An Afternoon by the Pool


I think I’ve always been an exhibitionist at heart, but until I turned 40, I never had the nerve to do anything to satisfy my desire to show myself to a stranger. I’ve never been very comfortable with my body, feeling that it didn’t come up to par with everybody else’s. I’ve always carried a few extra pounds, but wouldn’t be considered fat by most people’s standards, although I usually felt that way. It didn’t consume me, but it kept me from wearing snug clothing or anything that revealed a lot of skin. One day, I decided to let go of my inhibitions and shocked myself when I discovered just how far I would to go.

I woke up around 8 o’clock and knew that it was going to be a good day. My husband had left really early for a business meeting in another city and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow. Both of my kids had plans that would keep them away from home until at least 10 PM. I was really looking forward to an entire day all by myself with no meals to prepare and no one around asking me take them someplace or make them something to eat. It was a glorious summer day and I planned to take full advantage of the sun, our pool and the new book I’d bought yesterday.

By 10 AM, the kids were gone, the house was straightened up and I was sitting outside on the deck with my second cup of coffee and my new book. After about half and hour, I was getting pretty warm so I went inside to change into my bathing suit so I could have a dip in the pool. I grabbed my regular one-piece suit, but then stopped and instead pulled out a rather skimpy two-piece number I’d bought a few weeks before, but hadn’t had the courage to wear. I was home alone in my private backyard, so who was going to see me?

I pulled my arms through the straps and leaned forward allowing my ample titties to fall into the cups and then reached behind me to fasten it closed. I adjusted my boobs making sure the fabric covered my large areolas. I pulled on the bikini bottom and looked at myself in the mirror. The triangle of fabric that covered the front of the suit bottom was too small to cover my entire mound and I could see some of my auburn pubic hair around the edges. Alone or not, I couldn’t go outside like that! I grabbed my electric razor and shaved it off. The feeling was quite erotic and I decided to go completely hairless. The electric razor wouldn’t do the job so I turned on the bathtub faucet and sat on the edge of the tub, propping a mirror against the wall. I soaped up my pussy and shaved all my pubic hair off. It felt so…naked…and I loved it!

A few minutes later, I was back outside, lying beside the pool on my chaise lounge. I read for a little while, but soon the heat got to me and I jumped into the pool. I swam a few lengths and paddled around for about 20 minutes and then got out to lie in the sun. I’d forgotten my towel up on the deck and went tuzla escort up to get it. The deck is about three feet above ground level and although the neighbours can’t see into my yard, one or two of them can see us if we’re on the deck. I’ve been living in this house for almost 20 years and there is a neighbour who lives kitty-corner to our yard that gives me the creeps. He’s been watching and staring at me during the summers ever since we moved here. I’ve never spoken to him but I know he watches me. There’s nothing wrong with his appearance, it’s just the way he’s always looked at me; it’s like he’s undressing me. I’ve gotten used to him over the years and today, I just didn’t think about him.

When I went up on the deck to retrieve my towel, I dried off my shoulders and arms and then leaned over to get the excess water out of my copper coloured hair. When I stood back up straight again, I saw him on his front porch looking over at me. I could see the smile on his face then realized what I was wearing. There I was facing him with my arms raised up to my head, my big titties were very prominent in the bikini top. I did what I always do, and ignored him. I said earlier that the guy gives me the creeps, but from a distance, I get a certain secret satisfaction from him watching me all these years.

I went back down by the pool and adjusted my chair so that I was facing my next-door neighbours yard. There is a thick vine on the chain-link fence, making it difficult to see through and besides; I knew they were on vacation. I started reading my book again. It was a romance novel and I had gotten to a pretty steamy part. I could feel a tingling in my breasts when I read how the hero was playing with the heroine’s nipples.

Almost unconsciously, my fingers slipped inside one of the cups of my top and I started teasing my own nipple. I continued reading and fantasizing about “him” doing to me what “he” was doing to “her”, using my fingers and imagining them to be his lips and tongue. By the time I got to the part where “she” was stroking “his” cock, I was very turned on.

I put down the book and reached for my sun tan oil. I looked around and feeling confident that no one could see me; I undid the back of my top and removed it completely. The feeling of the warm sun beating down on my titties was lovely. I poured some oil over them and began to rub it in. I paid particular attention to my nipples, gently rubbing them with the palms of my hands making them nice and hard. I have very fair skin; my areolas are a pinkish/brown colour, bigger than a silver dollar and when erect, my nipples get thick and stand out about 3/4 of an inch. The combination of the sun, the oil, the outdoors and the nice feeling in my titties was extremely sensual. My gentle tittie rubbing soon became a little harder and I couldn’t resist göztepe escort the urge to pull and pinch on my big nipples.

I was looking down at them, jutting out so far and becoming a little red, and thought of the time I had wrapped some dental floss around them and teased them with a soft brush. When I felt the almost electric like current beginning at my nipples and going directly to my clit, I knew that eventually, I was going to be bringing myself to an orgasm. I poured oil over my tummy and began rubbing it in with one hand while the other kept playing with first one nipple, then the other. My eyes were closed and I smiled to myself thinking that my creepy neighbour would just love to be watching me now.

When I slipped my fingers under the bottom of the suit my body trembled when the oil ran down onto my hairless pussy lips. For a moment, I considered going into the house so I would have my vibrator to help me along, but I was really turned on by the heat of the sun on my body, that I lifted my hips and removed the bottom part of my suit, dropped my legs of either side of the lounge and let my middle finger find my tingling clit.

The excitement I felt lying naked outdoors, totally exposing myself and playing with my titties and clit was very intense. Without even realizing it was going to happen, a deep moan escaped from my throat when my finger started making little circles over my clit. I was really getting into it when I ‘sensed’ someone nearby. This excited me even more and I began fingering myself a little more aggressively. I wasn’t sure if anyone was there or not, but was aroused enough to decide that if there really was someone watching, I wanted them to see me.

I moved both of my hands between my legs and lightly stroked the outer lips of my pussy. Without hair, even the slightest touch felt so sensuous. I heard a movement on the other side of the vine, but did not indicate I’d heard anything. I used the fingers of one hand to separate my pussy lips and used a finger from my other hand to flick my clit. I leaned forward a little bit so I could see my clitty coming out from under its hood. I put my finger into my mouth and got it nice and wet then started rubbing my clit. Again, I heard something and knew I was being watched and suspected that it was my creepy neighbour spying on me. Then and there, I decided I was going to give him something that he’d remember every time he looked at me from afar. I felt so sexy and knew he couldn’t get into the yard from where he was.

I was rubbing my clit, still holding my lips open and softly started to moan, “Ohhh…That feels so nice!” I was moving my hips against my finger and began whispering loud enough for whoever was there to hear me, “Mmmm…a tongue would feel so nice licking my clitty right now, a nice wet tongue and a pair üsküdar escort of lips sucking on it. Oh, man…I’m so wet; my pussy is just begging to be fucked. Ohhh…No, not yet, no fingers in my wet, juicy pussy just yet, my clitty is enjoying this too much to stop.”

I kept my finger on my clit, but moved the other hand back up to my tits. I had my baby finger and ring finger under my tit and my thumb on top and used my middle and pointer finger to flick the nipple until it got long and hard again. I started talking again, “Ooohhh, yeah, get nice and big for me. GOD! I’d love a mouth sucking on these babies right now!”

I leaned my head back against the lounge back; my hands were still busy rubbing my clitty and tits. I opened my eyes just enough to be able to see a pair of legs and a hand furiously rubbing a huge cock. I couldn’t see his entire body, but could make out that his hand was surrounding the shaft and there was still plenty to see and his cock head was large and purple. Whoever was over there had an amazingly big cock that I would have loved to be sucking on at that moment.

I could hear his heavy breathing and the undeniable sound of a man jacking off; and he was really going strong. I was so hot by now, when I looked down between my legs, I could see my juices all over my inner thighs. I raised my feet up to the edge of the chaise and moved my finger down to my pussy opening. I rubbed around the opening and brought my finger to my mouth, lightly tracing a line around my lips. I extended my tongue from my mouth and licked the tip of my finger, then closed my lips around it and sucked it into my mouth, tasting my sex. “Mmmmm… that’s good!” I groaned.

I put my finger back to my pussy and started friggin’ myself. I only had one finger inside of me at first, but then put a second one in. My breathing was laboured and my hand started moving faster and faster. I was moaning and groaning and remember saying, “GOD! That big cock would feel so good fucking me right now.” My hips were jerking up against my fingers and my tits were bouncing up and down. I inserted a third finger into my pussy and after just a couple of more strokes knew I was going to cum.

I wanted my voyeur to know that I was that close, so in a deep, husky voice said, “ohhhh…yeah, yeah, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…Ohhhhhhhhh!” My hips thrust upwards and the waves of my orgasm overtook me. I heard a grunt from the other side and knew he’d cum too. I looked directly at the spot where I’d seen him a few minutes ago but he wasn’t there. I heard some rustling sounds and then silence. I smiled, closed my eyes, laid my head back and played with my nipples a little more; loving the way I was feeling.

After a few minutes, I put my bathing suit back on and took a quick dip in the pool. When I went back up on the deck, I looked over towards his house, and sure enough, he was sitting on his porch looking over at me, except this time, he waved. I just gave him a sexy look, turned and went into the house. I imagine I’ll be seeing him staring over here at me a lot more often this summer