Tiny Dancer


This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

“Jerry, what are we going to do for Valentine’s Day?”

I was suddenly reminded Valentine’s Day was a week away. But I was surprised by the reminder since Karen and I have been deemphasizing that day more and more each year. During the two years we were “courting”, as a typical male I assumed it was a big deal to Karen and I emphasized it. Usually a nice meal and then to my place for a fuck. By our 2nd Valentines Day “my” place was “our” place. When we married three years ago, our Valentine’s Day became my preparing her a nice meal and our usual fuck, then ordering out for Chinese and the end of the night fuck. By last year it became leftovers and we dispenses with the fuck because we were both “tired” with big days the next day at work.

“I didn’t think we made too much of the day lately, so I hadn’t planned anything in particular.”

“Well, maybe we need to ignite the spark again like we did in ‘the old days’.”

“Yea, granny, like the old days 5 years ago.”

“Be serious. I want to do something special this year.”

“Do you have anything in mind in particular?”

“I want to go dancing.”

Karen knew I hate to dance. But it was her special day; and I love my wife. Karen loves to dance, and she is a great dancer. I, on the other hand, am the world’s worse dancer, and, consequently, I hate to dance. When we were dating we worked out a relationship where whenever we wanted to go dancing we would go the the Club 869. It was located at 869 Oak St. It was in a beautiful converted old warehouse. The crowd was mixed, about 1/3 gay men, 1/3 lesbians and 1/3 gawkers like us out for a night of slumming it. The gay men loved dancing with Karen, and, heck, they were doing me a favor. As long as they were entertaining her I didn’t have to worry about embarrassing myself on the dance floor. Very, very rarely would one of the lesbians ask her to dance. I guess she didn’t give out that vibe.

“Do you want to go back to the 869?”, I asked, already sure of the answer.

“Sure, unless you know of someplace better.”

“Well, I haven’t exactly been trolling the gay bars since we’ve been married.”

It was decided. Valentine’s Night, we each dressed. I wore a suit and Karen wore a scarlet red cocktail dress that strategically exposed her legs and a good part of her breast. She had matching red lip gloss and nails. I told her she looked like a French whore, a high class french whore, but a whore none the less. She laughed and I knew I had not overstepped my bounds.

We enjoyed supper at the Fado, and capped it off with cognac and a couple of fine cohiba cigars. Yes, Karen joined me. Neither of us smoke, but we both really enjoy a good post-prandial cigar. I think a woman really looks sexy when she smokes a cigar and I told her the cigar adds to her French whore look. She coquettishly laughed again. The wine (most of which Karen consumed) and the cognac would be my first and last drink I would have during the evening as I said I would be the designated driver.

Before we departed for Club 869, I took Karen’s hand. She had had a lot of liquor but I didn’t feel I was taking advantage of her since I knew the exhibitionist in her would respond positively to what I was about to command her even if she was as sober as a judge. “I want you to take off your panties.” She smiled at me.

“Tell me why.”

“I know when we get to the club, some hands will be wandering and I want them to feel your hot hot flesh without any filters.”

“Jerry, you know everyone I dance with will be gay. I don’t think feeling my ass will get their motors running.”

“Maybe there’ll be some bi’s there. Who knows, there may be some straight men who are just in search of their sexual identity.”

“And you hope they will find it between my butt cheeks?”

“Who knows you could turn them and eliminate from them all doubts.”

She smiled again. “Will you excuse me while I go the the ladies room?”

“No, take them off here.” Her smile broadened as she reached under the hem of her dress. It didn’t take much effort, but she tugged on her panties and removed them. I think two of the couples two tables away from us figured out exactly what she was doing. I smiled at them and told Karen to turn around and acknowledge their stares. She did. And then she took her panties and twirled them around her finger. She thus removed any doubt that may have existed in half the restaurant as to what she was doing. There was a little polite applause. I’m sure that must have been a conversation starter for the few people in the restaurant who weren’t aware of what was going on.

We got up to görükle escort leave. Karen said, “Wait, I have to pee.”

“You can do that in the parking lot.”

“Do you have enough money to make my bail?”

“Who says I won’t leave you in jail all night.”

“You’re so sexed up right now, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to fuck me all night long. You couldn’t do that if I were in jail.”

“Maybe we can arrange a conjugal visit.”

We finally got up to leave and left the banter behind. When we got to the parking lot, I at least took Karen to a secluded corner and allowed her to manipulate between two cars so she would not be exposed to the security cameras. She then proceeded to relieve herself. I gallantly offered her my handkerchief to clean herself.

“You clean me up.” I then gently wiped off her pussy. Then I cleaned her off with my mouth. She came, and I had to start over again.

We drove to the Club. She had her finger in her pussy, but she wasn’t massaging it vigorously enough to come. She just wanted to have a good attitude as we entered the club.

As we walked in, we saw it hadn’t changed much in the two years we had been away. The gay/gay, lesbian/lesbian, gawker mix of the crown was pretty much the same as before. Most of the faces were new to us, but there were a couple of people we recognized.

We went to a table and immediately two guy approached us. “Hey, Karen, nice to see you again.”

“You remember us?”

“Of course. You were a great dancer. Care to dance?”

“That’s what we’re here for.”

“I was hoping your friend might be troweling. This is my friend, Lance. He’s a good dancer, too.”

Karen and Chris went onto the dance floor. I hadn’t remembered his name, but I learned it later. His buddy Lance wandered away, too. I didn’t see Karen for a good thirty minutes. Between Chris and then Lance and some more of their friends she got her fill of dancing. I was glad for her, and, glad for myself that I didn’t have to embarrass myself out on the dance floor.

Eventually, Karen came back to the table. I ordered her a drink to go with the Evian I had previously ordered for myself. When the drink came, we were approached by a very slightly build woman who couldn’t have been more than 4 ft. 11. She was stunningly beautiful. If she was a lesbian, she was one of the most attractive lipstick lesbians I had ever seen. But her wardrobe was most remarkable. She was wearing a black pin-striped suit. She had on a white blouse with a scarf tied loosely around her neck much like a very loose cravat. She wore it out rather than tucked into her blouse. And she had on a black fedora. She looked like a cross between Liza Minelli in Cabaret and Annie Hall.

“Let’s dance.” She didn’t ask, she demanded. Karen was a little taken aback, she glanced at me and found no resistance, looked at the girl who had grabbed her hand and moved onto the dance floor. This was not the first time Karen had danced with a woman at the club; but she was usually busy with the guys. Alright, I know this was just a dance at a gay club, but the apparent gender fluidity of the girl and Karen’s heightened arousal from the events earlier in the evening led me to question if anything might develop later in the evening.

Karen was exclusively faithful to me since I first met her 5 years ago. She never expressed any interest in having a sexual relationship with any woman, but I attributed that mostly to her fidelity to me, as I was faithful to her. But she had told me she once had a brief, maybe 3 month affair with a girl in college. But the subject never came up again. Yea, I know every man’s fantasy was to be involved as the apex of a V relationship with his wife and another woman. But honestly, it never ever came up; neither of us had ever brought it up.

I watched the girls dancing and was glad they both were enjoying them selves so much. Sure enough, when they were embraced in a slow dance the girls hand wandered down to Karen’s butt and under her hem. I think I detected a smile when she realized there was nothing between her and and paradise. The hand stayed there, moving in a slow methodical circular motion, during the whole dance. If anyone else really cared to, they could catch a nice glimpse of Karen’s exposed ass.

After dancing for about 30 minutes Karen brought her friend over to the table, She appeared to be dragging her by the hand as the girl was not too anxious to come. “This is my husband Jerry. I’m sorry i don’t even know your name.”

“It’s not important. In about an hour we are going to be having raw passionate anonymous sex. There’s no need to destroy the anonymity.”

Wow, bursa escort bayan I guess that didn’t leave any doubt where the evening was heading. I tried my best not to react, and I think I pulled it off. Perhaps better than Karen.

“Excuse me. Did you say we are going to be having raw passionate anonymous sex in an hour?”

“Yes.” She grabbed Karen and kissed her passionately. Karen did nothing to break the embrace.

“But I’m here with my husband. We are celebrating St. Valentine’s Day.”

“I’m sure he’ll figure out some way to keep himself occupied.”

Karen glanced nervously at me. She was in uncharted waters. But clearly she was intrigued. This was her chance, our chance, to set the ground rules, or to modify them since clearly the girl had laid the foundation for the evening already.

Karen asked her, “Will he be joining us?”

“If it will make you feel better, he can watch. But I don’t want him doing anything to me.”

“Well can he caress me while we are having ‘raw passionate anonymous sex’?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“I don’t have a problem with this anonymous thing, but what am I supposed to call you when I cry out your name when you have me in the throws of mad passionate orgasmic sex?”

“Tiny,” I said. My mind had been wandering to the old Elton John song “Tiny Dancer” ever since she first came to the table. “She’s the Tiny Dancer.”

“That’ll do,” Tiny consented. “Can we go now? Let me tell my friends I’m leaving with you.” She walked over to a group of women sitting at a table, told them something, and returned. She kissed Karen passionately and grabbed her hand and we all left. Karen guided her to our car. I got into the driver’s seat and they got into the back seat. Soon there was a tangle of arms and legs as I drove to our house.

Tiny came up for air long enough to spot an all-night drug store and told me to stop there. She got out of the car and walked in. She came back 10 minutes later, reached into her bag and handed me a blue bottle of personal lubricant. “Here you go, Big Fella. Here’s my Valentine’s Day gift for you. This ought to keep you entertained this evening so you don’t bother us.”

Wow, what a ball buster! She also had a bottle of Summer’s Eve wash and scented spray and a toothbrush. “I’ve been sweating a lot on the dance floor, and I don’t want you to be offended by my odors.” I guess that told Karen and me that she would be doing some magic with Tiny. She really was a take charge woman.

As we drove, Tiny must have realized we wouldn’t be making any more stops until we got home. She started disrobing Karen and it didn’t take Karen long to reciprocate. I wondered if Tiny cared how she and Karen needed to get from the car to our home. What if we lived in a high rise? How private was it going to be getting from the car into the house? Actually, it shouldn’t be a problem since our house was relatively secluded especially this late at night.

As I drove hope I could see the two of them in the rear-view mirror. They were very energetically attacking each other. Clothes were flying all over the back seat. I made sure I didn’t do anything to be stopped by the police. I wouldn’t have minded. I’m not sure if Tiny would have, but I don’t think Karen wanted to wind up on a police blotter. Suddenly the following came from the radio tuned to a ’70’s station, “Hold me closer tiny dancer Count the headlights on the highway Lay me down in sheets of linen You had a busy day today.”

First I saw Tiny’s ass in the air as I’m sure she was pleasuring Karen’s cunt. A break for some kissing and breast caressing and then sure enough I saw Karen’s ass in the air. We arrived at the house and I deliberately did not pull into the garage. I parked in front of the closed garage door. I’m not sure Karen realized what I had done since she was so in the throws of ecstasy; and I don’t think Tiny cared. I got out and opened the door for the girls. They had no problem emerging from the car completely naked. Well, not completely naked. Tiny grabbed her fedora that had come off during their sexual gymnastics, and tucked her gorgeous long strawberry blonde hair into the hat. I don’t think any of our neighbors saw us, but there was always the titillation factor that maybe someone was putting out the garbage or walking the dog or just looking out their window. The girls went to the front door and continued their embrace while I gathered their clothes. Karen didn’t have a key since her clothes and purse were back in the car. I eventually walked over and opened the door.

We went inside and Tiny asked, “Where’s your bathroom?” I assumed her alcohol consumption was getting to her bursa escort but, with the door open, I saw she was drawing a bath. We had an old-fashioned tub with supporting legs. It was easily big enough for two, but it would be interesting to see how cozy three people would be. But maybe I was just getting ahead of myself. Tiny helped herself to a generous portion of bubble bath. She came into the bedroom and grabbed Karen by the hand and led her to the bath. I followed and was not given any looks that indicated I was not welcome. Just to confirm the situation I said, “Karen, will you undress me?” She proceeded to without any help from Tiny.

Tiny got into the tub and Karen followed her. They were facing each other. I slipped in behind Karen, cradling her in between my legs and arms. Tiny started washing Karen devoting generous time to her breasts Then she started sucking her tits. She gestured for Karen to stand up. I steadied her by holding her legs. I took advantage of her position by caressing her butt cheeks. Tiny thoroughly cleansed her cunt with the shower head and inserted her tongue once all of the soap was removed. She gestured for Karen to turn around and started cleaning her asshole. I then started inspecting her cunt with my tongue. Tiny inserted her tongue in Karen’s asshole Karen was experiencing an orgasmic level she had never experienced before. Here was one tongue in her asshole and one in her cunt.

We continued for about 10 minutes when she finally collapsed from exhaustion. She rested awhile and then told Tiny to stand up so that she could cleanse her pussy. She then proceeded to do so. She turned Tiny around when that job was finished and started kissing her ass cheeks. She ran her tongue along Tiny’s ass crack and gently massaged her sphincter with her tongue, but I don’t think she ever inserted it. I was careful not to grope Tiny since she never indicated she expected or wanted that.

We rinsed off and the girls stepped from the tub. Karen wrapped a towel around Tiny and was carefully drying her off but occasionally licking her with her tongue. I, meanwhile, dried Karen off. Karen led Tiny to the bedroom and I followed. They got on top of the bed. I did not dare follow them. Instead I seated myself in a chair where I could watch everything. The girls continued groping each other, inserting tongues and fingers into various orifices. I was getting so aroused that I started playing with myself. I grabbed the tube of lubricant and started to apply it to my hands when Karen said, “Come here.”

I walked over. She grabbed the lubricant and squeezed it onto my erect prick. She rubbed it all the while Tiny was caressing and kissing her, her tits, her ass cheeks, her thighs. Finally Karen engulfed my prick in her mouth and gave me the most exquisite blow job. As I felt I was about to cum, I threw her onto the bed face down. I then fucked her doggy-style. Tiny crawled under her head so that Karen could eat out her cunt while I was fucking her. Miraculously, we all climaxed at the same time.

I crawled into bed. Karen positioned herself between Tiny and me and we all fell into a blissful sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, I had the most enormous boner. I grabbed the lubricant off the night table and started to apply it. Karen aroused herself from sleep and mounted my shaft. The action awakened Tiny who joined in my caressing Karen as she rode up and down. She moved around behind Karen and gently shoved her so that her ass was sticking straight up. She then started eating out her ass hole. I have no idea how Karen kept herself from expelling any built up gas much less how she contained her morning toilet.

After Karen and I climaxed, we each freshened up. Tiny had bought a toothbrush at the drug store. Karen finished first and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Tiny and I were at the his and her basins. There was not much conversation when Tiny said, “You really love each other, don’t you?”

“Yes we do.”

“Thank you for sharing her with me.” She then gently kissed me on the cheek. Then she planted her lips on mine. This was the first contact we had had. “Maybe some day she will share you with me.”

“I would look forward to that.” We dressed. I, of course, had fresh clothes, Tiny grabbed something out of Karen’s wardrobe. The thong was tight enough that it didn’t fall off. Everything else was a bit too large, but it would do until she got home. She put her striking outfit into a spare small overnight bag I offered her. She put the hat and the scarf on.

We had breakfast and Tiny demonstrably caressed both Karen, who was still naked, and me. i took pride in this gesture of acceptance. Karen dressed and we took Tiny home. She lived in a multi-unit apartment building, so there was no certainly which apartment was hers. No names or phone numbers had been exchanged. As she got out of the car and started to walk away, she came back and said, “I go to the club the first Saturday of every month.