Numbers Game


My girlfriend Daisy and I have always had an excellent sex life. Of course one reason for this is that Daisy meets my ideal for female beauty almost perfectly. She is about 5′ 6″, 125lbs with pale skin and blue eyes offset by dark hair. Her lips, like those of a star burlesque dancer, are both lovely and talented. She has the greatest tits I have ever seen, 34-Cs with large, sensitive nipples that I love to suck. Her smooth skin is sprinkled delightfully with freckles, they stand out primarily on her stomach, where they trace a meandering path to her sweet pussy. She keeps her pubic hair trimmed to a tight strip, and I love the stark contrast created by the dark hair, white skin, and her pink pussy.

Daisy and I have been together for about 10 years. We are very comfortable sharing our fantasies with one another. One of the scenarios we discuss most often is the idea of having a threesome with another woman. But while we both enjoy the fantasy, we have always agreed that this is one of those things best left to the imagination.

We agreed that there are simply too many complications that could arise from acting our fantasy out. More precisely, I have always said that a fantasy threesome was superior to reality, and if this statement was motivated more by political correctness than desire, well, we all make sacrifices. Daisy had always agreed with me, or so I assumed. Looking back, I can’t remember her ever actually voicing that agreement, but I certainly believed that I knew her position.

I am a few years older than Daisy, and as my 33rd birthday approached, I was feeling a bit sullen about my encroachment of middle age. I was also vaguely disturbed about the number itself: 33. I have always been a student of folklore and epic poetry, and the number three is quite mystical. In college, I had written my senior thesis on the Danish folklorist Axel Olrik’s Law of threes. As the date approached, I started seeing threes in everything from the morning traffic to the evening news. I am somewhat prone to ranting, so Daisy was quite aware of my growing obsession.

Three days before my birthday, I was in a surreal state somewhere between dread and amusement as the threes continued to pile up. I was trying to put these feelings aside and get some work done when my office phone rang. I answered and was pleased to here Daisy’s voice, but a bit irritated by what she had to say.

“I decided to have the house fumigated,” she announced, “We have to stay at a hotel tonight.”

“Did this really need to be done now?” I sighed. “It couldn’t wait until we were going out of town or something?”

“We are having people over for your birthday, and I saw 2 fleas yesterday. The dogs are being groomed and boarded, so it’s no big deal. I already booked a room for us, anyway.”

“Where are we staying?” I asked.

“I can’t remember the name of the place. Something Manor It is one of those cool, old hotels downtown.”

I was beginning to warm to the idea, as a night with Daisy at a Hotel sounded rather appealing. She gave me the address, and I told her I would meet her there after I got off work.

I found the hotel without a problem, and had to admit it was quite a place. The owners had purchased a mansion originally Bostancı Olgun Escort built in the 1880s, and converted it into an upscale boutique hotel. They had divided the mansion into 6 suites, each with multiple rooms. My mood was definitely on the rise, and I laughed out loud when I was the name painted on the sign at the entrance, “The Third Manor”.

I went to the desk, and was totally unsurprised to hear that my girlfriend had reserved room 3. The clerk gave me my key and wished me a pleasant stay, tactfully ignoring the fact that

I was fighting back laughter at what must have appeared to be nothing. I made my way to the room, and used my key to enter. The door opened into what would probably be described as a sitting room, which was empty. I looked around for a moment; then called out to Daisy.

“Back here, “she answered. I followed the sound of her voice through a doorway and into a large bedroom.

I am not sure that I have ever been more shocked than by the site that greeted me. Daisy was sitting on an enormous bed, her back against the headboard. She was wearing a black fishnet top that clung tightly to her body. The netting in the fabric was quite large, and her body was as visible as if she were wearing nothing. The top was connected by garters to a matching pair of fishnet stockings which I could see had no crotch. Still, I could not clearly see her pussy, as my view was obstructed by the hand of the girl sitting next to her.

The girl was young, probably in her early 20’s. Her skin was tanned, her light brown hair hung to her shoulders, were her light brown eyes gazed at me. She was tall probably 5′ 10″ or so, with long legs which were sheathed in a pair or black and white striped thigh-highs. She was athletically built, with muscles tone I could see. Along with her stockings, she was wearing a white shear bra that stood out against the brown or her skin. She had nice breasts, not as large as Daisy’s but in proportion to her longer frame. She smiled at me shyly as I made eye contact with her, which seemed overly demure considering she was lying nearly naked on a bed, stroking my girlfriend’s pussy.

“This is Trinity, ” said Daisy, and I suddenly realized that I knew her, at least slightly. She worked at an upscale sex shop geared towards women that Daisy and I had visited several times. She had flirted openly with Daisy and was pleasant with me. I was almost certain that her name was not Trinity, but I realized that Daisy couldn’t resist throwing in another three.

Not knowing what else to do, I stammered some inane greeting that was wholly inappropriate to the situation. I probably would have made an effort at small talk, asking about the weather or something, had Daisy not interrupted me.

“You know how you always say that we shouldn’t have a real threesome? I think you are full of crap, telling me what you think I want to hear. It’s really quite patronizing. So I thought I would put it to a test. If you think it’s best that Trinity leave, just say the word. She’ll go, and you and I can still do whatever you want… But if you want her to stay, you have to say so. In fact, you have to tell us what to do.”

“I don’t want to ruin your plans…,” I trailed Bostancı Sarışın Escort off as I saw Daisy’s smirk, and heard Trinity begin to laugh.

“That is a total cop out,” Daisy said, “Tell us what to do or tell her to leave.”

I was still a bit shocked, and I might have simply stood and gaped indefinitely had my cock not been quicker to respond than my brain. Before I even realized I was about to speak, I quickly blurted out, “Can I see you kiss?”

Trinity laughed a bit harder, and Daisy roller her eyes at me, but they turned to face one another, leaned in, and began to kiss. The kiss was initially fairly tame, but as it continued it became more passionate. As their lips parted, I could see their tongues entwining, and realized for the first time how incredibly horny the scene was making me.

“Daisy, take off her bra.” My mouth was dry and the words were cracked, but apparently audible as Daisy reached around the other girl and undid the snaps on the bra.

With her breasts freed, Trinity seemed to become more aroused. She began making small noises in the back of her throat, and I could see that her pert brown nipples were hard. She began to push against Daisy, rubbing their breasts together. Daisy responded with a small gasp, and pulled the Trinity tightly against her.

“Touch each others breasts,” I mumbled, and Daisy leaned back a bit so that she could move her hand to cup her partner’s breast. Trinity ran her hand up the right side of Daisy’s body; then she began stroking Daisy’s nipple through the fishnet.

Knowing how Daisy likes to be touched, I began giving Trinity more specific instructions.

“Squeeze her nipple,” I said, “Roll it between your finger and thumb.”

As Daisy began to moan, I realized that as much as I was enjoying watching, I needed to become more involved.

“Daisy, take your top off,” I said as I moved to the bed. She leaned back from Trinity’s caress and pulled her top over her head.

“Now lay down.” I had reached the bed now and climbed up to join the two women .

“Trinity, suck on Daisy’s left nipple.” She complied, and I moved next to her and took my girlfriend’s right nipple into my mouth. I sucked it between my lips, flicking the tip with my tongue. Daisy’s moans increased, and I looked over to see Trinity watching me and copying my actions.

We made eye contact, and I reached out and pulled her to me, adjusting my mouth so that we could both lick Daisy’s right nipple at once. Our tongues swirled hungrily over my girlfriend’s tit, often overlapping each other in our shared eagerness to please.

I took Trinity’s left hand in my right, and guided it down between Daisy’s legs. I kept her hand in my grasp as I pushed it onto Daisy’s pussy, guiding her fingers to my girlfriend’s clit. Daisy began to moan louder, and I pushed Trinity’s fingers more firmly against her cunt, guiding her hand in small circles as I knew Daisy liked to have her pussy rubbed.

I could feel the tension building in Daisy, so I paused my ministrations on her nipple long enough to speak to Trinity.

“Lick her pussy.” By now, I was nearly moaning myself.

Trinity worked her way down, and I watched as she began running Bostancı Şişman Escort her tongue up and down Daisy’s pussy, As Daisy’s breathing increased; Trinity cupped her mouth over her clit, taking it between her lips. I could see that she had also slipped two of her thin fingers into my girlfriend’s pussy, and was fucking her as she sucked her clit.

I was moaning, pressing my cock against my girlfriend’s side as I watched her get her pussy licked. I moved up and began kissing Daisy, and I felt her hand unfasten my pants. She pulled my slacks and boxers down far enough so that she could grab my cock, then she began to stroke my shaft as I continued to pinch her nipples, the two of us kissing the entire time.

Suddenly, I felt the familiar stiffening of Daisy’s body. She moaned loudly into my mouth and gripped my cock tightly as a tremendous orgasm rolled through her body. I removed my mouth from hers, and watched her as she panted, eyes half closed, her body coated in sweat.

Looking down, I saw that Trinity was gently kissing the inside of Daisy’s thigh. As I was about to suggest that we trade places, Daisy sat up and pulled her legs under herself. She took Trinity by the shoulders and turned her onto her back, then leaned in and began kissing the younger girl. Having just come. Daisy apparently, decided to take a more proactive role. She pulled her mouth from Trinity’s, then grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into her place. I began to kiss Trinity, and she responded by sucking my tongue into her mouth. Her lips were sticky from licking Daisy’s clit, and the taste of my girlfriend’s pussy on another girl’s tongue filled me with a frantic, drunken desire.

I greedily sucked her lips and tongue, trying to get every drop of my girlfriend’s juices from her face. Soon, Trinity began moaning rhythmically, and I looked down to see Daisy licking her pussy. I too began to work my way down her body, in the process working my pants all the way off. Seeing me, Daisy pushed Trinity’s legs open wider and started slowly and deliberately circling her tongue around Trinity’s clit, all the while looking directly into my eyes.

Unable to take anymore, I moved behind Daisy, spread her legs, and pushed my cock into her pussy. She was still nearly dripping wet, and I slipped easily inside of her. I reached around so that I could rub her clit, and then slowly began to fuck her. Daisy stuck her tongue all the way out, so that it covered the length of Trinity’s pussy. As I thrust into her, Daisy’s mouth was pushed into Trinity’s cunt, so that she was licking her to the rhythm of our fucking. As both women began to moan, I began fucking Daisy harder, all the while rubbing her clit.

Suddenly, Trinity grabbed Daisy’s head, and began grinding her cunt against her face. Seeing my girlfriend tongue fuck another woman was too much for me to take, and I had to come.

I rammed hard into Daisy from behind, and felt her pussy begin to clench as she came. Trinity began to say Daisy’s name, more and more quickly, then started begging to be her slut.

Then we were all coming at once, and kept coming for an eternity. I came for so long that I nearly passed out, and I was only vaguely aware of Daisy saying my name as her pussy milked my cock of a seemingly endless amount of cum.

I fell onto my side, spent, trying to catch my breath. Daisy reached over, and pushed me onto my back, and began kissing my lips gently. She lay on top of me, then moved her mouth down to my ear.

“I love you,” she said, “Wait until you turn 44.”