A View to a Thrill Ch. 02


The campground was a wide-open wasteland of grass and trees. It was almost empty and the few sites that were full were void of any activity. Kelly clenched her hands as she walked alone down the gravel road towards the pool. The cool breeze created goose bumps over her exposed flesh and hardened her nipples against the thin material of her bikini.

She felt very self-conscious as she tugged at the straps of her top. It was more revealing that her normal attire but Jack made her so angry. Today was the first time she had worn it since her pregnancy and she had put it on just to get a reaction from him. Anyone calling it a bikini was being very generous. The thin strip of sunset orange material just managed to conceal her nipples from public viewing. Inquisitive eyes would find precious little covering her bottom. Her body trembled at the idea of people seeing her wearing this bikini. She would never admit it to anyone, even Jack, but she did love to show off her body.

The pool complex was a very basic brick structure with an entrance area, containing a few air hockey tables, video game machines and benches to sit on with a glass wall that looked out to the pool itself. The pool was empty and looked rather inviting. Kelly set her towel down on the bench and slipped her black crocs off her feet to go through to the pool area. A sound caught her attention and stopped her. Something about the sound made her very cautious in her approach.

There was a hot tub around the corner from where she stood. She hadn’t noticed the sound of the jets running until that moment. It wasn’t that sound that caught her attention. The noise became louder until there was no doubting the source. It was the sound of a woman being pleasured. On most days, she would have walked away or waited until it subsided. This time though, perhaps emboldening by her earlier argument, she crept forward until she could see a middle aged woman standing up in the hot tub. Her ass just barely submerged. She had a tight hourglass figure, with long raven black tresses flowing down almost touching the water.

The sounds of her self-pleasure became louder. Her fingers danced under her bikini bottoms, legs spread and gyrating against one of the jets in the hot tub. She was using the water pulsing from the tub to run over her clit as she spread herself and moved against it. This was all too much for Kelly. Her face turned deep crimson as heat penetrated her body to its deepest depths. She had never seen anything like that before. The woman was so entranced with her own self-pleasure that she was oblivious to Kelly’s intrusion.

Kelly’s body started getting uncomfortably warm and her nipples burned with the heat of a thousand suns. She crept around the corner where she would be unnoticed if she turned around. Kelly’s hand slid up over her aching left nipple. When her hand touched her nipple, she had to stifle a gasp. She felt a jolt of pleasure run between her nipple and her suddenly aching pussy. She gave into her temptation. Her hand slid down over her bottoms and darted between her thighs, seeking her clit. She bit down hard on her lip to keep from crying out. The faint taste of blood became noticeable. Her hand gained speed rubbing over her clit, moving in slow circles, narrowing in on her clit.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me Ivan!” moaned the voice from the hot tub, in her final throws of pleasure as she was obviously approaching orgasm. “Fuck me with your big hard cock, make me your bitch!”

That sent Kelly over kütahya escort the edge. She drove her fingers into her clit through the bottom of her swimsuit. Her teeth bit into her lip for all it was worth as she was hit with a tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure. She felt her knees start to buckle and it was all she could do to stay on her feet as she rode wave after wave.

Only after her orgasm had finally relented did she remember where she was and that the moans from the hot tub had stopped. She looked around nervously hoping that she had escaped notice. It was then, that she saw the lady from the hot tub walking towards her. She had a sly smile on her face and her bikini top in her hand, her large silicone enhanced breasts bouncing on her chest.

“I see I wasn’t the only one enjoying myself,” she said with a giggle.

“Uh, sorry about that, I guess it’s been a while for me,” Kelly said, trying to avert her eyes from the lady’s oversized man-made breasts.

“That’s ok. My name’s Beth. You want to go for a dip in the pool with me?” giving Kelly a devious smile and placing her hand on Kelly’s shoulder.

“I’m Kelly. No, I think I’ve had enough excitement for one afternoon. Maybe another day,” Kelly gave her a shy smile and turned into the girls changing room to take a shower.

A flood of emotions came over her as she entered the shower area. Her body was still burning hot from the release and desperately seeking more attention. She started the water and turned the temperature up until it was steaming hot to match the way her body felt. A cascade of heat rolled over her as she entered the water’s spray. The wild abandon that had come over her earlier had not subsided at all and the heat was making her very uncomfortable in her own skin. Hearing Beth’s voice in her head panting about how she wanted to get fucked made her decision for her. Kelly needed Jack’s cock inside her and she needed it now.

She hurriedly got out of the shower and dried off, sprinting out of the changing room. Nervously, she looked out in the lobby area to see if Beth was still around. There was nobody in sight. She walked out quickly since she didn’t want to risk a chance encounter, knowing how embarrassed she still was from before.

Outside the sun had poked its head out from under its cloudy blanket and things were heating up. She walked briskly back towards her campsite, with a singular purpose: to have her husband’s hard cock skewer her body. Sometimes even the best plans get put on the back burner.

As she walked along with the towel draped over her shoulders, the sight of a young man stopped her. Kelly thought he looked a few years younger than she did. He was bringing in groceries from his black Ford F-150 pickup truck wearing tight fitting denim shorts and a white muscle shirt that showed bulges in all the right places. It was clear he worked out regularly. In Kelly’s current state, she couldn’t avoid being a little aroused by him.

“Hi, I’m Ivan.”

“I’m Kelly.”

“Are you here all week?” He asked her in a light airy tone.

“Yeah, I’m here with my husband and baby daughter for the week,” she responded smiling. She thought to herself that this must be the guy that Beth was fantasizing about earlier. It seems she had good taste in men.

“I’m here with my mom. I just graduated from high school and she decided it would be good to have some time away together before I go off to college in the fall.”

“That sounds like a good idea. malatya escort Is your dad with you too?”

“No he passed away when I was younger, so it’s just the two of us.”

“Sorry about that. Well, I hope you have a good time,” she replied, ready to walk away when she heard a familiar voice coming from inside his trailer. It sounded like Beth.

“Ivan, are you coming with the groceries?”

“Coming mom, I’ll be there in a minute. Sorry I got to go. See you later.”

“Ok bye,” she said, walking down the road and trying to maintain her composure.

Mom? Kelly could not believe what she just heard. Beth had been fantasizing about her son earlier. Her head was just pounding with the thought of how a mother could possibly have those thoughts about her son. Soon after, she arrived back at the campsite and rounded the side of their trailer. Jack wasn’t anywhere to be seen, so she assumed he was inside. The neighbors were not around either. Perhaps they’re having a nap together, Kelly thought grinning to herself. More likely they are doing it; lucky girl.

Opening the door, she saw Jack standing over Hannah, pulling her blanket up around her to keep her warm. It brought a smile to Kelly’s face the way he was with her. She walked in confidently, hung her towel up in the bathroom area and walked down to where Jack was standing. He was giving her a nervous glance. She thought he looked so very sexy in his tight jeans. She looked over to make sure that Hannah was still sleeping.

“Jack, I’m sorry about earlier. Sorry I pushed you away.” She touched his arm and pulled him closer to her scantily clad, still wet body. “You were right; it has been too long since we’ve touched each other.” She ran her hands down and over the growing bulge in his pants.

“I want to make up for lost time,” she said as she unzipped his pants, pulled them to the floor and licked around the head of his growing cock.

“Oh yes, Kelly just like that.” Jack gasped and moaned.

“You like that baby, you like the way I tease your cock?”

“You make me so fucking hard. I’ve missed this so badly!”

She started to slowly circle his cock head with her tongue, licking around the tip and then down over his shaft. Her hand reached up and cupped his hairy balls. His cock grew hard as a rock in her mouth and suddenly she impaled her mouth with his cock, taking it all in against the back of her throat. He reached down, grabbed her hair and pressed his cock deep inside her mouth. Jack started to fuck her mouth pulling in and out, her mouth gripping him tight, taking it all in.

Her body was going crazy from sucking his cock, her pussy, dripping wet and her nipples poking out. He reached down and unhooked her bikini top, dropping it to the floor. His hand was shaking as he reached down and tweaked her right nipple roughly; sending a thunderbolt of sensations reverberating through her body.

“That’s right Jack, pinch my nipples. Be rough with me; treat me like your little bitch.” She panted as his cock was slamming in and out of her tight mouth. Her mouth formed a tight seal around it. All she could think about as he slammed against her was Beth’s words. She wanted Jack to take her as Beth wanted to with Ivan.

Suddenly, Jack pulled her mouth off his cock, grabbed her arm, led her upstairs to the bedroom area and pushed her back on the bed. She almost exploded instantly when his rough whiskery face brushed against her soft inner thighs and started to lick around manisa escort the outside of her freshly shaven pussy lips. Her entire body was aglow with desire. Her legs wrapped around his head pressing him down against her wetness, wanting his mouth on her clit. He kept teasing around her outer lips, making her even wetter, and caused her pulse to race.

“Jack, just do it. I can’t take this torture any more,” she said, as she reached down and spread her lips wide open for him.

He buried his face between her folds licking and sucking hard on her clit. Her pussy became an inferno that spread all over her body engulfing her in its flames. She was right on the edge ready to cum.

“Oh yes Jack, right there, just like that, oh god yes!” She said as she bucked and writhed all over his face, legs slamming against the side of his head forcing him to stay down there as she rode the wave of her orgasm. “Now get behind me and fuck my wet pussy.”

She bent over, her ass in the air as he positioned himself behind her and wasted no time in slamming his rock hard cock deep into her. It felt so damn good buried all the way inside her as she screamed for more. Then he pulled all the way back out and slammed into her hard again. He reached forward and grabbed her long hair, pulling her head back. Again and again he plowed into her pussy making her quiver with every thrust. He was like a man possessed, taking out five months of frustration on her eager pussy.

“Do you like when I fuck your tight pussy Kel, do you? You like it when I fuck you hard? Tell me you like it.”

“Oh yeah Jack fuck me good and hard, I’ve been a bad girl!”

He continued going harder and harder inside her. She could feel every inch moving in and out, as he grunted and groaned. She could feel his balls slapping against her clit with a wild abandon.

“Turn over baby, I want to get on top and ride you,” she demanded, as he pulled out of her and she climbed up on top of him. She lowered herself onto his hard shaft slowly, teasingly. Her hips rolled in circles, driving down against him as she got into the motion of rocking back and forth.

She opened her eyes and realized that the window blinds were open. She continued riding Jack’s cock and looked outside. It shocked her when she saw the neighbor sitting outside stroking his hard dick, looking at her as she went up and down on my husband’s hard cock. He was so into stroking himself, he didn’t even realize at first she was watching him. His hand was moving furiously up and down over his rigid shaft.

She got even more turned on knowing that she was being watched; it had always been a fantasy of hers. Her hands moved up and began rubbing and pinching her nipples. Her heart was racing, the power of the moment overcoming any inhibitions she had. “Oh Jack, I love your hard cock, it feels so fucking good. Cum inside me, please baby.”

She rocked back and forth faster and faster, her pussy a fireball of pleasure looking out the window as her neighbor stroked his long hard dick. She reached down with one hand and started rubbing her clit with wild abandon, stroking it in small quick circles, the pressure building. Suddenly, Jacks body stiffened beneath her as he unleashed his wet sticky cum deep in her pussy. Faster and faster she rode him, her clit burning, aching, pulsating until another orgasm wracked her body.

“Yes, yes, that feels so fucking good.” She looked through the window as she rode out her orgasm just in time to see her neighbor’s dick shoot a huge load of cum all over his bare muscular chest, straining from the exertion. She looked straight into his eyes before collapsing on Jacks chest, completely spent.

“I needed that,” she whispered in his ear.

“Me too.”