With Best Friends Like This….


When I was 13, I was really shy. Bullied, pushed around, insulted. So I just assumed no one liked me (I did have a few friends, but, mostly I just stayed home and didn’t talk to anyone, cause it was just safest that way) I did go out with my brother and his friends, I knew them pretty good from them coming over all the time. One day one of them brought his nephew. Me & Bill (the nephew) instantly became best friends. He was a jock, so he was pretty popular at his school, but honestly, he wasn’t that bright, which I happened to be, so our extremes were polar opposites, but before we figured that out, we figured out where were actually quite alike personality wise. Later we learned how to use the polar opposites to make us better and more popular!

I met lots of girls, and lots of the girls I met really liked me. I went out with quite a few of them. But, I was still very shy. I opened up a little, started getting to know people hanging around Bill, and then people hanging around them, and slowly spreading out. But, NEVER ONCE had I asked a girl I didn’t know out. This threw me in the dreaded friend zone with a lot of them. But fortunately enough were smart enough to ask me out indirectly (in the 80’s it was still uncool for a girl to ask a guy out.)

Through high school, I actually became pretty popular at his school. Though it seemed most of the girls either of us went out with, the other would go out with shortly after the first broke up. But knowing this did seem to kill the jealous issues. (So did all the other girls, no need to be jealous when you could select a new model… I was a really happy time.)

So, fast forward to shortly after graduation. Bill and I were at the mall, scoping new chicks as usual, and we passed one of the ‘cool’ clothings stores. We both looked in at the same time to see this gorgeous cashier! She was the everything you could imagine in an 80’s girl! She was wearing the typical 80’s look, a half shirt, accentuating her still gravity defying softball sized tits, a super tight mini skirt, hugging her well rounded ass, and exposing her thick muscular legs, calves covered with leg warmers.

“WOW! I think I’m in love!” I said to Bill; I had to mark my ‘dibs’. Now she was mine. Off limits to him until after I had exhausted my attempts to get her. Shouldn’t matter though, cause he was pretty serious with Christine. Though, I should have known better, cause he did cheat on her quite often.

“Leah? You like Leah? That cashier over there?”

“YOU KNOW HER?” I said with a big grin. “Dude, you gotta introduce me!”

“Yeah, she went to my school, she graduated last year, so she might be too old for you! (grin) You really should learn to do this on your own son, one day I may not be here to do this for you. Come on.” We walked in the store, straight up to the counter.

“Hey Leah, what’s up?”

“Hey Bill. Nothing much, just watching the cute guys pass through.” She said as she looked towards me with a beautiful smile. She didn’t really seem to have any interest in him, other than as a friend. “And you brought one in for me!?”

Heh, she was talking about me! She already thinks I’m cute, so what am I worried about? EVERYONE loves my personality, so this should be a piece of cake! I could do this! I have no problem making all these girls I know laugh and smile, just lemme me lay on the charm.

“This is Bryan, my brother from another mother. He’s kinda shy…”

“Hi” I said. Uh oh. All my wit and charm erzurum escort just left me. I was all school-girl giddy-ish. She thought I was cute, and she was like a super model, so surely she wouldn’t like my perverted wit. And with out it, I got nothing…

“I’ve not seen you around, you new around here? Surely you didn’t go to Central with me?” she asked.

“Nope, North.” Again, with the incredible conversation skills.

“Oh, so you were one of my arch rivals huh?” she said with a giggle, so incredibly cute and flirtatious, trying to get me to open up and talk to her.

“Naw, I’m not really into the sports thing.” ohh, brilliant. Idiot. Not cute in the least, not even indicative of any interest in her. Bill hit me ‘dumbass’. I dropped my head in shame. I blew it. But I tried to give her my cute pitty me look, but before she could notice, her manager called her.

“Oops, gotta go. Nice meeting you Bryan. Bye Bill”

“Fuck, I’m an idiot. I do this all the time. Though, she seemed like she liked me, didn’t she? I mean, she though I was cute, so, that’s a start… Can you go back and put in a quick little good word for me? I’d really like to get to know her! Does she like skating? Tell her we’re going skating Friday, and I’d like to see her there… ‘member, “The girl is mine…..”(I sang from the popular song)” I got dibs! (grin)”

He went back up to her, and started talking. I couldn’t make out all of the conversation, but I heard her scream ‘Seriously?! HELL no!’ She quieted down when her manager looked at her, but she sure seemed to be giving him a piece of her mind. She looked out at me and gave a quick little smile, she put her hands on his shoulders, started grinning really big, said a few some more, gave him a hug, he said something to her, and I’m sure I read ‘fuck you!’ on her lips, and she pointed him out of the store.

He came back to tell me what happened. “Dude, I’m sorry, she has no interest at all. You might have heard her response when I asked her to go skating. She asked me to meet her up there, but you got dibs, and I got a girlfriend, so I told her that wasn’t happening. I mentioned you again, and she threw me out. Sorry dude.”

Really? Man, I was sure she liked me. Thats why I never take that approach. I can’t read the signs. But her’s were sooooooo clear! I couldn’t have read those signs wrong… Fuck, ohh well. Another day in paradise. Now I was kinda down, there were a lot of other girls there, but, I just wasn’t feeling it, so I decided it was time to go home.

The next day, Bill and I were talking on the phone…

“Dude, you’re not gunna believe who, er, what I did last night!” Bill bragged.

“Did you get some after I left?! MAN FUCK. At least tell me she was alone so I know I didn’t miss anything….”

“Yeah, she was alone! But you’re gunna kill me.”

“Why?” I asked with no worry, cause it’s usually something freakishly cool, ya know, head on the first date or something like that. (sex on the first day was pretty typical. God I miss that time in my life!)

“Well, after you left, I stuck around for just a bit longer. It’s kinda dull wandering around alone, so I went to leave, and this girl I’ve known for a while was coming back in the door crying. She said she had 4 flat tires. I went out there to check for her, and they were fine, I mean, they were flat, but someone had just let all the air out. So, I filled them back up for her. She had just moved into an apartment ghpops.com of her own, and she had just kicked her boyfriend out, so, I figured maybe it was him, and that she probably shouldn’t go back to her place alone… So, to be safe, I followed her home”

“Sweet! How long did I miss this by? So, go on..”

“Probably about an hour. We got back to her place, I asked for her keys, and told her to wait while I checked the place out, ya know, doing the study man thing.. I went up there, checked the place out, called her up, told her everything was clear, and if she needed anything to call me…. Well, she needed something! She begged me to stay.”

“Bill, please, I’m scared. What if he comes over after you leave? Can you please stay?”

“Le…like I told you before, I have a girlfriend.!”

“I just need someone here to keep me safe, please? I don’t really think he’ll be back, he’s not the violent type, but, I’m just scared…”

“I’ll stay for a little while, I guess. I donno about all night though, my girlfriend probably ain’t even gunna like me being here NOW!”

MUWAH! Le…She gave me a big hug and a kiss. “Sit down, I’m gunna go get out of these clothes, then get something eat….”

“And didn’t offer you anything? That bitch!” I said with a giggle.

“So, I sit down and start switching through the tv channels, and she sneaks up behind me, and wraps her hands around my eyes “Close your eyes, and come here, I got a something I want you’re opinion on…” I had a good idea where this was going, so I went along with her. She took my by the hand into another room, then turned me around, let go of me, and told me to open my eyes.


“So, whatta ya think?” She asked.

“NICE! But, I told you, I got a girlfriend….”

“And I told you, I was going to get out of that outfit and find something to eat!” she said as she kneeled in front of me, and starting to remove my jeans!”

“Ohh man, the holy grail! You’ve got to be kidding me!” I couldn’t believe this, why doesn’t shit like this happen to me?!

“Le…She took my jeans off, and wrapped one hand around my cock. ‘mmmmm, I see it’s already hard. Doesn’t seem like your girlfriend is too much of a concern right now.’, she said! Then she started stroking me, and licking my shaft. This girl knew her way around a cock! She circled her tongue around my head as she continued to gently stroke the shaft, she was just giving me a sample of what was in store!”

“Le…She stood up, and pushed me back to the bed, then walked up toward the headboard. ‘I think it’s time you made a meal out of me too’ she said, crawling up and planting her pussy on my face, leaning over sliding her face down to my cock, she begain licking my balls. Her pussy tasted so good, I couldn’t stop myself! I ran my tongue around her pussy to tease her a little, as she tickled my balls. She spit on my cock like they do in the porno’s to make things nice and slick, and she took her hands and spread the spit all over my cock, then thrust her mouth around it, bobbing up and down, I grabbed Le…her long brown hair and pulled her down on all 8 inches! She took it like a champ, and could still lick my balls!

“Dude, seriously. I know you, 5 inches at best. You think this is PetForums? But, you’ve sure peaked my interests!”(yes, peaked. My cock was rock hard from his story telling.”) “Even 5 inches in her mouth and her licking your balls is skilled!”

“Fuck you man.”

“Uhm, yeah, buy me dinner first, we’ll talk..”

“So, while she’s swallowing my cock, I licked her ass a little to get it nice and moist too, then as I licked her clit, I slid my thumb in her pussy, and my finger in her ass, man she went nuts! In a good way! She started moaning and vibrating her throat on my cock, causing me to quickly shoot my cum deep down her throat, she sucked ever last drop of it in too! I started pumping my finger, wiggling my thumb and licking her clit, and before ya know it, I found out she’s a squirter! Man you wouldn’t believe how soaked everything was! And she wasn’t done!”

Dude, you’re shitting me!

“I’m serious! I spun her around and started sucking on her monster tits, while she reached down and started again playing with my cock! Before you know it, I was rock hard again, so I did the only thing I could! I JAMMED my cock in her pussy, she started moaning almost instantly, I pumped and slammed and slammed and pumped her pussy so hard and deep, I think my cock was coming out her mouth!” he said as if he believed it.

“I pumped and filled another hole with a load of my cum, three shots deep in her pussy, She’s gunna leak for a week! She quickly spun around again, and sucked my cock clean. ‘I’m not letting any of that sweet hot cum get away from me!’ she scream!”

“She finished, then laid down and said ‘Im done. Time to sleep!'” Ohh hell no, did she think she was just going to leave me lay now that she made my cock hard again? I had a surprise for her! I grabbed her arms, and held them above her head, spread her legs and laid between them.”

“You think you’re gunna leave me with this hard cock and just be done?”

“Yup, I got what I needed, I’m gunna take a nap now. You’re free to stay if you’d like.” she said!

“Oh hell no baby!”

“Whatta ya gunna do? You gunna fuck me again? All that cum, I don’t think there’s room for your cock anymore, I don’t think you could handle anymore anyway.”

“I grabbed her hands, and held them above her head, “Ohh no baby, I’ll make it fit!” I pushed my mouth hard against hers, stuck my tongue deep in her throat. I could taste me own cum! Not really that bad… Hands held above her head, mouth sealed, legs spread, I grabbed my cock with my other hand, rubbed it against her pussy. She started to moan and wiggle, then to her surprise, I shoved it in her ass! “OHMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFMMMMM!!!!” she tried to scream. Then huff huff huff in my mouth with every thrust, her groans quickly turned to moans!”

I never fucked an ass before, but man this ass felt so good! I know what I’m adding to my play list!”

“I fucked her ass hard and fast, and filled her ass with my cum! Man, you NEED to fuck someone in the ass man, that is so incredible! She seemed to like that even more than in her pussy!” he said, finishing his story.

“Dude, that was awesome. You’re right, I should kill you! Fuck man, all 3 holes?! DAMN dude, you could have called me to balance her out!” I said jokingly. I was sooo fucking jealous. Why does shit like this happen to him and not me?!

He refused to tell me her name though, he just kept saying “an old friend.” which was weird, cause 1) I know all his old friends, and 2) We always tell each other! We’re guys!

I kept asking though, cause I needed to put a face in my mental images!

But, nope, he wouldn’t give me a name. Why wouldn’t he give me her name?

Ohh well, I’ll just imagine it was me with Leah. With her monster tits and long brown hair she was a pretty good match for his story…..?! WAIT! Was he talking about Leah?! Did he break the bro code?!