Master , Two Slaves Ch. 1


Master has given me permission to write about my favorite threesome that has transpired between Master, myself, and another woman we’ll call

. Hopefully, I will write this well enough so that when Master reads this He will reward me, by giving me a good spanking.

By nature I am not a dominating person. I usually have difficulty stating my opinion, which is I guess why having a Master is so important to me as a person. Someone who can take control and make me want to give it. Oh don’t get me wrong I have my moments when I can be quite dominant, but that is another story for another time.

Master and I started seeing each other as teenagers. Master,

, and myself have been having threesomes for quite some time now as well, so we all know what each of us likes. Master is 6 foot 5 inches tall, and right now weighs about 325 pounds. I am 5 feet 1 inch tall and weigh 145 pounds.

is about 5 ft 3 inches and 150 pounds.

lives over an hour away. Master or I usually go and pick her up. When Master picks her up, sometimes I send Him with a note telling her she better suck Masters cock on the way home, I have even asked Master to make sure she sucks it.

First and foremost Master and I are friends, husband and wife, and then we are Master and slave. We got into doing this because of my curiosity. I had the desire to learn more about it. When Master became my Master in addition to being my Husband, we began slowly teaching each other. For a long time Master and I wouldn’t include

in the domination part of it, we would strictly have a manage trois, eventually we slowly introduced it to her, when she decided she wanted to partake also. She loves being Masters little slave, now.

His first priority is me, yet I am happiest when I am doing things for him. We have two children, which makes it difficult to be 24/7. However when there is no one else in the room, I still call him Master. It actually works out quite nicely.

Once He realized how difficult it was for me to be dominant, and how truly submissive I really am, everything is wonderful, he knows that look in my eyes means His slave loves to be controlled and loves to please her Master.

My vision of the perfect threesome is where I am completely controlled by Master and another woman. Master thought his wife, would be jealous if He allowed another woman to control her. So his idea was that I would have a slave of my own. He didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be jealous when Master does what I craves for Him to do. The night

got her collar was a difficult one for me because Master wanted His very special slave have a slave of her own and she felt like she spent most of the evening displeasing Master. But that too is another story.

This particular night, I had done something wrong previously, and it was discussed and decided that slave would receive her punishment later in the week when

would be there to see what happens to bad little slaves. It started out with 10 slaps on each side, however, me and mouth got me in enough trouble, that by the time Master went to pick up

I had accumulated 30 on each side.

When Master left to go pick up

this time, He grabbed me by the back of the head, and tipped my head up to look at Him and He said, “I am going to make her suck My cock on the way home, and while you are at work, I am probably going to make her beg me to fuck her. Think about that you little slut, Oh and I want you to wear this skirt to work, no panties, and wear a tight fitting shirt under this sweater. I will talk to you later.” And he kissed her on the forehead.

When Master was ready to punish His slave, He makes it last, now she was going to have to work all day with no panties, and she would probably be soaking wet by the time she got through thinking about what Master and

were doing.

He called her that day at work when they got home and He made

tell her all of the details of how she had sucked Masters cock until it was hard as a rock and that they stopped beside the road and Master ate her pussy, then how He slipped His rock Starzbet hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. She continued with how good it felt and how when Master came she could feel all 10 squirts. Then she said, “See you when you get home and Master just said ‘you better not play with your pussy.’”

“Tell Him I said ’Yes Master’.”

That night when I got home, He made me wait, prolonging it. Both of us women showered and

shaved my pussy, and then her own, then Master came in and took His shower, and when He got out both His sluts were there to suck His cock and balls dry.

We were in the living room watching a porno movie, Master in his chair,

in the rocking chair and me at my Master’s feet sitting on the floor. Finally He told me to go upstairs and get him my collar, my rope for my rope bra, and a couple more ropes, and grab some clothespins too. “Yes Master,” I replied. I went upstairs and thought I should bring

’s collar down also. I grabbed everything I was told to and brought them downstairs, when I walked in the living room,

had Masters cock buried down her throat. I have to admit, I was a bit jealous at first when I found out she could take it all down her throat, Master has an 8 inch cock that is as big around as my wrist. I am so petite, no matter how hard we try I just cant take it all. But number 2 can. It doesn’t make me jealous anymore, it just gives me a goal to try and reach. She gets right into it and Master makes noises only she can get him to make.

Master hadn’t noticed me yet but when He did, Master told me to put my bra on while I was watching. I did as I was told. Then He asked if I had brought everything. I told him I had and that I even thought maybe I should bring

’s collar. He instructed me to place it around her neck and when she had the collar on, I was suppose to stuff Masters cock down her throat, if I wanted my pussy eaten. I did as I was told. She loved it, when I grabbed her head she made more noise into Masters cock and started sucking it better and harder, with more effort, and then I dared to look into Masters eyes “I love you Master,” I said quietly.

“I love My slave too,

you may get up now, go sit in the chair while My slave receives her punishment. You know what you are being punished for, Right?” He said.

“Yes Master.”

He told me to lay across His lap, which I did. And He began spanking my naked ass, a little harder each time. I count them almost always to myself, so I don’t get caught off guard when Master asks how many that was. Due to Masters size, Masters hands are very large and I have a very small ass, so His hand mostly covers one side of my ass. Each one stung, and every now and then I would wince, Master likes spanking me. The more drippings He felt from my pussy the harder he would spank me. When I took the required number of slaps, Master asked if I had, had enough. “Yes Master,” I replied.

He slapped me a few more times and said “You haven’t had enough until I say you have had enough.”

This whole time, my pussy is gushing fluids out of it, knowing that

was watching made it all the worse. I was being treated like a bad slave and she was dripping wet too. When He reached down to my bald pussy and felt how wet it was, He looked at

and said, “Look, the naughty little slut likes it.”

“Mmm, yes she does … Master, ” Was

’s reply.

“Who likes it more?” Master asked.

just blushed and looked down while Master continued to spank my already hot, red, ass.

At some point shortly after this conversation, I went into that place that I believe is referred to as subspace. All of a sudden tears came to my eyes, and the soreness that I felt on my ass with every slap, suddenly felt as wonderful as a tongue lashing out on my clit. Each slap more delicious than the last, until I would swear if someone touched my pussy right then I would cum right then and there with or without permission. It feels like I am floating higher and higher.

The moment Master felt tears on his leg, and thought He had hurt me. He immediately Starzbet Giriş apologized and felt awful. Due to his obvious size and strength difference he is always worried about hurting me, which is why getting into the D’s was a difficult step for us. He felt so bad I believe Master’s cock went soft for a minute. I stopped crying and He asked if I was ok. I couldn’t describe it, and said I was and then I said, “Master, will you please spank me some more?”

“No, I won’t, I don’t want to hurt you again, I am sorry I got carried away.”

“You didn’t get carried away, I liked it Master, honest you didn’t hurt me.”

“Well you don’t cry cause something feels good.”

“This time I did, please Master, please spank my ass. I don’t know how to explain it, but once I started to cry, it felt really good, it didn’t hurt anymore. Please Master, please spank this worthless slaves ass. Please Master, I am begging you. You said yourself I haven’t had enough until you say I have had enough, you weren’t ready to stop, were you Master, with all due respect sir.”

He grabbed

’s head roughly and said, “Go get the table ready.”

“Yes Master,” she said.

She got up and went to the kitchen, Master pointed to his lap and I draped myself across it. He spanked me some more, I took each one without so much as a sound, and they each felt so good. Then told me to get my slutty ass on my knees.

I did and he placed my collar around my neck and pushed my face into his cock. I knew everything was going to be ok and he wasn’t too mad, he was allowing me the honor of sucking his cock. After I tried to take it all down my throat, to no avail, I was told to get out to the kitchen and get on the table. “Yes Master,” I said and did as I was told. I layed on the table and

started eating my pussy, Master came up beside me and placed a rope on one wrist and put it up by my head, then he ran the rope under the table to the other wrist and tied the rope to it. Now I could hardly move my hands at all. She kept eating my pussy and every now and then Master would pinch my nipples.

Then He placed a clothespin on each side of each nipple. So there was my nipples poking out between two clothespins. He was able to adjust my wrist straps so that my head would move closer to the edge of the table and He told me what He was going to do while I had His cock in my mouth, “You better not cum until I give you permission. In a little while, I am going to take

in the other room and I am going to fuck her pussy, I am going to cum in it, you will only be able to listen, and be ready cause when I cum in her hot little pussy, she is going to come out here and you are going to clean the cum out of her. Then you are going to clean off My cock.”

By this point I am going crazy, I am almost ready to cum and Master reminds me, “I told you not to cum.”

let up with what she was doing and Master said in a loud voice “Don’t make it easy on her, slut, or I’ll paddle your ass, just like I did hers.”

She was right back at it. When I fight it like this I try to think of other things, like how happy Master will be if I fight it long enough, and I also think about how incredible my orgasms are when I am made to fight them. They feel so much better, when Master looks into my eyes and says “Cum for me now slut, “ it just makes me tingle all over.

I held it off as long as I could, when I could hold it no longer I looked up at Master and said “P-please, Ma-Mas-Master.”

“Cum slut,” was all He said.

Then Master decided to give me something to think about while He was in the other room. He placed 2 clothespins on each side of my pussy, in the big meaty area. Then He told

to get ready to be fucked. Just before he left he placed a sock over my eyes and tucked it in under my head, he kind of chuckled when he said, “So easy to remove, yet you can’t.”

I layed there tied to the table with clothespins on my pussy and nipples, my own cum dripping out of my pussy, listening to Master fuck another pussy, knowing I was going to get to clean the cum Starzbet Güncel Giriş out of that pussy when He was finished. It was driving me wild, and not being able to see made it even worse, all I could do was listen and feel. Every time I breathed heavy the clothespins would jiggle, and my pussy was just gushing fluid, listening to her moan while Master slammed his 8 inch cock deep into her dripping wet cunt. I can hear Masters balls slapping against her ass, then I hear her familiar breathing pattern and I know that Master has just made her cum. Then I hear a couple of loud thwack’s, and summized that Master was slapping her ass. Then I could hear him making his throaty grunts when he reached his orgasm.

counts the pumps of semen that come out of Masters cock, there were 12 this time. He must have been hornier than this afternoon.

When she came out and sat on my face and my tongue started moving instinctively, soon she took off the blindfold, so I could do a good job. I lapped at her clit and licked from her ass hole to her pubic hair and back again. Then I slipped my tongue into her pussy and licked the cum out of her pussy, it was so wet and sticky, but it tasted so good, cause I knew it had just come out of Master and he left it there for me. I cleaned her up and then Master was there and He was licking my pussy, his tongue felt so good there. He was flicking my clit with his tongue and sucking on it like a nipple, holding the clothespins so that my pussy was wide open for him. He would slip his tongue in and lick me from the inside out, then He would slip a finger in me and attack my g-spot. Master let me cum 3 times all over His face, and each time he just knew when I could take no more and he would lift His face only a little and say, “Go ahead and cum for me slut.”

By then Master was ready to put his cock into my pussy, I honestly could take no more of the clothespins that were there once he started moving, Master and I don’t have a safe word I call him by his given name and that lets him know there is a problem. So I asked Master to please remove those ones. When Master asked why, I explained that with every stroke in it really pulled on the skin in the clothespin. He removed them and continued pounding his cock into my pussy. I licked, sucked, and shoved my tongue as far in

’s pussy as I could, she came all over my face, by then I knew her cunt was clean and she was still riding my face making me eat her pussy and the second time she came, she really rubbed my nose in it.

When I was ready to cum, again, I asked first and each time Master said, “Hold it as long as you can and then you have My permission.”

When I could hold it no more, I said “Thank you Master” with each orgasm. The three of us came together that last time. I could feel it shooting back to the back of my pussy, it was so hot, I felt 8 good squirts.

was grinding and moaning, and screaming. It is very incredible when the three of us cum at the same time. I was surprised when He grabbed

by the hair and said “Fair is fair, now you clean her pussy.” And He shoved her face into my pussy, so we were in the 69 position. But wouldn’t let me lick her, he instead shoved his cock down my throat and I lovingly cleaned his cock off.

She licked and sucked my pussy and stuck her tongue in to make sure she got all Master’s cum out of me. I had another orgasm while Masters cock was in my mouth getting cleaned up. I held it as long as I could, while I was licking and sucking on his cock. Just as I reached my peak Master released the clothespins from the nipples and I moaned with the intensity of the blood rushing back to my nipples and the orgasm squirting out of my pussy. I believe

is still amazed when I squirt my juices all over her face.

When Masters cock and my pussy were all clean, they untied me and we went back to watch television. Master in His chair,

in the rocking chair, me, right where I belong, sitting at my Masters feet on the floor.

Writing about this now is making my pussy wet, and I can’t wait for Master to arrive, perhaps, He may make use of His little slut when He sees I have finished this.

I can write more about O/our adventures if people like what I write. Master will probably use the paddle, when He reads peoples responses to M/my story, so please let U/us know what you think.