Peaches and Cream Ch. 02


“Hi, Cream,” I said, staring up at the goddess who had just entered the room. She had to be six feet tall, with long shapely legs. Her skin was jet black, and she had very large breasts. She was wearing only a white lace bra and matching panties, and I believe I already mentioned the large bulge in her panties.

“You must be Mike the stalker,” she said with a smile, flashing her dazzling white teeth. She had alluring, beautiful facial features, high cheekbones, and big, gorgeous eyes. She removed the blond wig, revealing very short hair.

I rolled onto my back so I could see her better and she laughed and said, “Nice cock. Looks like it’s ready to burst.”

The head of my cock was covered with pre-cum. Peaches had driven me crazy leading up to and then fucking me in the ass. I was feeling pretty desperately in need of relief.

“Hi Cream,” Peaches said. “This is Mike, but it turns out he’s not really a stalker.”

“Well, that’s good, I guess,” Cream replied, sounding a little disappointed. “Mind if I help him out with that thing?”

Cream pointed at my cock and Peaches invited her to join us. I was suddenly feeling like the luckiest man in the world.

Cream sat on the edge of the bed and took my cock in her hand, wrapping her fingers around the base of my shaft. She squeezed as she moved her hand up, and more pre-cum oozed out of my urethra.

“You take the first one, Peaches,” Cream said, “you worked hard for it.”

Peaches lowered her head and licked the head of my cock, running her tongue all around the head and lapping my pre-cum into her mouth. “So damn good!” She said. Cream again moved her hand to the base of my shaft and squeezed while moving her hand up. I could feel my pre-cum oozing out and she leaned down and licked it into her mouth. Then she leaned forward and kissed Peaches on the lips. Cream slid her long tongue between Peaches’ lips and I couldn’t remember when I’d ever seen a sexier kiss.

After they had pried their lips apart, Cream once again lowered her head to my cock and ran her tongue around the head. She slipped the tip of her tongue into my urethra, which felt incredible. Then she moved the head of my cock over toward Peaches, who also licked the head of my cock, and she also pressed the tip of her tongue into my urethra. I shivered with pleasure.

“He likes that one,” Cream said as she once again pulled my cock toward her face and licked it some more. She had her right leg up on the bed next to me and I placed my right hand on her inner thigh. I reached out and caressed Peaches’ shoulder with my left hand and she smiled at me while Cream ran her tongue all around the head of my cock, and then down along the underside of my shaft. Then she pressed my cock flat against my belly and rapidly flicked her tongue along the underside of my shaft from the head down to my balls and back up.

Peaches moved from my side to a position between my legs. She pressed her face into my crotch and licked my perineum, gently moving her tongue in circles around the sensitive area between my scrotum and my anus. At the same time, Cream parted her lips slightly and moved her mouth all over my cock with her soft lips and just the tip of her tongue touching me. Peaches then raised her lips to my scrotum and began kissing, licking and sucking on my ball sack. Cream pulled my cock back toward her and swallowed it, taking my entire 7 ½ inches down her throat. Her forehead was against my lower belly and her chin was resting on my right testicle as Peaches sucked on the left one. It felt incredible.

Cream kept my cock deep-throated for about 30 seconds and then raised her head up until only the head of my cock remained in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock and then plunged back down into my crotch again. She seemed to sense that I was about to come because she came up fairly quickly and released my cock and took her lips off of me as well. Peaches continued to bathe my scrotum with her tongue and I felt the urge to come slowly subside.

“This one’s a keeper,” Cream said with a laugh. She moved up on the bed and planted her lips on mine, and probed my mouth with her long tongue. She reached down to my hand which was still resting on her upper thigh and pulled it up to her crotch. She still had her panties on, but I wrapped my fingers around her massive cock. My eyes opened wide as I felt how big it was, and she laughed into my mouth as she kissed me. Cream’s long tongue probed my mouth.

Peaches was still licking my balls when Cream stood up and removed her bra, letting her perfect breasts hang free. Her skin was so dark that it was difficult to see where her areolas began. Her nipples were large and erect. Cream leaned on the bed with her hands on either side of my head and dangled her breasts in my face. I parted my lips and sucked her left nipple into my mouth, gently sucking on it while flicking the tip of my tongue over it. Cream moaned and pressed her large breast against my Kurtköy Anal Escort face. Her scent and taste were wonderful. After a few moments, she placed her other nipple in my mouth and I gave it the attention it deserved as well.

Peaches had continued licking and sucking my balls and now she took my cock in her hand and pulled it downward so she could flick her tongue over the head, occasionally inserting the tip into my urethra. Between Peaches and Cream, they were working me into a frenzy and I hadn’t even seen either of them fully naked yet!

As if they had heard my thoughts, Cream and Peaches both got up off the bed. Cream was wearing only her panties. Peaches had removed her bra at some point and I admired her small breasts. It was obvious that she had not had any type of surgical enhancement and I figured that her small breasts were the result of the hormone therapy she must have been on. She had small areolas surrounding her very large, very dark, erect nipples. Peaches was still wearing her garter and stockings, which she began to remove as I watched. She had removed her panties before she fucked me in the ass, and I had my first look at her cock. Her cock was small and circumcised and she was flaccid at that point. There was a long string of clear pre-cum dangling from the end of her cock and I can’t describe how disappointed I was that it dripped onto the floor instead of into my mouth.

I turned to look at Cream and she smiled, then turned her back and slipped her panties down and stepped out of them. I loved the color of her skin. Her ass was big and her cheeks were round. Then she turned back around and finally revealed her huge cock. It was semi-erect, sticking out but still hanging downward. In that state, it appeared to be about nine inches long. Her foreskin was a very thin layer of skin that had pulled back slightly, revealing about a quarter of the purple-black bulbous head of her cock. Pre-cum glistened.

Cream saw me staring. “You like my big clit, baby?” She asked in a throaty whisper. She wiped a finger across the head of her cock and leaned forward to place the finger in my mouth. Her pre-cum tasted delicious and I sucked it off her finger. Cream laughed again. I looked at Peaches and she was stroking her cock and smiling at me.

Peaches directed me to lay on my back with my head hanging off the bed on Cream’s side. I did as she said and was soon crossways on the bed with my head hanging off one side and my feet off the other. Peaches moved around and spread my legs then knelt on the bed and took my cock in her hand. I looked up at Cream and she stepped forward until the head of her big cock thumped against my forehead.

Do you want to suck my big clitty?” Cream asked, using her hand to move the head of her cock back and forth across my forehead.

Without hesitation I said, “Yes, please.”

Cream laughed delightedly and Peaches said, “See. A perfect gentleman.”

Peaches lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth, first running her tongue over the head and lapping up my pre-cum. Cream moved forward and the head of her cock slid down over my nose and lips, and I darted my tongue out and tasted her pre-cum again. When her inner thighs were on either side of my head, Cream bent her legs slightly and her large scrotum covered my face. Her balls were heavy and her musky scent was incredible. I breathed deeply through my nose and then opened my mouth and licked her ball sack.

Peaches sucked my rock hard cock while Cream moved her crotch around in my face. I loved the way Cream’s black skin glistened with my saliva where I licked her. She moved her hips even farther forward and I flicked my tongue across her puckered asshole several times as she shivered with pleasure. Cream stood up and took her crotch out of my face. Her cock bounced across my lips again as she moved backward. I looked down at Peaches and she smiled up at me as she stroked my cock in one hand, fondled my balls in the other, and licked the underside of my shaft.

“Have you ever sucked a black cock?” Cream asked and I looked up to see her stroking her now fully erect penis.

“No,” I answered.

“This is the best position for deep throat,” Cream said. “With your head back like that, your throat is in a straight line with your mouth. Would you like to suck my big cock?”

“Yes,” I answered. “I would really love to suck your big cock.” I actually wanted too very much and was extremely excited by the thought of having her cock in my mouth. All the old feelings I had experienced many years before when having gay sex had come rushing back when Peaches had her cock in my ass. There was a period in my life when I had really enjoyed having sex with other males, and now Peaches and Cream were doubling that pleasure. The fact that they were very feminine and still had cocks was even more thrilling.

Cream moved forward again and pressed the head of her cock against my lips. I opened my mouth slightly Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort and flicked my tongue across it, and then opened wide as she eased her hips forward. Cream’s cock was very thick in addition to being long, and I didn’t think there was any way I would ever deep-throat her, but I wanted too. Her cock head pressed against the back of my mouth at the opening to my throat and my gag reflex kicked in. I was disappointed when she pulled her cock out of my mouth but she stuck it right back in. I just kept my mouth open wide while she slowly inserted and withdrew her cock several times. Each time I gagged, the thick saliva from my throat filled my mouth and soon her hard cock was covered with it. Her massive cock was soon very slick.

Peaches had retrieved the large butt plug again and after lubricating it liberally she had inserted it back into my ass. It had slid in much easier this time, although there had still been that intense moment of pain when the widest part had slipped in. When she had adjusted the butt plug to her satisfaction, she went back to working on my cock with her hands, lips, tongue, and teeth. Despite everything that was going on, I felt totally relaxed. With all the attention Peaches was giving my cock I should have come long before, but I was pretty focused on pleasuring Cream and I was lasting an impossibly longer time than usual.

Cream eased her hips forward again and prodded the back of my mouth. This time I didn’t gag. I really wanted to deep throat her huge cock and I eased my tongue out slightly as she gently pressed forward. Suddenly her long cock was sliding down my throat! It’s hard to describe the feeling of elation that coursed through me at that accomplishment. Mostly I felt proud of myself, but hearing her moan of pleasure sent shivers through my own body.

Cream did not insert her full length down my throat at that time. She had about ¾’s of her cock down my throat when she pulled back. She did keep her cock in my mouth and I sucked on it for a few more minutes, coating as much of it as possible with the thick saliva I was producing. I reached behind me with both hands and grabbed her butt cheeks, kneading them as I sucked on her cock.

“Ohhhh, baby,” Cream whispered huskily, “that feels so damn good!”

I was aware of Peaches bobbing her head up and down on my cock, but it seemed like a far away sensation. I was concentrating completely on Cream’s pleasure and not my own. I worked a finger into her butt crack and gently pressed it against her asshole as she once again eased her hips forward, filling my mouth completely. This time I eased my tongue out as she moved forward, took a deep breath, and when she reached the back of my throat she just kept going. It seemed I had overcome my gag reflex, at least temporarily.

I gently pulled Cream’s hips forward with my hands and she eased her cock deep down my throat. Her balls came to rest on my nose and I could see where my finger was pressing against her anus. I pressed harder and in went the tip. Cream’s body convulsed and she began withdrawing again.

“This boy can suck a cock!” Cream said to Peaches.

I have no idea how much time passed. Cream had slid her cock deep down my throat many times when I felt her start to tremble. Her balls grew harder and her ball sack seemed to compress around them. She pressed her hips forward more forcefully than she had before and filled my throat with her huge cock. I hadn’t been prepared but managed to ease my tongue out as she fully inserted her cock down my throat and started spurting warm cum. As if from far away, I heard her scream, “Oh fuck, I’m coming!

It seemed like she would never stop coming. Jet after jet splashed straight down my throat. I realized I hadn’t taken a deep enough breath and tried to breathe through my nose, but I hadn’t quite mastered that technique. Just when I thought I was going to black out, Cream stopped spurting and eased her cock out of my throat. I was able to breathe through my nose again as she withdrew.

Just then I became aware of the intense pleasure that Peaches was providing me with her mouth. As Cream pulled her cock completely out of my mouth, Peaches was deep-throating me. Cream lay down on the bed alongside me so her face was close to my crotch as well. I heard her say to Peaches, “He sure knows how to work a cock!”

Waves of pleasure were coursing through me at that point. Peaches was working the butt plug around in my ass while giving me one of the most incredible blowjobs I have ever had. I cried out that I was going to come, and Peaches pulled her mouth off my cock as I began to spurt. I watched as the first jet of my creamy cum splashed into her face, covering one of her eyes. Peaches opened her mouth wide and the next jet splashed mostly into her mouth. She then pushed my cock toward Cream and the next jet flew over Cream’s head and landed on my face and in my open mouth. Although I couldn’t see it, the next jet must Kurtköy Zenci Escort have splashed into Cream’s face, and then Peaches was moving my cock around so my cum was splashing into her mouth and then Cream’s

I must have spurted at least ten times. When my spasms finally subsided, Peaches looked up at me with her face coated in my cum. Cream turned to look at me and she had a lot of my cum on her face as well. Both were smiling, and then began laughing when they looked back at each other. I tried to say something like “that was awesome” but my throat hurt too much and I only managed a raspy sound.

Peaches said it for me. “That was awesome, baby. You came so much!”

“And it’s fucking delicious!” Cream answered as she scooped cum from her face and into her mouth. I watched as Peaches and Cream began licking my cum from each other’s faces and it was extremely erotic. Cream’s cock was just a few inches away and looked very inviting so I turned my head and licked the head, causing her to body to shiver.

Cream got up and picked up her panties and bra from the floor. She bent over and kissed me, licking up a few drops of cum that I had missed, and then she stood up.

“I’m going to leave you two lovebirds alone for a little while,” she said. “I’ll come back after I take a shower. I just know Mike won’t want to leave before I fuck him in the ass.”

I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more at that moment. Cream left the room and Peaches stood up and retrieved a towel as I moved up on the bed so my head was no longer hanging over the side. My neck had begun to ache from arching up to watch the action down by my cock.

Peaches wiped her face with the towel and then cleaned my crotch. She went into the bathroom and returned with a warm damp washcloth and cleaned my face thoroughly, and then used the same cloth to more thoroughly clean my cock and balls.

“Butt plug in or out?” She asked.

“In, please.” I replied.

She smiled up at me. “I know. I love them too. I have the medium one in my ass right now.”

When she had thoroughly cleaned me, she went back to the bathroom and rinsed out the cloth, and then cleaned herself thoroughly as well. I watched her perfect ass as she moved around the room. While she was cleaning herself I moved so my head was on a pillow up by the headboard. I could see Peaches’ reflection in the bathroom and I watched as she adjusted her hair and makeup. She saw me watching and smiled.

When she was satisfied with her appearance, she turned and walked slowly back toward the bed. Her cock was hard again and bounced up and down with each step. It was small — about five inches, but it had certainly felt incredible when it was in my ass.

Peaches climbed onto the bed and I held out my arms to her. She lay down beside me as I wrapped my arms around her petite body. She was warm and a good fit. She breathed onto my chest and if felt wonderful.

My throat was raw but I managed to tell her she was amazing. Peaches smiled up at me and said she thought I was pretty amazing as well. My only concern about anything that had taken place so far was that we had not used any condoms.

“Sorry,” Peaches said. “I should have told you before. Both Cream and I work for a porn production company and we are tested for STD’s weekly. We’re both clean as of 5:00pm yesterday, and we always make our customers wear rubbers for anal and almost always for oral. When you fuck me in the ass, you will have to wear a rubber. Maybe at some point in the future if you are being tested regularly I’ll let you bareback me. I love the feel of warm cum in my ass.

“Me, too,” I replied, “although that’s the first time in over 20 years that I’ve experienced it.”

“Really?” Peaches replied with a smile. “I feel honored.”

We talked for several minutes, and she wanted to know all about me.

“But you’re a great guy!” Peaches exclaimed after I told her why I preferred prostitutes. “Any woman would be lucky and thrilled to marry you.”

“I’m not the marrying type,” I said. “I tried. I really thought I was in love, but six months later I was having sex with a cute little blond hooker on the floor in a sleazy bathroom.”

I explained what had happened. She laughed at the lipstick story, but when I was finished she said, “Your ex has to share the blame as well. Women shouldn’t change so much after they get married.”

“I never did blame her,” I replied. “Even if she had not changed a thing I’m not sure I could have resisted when I saw that hooker in her red mini skirt. If not that night, I would have stopped another night.

“Well,” Peaches said, gently running a finger in circles around my left nipple. “If I was married to you I would do everything possible to make sure you stayed interested and I would never give you a reason to seek sex elsewhere. And if you wanted to fuck a little blond whore, I’d be okay with that as long as you bring her home to share!”

I smiled down at her. “Do you plan to get married someday?”

“Absolutely,” she said, excitement creeping into her voice. “Someday I’ll find the right man and we’ll get married, buy a house, and adopt children together.”

“Sounds ideal, Peaches. I hope it happens just like you want it too.”