Inside Eve’s House


The sun shone into the building’s courtyard, bringing the rose colored walls alive with warmth. Everything was beautiful. The courtyard had all manner of flowers and bushes, arranged to form a circular seating area where the tenants could sit on the benches or lie down on a patch of grass which was in the middle. The building itself was an old Spanish mansion that had once belong to a Don, back when Mexico owned this part of the U.S. The mansion survived many minor disasters managing to make it to this century, remaining abandoned for a time.

My mother purchased the building back in the late sixties, before the community became a tourist destination. After the renovations to make the rooms into apartments, mom was able to recover her investment by renting. She put most of her profits back into maintaining her building. The tenants would also help out with the smaller things. The care and dedication that went into the building soon made it a privilege to live there.

Mostly women live here and there is a good reason for this, mom is a feminist, combat boot wearing, short hair, man hating feminist. The women here are the independent “do-it-yourself” types, so they gladly get their hands dirty and take charge. The only men mom has ever associated with have been gay after my father left, leaving mom with a bun in the oven. This did nothing to improve her views on men, so when time came to rent out the apartments, mom favored strong single women or married couples where the woman clearly wears the pants. The tenants, meaning the women, love this about her, and have dubbed the building “Eve’s House”.

There are three men, including myself living in the building. Brain is a city planner; he lives with his Hispanic wife Gloria in apartment 5C. I rarely see him because his work keeps him out of town quite a bit. Stuart, 2A, is staying with his friend indefinitely at this point. His wife, Michelle, caught Stuart on top of his secretary. Refusing to divorce him, she strings him along, letting him try to make it up to her and get back into her favor. Then there’s Greg. Greg is dead, he lives in a little urn in the living room of 4C. You wouldn’t know Greg is dead the way his wife, Jennifer, acts. It is really kind of creepy.

That leaves me, Jude, and I am not a man, I am an eighteen year old boy. I am a boy thanks to my mom and her feminist rearing methods. This is her theory in a nut shell: men are evil, so boys, not yet men are not yet evil. Crazy isn’t it? Believe me when I tell you there is a lot more of where that came from. That’s the story of my life; mom wanted a girl and got a boy, so she worked hard to keep me innocent forever. Looking back she probably would have succeeded if not for the cable guy. Cable guy where ever you are thank you.

It all started three months ago, during a particularly nasty thunder storm. It was raining and pouring and I was snoring, when lighting hit the buildings cable wires. The strike knocked service out for the entire town. In the morning, mom and I went outside to see the damage that had been done. The cables and the box were fried, the building would need a paint job to cover up the burn marks.

Mom said she’d have to call on one of her “girls” which was code for one of her feminist connections she made at one of her meetings. Going back to our apartment, mom placed a call to her friend Laverne. Laverne worked as a cable technician for three years. Mom was certain that Laverne could get out here and fix it the box. Much to mom’s surprise, Laverne told her she’d been let go, she didn’t have access to the right equipment to fix the problem. Mom hung up the phone mildly pissed. Mom’s feminist view quickly surmised that Laverne had been let go because she did not sleep with that pig of a boss she had. I had seen pictures of Laverne, she was very shapely African beauty, mom was probably right.

With no other choice mom phoned the cable company. I sat there and listen to mom grill the service rep on the other end. Mom wanted to know if they could send out a female technician, the person must have said no because mom started in with more questions. She asked how many female technicians worked there, why weren’t there more women employed as technicians and what kind of company discriminates against women. Mom was in rare form as she proceeded to educate the service rep in the history of women and their role in the last couple of wars. She also said that if they can take a bullet for the country why the cable company believes that they can’t install cable. Thirty minutes later mom hung up the phone satisfied that a female technician would be sent as soon as possible.

Three days later the cable technician showed up. At first I thought I was seeing things as I headed toward the front door. The closer I got to the door the more I grew with terror. Mom was going to be pissed. He stood there outside the main door in all his black glory. He was built like an NFL linebacker, and as all men of such endowments, had an air of male superiority all about him. Bald as the day he was born, he waited for me to open the Antep Bayan Escort door; I didn’t know what to do. Looking him over, I noticed a small oval patch on his shirt with his named embroidered on it. The big black man’s name was Hakim. I opened the door.

“You called for cable service?” Hakim asked in his throaty voice. I blocked his path the best I could. Looking up to meet his gaze I stared wide eyed, my mouth slightly opened.

I blurted out the obvious, “You’re not a woman.” The statement made Hakim pause. Before he could form a response I moved closer and closed the door behind me.

“You don’t understand, the cable company said they send a woman over, a woman.” The look on his face told me he didn’t see where I was going with this, yet to me it was the most understood thing in the world.

“Mom is a hardcore feminist, you don’t understand, she hates men.” Comprehension spread across his face. Hakim assured me he would be alright and that the work would probably not take so long. He also told me that there wasn’t much of a choice, either he did it now or the work wouldn’t get done for another two weeks, which was the earliest that another technician could get out here. I sighed with defeat and knew what lied ahead for the poor man. I warned him and invited him in Mom met us in the courtyard and as I predicted she flipped.

“Who the hell are you?” she shouted. Hakim remained silent as if she could not possibly be taking to him. I don’t know how he could have missed the question, I looked at him and noticed that he had a weird look in his eyes as her stared at her. Mom was wearing a tank top and shorts, and for some reason he found it appealing. Mom must have known the look in his eyes because she was getting angrier and was charging forward into his face. Trying to keep the situation from escalating further, I stepped between them and explained what he told me earlier. Hakim stood there smirking, watching me trying to calm her down.

“Jude. Go sit on the bench until I call you, I’ll deal with this… man” Mom snapped. She had put all the venom she could muster into her voice. She told Hakim to follow her, while I slinked off like a beaten dog to sit and wait.

The elevator was situated at the far end of the courtyard, so the tenants could walk through the beautiful grounds if they didn’t feel like going up the stairs. I watched mom and Hakim take the elevator to the top floor. Even from down here I could see that Hakim no longer smirking when he exited the elevator, which meant that mom was having her go at him. Hakim’s head hung a little lower as he climbed the stairs leading to the roof, I allowed myself a quick smile, told him didn’t I.

The sun had begun to set, making the sky dim with pinks and purples. Without warning mom stormed pass me heading toward our apartment. She opened and then slammed the door closed.

“You’re still sitting there?” the throaty voice asked from behind me. I watched Hakim move around to place his tools down and sit on the bench. He stared at me, trying to figure out why I was still sitting there. I could sense the pity in his eyes and hung my head lower.

“Sorry” I said meekly. Knowing that mom probably never let up, during the entire time Hakim was working. I could imagine her standing over him regaling him with questions about his performance, questioning his ability to do the job. Probably telling him how to do it better, poor guy.

“I know she your ma and I ain’t trying to disrespect her, but she can be a real bitch.” Hakim said as nicely as he knew how.

“How do you put up with her?” he asked. Hakim could see that I must have taken it all this time without complaint.

“Does your dad put up with her shit?”

“They separated before I was born. I guess that’s part of why she hates men.” I met Hakim’s gaze and smiled. I told him what life was like and he listen shaking his head at some parts and looking shocked at other parts. There was not really that much to tell since I live a sheltered life, but he listened, I guess comparing it against his own upbringing.

“What about girls?” He asked.

“What about them?” Hakim looked at me like I was from another world, for not understanding his question.

“Are you gay?” Hakim asked, shifting ever so slightly away.

“Gay?” I was wondering where the conversation was going. It was all I could do to keep me mind from racing, why was he asking me this? Did this big black man find something attractive about me? I’ve never been hit on by a guy before; well I’ve never been hit on period.

“No… sorry.” I said in the most convincing, manliest tone I could muster. I noticed Hakim looking at me with a puzzled look. I turned to see how the big guy would take it.

“Wha? Oh hells no, don’t even think that shit.” Hakim nearly shouted when he understood what I thought he asked me. The two of us visibly relaxed back on benches.

“What I wanted to know is if you been with any girls? You know fucked them?”

“No! Never!” My forceful answer is not something Hakim was expecting to hear. An adamant virgin at eighteen, who ever heard of such a thing. Hakim obviously needed further explanation because he never met someone that made sex sound like a disease.

“Mom said that it should only be done when a woman is ready for a baby, and that I am not ready to take care of the child, while the woman is working.” repeating the words as if I was being quizzed by mom.

“Mom also said that men done even get that right, so it is up to the woman to do it.” Hakim sat there with his mouth opened, then started to laugh, a loud booming laugh. I didn’t understand what he found so funny. The sound of his laughing brought mom out of the apartment, hair wet from the shower she took.

“What are you still doing here!?” she demanded

“Jude stop taking this, man. Go inside and get to bed.”

I started to get up, when I heard Hakim say “You got it wrong.” My mom waited for Hakim to gather his things with growing fury. As cool as ice Hakim took his time on purpose, after all what was my mom going to do? Hit him?

“You better make sure the cable boxes are here for my tenants by tomorrow.” mom snapped. From inside I watched mom lead Hakim to the door, and was amazed by what happened next. As they got close to the door Hakim slapped my mom’s ass. The look on her face screamed murder. I though her eye were going to pop out of her head, Hakim calmly let himself out as it was the most natural thing in the world. Mom stood there trembling with loathing for men, especially this one. To angry to shout she turned and marched back toward the apartment.

I made a bee-line toward my room before mom came back in. In the quiet I heard the door slam shut and a short while later the shower come on. The next day found me with extra chores, which meant mom was still upset about me sitting with Hakim.

“The extra work will help you forget whatever that creature told you last night.” I tried to raise my voice in protest, but remained silent and looked down at the floor and got to work. Mom was right, between the painting, sweeping, mopping and polishing I was ready to forget my own name. I dragged my way back into the apartment when I heard the door rang. I figured I would let mom answer, then it dawned on me that I saw her leave earlier. I picked myself up, strolled to the door annoyed and hoping whoever it was would go away.

Reaching the door, I instantly recognized the figured outside the main door. Hakim was back. Part of me wanted to run and hide, in case mom was hiding and watching in the bushes. I opened the door and Hakim smiled at me. The first thing he wanted to know was if my mother was home. He must have something wrong with him, I thought, why would he want to see her and repeat yesterday. I told him that she had stepped out, and for a brief instant he look crestfallen, but he quickly recovered when he rolled in the cable boxes in on a dolly. Stopping at my door, he looked around like a giant kid about to reveal a grand secret.

“This top box is for you.” He said with a devilish glee. I looked at it curiously. Hakim then placed two controls in my hand. One was smaller than the other, the small one had the basics, an on/off button, channel, volume and mute. The larger one had all these buttons I had never see before, channel guide, information button, the works.

“Keep the larger remote for yourself and don’t let your mom find it.” Hakim reached into his back pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper.

“These are the code with the channels next to them.” Hakim handed them to me as if passing on a family heirloom.

“Watch them whenever you’re home alone.” With that Hakim clapped me on my shoulder and left. I felt as if I had been entrusted with a great secret. I took the dolly inside and quickly set about connecting my special box. I don’t know why but I was scared. I checked the window to see if mom’s pick-up was anywhere insight. Finally summoning up enough courage I sat down and turned the TV on. The channels changed before my eyes, until the numbers reached 97. The screen went blank, and then white words appeared on the black screen. Code? I looked at the control searching for the appropriate button, and then it hit me. I took out the paper and entered the four digits.

I watched and waited, a show was already in progress. The guys on screen drove a convertible with top down, they didn’t seem to be going anywhere in particular. The guys continued on their way, until they spotted a young Asian girl. My eyes grew wide when I saw her. The Asian girl didn’t look anything like the Asian girls at school. This Asian girl had short cropped hair brushed to one side, she couldn’t be tall than five three, five four tops. Yet she had the biggest, juiciest tits that struggled to get out of her white top. As if that was not enough, her plaid skirt barely covered her ample ass. She completed her school uniform with knee high socks covering just enough of her gorgeous legs.

The drivers pulled the convertible up and drove besides her trying to get her attention. I kept my eyes fixated on her body, never knowing that girl could look like that. I began feeling a strange sensation growing within. I shifted on the sofa, adjusting myself. The guys finally succeed in getting the Asian girls attention. She coyly walked over and smiled. I watch the guys flirt with her, and then she spoke.

“You guys like what you see?” she asked, her Chinese accent subtly coming through. The feeling in my crotch grew stronger, I felt myself stiffen even more. The Asian girl leaned over give everyone a treat. Her tits pressed against the shirt, pulling the cloth apart, the buttons barely holding. The man talking to her, lick his lips as if he was about to be served a steak dinner.

“I like what I see” the man said. “Why don’t you let us give you a little ride?”

The girl giggled “I do not want a little ride, I want a big hard ride” She licked her shinning red lips, and the sensation grew ten fold. It hurt to be seated, yet I couldn’t stand. I undid my pants to see my pecker pushing its way out of my shorts, larger than I ever seen it. This girl had done nothing more than lick her lips and I grew to this size. I didn’t know what to do; I put my finger tip in my mouth and bit hoping that the pain would help me forget the feeling in my crotch, but it didn’t, I watched on.

The men where driving along with the hottest Asian girl in the world. The girl and a guy sat in the back now. The Asian girl sat with her legs slightly parted. The man needed no further invitation. He placed his hand on her knee and ran it up her leg.

“Ummm…that’s nice, play with my pussy mister.” The man rubbed her pussy through her panties. The girl placed her hand on his crotch. The swell of my cock continued. I sat there watching and biting my finger tip.

“Let me see that cock of yours.” the girl pulled the guys cock right out of his shorts. “I like your cock. You like if I suck it?”

My word! Women talk like this? I thought. She placed his head to her shinny lips and kissed it. The man put his hand on the back of her head and nudged it down, his head pasted her lips and she gasped opening her mouth wider. He still pushed, his shaft was now half way in her mouth and going deeper. He pushed again until her lips touched the base. She squeezed her mouth closed sucking hard, leaving her lipstick mark. She pulled off leaving his cock slick with spit.

“I can tell you want to fuck my mouth.” The guy nodded in agreement. She apparently needed to get comfortable, because she began to open her blouse. Her tits were creamy white with perfect brown nipples that peeked over her bra. She pulled the out further, the guy was barely able to hold them with is hands. He bent over and ran his tongue over her nipples. She moaned softly. The luck bastard flicked his tongue over them and she loved it. I was turning blue but I didn’t dare blink.

“Gimme that cock, I wanna suck more” she said as she pushed him away. He leaned back and let her have a go.

“You hold my head, and fuck my mouth” she smiled and with pure lust added “you cum I swallow.”

I was huge and in pain, I didn’t know what she meant by swallowing, but the way she said it was making my blood boil. I forgot the pain again and watched. He placed his hands on the sides of her head and began moving her up and down. Slowly at first then faster, and she took it all. His cock was deep, real deep when she first gagged, but that didn’t stop either of them. His moans grew in intensity, her head moving up and down. You could see her saliva running down his shaft, becoming frothy with the friction.

“AHHH…FUCK HERE IT COMES…” He pulled back far enough to be out of her throat, and came in her mouth. Her cheeks swelled, beads of cum started seeping out the corner of her lips, turning in streams as the guy continued to shoot into her mouth. My eyes drank every detail as I watched the Asian girl relieve this stranger of all his worries. My cock throbbed hard, pre-cum running down my head. The Asian girl sat up, tight lipped and mouth full of cum. What I watched her do next will forever be burned in my memory. The guy driving stopped at a red light and turned around, that must have been her cue, the girl grab her big beautiful tits, squeezed them together and let the cum drip all over them. The amount of cum the girl kept in her mouth was amazing. Soon her massive juggs where covered in milk strings. The Asian girl rubbed the cum deep into her tits, and up between them, over her nipples till her chest became glossy.

The car stood there, the men watching the girl play with cum glazed chest. The light changed to green and the other cars began to honk their horns and buzzers. The Asian girl continued playing with her tits, the men watched on, and the buzzer kept ringing. That buzzer sound was really annoying me and running the erotic mood, then it hit me. That buzzer was not in the movie, it was the front door! Shit mom was home. I got up in a flash and pulled up my pants, pain shot through me as my rock hard cock was force into my briefs. I panicked pushing the button to open the door before I was straightened out. Mom was coming. I did the best I could to tame my monster and hid the remote in my back pocket.