Lot Lizards


It was a warm night in June. The moon was hidden by low hanging clouds that allowed only the light of a few stars to sneak through; Still, the parking lot was aglow from the lights of the truck stop and from the dozens of trucks that were parked in rows on the hot asphalt. The air smelled of diesel exhaust and the sound of those big engines echoed across the parking area. This particular truck stop was well known as a place where local hookers plied their trade. That, of course, was why we were there. I was with my best friend, Jenny Pickford. I was dressed in knee high black boots, a short black skirt and a sinfully sheer lace top that well accented my 32 C chest. My dark red hair splashed casually over my shoulders and drooped to the middle of my back. I had more makeup than I would normally think of wearing. There were several lubricated condoms in my clutch purse. My knees were shaking and I was so nervous I was afraid I would puke, but I steeled my nerves, knocked on the door of the truck and asked the man if he wanted a date.

He looked me over slowly, undressing me with his eyes before asking me, “How much?” I told him, “Twenty.” He invited me into the cab of his truck. It was a big truck with a large square hood and a sleeper with strings of lights on the top and bottom. At the front of the hood was a silver swan. The inside of the truck looked like leather, but other than the seats I was sure it was vinyl. The dash was made to look like wood. The seats had air valves on them which made them go up or down. The truck smelled a little like stale body odor; as did he; but there was some kind of citrus scented air freshener that attempted to make the truck smell better. There was a large stick shift between the seats and a plastic tube of dim blue lights across the back wall of the sleeper. There was also a refrigerator and a microwave in the sleeper, so the truck had more amenities than some hotels. The bed was actually full sized and somewhat mussed up. I was pretty sure the sheets were only changed when he went home to his wife.

Why was I there? I wasn’t a pro or some desperate junkie needing a fix. I was from a middle class family. I carried a 3.75 GPA in high school. No, this all started because Jenny Pickford and I started talking about dares at a slumber party. It was an “I will if you will” contest of willpower and nerve. Jenny had just climbed up into a blue Volvo. There was no way I could back out and let her win. I wasn’t going to let her call me a chicken even if I was scared. I had never engaged in casual sex but I certainly wasn’t a virgin. I had lost my virginity when I was 16. That was a year earlier.

The trucker handed me a twenty which I nervously put into my clutch purse. Maybe I was selling myself too cheaply, but I wasn’t sure I’d get the nerve to knock on another door if I got turned down. I gave him a smile and stepped back into the sleeper. As he followed, I peeled off my lace top and sat it aside. My hands were shaking as I reached for the latch to my skirt, but if I didn’t go fast I’d loose my nerve. I loosened the skirt and let it fall to the floor. When I sat down on the edge of the bed to remove my boots, he told me, “Leave them on.” His eyes were locked on my body with lust. Other than the boots I was naked now since I hadn’t worn either a bra or panties. As I moved to lie on my side on the sweat stained sheet, I gave him my most seductive smile.

He peeled his T shirt off and dropped it on the floor. I never asked him his name and he never asked mine. I would have lied, of course. He looked older than my father. His hair was thin and gray. He had a bad comb over and a pot belly. As he stepped out of his jeans I could see that he had graying pubes and a fat cock which was mostly erect. He wasn’t shy about grabbing me by the back of the neck and pushing that cock into my mouth. I accepted him with faked eagerness, despite the fact that it tasted like sweat. I reached out and stroked him as I sucked on him. He started to thrust into my mouth, but I had my hand there to make sure he didn’t gag me. After a moment I’d sucked his cock clean and there was just a hint of pre-cum coating my taste buds. His cock was growing harder in my mouth. I could feel his fingers tightening in my hair, pulling it. This guy obviously had no interest in gentle love making. He’d paid for a whore, and he was going to fuck me like one.

I have to admit that despite being scared as hell, I was turned on by the whole adventure. I reached down and casually traced a finger over my labia. My finger slid easily over the moisture that was forming on my soft skin. He watched me of course, so I wiped my finger over my nipples to make them glisten. For an older guy he could sure get hard. He wasn’t hung like a porn star or exceptionally long but he was thick enough that his cock was beginning to make my jaw hurt.

I took a condom from the packet and put it on him. I’ve heard of hookers who would put the condom in their mouths and sneak it on while they sanal rulet were blowing the guy, but I never developed that skill and I certainly never considered myself a hooker. After all, this had nothing whatever to do with the money. This was all about showing Jenny that I had the guts to go through with it. I did know how to put a condom on. I had experience with two boyfriends who believed it was bad karma for the man to do it. Maybe they were just lazy.

The man joined me on the bed and lifted my left leg up, then my right. His thick hands slid under my knees and he pushed my knees back against my shoulders. I could feel the tip of his cock against my opening. Since his hands were occupied and I certainly didn’t want him sliding one inch further south, I reached down and guided him into me. When the tip was just inside me he paused for an instant before pushing the entire length into me with one hard shove. The suddenness of it made me cry out. If I could have moved I would have jumped. Suddenly I was impaled by a fat old cock that had just purchased the right to fuck the hell out of me. The truck driver was going to make the most of that right.

With my knees against my shoulders all I could do was to grip the sheets. He began to slam into me with a vengeance. I know that I was in the middle of 40 tons of steel and freight, but after a few hard thrusts I could actually feel the truck rocking from the forcefulness of this man’s actions. I fought the desire to close my eyes and turn away. Instead I looked into his eyes and pretended I was enjoying every hard thrust. He was literally beating the hell out of me in that sleeper. My previous boyfriends were athletes who could fuck sometimes for ten minutes. This guy was still power fucking me twenty minutes later. Every time he got close to cumming he stopped to change positions and then continued. The only break I got was when I was riding him, and even then he grabbed my hips and slammed me onto him roughly.

Eventually he placed me on my stomach with a pillow under my hips. He was holding my wrists to the bed and pounding at me from behind. I felt the sensation that I had to pee and I knew his cock was hitting my G spot. Despite the fact that I was getting sore, I felt the pressure building inside me. I needed to cum and this was the perfect position. I even kind of liked that fact that he was pinning me down and being rough with me. It made my submissive side come out. I whimpered and moaned as he manhandled me. I was getting closer to orgasm by the second. He kept his rhythm until I completely lost control. I screamed into the pillow as my body convulsed on his cock. It was my greatest orgasm ever!

I could feel his cock throbbing as well. He slid out of me and pulled off the condom, then pushed his fat cock into my mouth and began to stroke rapidly. Almost before I realized what he was doing the first jets of cum hit the back of my throat. I gulped it down and tried not to think about the rather unattractive man who was feeding his cum to me. I was never especially fond of the taste. His cum was thick and the flavor was obviously influenced by coffee and cigarettes. It left my breath smelling like chlorine.

He rolled over and lay on his back as I got dressed. We said our goodbyes and I climbed back out of the truck. The night cool air felt good as I sucked it into my lungs. For a moment I stood there thinking about what had just happened. My pussy still throbbed and I cold almost still feel that thick cock inside me. There were other girls wandering around. These were the pros. The truckers call them “Lot Lizards.” I wanted to keep a wide berth of them since my dare took away from their business.

My footsteps seemed to echo off the trucks as I started back toward my car. It was dark outside I was feeling particularly vulnerable. I was way out of my element here. When I was nearly back to the safety of my car where I had planned to wait for Jenny I saw her walking toward me. She had a tall black truck driver on either side of her and a fresh fucked glow on her face.

“Hey, Nikki, I’ve been looking for you,” she said. “I’ve got some new friends who are dying to meet you.”

I looked at her and then at the two black men with her. They both looked like they were in their early forties. I would soon learn that they were brothers, just a year apart. Abner was the older of the two. His arms were huge. He had the look of someone who had been lifting weights all his life. He must have stood about six foot six, which made him a giant compared to me at five foot two. His black hair was cut short. His shirt was partially unbuttoned revealing a furry chest. His brother was named Bryon. Bryon was as tall as his brother but with longer hair. He was much leaner. Both of the men had tattoos which suggested to me that they’d either been in gangs, had done some time in prison or both. Between them was Jenny; a short haired blonde trouble maker who was about three inches taller than blackjack me.

“Come on. You’ve got to see this sleeper,” Jenny said when we’d all been introduced. “This thing’s huge! It’s like a house inside.”

The truck was hooked up to a moving company trailer and sure enough, it was huge. The sleeper alone was twelve feet long. I was very nervous about stepping into the cab with these men. It wasn’t that I was prejudiced because I wasn’t, despite the years of listening to my father rant about nearly everyone who wasn’t Catholic and Caucasian. It was more the fact that they just looked like they could be rough. Maybe it was the tattoos. I agreed to take a peek, but just to have a look. I said that we had better hurry home. I reminded Jenny that my parents would be home soon and that we had BETTER be there. They wouldn’t actually be home that night at all, but that was the cover story we had agreed upon.

The sleeper was like an apartment. It had a bathroom and shower, a full kitchen, its own generator, its own air conditioner, satellite TV, a very good stereo system and a table that folded down into a full sized bed. It was all trimmed in oak. Indirect lighting gave a seductive glow to the inside of the sleeper. Very noticeably at each end of the bed were three tie down rings; one on each side and one in the middle. They looked like they were used for tying up girls, not tying down cargo.

“This is incredible,” I said. I felt more than a little uncomfortable at the moment. “But we really have to be going.”

“No, we don’t have to go anywhere,” Jenny assured the two men. “As long as we’re home by morning, we’re cool.”

I looked at her as if I’d been betrayed. Jenny just smiled back at me. “Relax, Nikki,” she said. “You’re too uptight. I’ll be here. Besides. The guys are paying us a hundred each for three hours.” She’d already taken the deal without asking me? I just wanted to go home. “I’ll take Abner first,” she said.”

With that she turned and gave the older brother a deep soul kiss. I was searching for the words to protest. For an instant I was too stunned to speak. Then Bryon was behind me. His hands wrapped around me. His right hand lifted under my short skirt to rub over my uncovered flesh. His left hand gently massaged my breasts and tugged at my nipples. He was kissing my neck and grinding his bulging jeans against my ass. I knew these guys were trouble. I knew I should run, but I just stood there; getting more turned on by the second. I closed my eyes for a moment as Bryon caressed and kissed me. When I opened them, Jenny was in front of us on her knees slobbering all over the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I have to admit that the sight of that turned me on. I could still escape, but that window of opportunity was quickly coming to a close. I knew I should go, but I couldn’t quite pull myself away. When Bryon slipped his finger into my pussy, I let out a soft moan and leaned back against him. I wasn’t going anywhere. The anticipation of what was going to happen during the next three hours had me both scared and squirming in anticipation. My father would be so ashamed of what I was about to do he would never forgive me if he ever found out. What was left of my innocence was about to be ripped away. At the moment, I couldn’t wait to see it go.

Bryon began to pull my top off. I responded by lifting my arms so he could easily pull it off. Then my skirt dropped to my ankles and I too was on my knees, seeking out his cock. When I took it out of his pants I gasped in surprise. It was even bigger than Abner’s. It felt like it weighed five pounds. I shuddered in anticipation of feeling this monster inside me. Could I even handle a cock this big? I lifted it and teased my tongue around the tip before putting it in my mouth. It was definitely a jaw stretcher. I used plenty of saliva as I stroked and sucked him.

Bryon’s cock got thicker and harder in my mouth. I took it out and ran my open mouth and tongue up and down the length of him, and then lightly stroked it as I slobbered over his balls and sucked on them. He was getting more and more aroused. I was stalling a little. I could feel myself getting juicier by the moment and I was going to need a lot of lubricant to get his cock inside me.

Jenny got up and mover over beside me. She put her arm around my shoulders so I slid mine around her waist. The two brothers stood side by side while we knelt there, sucking their cocks. Then they stepped back and switched places. Suddenly I was sucking Abner’s cock and Jenny was sucking Bryon. The amazing thing was that I wasn’t even put off by the idea. I guess I had already determined that whatever happened just happened. I turned and gave Jenny a long, sexy kiss. I thought that the two of us kissing over a hard cock was sexy as hell, so we gave each of the guys a little teamwork as we kissed and slobbered over their cocks, double teaming them one at a time.

The two guys went to lie on the bed, with their bingo heads at opposite ends. Jenny climbed up first and lowered herself on to Bryon’s cock. I was fascinated as I watched it slowly disappearing inside her. Then it was my turn to climb up on Abner. I whimpered out loud as I stuffed myself with that huge cock. It seemed to go up inside me forever. When we were both fully impaled Jenny gripped my hair, pulled me to her and gave me a deep kiss. That took me by surprise, but the guys liked it so I just went with it. We began to make out as we rode the two large cocks. She slid her hand down my stomach to my clit, so I returned the favor. I had never considered having sex with another girl, but this was different. This was a show we were putting on.

After a few moments Jenny and I were both pretty well worked up. We rode the now slick cocks and continued to tease each other. I leaned over to suck a firm nipple into my mouth. I could taste Jenny’s sweat on my tongue. She had nice breasts; bigger than mine and full, with dark nipples that got very hard when sucked. I was getting close to another orgasm and I wanted to cum with Jenny. Her reactions told me she was getting close as well. The guys were saying something, but neither of us paid them any attention. We were slamming our bodies on hard cocks and rubbing each other’s clits. We came at about the same time. Jenny and I kissed and rubbed tongues as our bodies lubricated the thick cocks that we had impaled ourselves on.

We switched partners after that. I knelt down to lick Jenny’s fluids off Bryon’s cock while she did the same with Abner. Then we climbed up on our respective cocks and the show resumed. We had to stop a couple of times because the guys nearly came. It was too early for that.

Eventually Abner pulled Jenny down so that she was lying on his chest. Bryon stood beside the bed and pulled her over enough so that she could suck his cock while Abner fucked her. I wasn’t sure what they were doing until Bryon tossed me a bottle of KY Liquid and told me to put it in her ass. Jenny whimpered something around the cock in her mouth, but I wasn’t sure if it was encouragement or a protest. I put some of the lube on my finger and applied some directly to her anal muscle. It felt strangely erotic to slide my finger into my friend’s ass. Jenny moaned as I added more lube and continued. I worked my finger around to pull at her muscle so that when I added a second finger it would be easier. Then I put my fingertips together and worked three fingers into her ass. I could feel her cumming as I twisted my fingers around in her ass. Abner was slowly rocking into her pussy and Bryon was pumping his cock back and forth into her mouth.

Bryon pulled back and slapped his cock over her face, then moved to where I was. Before I got off the bed he had me work the lubricant onto his cock. I put plenty of lube over his thick shaft and rubbed it in, then moved aside. He told me to hold Jenny’s ass cheeks apart. I did, and it gave me a close up view of his cock forcing into her tight ass. She squirmed and whimpered as he pushed it deeper, all the while begging him not to stop. I thought at that moment that Jenny was crazy. The guys weren’t going to leave me out of the mix so I was told to climb up and straddle Abner’s head so he could lick my pussy while they double teamed Jenny. Since Jenny and I were then facing each other, we caressed each other’s breasts and made out. I reached down and very gently ran my fingertips over her clit as Bryon fucked her ass roughly. She must have liked it, because after a few moments she came so furiously I was afraid she’d injure herself.

Abner gave out a string of profanities and began to cum in Jenny’s pussy. He held her tightly by the hips and pulled her onto him as he erupted inside her. When he was finished, he pulled out of her and slid out from under her. Bryon rolled her over onto all fours and slid his cock into her wet pussy. As he prepared to cum in her, Abner had me sit me down on the floor. I had no idea what he was up to at the moment. Then Bryon shot his load into Jenny’s pussy to mix with Abner’s. After a few final thrusts and a number of obscenities, he pulled out and pulled Jenny off the bed. Then I knew what their plan was. Jenny stood above me in a partial squat as I let the men’s cum fill my mouth. Then we shared a long, cummy kiss before I resumed the position and finished licking her clean. I was just licking up cum so it really didn’t matter that I was licking it out of my friend’s pussy… or so I told myself.

The guys needed a break. We did too, but we were on the clock. While the men relaxed and drank a beer, Jenny and I climbed up on the bed and began to 69 each other. This time it wasn’t about licking up a guy’s cum, it was about pleasing each other and making the guys hot. I have to admit that I very much enjoyed it. I liked it enough that I decided we would have to do this again when it was just us. Jenny’s tongue drove me wild. She was much better at this than I was. I tried to do the things to her that she was doing to me, and she obviously liked it as well. When she slid two fingers into my pussy to massage my G spot, though, she wouldn’t let me touch hers. I guess she was still pretty sensitive.