Moving In


You can hate it when the move is on. New town, no friends, pack it and unpack it. Misery personified. I hate to move, But:

The last box was out of the car. The truck was empty and gone and a new phase of life was about to begin. The divorce was over, the later romance had subsided and I was tired as hell as I sat down to look at the boxes and noting the cruel fact that not one thing was in the right place. The door bell sounded.

“That is all I need.” I mouthed to myself as I looked out the front window and saw nothing. I rose and went to the door, opened it cautiously and saw a petitie older woman with a tremendous bustline that she was not hiding from me or the world.

“Hi, ya’ll” she blurted out with accompany smile and deep south drawl. “My name’s Jerry, with a J. A’m just two doors down and Ah wanted to know if you would like to come over for dinner tomorrow night?”

Thank goodness she didn’t offer tonight. The body is tremendous, but my god I am tired right now. “That is most thoughtful,” I undrawled back. “Tomorrow would be very nice. How many doors down?”

“Ahm in the middle townhouse in the next unit. How about 6 pm,” she drawled one more time. Jerry turned and moved back down the short walkway. My goodness, what a body. How old can she be with that body. Her legs look like the legs of an 18-year old. The only thing that looked old was her white hair. Neatly done, but white nontheless.

“Jerry,” I said with some force and it made her turn. “I’m sorry. My name is Dick, with a D.”

“Oh, I knew that. Ya’ll come in from Washington, DC aren’t ya?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, but I could see the slight smile as she turned the corner and headed for her house.

Sleep was easy and the morning came quickly. I made one early decision. Don’t try to do the whole thing in one day. That settled I negotiated the day quite well, stopped at 5:15 pm. took a shower, got into a pair of shorts and a golf shirt, my sandles and no socks.

I rang the bell at 6 pm on the button. Only seconds elapsed and the door opened and I knew it didn’t matter what she was going to feed me, it was going to be straight pleasure just looking at her.

Jerry was, I found out quickly, a southern belle with a penchant for vodka and orange juice, tipped the scales at 105 pounds, admitted to being just over 5’1” and was, she proudly announced, 61.

“God, you don’t look 61 in the face and hardly over 18 with the body,” I offered, being more thruthful than flattering.

“That’s so nice,” She came back with the full drawl in motion. “Ahm going to İstanbul Escort like you. Now, what ya’ll want to drink? Some vodka?”

“Don’t drink,” I blurted out.

“What? You a preacher type?”

“No. I used to be very good at drinking. Many years of practice, then I realized I didn’t like the taste, so I quit. No big deal, just didn’t need it anymore.”

“Okay,” she said with a tone of relief. “I can buy all that. Pepsi okay?”

“That’s fine, that or ice tea.”

“Great, you’ve got some southern in ya after all. Ice tea, sweet, it is. Now its my turn, give me the statistics.”

“I thought you knew all that already and you didn’t give me all of your statistics anyway.”

“38 DDs”

“Okay, 6-0, 230, 64 and it gets hard.”

I sat down and looked at her as she dealt herself another vodka and juice, turned to the oven to check the fixins.

“It will be about 10 minutes so lets talk . No drawl, so where did you grow up?”

“Ahowah,” I blurted out trying to fake a drawl. “Okay, Iowa. Little tiny town that I escaped from.”

I was having trouble keeping my eyes off the bustline and she was quite aware of it. Small talk got us to the dinner, a delightful southern meal, prime rib, sweet potatoes, string beans and all.

I leaned back from the table, took one more swig of the ice tea and started to gather the dishes, intending to take them to the counter as a show of gratitude for a very nice meal.

Jerry interrtuped. She had undone two buttons on her blouse before leaning over the table to scoop up the dirty dishes. My eyes were riveted and she smiled. She took the dishes to the counter and then moved into her bedroom, out of sight for a few seconds. I looked down to see if my cock was at attention. Didn’t want to embarrass myself.

Jerry backed out of her room, bent over like she was dragging something behind her. Then she stood up straight and slowly turned around. The blouse was completely undone, the tits were bulging out of her bra and she has formed the sexiest little grin.

“Time for desert.” she said.

I just sat there and looked.

“Ya’ll want desert don’t you?”

She grabbed my hand, stood me up and headed for the bedroom. My thoughts became a jumble, but the first thing that came to mind was southern hospitality. This must be what they keep bragging about?

Jerry turned, slipped the blouse off her shoulders and I brought her back to me. The kiss was good, but really not that important for either one of us. Just to feel those tits against my chest, shirt and all, Anadolu Yakası Escort was what I wanted. She moved her body from left to right and back to the left, tantelizing me with that feel of the nipples. I backed up and threw off my shirts and brought her back to me again.,

The kiss was longer and more relaxed this time. Her lips parted and my tongue did its own exploring. He was on her tip toes, Head reaching up as I leaned over to match the lips. She continued to move her upper body on my chest and stomach.

“Wait,” she mumbled. “Ah want the bra off. Ah want the same feeling you are getting.”

It was done and we moved to bed. She got rid of her shorts and had not panties on. That’s being ready, southern style, I guessed.

She had me on my back and hovered over me with a few instructions.

“Ground rules,” she said. “Ah like everything. Ah like 69, Ah like to suck cock, Ah like to have my pussy sucked and my nipples and then Ah want to be fucked. Don’t worry about cumming, I”ll get you ready again.”

No answer was needed.

She rolled over on her back and I started with her lips, briefly. The mellons were way to much for me to ignore any longer. I let my lips move off the mouth, moved one hand to the left breast and then let my tongue hunt for it, rather slowly.

I took both hands to that breast and then gently sucked the rising nipple and her hips jerked.

“God, Ah love that,” she moaned. “Once you hit the nipple Ah can feel it in my pussy. Like it runs right down. Keep it up.”

I said nothing. Its hard to talk with a 38DD sticking in your mouth. I let my tongue get more aggressive. Around and around the nipple it went, then down into the cleavage and looking for the other tit. It was easily found and the nipple had already risen for attention. One lick and her hips jumped again.

Jerry’s hands finally started to move as I sucked nipple, seeking my cock. Once found, I could do nothing but feel that soft hand slowly move up and down the shaft, not stroking it, but massaging it with soft, ultra-sexy touches. I made no move to distract her attention.

One free hand moved down her body and sought out the clitorus. I wanted her to know I knew how to massage, as she was doing to me.

“Move around,” she said. “Lets get serious. Ah want to 69 with you, to taste your fluids and let you to taste mine.”

I didn’t bother to answer. I just did it and I could feel the royal warmth of her mouth as it encased my cock. It felt so good. I used both hands to separate pedals of her pussy, found Ümraniye Escort her clit with my mouth and then alternated kissing the little monster and probing the pussy with my tongue. The heat was rising and I didn’t want to cum so quickly.

“Jerry,” I said with what I thought was an even tone of control. Let me fuck you right now, I want that first orgasm inside you.”

She said nothing, releasing my cock from her mouth and shifting her body away from me to be on her back, those gorgeous tits staring at me.

I moved between her legs and she opened without delay, took my cock in her hand and guided it to the glory spot. Very slowly I let it move into her, savoring every feeling that can come from such an entry. There was no big push, just a slow, throbbing entrance and her hips started rotating as I got deeper inside her. It was heaven for both of us.

“Ah want you to start quickening the pace,” she said. “And suck my tits while you’re at it.”

I said nothing. There was only pleasure to be earned by performance for both of us. The pace did get into high gear. Her hips started to react to movement, pushing up with a quick movement as I plunged back into her. Then, the slow, sensitive pulling back out for both of us, It may have been the mosts sensual movement of the night, then pushing violently back at each other, then the sliding away that make every sensory feeling reach its peak.

There was no more talk. The sounds came from the cock pounding in with her juices paving he way and we quicked the attack on each other. Her legs came together on my back as she used a piston motion to rise to the cock. I could take it no more as the first orgasm was a bolt of lightening inside her.

“Oh, my,” her drawl was coming from deep inside. “What a load. When was the last time this happened to you?”

I said nothing, but kept jabbing at her until I could see her face redden, he lips came apart and a small gust of pleasure came from her mouth. The juices increased and ran down her ass and mine. She was flooding the sheets.

I fell to the side of her and we both grabbed for air in our lungs and tried to relax.

“You didn’t answer me,” she said. “How long?”

“Two years.”


“Two years. I haven’t had sex for two years.”

“So what do you think now?”

“Hell, I may be afraid to go out in public. If the rest of the women are like you I’ll have a constant hardon.”

Jerry smiled.

“Ah’m giving you five minutes of rest, go pee,” she ordered. “Its time for more desert. Ah just need another vodka and orange.

“Hell, you need some catching up, boy.”

Jerry bounded into the kitchen and I could hear the ice cubes rattling in the glass.

“Hey, bring me some ice in a dish. Its my turn to treat,” I replied as I moved to the bathroom to follow her orders.

(To be continued)