The Kennel


A small bell chimed as the imposing 30-year-old woman strode into the waiting area of the facility, towing behind her a timid male companion. The receptionist at the front desk took notice, and quickly checked the computer as to who might be arriving for an appointment at this time, soon finding the entry she was looking for.

“Welcome to the kennel, Mrs. Ashton.”

From the street, none would look twice at the gray, unmarked commercial building, much less guess its lascivious purpose. Far away from the main thoroughfares and curious eyes, the structure housed an agency where individuals of appreciable means and very specific interests could pay to keep their subs safe, bound and stimulated while away on business trips or other lengthy excursions.

Today, on the cusp of her departure to a three-week business trip around Europe, the voluptuous, wavy-haired executive Sarah Ashton had brought her 20-year-old boyfriend-slash-pet, Ellis, for an extended stay at this human kennel. She knew for a certainty that her impending excursion would be strictly business, and couldn’t help but imagine her darling bored to tears by the whole thing. She much preferred imagining her little boytoy here, trapped and pleasurably tormented by the space-age restraint systems advertised by the company on their website. Oh yes, she had imagined this quite often, and quite intensely. Of course, on the weeks leading up to the dropoff, she never let Ellis in on anything beyond the basics: that he’d be staying here for the time being, and that no, for the twentieth time, he couldn’t accompany her on her trip. But she had a strong feeling that he would enjoy what was soon going to happen to him, if their frequent play sessions were any barometer.

Ellis sat in a comfy chair by the wall, waiting as his mistress and the receptionist for the kennel chatted and went through the various sign-in procedures. The cute, twinky blonde with shoulder-length hair ever so wanted to accompany his lover on her trip, but he obediently accepted her judgment that he would have to stay behind here. As he looked around the calming, almost hospital-like setting, he could help but wonder exactly what she meant by ‘staying here’. Maybe it was some sort of spa? It didn’t seem like any accommodation he had ever spent a night in, and he was desperately hoping that he wouldn’t grow too bored over three weeks by whatever they had here.

“Alright, Mrs. Ashton, he’s all checked in.”

Ellis’s ears perked up as the receptionist beckoned him to where the two women were standing, and he dutifully walked over at a brisk, expectant pace. He took notice of her uniform, which looked much like a standard nurse’s scrubs.

“You’re going to be staying with us for three weeks, Ellis,” the receptionist explained.

“You will be unable to leave during this time. Your mistress has consented to various actions that will be performed on you as a part of your stay here, though she has requested that we keep the specifics hidden from you at this time. For legal reasons, we need your consent as well. Do you accept the terms of your stay here?”

Ellis only nodded.

“Perfect!” the receptionist replied. “We’ll get to work on your processing immediately. Do you two want to say some quick goodbyes before we get started?”

Sarah Ashton gave Ellis a great big hug, leaning down to speak next to his ear. “Don’t worry, honey. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay here. These three weeks will pass in an instant!”

“I’ll miss you,” Ellis replied.

“I will too,” Sarah completed, letting go of Ellis as she began to leave the room.

Placing a firm hand on the boy’s shoulder, the receptionist began to guide Ellis away from his departing lover and deeper into the mysterious building where he would be kept.

Ellis felt the but the faintest lump in his stomach as his newfound keeper guided him through the vinyl curtains and into the back of the facility. As they crossed the threshold, the receptionist called out over her shoulder at the leaving Mrs. Ashton.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take great care of him here!”

The two now stood in a large hallway. There were three doors on the left side of the hallway, with a small label in the center of each one, though Ellis couldn’t make out what they said from where he was standing. To his right was a counter that connected the receptionist’s area with the passage. At the very end of the hall was an intimidating black door.

“Strip,” the receptionist commanded, and Ellis promptly began to disrobe. “There’s no sense in having our guests wear clothes here,” continued the lady. “Especially the undergarments, young man,” noticing him hesitate before removing his most intimate layer.

As soon as the last of his clothing was removed, the garments were whisked into a plastic box that was resting on the counter.

“You’ll get these back when your mistress comes to pick you up.”

Placing her hand on the boy once again, she lead him to the first room. On the door was the label urfa escort ‘Exam Room’, and the two entered.

The room looked almost like an ordinary doctor’s office, with rows of shelves and charts lining the walls. The most notable feature, however, was the large gynecological chair smack in the center of the room, with a small table beside it.

“Before interring our guests, it’s necessary to perform a short examination. We want to make sure our unorthodox lodgings wont pose any medical risks to the guest, and we’ll also need to take some measurements so that the you’ll experience the full effects of your stay.”

“The full effects?” Ellis nervously questioned.

“Oh my, your mistress really hasn’t told you anything, has she? I know she requested we keep the next steps a secret for you, but I suppose it would make things smoother for us if I filled you in a little about what this place is.”

“Here at The Kennel, we specialize in long-term bondage solutions for patrons that must be separated from their pets for a period of time, but wish to see them cleaned up and raring to go the moment they get back. To accomplish this, we place our guests in what is similar to a sensory deprivation tank for the whole duration, floating in a warm solution that will keep your body just as fresh as the moment you got in. Except the sensory deprivation aspect will be anything but. Depending on the course our clients select, you will be stimulated the entire time by various instruments affixed to your erogenous zones, and constantly held close to the edge of orgasm, but never over. Finally, both feeding and waste will be automatically taken care of by the pod. Watching a sub reunite with one of our clients after an extended course of this treatment is simply a sight to behold, and that’s why our reputation is so highly held in certain circles.”

A look of fear shot over Ellis’ face as he heard of what lie in store. Reassuringly, the woman continued to explain.

“Don’t you worry. Mrs. Ashton has signed you up for the ‘good’ version of our treatment. It’s designed with our guests’ pleasure in mind, and based on the feedback we’ve received, as well as the way your member is reacting right now to my explanation, you’re going to enjoy this a whole lot.”

Ellis, blushing, looked down at his shaven body to see that his cock was indeed stirring at the thought of the events to come, and despite his concerns, the things she described were most certainly something he knew he would like.

“Now get yourself into those stirrups so we can get this process underway.”

He didn’t have to be told twice, quickly hopping into the chair and placing his legs in the instructed depressions.

“This chair is equipped with restraints for our more unruly guests, but you look like you’re going to be a good boy for me today. Am I correct in this assumption, or are you going to need to be strapped down?”

Ellis gave a quick shake of his head ‘no’.

“That’s what I like to see,” she replied.

In a whirl of instruments, the woman started to a battery of tests that would not be out of place in any normal physical, deftly marking down the results on a clipboard.

“Vitals, check. Musculature, healthy. Height and weight, excellent. The standard pod will work fine.”

Putting away the more normal medical tools in a cupboard, the reception lady took out a handful of more deviant ones. Among them, Ellis noticed, was a gleaming steel speculum.

“Now we need to measure you for your plugs.”

Setting the implements down on the table beside the chair, the professional then picked back up a small rubber bulb connected to a pump.

“Open wide,” the receptionist sweetly commanded, as she stuck the uninflated balloon into Ellis’ mouth and gave it a few pumps. “Size regular for the mouth”, she mused to herself as she noted her determination down on Ellis’ chart.

“Alright then, now for the fun measurement. Just relax for me, honey.”

She picked up the speculum, applying a generous amount of lubrication from a dispenser built into the chair, and nuzzled its tip into Ellis’ waiting asshole. Applying a little force, she began to slowly drive it in. Once it reached a satisfactory depth, she gently began opening it, measuring the reactions of the cute boy’s face as well as the reactions of his pliant hole. Once she had reached the target level of resistance, she quickly withdrew the implement, and cross referenced the reading on the speculum with the facility’s plug size chart.

“Just on the edge of medium…I think we’ll move up a to a size large for you. Better to keep our guests overstuffed than under, in my experience.”

Setting the chart down, she picked up her tools and moved them to the room’s sink.

“Alright, we’re all done with your intake exam, Ellis. If you’ll get up and follow me, we’ll be moving on to the next stage.”

Ellis rose out of the chair and followed the receptionist back into the hall.

Leading balıkesir escort Ellis by the hand, the receptionist towed him down the hall to the second door. On it was the label ‘Cleaning Room’. She then opened the door and motioned for him to step inside.

The room was covered from floor to ceiling in black tile, looking rather like some sort of goth-themed communal shower. In the center were two large fixtures, a person-sized glass table supported by a rectangular tile column with a few cubbies installed, and a large waterfall shower on the ceiling, directly above the table. Connected to the side of the shower were various nozzles that could extend to allow water to hit hard-to-reach places.

And beside the table was a tall, large-breasted woman with soft features, long blond hair, and an instantaneous smile when she saw who she would be tending to next. She was wearing a skimpy black bikini as well as two medium-length latex gloves.

“Oh, aren’t you just the cutest little subby!” she exclaimed as Ellis entered the room. “I’m Jenna, and I’ll be your hygienist today. We’re going to get you all clean here, both inside and out, before we tie you up for your stay! That way you’ll be perfectly fresh and clean for when your domme gets back, and you won’t get any of our equipment dirty either!”

Ellis noticed the receptionist withdraw from behind him and felt the door close, trapping him in here with the excitable lady who seemed to have taken a special interest in doing rather intimate things with his body.

“Just hop up on the table here,” said Jenna, “and I’ll get you strapped in.”

The soon to be victim of Jenna’s ministrations climbed up onto the table and hung his legs off the side. “Hands and knees,” she remarked, and he quickly shifted into the correct position. The hygienist began to circle Ellis, pulling straps out from their retracted positions in the table and securing him by the wrists, knees and ankles.

“Don’t worry, we secure all our guests for this step. Just makes it easier for me, and ensures they get a proper washing.”

Reaching into a drawer blow the table, Jenna fished out a small remote and clicked its central button. The waterfall shower began spraying out many gentle streams of hot water, and Ellis jumped at the sudden soaking, though his involuntary reaction didn’t take him far thanks to the restraints holding him in place.

“Would you look at that skin glisten,” purred Jenna. “I’m going to have some fun washing you~.”

Withdrawing a large, soft, sponge and a bottle of foaming body soap, Jenna got to work scrubbing every inch of her poor charge, lathering the pleasant-smelling cleaning agent into his skin. She started with his back, moving on to his arms and legs, then chest (she took her time here), his face (with the help of one of the retractable nozzles from above), and then set her eyes on his adorable buttocks.

With the sponge, she began polishing his rear globes with a generous amount of soap, seemingly in attempt to achieve a mirror shine down there. Eventually, she decided to give up on the sponge, placing it down, squirting a heaping of the soap into her hands, and kneading Ellis’ behind with her own gloved fingers.

Eventually, remembering she still had other parts to take care of, she rinsed her hands, took out some shampoo, and began washing Ellis’ hair, as quickly (but still thoroughly), as she could. Her mind was obviously still elsewhere.

Taking out a toothbrush and some toothpaste, she began firmly brushing Ellis’ teeth, making sure every inch of his mouth would be immaculate, and filling his sheeks with a fair bit of foam in the process. After giving him permission to spit, Jenna exchanged the brush and paste for a q-tip, and begun to lovingly clean his ears.

As soon as she identified the state of his head area as acceptable, she again made her way to the other end of the table.

Picking up the sponge, and practically emptying the soap container into it, she furtively began to scrub away at the boy’s asscrack and taint. After the first couple strokes back and forth, her other hand joined in on the cleaning, ensuring no inch of his tender back-end would go without a thorough sanitization. Ellis was losing his mind from the foamy sensations. After a few minutes of these foamy ministrations, Jenna finally let up her assault.

With a sinister smile, she took out another bottle from below the table and began applying it to her right glove. Ellis had a good idea of what was in store for him now, and he both dreaded its coming and yearned for it to happen.

“Remember when I said you’d be cleaned inside and out? This is what I meant by ‘inside’.”

Jenna pressed her index finger into Ellis’ awaiting asshole and began to rub it around inside, drawing it out and back in, teasing his prostate, and just generally messing him up. Eventually, she slipped a second finger in, then a third, until she was sawing her hand back and forth trabzon escort across her victim’s anal ring, working the lubricating soap on her hands into a frothing frenzy. She was paying close attention to the quiet squeaks her plaything was making, as well as the steady stream of pre-cum leaking from his tip. By the end of the first minute, the area immediately in and around his stretched hole was so clean you could realistically eat off it, but she kept on going for a few more, just to be safe.

Picking up on the warning signs of an impending orgasm, she immediately withdrew her fingers, leaving the quivering boy on the table impossibly aroused, but thoroughly unsatisfied. Turning off the shower, she walked over to his head to discuss what was about to happen next.

Jenna, carrying her soapy hand in front of her, made a large show about displaying close to Ellis’ face the very tips of her gloves. She explained that she had noticed the slightest fleck of brown when she withdrew her hands, and that as a result, the young man was about to receive a very large enema.

“This enema will be a full three quarts, and contain a special cleaning agent that will foam up inside your insides and ensure that your bowels will be free of any contaminants. You will have to hold it for a period of fifteen minutes so that the cleanser can work its magic, after which you will be permitted to expel.”

Of course, the pretense for this procedure was entirely fabricated. Sarah Ashton would never let her pet go to a place like this without making sure herself that he was properly clean beforehand. Jenna simply wanted to add a healthy layer of embarrassment to the ordeal. In actuality, poor Ellis would be receiving this unique enema either way, as it was a strict matter of Kennel policy.

Reaching up to the fixture overhead, Jenna withdrew a long hose, and in one swift motion popped its nozzle into Ellis’s anus. Pressing another button on the remote, she heard a telltale click, then the rush of the solution swiftly filling up Ellis’ bowels.

The warm, fizzing water felt good to Ellis as he noticed the familiar fullness of a large enema settle in. Trained well, he took the load of water and soap without incident, at least until the final of the three liters. His tummy noticeably swollen, he began to shift in his bonds, expressing his discomfort with faint moans. Jenna, with hungry eyes, began to massage his stomach, in a low voice whispering soothing words into his ear as his ass reluctantly drank up the remaining enema.

Finally, with a chime, the fixture stopped its automatic filling, and Jenna removed the tube, leaving Ellis to struggle with the burden of holding such a large enema, and one with such an unfamiliar sensation to boot. He felt the bubbling in his intestines as the soapy chemicals worked their magic on his insides, purifying him from within.

Five minutes into the retention, the practiced Jenna noticed a small bubbling of suds had emerged from the boy’s back door and was dripping its way onto the table.

“There, there,” she cooed, “I’ll help you out with this,” as she placed her ring finger inside his bottom, ostensibly as a form of makeshift stopper. However, as soon as it was in, she began absentmindedly stroking the inflated walls of his rectum, compounding the poor boy’s stimulating torment.

Finally, after around fifteen minutes had passed, she withdrew her finger. Jenna’s experience with this procedure had given her a keen sense of exactly how long fifteen minutes were, though she often would err generously on the side of safety.

“Alright, you can expel it now!” she enthusiastically exclaimed.

“Just like -ah- this? Right hhhh-ere? On the -uuh- floor?” Ellis questioned, mortified at the idea of evacuating right in front of the stern hygienist.

“Of course, sweetie!” she responded. “There are drains built into the floor for exactly this purpose, and it’s important for me to see the results so that we know you’re nice and cleaned out!”

The immense pressure in his bowels putting quashing any other lines of questioning, Ellis released his burden and burst a foamy white arc of the cleaning solution out of his ass, while Jenna excitedly looked on. The first burst was soon joined by several more as the boy slumped down on his elbows, thoroughly exhausted by the experience. The frothing flow from his rear entrance gradually subsided as his eyes began to droop, hoping that Jenna’s enthusiastic work was finished. This was not the case.

“We’re not done just yet, sleepyhead.”

The ever-ready Jenna was holding a large, fluffy, cylindrical brush, and was ominously standing once again near the boy’s tired ass.

“After that enema, we need to make sure that your cute ass hasn’t gotten dirty again as a result! So for my last act, I’m going to be scrubbing away with this specialized brush!”

Bracing himself for another assault, Ellis felt the remarkably soft, soap-covered brush squish into him. Jenna again began pushing and pulling it in and out, back and forth, around and around, erasing any possible specks of dirtiness from his insides. Ellis felt himself actually enjoying this part quite a lot, the brush gave him a nice stretch, while its soft structure filled him neatly and felt fantastic running back and forth across his ring as it bumped his prostate.

Clark’s Story Ch. 02


Ch. 2: College Boy

I had a hard time adjusting to college. My roommate had other friends and I didn’t click with anyone in the dorm or in my classes. It was about three weeks in when I broke down. I called Gordie on his cell phone and I broke down and cried. I told him how much I missed home, my parents… and him. I told him how awful it was, how I didn’t know anyone, how I didn’t like my business classes. He listened to me and let me cry and comforted me and told me to hang in there. “Next time I see you, I’ll give ya a big hug,” he had said. After hanging up the phone, I did feel better.

I pulled out a small box I had hidden away in my desk and opened it. I had several pictures of Gordie and a few of Gordie and me together. My favorite was one that was taken by my friend on yearbook at the homecoming bonfire. I also had the homecoming flier that had the football team picture on it with his name listed below, as well as a few small mementos from things we had done together. I looked through the pictures and then closed the box and hid it in the back of my desk drawer.

A month later on a Saturday night, I went downstairs to the rec room. There were some guys playing pool, but no one was watching the TV. I turned it to a ‘Battlestar Galactica’ marathon. Yeah, it was really nerdy, but at this point I didn’t care anymore what people thought of me.

I was so into the show, I barely noticed when another guy joined me on the couch. During a commercial break, he spoke up. “This episode is awesome, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I said and looked over at him.

He was an attractive guy, tall and skinny. Dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in a black t-shirt and worn jeans. His forearms were furry with dark brown hair.

“I’m Ben, by the way.”

“I’m Clark.”

And that’s how I met Ben. He was a nice guy. We hit it off right away. We liked the same TV shows and movies. One night after eating pizza in his dorm room, we came out to each other. His high school boyfriend was going to Michigan State and they were dating long distance. He showed me a picture of the two of them. Ben’s boyfriend was a tall and muscular black guy. I told Ben that he was very handsome and they made an attractive couple.

I told him about Gordie and what happened between us and he sympathized with me. I later showed him a picture of Gord, where he was sitting on the back of his pickup truck. He was wearing jeans and cowboy boots as usual and he was smoking a cigarette. Ben made a joke that now that he knew what I liked, he was going to find me another ‘redneck bear’ for a boyfriend.

Things weren’t so bad after that. I found it very liberating that I could be myself around Ben and we could talk about anything, even boys. I relied on Ben’s friendship to get me through the school year and we made plans to be roommates our second year.

Over the summer, Dad made me work for him again. Dad owned an ag supply company. We sold and serviced tractors and small farm equipment, but it was also hardware and parts retail store. Dad had me work the register in the store.

I did get a chance to spend a weekend with Ben in Grand Rapids and I met his boyfriend, Ty. He was a really nice guy and they did make a great couple. Ty was attentive and affectionate towards Ben. He always had his arm around Ben and Ben’s smile and eyes lit up the room when Ty was around. I admit that I was more than a little bit envious of what they had together.

I only saw Gordie twice over the summer. He was really busy working for his dad’s landscape company and he was doing this football camp thing with kids. On both occasions we met for dinner. We were friendly and made small talk and caught up. We told stories about school and classes. He had made new friends on the football team and I told him about Ben.

I noticed that he kept his distance from me, both physically and emotionally. I was still very much in love with him and I was still very much attracted to him. All he had to do was ask. I would have done anything he wanted. I’m sure he realized this and that was why he was holding back. I guess he did not feel the same way about me. I guess that was what finally allowed me to move on.


My second year of college started out great. I was rooming with Ben and we both got along very well. My classes were better this year, though I wasn’t crazy about accounting.

I went to a Halloween party with Ben and he introduced me to a guy he knew, Donnie. Donnie was a big guy, just like I liked. He had a shaved head and his beard was a couple of days outgrown. He was kind of goofy looking and not very attractive, but the fact that he was wearing a fireman’s costume and I was on my second cup of beer allowed me to overlook that.

After both of us had another beer, we were back in my dorm room and on my bed. Donnie pulled me to him and kissed me hard. His kisses were wet and sloppy. It wasn’t long before he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard dick out. He pushed the back of my head down to bursa escort his crotch. He had a very respectable circumcised dick. It wasn’t as big and nice as Gordie’s, but I wasn’t complaining. It seemed like I had just taken him into my mouth and started sucking and bobbing when he grabbed my head and came in my mouth. It was over in less than two minutes.

He didn’t seem interested in reciprocating and he zipped up his pants and stood up. He thanked me and said it was great and asked for my phone number. I gave him my cell number. I figured I’d give him another shot when he wasn’t drunk. Maybe it would be better then. It didn’t matter. He never called me back.


After working another summer with Dad, I returned to school for my junior year. Ben and I moved into one of the nicer dorms on campus. The rooms were slightly bigger here and we were closer to our classes.

I met Bart Bronson the first week in my business management class, which was my last class of the day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The prof divided us into groups for projects and discussions. Bart chose himself as the team leader of our group of five. We went around the group and introduced ourselves. Bart said he was a junior, and one of the girls in the group asked how old he was and he said he was 28. He joined the Army when he graduated high school and was in for eight years and even served multiple tours in Iraq. We were all impressed and he took charge of the group right away.

Bart was tall with a muscular build. He had a ruggedly handsome face. He had dark brown hair cut in a high and tight military style. He had a full, but neatly trimmed goatee and moustache, and also a couple days growth on the rest of his beard. He had a gruff demeanor and his voice was deep and gravelly. He had on a black short sleeved button-down shirt over a white v-neck t-shirt, tight blue jeans and black boots. The v-neck of his t-shirt exposed a chest covered in thick dark brown hair. I quickly looked away when he caught me checking him out.

While both of the girls in our group openly flirted with him, he all but ignored them. I caught him staring at me with a smug smirk on more than one occasion. My leg fidgeted nervously. He obviously figured out I was gay and I was sure he was going to make my life hell.

After class, we went to the library because he wanted to go over how we were going to split up the first project. He divided the work pretty evenly and fairly.

“Clark will help me compile everything into one submission,” Bart said. “Okay, that’s it. See you all on Wednesday.”

We all packed up our notebooks and got up to leave.

“Clark, I need you to stay behind,” he said. Everyone else got up and left as I stood waiting for Bart. My heart was pounding and my mouth was dry.

“Let’s go,” he said. I followed him out of the library and we quietly walked to a parking lot to a black GMC Yukon SUV.

“Get in” was his command.

We drove to a pub off campus and I followed him in and we sat in a booth and he ordered two beers. I was surprised that the waitress didn’t ask for my ID. He slid one of the glasses to me and took a big drink. I nervously sipped mine as he watched me.

“I make you nervous, boy?” he asked.

I nodded.

“I’m not gonna do anything you don’t want me to do. Relax. Drink your beer.”

After we drank our beers, we walked back out to the car. He opened the passenger door for me. Before I could climb in, he moved in close. He rested his left hand on the top of the car and his right on top the door. He leaned in closer.

“You got two choices, boy. I can take you back to your dorm, or I can take you to my apartment.”

My knees weakened and my pulse quickened. I couldn’t believe this big hunky stud wanted me.

“I… I don’t want to go back to the dorm yet,” I whispered.

“You understand what that means? No backing out. And make no mistake, I will be fucking your ass tonight. And I won’t be gentle.”

I swallowed and nodded and got into the SUV.

“Good boy,” he said.

We drove to Bart’s apartment. It was a nice two bedroom apartment not far from campus. I was surprised at now sophisticated it was decorated. It was uncluttered and masculine and clean. I followed him into the kitchen and he threw a couple of steaks on the broiler. He had me toss a pre-bagged salad into a bowl and steam some vegetables in the microwave. He opened a bottle of red wine and poured us both a glass. We sat down and ate at his dining room table. While we ate, we talked about family. He had an older sister, but both of his parents were dead. I wondered if that was how he was able to afford his nice truck and apartment, but I didn’t ask. We talked a little bit about his time in the Army, but I could tell he became uncomfortable when Iraq came up, so we changed the subject. As we ate dinner and talked, I became less nervous and more relaxed.

After we finished eating, I thanked him for dinner and he smiled and asked me to put the bursa escort bayan dishes into the dishwasher. I rinsed the plates and put everything into the dishwasher. I used the bathroom and then joined him in the living room.

He was sitting on the couch listening to the stereo, which was quietly playing soft jazz. He patted the space next to him and I sat down with him. He put his arm around me. He pulled my glasses off and set them down on the coffee table.

“You’re much cuter without these glasses,” he noted. “You should think about getting contacts.”

Bart put his hand on the back of my head and leaned in and kissed me hard. I opened my mouth to him and accepted his tongue. Bart was a great kisser, almost as good as Gordie. He pinched my nipple hard and I grunted in pain. He broke the kiss and said, “I’ll give you one last chance to back out, boy.”

“I want to stay,” I whispered.

He stood and pulled me up off the sofa by the hand and led me to his bedroom. He practically tore my clothes off. He used his finger to pull my 4.5″ dick away from my stomach. When he let go, it snapped back up and he chuckled. “Good thing I’m not a size queen.”

I blushed beet red in humiliation. Bart pushed me back onto the bed and slowly stripped his clothes off. He was huge everywhere. His arms and legs, his chest. His hard chest and stomach were covered in thick hair. He had a large tattoo depicting an eagle with an American flag covering his right upper arm. His nearly 6″ erect cock stood up at a 45-degree angle and curved upwards and was an average thickness. He was uncircumcised and his foreskin was retracted behind a big mushroom head. I thought it would have been bigger, but it was nice.

“Come here, boy,” he growled. “On your knees, cocksucker.”

My face burned at his language, but I obeyed. I got on my knees in front of him and I looked up to his face. He grabbed a hold of his cock and smacked my face with it.

“Suck it, boy.”

I grabbed the base of his cock. Bart slapped my hand away.

“I said suck, bitch! If I wanted a hand job, I’d have asked for one.”

I put my hands on his thighs and leaned forward and took him into my mouth. I started sucking and bobbing up and down on his cock.

“Yeah, take that cock, boy,” he grunted. “Take it into your throat.”

Bart grabbed the sides of my head and pushed deeper into my mouth. I choked and gagged and he backed off. He thrust back into my mouth until my nose was buried in his bush. He held my head and fucked my mouth. I closed my eyes and let him use me.

“Get it good and wet, ’cause I’m gonna fuck your hot little ass.”

Bart pulled me up and directed me onto the bed onto my hands and knees. He had lube and condoms on the nightstand. He rolled on a condom and squirted lube on it and used his hand to slick it up and down. He poured lube into my ass crack and knelt behind me and lined up the head of his dick against my hole.

“Bart, it’s been a long time. Go slow.”

“Shut the fuck up, cunt,” he said as he smacked my ass hard. “I’m gonna make you my bitch.”

Bart thrust hard into me all the way to the hilt. I cried out in pain. I cramped up at the intense burning and pain.

“Bart, it hurts so bad,” I cried. “Please stop, please.”

“Stop with that fucking crying and take it like a man!”

Bart slapped my ass again. He held still inside my ass until my crying turned to whimpers. He grabbed my hips and started moving in and out of me, quickly building up speed and intensity.

“Take my cock! Whose bitch are you? Who does this hole belong to?”

“You, Bart,” I grunted. “It’s… yours…”

He grunted and groaned and used me for his pleasure.

“I’m gonna come, boy! Here it comes! Yeah, you little fucker! Take my come!”

Bart howled and thrust into me hard and blasted his load into the condom. I whimpered in pain as he pulled out of me. I collapsed onto the bed and rolled over onto my stomach. Bart emptied the condom onto my semi-erect cock.

“Get yourself off,” he commanded.

I reached down began stroking my dick, using Bart’s come as lube. I came hard after a couple of minutes. Bart pulled me out of the bed and I followed him to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and I stepped in. He pulled a condom out of the vanity drawer and ripped the package open, then stepped in the shower with me. We soaped each other up and rinsed off. His cock stiffened as I washed him.

He rolled the condom on and pushed me against the back wall. He reached down to my ass and lifted me up. He bent slightly and pushed into me. He held me pinned against the wall and fucked me slow and steady while he sucked on my neck. In this position, I got more stimulation against my dick and prostate and before too long, I pushed my hand between us and grabbed myself and immediately cried out and came. He fucked me harder and then finally shot into the condom.

Bart took me to his bed and he laid on his back and pulled me to bursa escort kız him. I laid down with my head on his chest. He softly kissed me and rubbed my back and shoulders tenderly and gently. I gently rubbed the hair on his chest and stomach. I know I shouldn’t compare him to Gordie, but I couldn’t help it. Bart’s chest and stomach were hard with muscle. It looked good, but wasn’t nearly as nice to cuddle with as Gordie’s softer body.

“You’re a good boy, Clark,” Bart whispered. “You’re my boy now.”

Bart’s hand moved down to my butt and he ran his finger across my slick hole. “This belongs to me.”

We laid together for a while until I started to fall asleep.

“Roll over,” he grunted as he pushed me off him. He turned over onto his side with his back away from me. I turned my back to him and curled up into a ball and wondered why he didn’t want to cuddle with me as I fell asleep.


Bart and I began officially dating after that night. When I walked into class on Wednesday with Bart I could tell the others in our group were staring at me. I’m sure they saw the hickeys on my neck, plus the way Bart practically guarded over me, it was pretty obvious what was happening between us.

I discovered quickly that Bart was a very jealous and controlling person. If I even talked to another guy, he would get pissed. He’d yell at me, saying that I was disrespectful, or he’d call me a slut. Sometimes he’d take it out on my ass by smacking it while being extra rough in bed.

Ben was happy that I found someone at first, but after a few weeks, he started to experience the brunt of Bart’s jealous ranting.

By winter break, Ben was begging me to dump Bart. He said Bart was mean and controlling and treated me badly. Ben and Bart got into a fight right before the break. Ben had enough of Bart’s attitude and Bart thought that Ben was trying to steal me away from him. After a bunch of yelling and pushing, Bart decked Ben and knocked him to the floor. I had to physically pull Bart away from Ben.

After that, things weren’t the same between Ben and I. He was upset with me because I didn’t break up with Bart, especially after Bart punched him. He said I would regret choosing Bart over him one day. After winter break, I spent a lot more time with Bart and less and less time with Ben.

On Christmas Eve, I was having a quiet dinner with my parents. Mom and Dad asked about school, about my classes and friends. I took a deep breath and told them I had met someone and that we’d been dating for a couple of months. “His name is Bart,” I said before adding in a whisper, “I’m gay.” I hung my head down and waited for the crying or yelling to start.

“We know, honey,” Mom said quietly.

“It’s okay, son,” Dad said.

“It is?” I said. My eyes filled with tears.

“We’ve known a long time,” Mom said. “But when we saw you and Gordon asleep in your bed… naked… well, I guess we knew for sure.”

Mom and Dad both smiled and laughed a little bit.

“Oh, my god,” I groaned and blushed red with embarrassment.

“He was spooned up behind you and holding you like you were precious to him. It was actually very sweet.”

I winced.

Dad cleared his throat. “When you two… split up… You were so hurt, Clark, I wanted to tell you then that I knew, but I don’t think you were ready to tell us. It broke my heart to see you crying so hard.”

“You held me.”

“Of course. You’re still my little boy, and you were hurting.”

Dad’s eyes turned glassy as he remembered that night.

A tear slipped down my cheek. “I loved Gordie so much. It hurt when he didn’t want me anymore.”

“You still love him.” Mom stated more than asked.

I nodded and cleared my throat and wiped away the tears.

“So, tell us about this Bart,” Dad said.


In March, Bart asked me to move in with him when winter semester ended in April. I agreed and decided to take a class in spring session.

We spent a few days at my parents’ home in between the winter and spring semesters. When they got me alone, they told me that Bart wasn’t right for me, he was too old for me. Dad didn’t like his attitude. They were adamant about me not moving in with him.

By the second day, the tension was unbearable. Bart and I were in the living room sitting on the couch watching a Tigers baseball game with Dad.

Bart stroked the back of my neck. “Get me another beer.”

I stood up and Bart patted my ass. Dad bristled and tensed up.

“He’s not your slave,” Dad growled to Bart. “Get it yourself.”

“Clark is more than happy service me. And I mean that in every sense of the word. Isn’t that right, boy?”

My mouth fell open in shock. Dad stood up. His face turned beet red and he balled his hands into fists.

“Get the fuck out of my house,” Dad growled.

“Clark,” Bart said as he calmly stood. “Get the bags. We’re leaving.”

“Clark, you’re not going anywhere,” Dad said.

“It’s your choice, Clark,” Bart said. “You won’t get a second chance this time.”

Bart walked and headed upstairs.

“I’m sorry, Dad,” I said, standing to follow Bart.

“Clark, you’re making a mistake, son. You walk out of this house with that man, you’ll regret it.”

“I love him, Dad.”