompanied the proposition.

“Actually, I packed for a whole weekend – Laurie had sort of mentioned that that may be a good idea.”

“Hah! I love it. Then come, sweetie, and let’s take a shower and get cleaned up. I’ve got some plans for you, and they don’t involve a lot of clothes.” She leaned in for a final kiss before dragging her new girlfriend into the bathroom.