Didi cured secret disease


Didi Cures Secret Disease

Hello friends, my name is Ravi and I will make my tragedy today.

We are residents of the village. There is a big joint family in my house and we have come to Indore to study two siblings. Both of us stood and also earned money.

In the story, I wrote Didi instead of my sister.

Now I come to my story, both of us have rented a room in the city which has a compact kitchen and a bathroom which does not have a door properly but there was no problem, we are both siblings.

Because of the lack of space for both of us, we both slept together on the bed of the single bed. Sometimes Didi used to stick with me. Never in my heart did I think of Didi fucking me and I might not have even come in Didi.

One day when I was in my college bathroom I was beating my mouth. I felt that my penis has become crooked. I got scared. I was told by a friend to stop slapping me. I did it for a few days when I cling to my sister’s ass. When I was sleeping, I got out of my own hands; I looked in the morning; I got nervous, then I called my friend, and we both walked over and wondered what to do?

Then he got a call from someone, we went to that address and saw that there was a legitimate board hanging and the treatment was going on, after putting in an endless line, the number came, the receptionist gave us a form and sent it. That tomorrow I went to my room Didi came not from college, Didi was in the second year and I was in first.

In the matter of knowledge of sex, Didi had more knowledge about what happens to me later.

I filled that form on the bed in the room, Didi was a science student, she knew about these diseases, but I did not ask why I was under balıkesir escort the illusion that sex diseases are taught after getting a degree. But Didi knew everything.

I forgot the form there, and Didi came out to roam and she saw the form, I wrote in such clear words as My cock has become crooked and one night my mouth has gone out automatically and my cock is also small (I had added this thing to you so I can enlarge my penis, although nothing happens by size I have written it).

So I came and saw the form in Didi’s hand, and my ass burst. Did not even know, Didi said, “What is this all about?”

I said “You reader?” I am ashamed to tell you” Didi bid “You could have asked me also, I know all you do about these Vaidya Baba Why should I not let your cock stand in it.”

Didi was aghast at hearing the words of cocks from Didi’s mouth, Didi said, “Do you trust these local doctors with no cocks more than your sister? “

Didi then spoke the word cocks, I felt so good when she spoke cocks.

I said, “I am ashamed of your sister!”

Didi said “When that Baba takes off your trunks and checks it with cocks machines, is not ashamed?” Didi was angry, and she tore the form down my neck.

Now Didi said, “Tell me what is the problem, tell me like that, tell me these babas.”

I said, “Didi, my cock has become crooked and one day my mouth has gone out and the cock is also a little smaller.”

Hearing the word cocks from my mouth, Didi also liked it, then Didi locked the door and came near smiling and said while pulling down my pants “Take it off!” I was blushing, Didi was laughing and said, “If he spoke in front of Baba, he would have taken balikesirmetroturizm.com his ass. Now he is blushing in front of me.”

Sister had opened up a lot more today than me.

I opened the button of pants while blushing Didi sat in front of me as if she was sucking, Didi asked to take off the pants, and then she also took off the shirt, and now only the tights were left.

Didi looked at her “Is this for me” before I took her off, Didi angrily tore the tights which were torn.

I said, “Didi spoiled my trunk, you have got two with me, you have torn an excellent one, now what will I do? No money has come from home yet.”

Didi flirting and said “I have many, you can wear my” I also said “I will wear whatever I wear” Didi kept looking at my mouth, which had bowed down in shame some time back.

My sister Didi now took the foreskin in her hand and said, “Show me the crooked?” I said, “I will look a little while standing.”

Sister said, “When will you get an erection?” I said, “don’t know.”

So I started caressing my cock, I wished that the cock would not stand so that the sister tried something like this.

After some time, Didi said “It is a problem, it is not standing, otherwise it does not back down in salute as soon as a girl comes in the hand.”

Now Didi put the cocks in her mouth with gossip. She erected the cocks. Didi started sucking. After some time, Didi pulled out of her mouth. Didi said, “The biggest problem is that you have not had sex yet, tell me.” I said “with a hand I did,” Didi said, “cock is like this, there are a lot of cocks in my book and if the cocks are crooked, then there is more fun in the pussy”.

Didi quote “Tell me how small it is,” Didi started measuring with her hand, then brought the tape to my cock 6’5 inch turned out Didi quote “It is so big, it is written in our book that 80% of the men have 5 inches and Happy 20% is only a big brother.”

I was happy Didi grabbed the cocks again, and I started seeing “Didi wear clothes now” Didi said yes but said “Didi you tote my trunks now I will take you” Didi bid.

We had forgotten another disease. Let us get further treatment.

I went to Didi; she started trying to run, but I caught her and she caught the leg, she ran away and took a break and maybe even a little burst.

Didi got angry as she said “sadder” Speaking like this, she took off her clothes and took off her tights and said “wear this it’s mine” Didi’s smooth pussy was shining I saw Didi’s tights. I was wearing wet tights.

Didi started laughing and said stop taking a photo of yours, Didi took the photo and I remembered another disease, I asked “What do I do with my mouth?” Didi said “By putting someone’s pussy every day, everyone will be finished by sleeping,” I said, “Now whose pussy should I bring?” Didi said, “See, I still used to work with my finger, I will run even further.”

I kissed sister loudly and slammed on the bed and hit a blow Didi’s pussy was half cocks in the sister Didi seal pack virgin The sister was very pained Didi screamed.

Sister started having fun after some time, I remained banging her.

That night we sexed all night and now we sex every day, not wearing clothes at home, the cost of clothes was also reduced and the tights were the only sister, and the sister did, I used to wear her tights only.


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I will post the next update soon, this story is written in it, how my friends killed my ass and sister’s pussy, because of me, we started earning money. Until then, keep fucking.