Fantasies Can Cum True


“Happy National Nude Day!” my wife Mallory exclaimed as she carried a tray of drinks out towards our hot tub, where I was already floating naked. Mallory was also unclothed, commemorating our favourite unofficial holiday. Her lush curves were exposed in all their glory.

“Why so many glasses?”

“My sisters are on their way over. I’m sure you won’t mind.”

“Are they really going to come this time? Remember what happened on Earth Day.”

“Well, I recall we had a good time. It just worked out that their good time was at the twin’s house, and ours was here.”

“No wonder they call you the Good sisters.”

Mallory kicked water in my face. She was tired of old jokes about her family name. All through high school, she suffered , especially because her older sister Bridget was a joyful bisexual slut, giving rise to everything from graffiti such as ‘for a GOOD time call…’ to the more clever ‘ Bridget…too Bad to be Good’. Mallory got particularly upset by the ones which posted the family’s real phone number. Perhaps it was fielding more than her share of prank calls which had driven her into a sexual shell. Before we met, she was inexperienced. A dozen years later, I was still coaxing her out of her shell. We shared a passion for pornography which had created an opening for an ongoing flirtation with the possibility of an incestuous encounter with her sisters. It had begun with Mallory teasing me about my transparent fantasies, to help me overcome my Valentine’s Day story writer’s block. That episode ended with her promising me a real life enactment on Earth Day, our traditional start of outdoor fucking season.

In addition to Bridget, Mallory’s sisters were a pair of twins, Krista and Claire, a few years younger than Mallory. They had been young enough to be spared the brunt of Bridget’s reputation, and had followed, to a lesser degree, in their older sister’s lustful footsteps.

“Did they ever tell you what happened that day?” I asked.

Mallory slid into the tub beside me and sipped a gin and lemonade.

“You must really be horny. Your cock isn’t even waiting for me to start before it thickens.”

Mallory gently stroked my growing organ.

“It must think the warm water is like warm pussy.”

“It thinks everything should be warm pussy. Your cock has a mind of its own, and no conscience.”

“I would never cheat on you.”

“No, but your cock would if you let it. Fortunately for it, I’ve been forced by our bet to accept that sharing my sisters isn’t cheating.”

Mallory had agreed not only to let me fuck Bridget, but to eat my cum out of her sister’s cunt, as payment for my spinning an Earth Day fantasy of sex with the four Good sisters.

“You know you don’t have to really go through with it. And the dare didn’t include the twins.”

“But it would be unfair to leave them out.” Mallory bobbed down to plant a single kiss on the tip of my cock which was peeping out of the surface of the tub.

“Do you think those three had as much fun as we did on Earth Day?” I asked.

“That depends, how much fun did you all have?” It was Bridget asking. She had entered quietly through the yard gate behind me. I also heard the soprano trilling of the twins, giggling as usual at their sister.

“Mal told us that she and you got each other off, just chatting and fondling. She didn’t say about any other fun….nothing about fucking, for instance.” It was Krista speaking. Of the twins, she seemed the bolder. In the fantasies, I focused on her while Mallory played mainly with Claire.

“Well, I don’t imagine the three of you did much fucking. Or was there a guy there I don’t know about?” I asked. “If Mal told you about my fantasies, inviting another guy to a party would be a pretty shabby excuse for skipping the opening of outdoor fucking here.”

Mallory blushed.

“We would never do anything to help you live out those fantasies. Mal is a one man woman, you know.” Bridget said with a sarcastic tone in her voice. The eldest Good sister had not changed her spots since high school. She seldom met a man – or a woman – that she wasn’t ready to fuck.

The twins came around the hot tub into view. Krista must have stripped behind us, because her slim body was already naked, her long blonde hair tied into a complex knot, to try to keep it dry. I noticed she had no tan lines. Claire was still covered by a poncho. Music began playing out of the poolside speakers. Bridget must have selected a sensuous Arabic mix CD. Claire danced to the rhythm of the drumbeats, easing the poncho over her head, teasing me with flashes of skin. Finally, she threw it onto a deck chair. I noticed her naked breasts were truly identical with Krista’s, except Claire’s were coated with a glistening dew of perspiration, and her nipples stuck out like erasers. Krista, slipping onto the tub, her nubs shrunken in reaction to the warm water. They were however, a lovely light pink, reminiscent of bubble gum. Krista sat with the innocence of the schoolgirls who used to tease me into sharing my gum. My mouth watered at the prospect of chewing her buds.

Mallory doktor porno laughed, “If only you could see how you’re drooling, honey.”

I turned to Bridget, who was stripping a sarong off as she latched the gate. “Be careful what tense you use, B.”

“I’m never tense.”

“No, I mean I think you meant to say ‘Mal was a one man woman’, not ‘is’.”

Out of one eye, I saw Mallory’s all over blush as I paid more attention to Bridget’s reaction. Her face looked puzzled, then shocked, and then she doubled over with laughter, her generous tits dangling out of their halter. Claire was also tuned in, stopping her own strip tease abruptly, her bra dangling from an outstretched hand, but her chest still hidden by the poncho.

Krista spoke first. “It sounds like all four Good sisters have stories to tell. Is yours about Earth Day as well?”

“Yeah, you go first, Mal, you always told the best stories around the campfires,” Claire added, sliding into the hot tub from underneath the poncho, the water covering her nudity.

Bridget laughed again, sitting now on the edge of the tub. “I always liked the ones in the pup tent after you girls were asleep best.”

“I bet your stories were racier though, B.” I contributed. I noticed that Mallory was silent. Her hand still cupped my cock, but was motionless. I flicked her nipple back to an erect state. I kept this up for a few moments until Mallory leaned back against the edge of the tub, her head relaxed, eyes shut. The grin returned to her face. She sighed, and gently stroked my shaft, as if we were alone in the tub.

Bridget just waited and watched, obviously enjoying the view. Once Mallory was mewing contentedly, she answered me. “In those days, all my stories were the badly flawed fantasies of an inexperienced girl. Now I have real stories to tell. Like what I did with the twins on Earth Day. But if you want to hear that one, you need to tell yours first.”

“Yes, tell us,” the twins echoed, speaking in perfect harmony. They slid to each side of their older sister in the hot tub. I could not help noticing their tiny hands slipping onto Bridget’s thighs under the water. Silently, they massaged her legs open, using a stroking motion similar to what Mallory was doing to me. I was unsure if this was a show for my benefit, or even if I was supposed to notice. ‘What the hell does that matter?’ my inner devil asked. ‘Just relax and enjoy.’

“Mallory, it’s up to you. They’re your sisters.”

“Evil little witches that they are.”

“Hey, we may be little, but we’re not evil,” the twins protested.

“And I’m not little,” Bridget said, grinning, knowing that we would pick up on her admission of evilness.

“But you are such a lovely vision of evil,” I said. It seemed that as my cock stiffened, my inner devil was taking over completely.

“Yes, we all know you think that, dear,” Mallory said, “but it will take a lot more than flattery to get me eating your cum out of Bridget’s pussy.”

To my shock, Bridget actually blushed. Mallory laughed lustily, continuing so long and hard that soon the twins joined in. Bridget finally cracked a grin, and a guffaw. She turned and gently kissed Claire’s lips.

“Hey, how about me?” Krista protested. I noticed that even the normally timid Claire was at ease with this lesbian incest tease. Bridget turned and planted a harder kiss on the more aggressive twin, beginning with a long slow lick up her dainty chin, then finishing with a full on tongue twister.

“Is that tongue?” I whispered to Mallory.

“Hush,” she said, pinching my cockhead so hard I winced. “Just relax.” Leaning across the surface of the water, she said “and how about me?”

I couldn’t believe my ears, and then, I couldn’t believe my eyes as Bridget leaned towards Mallory, with her lips pursed. Just short of contact, Bridget pulled back, laughing as lustily as Mallory had earlier. “Not until we hear your Earth Day story hon. I want proof I’m not doing anything you’ll regret later. I might be a witch, but I’m not going to ruin the best Good sister.”

“Best?” both twins protested.

“Okay, the ‘Goody Two Shoes’ sister, then.”

All five of us laughed at that. A silent pause followed as we looked at each other, sipping our drinks. Even the hands under the water sat silently. With a final chug, Mallory emptied her glass. She held it up in the air. “Recharge your glasses man and girls; it may be a lusty night.”

No one pointed out it was still afternoon. We were too busy laughing and drinking. I noticed Mallory staring at how Bridget casually stroked Claire’s right nipple and Krista’s left boob, while keeping eye contact with Mallory.

“Go ahead, Mal, tell your sisters just how goody two shoes you are.”

“Aren’t,” Mallory said, blushing, and shaking her head. Her hair fell across her face, hiding her eyes. She was the only non blonde in the family, though I suspected Bridget had help from peroxide . Even nude, I couldn’t tell, since her pussy was hairless. As Mallory inhaled and threw her shoulders back, shrugging, collecting ensest porno her thoughts, I stared at Claire and Krista, the ones I had thought of as innocent , busily fingering their older sister.

Finally, after another gulp of her potent punch, Mallory began. “We were relaxing in the hot tub, waiting for you to show up. Trading tales actually. Trying to one up each other.” Again, she blushed. “The three of you were the real stars of our stories. We were pretended we were willing to have sex with you. We sorta got into it and ….and….”

“Fucked?” Bridget guessed. Mal looked down and nodded. Only her increasingly erect nipples gave a clue that what she was most embarrassed by was her excitement. “I hope it was me that you pretended he was fucking,” Bridget continued, “I’m a selfish witch. I like firsts.”

“And seconds,” added Krista.

“And thirds,” giggled Claire.

Mallory took another gulp of her glass, emptying it. I poured more from the pitcher, and she downed another half glass before continuing. “Even though we both came – no matter who we pretended we were fucking – we were ready for more. Your phone call was a big downer for us. All hormoned up, and no where to go, except the same old same old, you know what I mean? All the role play had made me hot to try something new. Something wild.”

“You talk big, but I bet you would have chickened out.”

“Except the doorbell rang. At first, I figured it was the neighbours come over to complain that our fucking noises were disturbing the peace. Or the paperboy collecting. Turned out the paperboy was sick. His mother was collecting for him.” Mallory paused, but now she was on a roll, getting excited from telling the story. With one hand she drained her punch, holding the glass out for more. The other worked my cock under the water. I sat quietly, appraising the reaction of my sisters-in-law. Bridget was coolly assessing Mallory, but the twins seemed to be staring at my growing organ bobbing just under the surface of the water. I rewarded them by smiling and leaning back, causing my hips to float up and my erection to ‘up periscope’. They gasped at the sight.

Mallory continued stroking me. “He has a nice one, doesn’t he, girls?” She leaned over and drooled a string of spittle on my knob, then licked it off. “That’s what Amal thought. I don’t think you’ve met her. They’re Nigerian. They live over in the apartments by the freeway. She’s tall and a lovely pure chocolate tone, with wonderful reddishness in her hair, and flecks of gold in her eyes.”

“Like she really saw his cock?” Bridget asked.

“I ran to the door so fast, I just threw a towel around me. ” Mallory looked at her ample figure. “I don’t think it covered enough. I know it didn’t hide my ‘ridden hard and put away wet’ just fucked look. I must have shocked Amal. She told us later that they come from a very strict Muslim culture. Her husband was very upset that she adopted western ways. He copes with the shame by not fucking her. He says he’s sending her back to Africa and getting a new, better traditional wife.”

“Well, he might still be getting a new wife, but she won’t be headed back to Africa,” I interjected.

“Hush, you, this is my story and I’ll be telling it, like me Irish gramps used to say.” Mallory made her point by squeezing my balls roughly. Her sisters giggled. “Anyhow I invited Amal into the house, because my money was in my purse, you see. Which it turned out was in the kitchen, where through the glass patio door, the poor woman saw my husband climbing naked out of the pool to come for a fresh beer. Turns out that what they say about Africans being well hung is just like everything else in statistics – an average. And turns out Amal’s husband likely was on the lower end of that average. As you can see, my husband does his bit to carry the white man’s burden.”

The sisters nodded their agreement that my equipment was better than average. Bridget even commented, “And I’ve seen enough to have a statistically valid sampling.”

“How close up a sample did Amal get?” Krista asked, never taking her eyes off my cock. My slit yawned open as if to say “hello.”

“Up close and very personal.” Mallory continued. “The sound of my towel hitting the floor was barely more than a whisper, but it was the magic needed to break Amal’s concentration away from the great white meat.” Mallory leaned over, teasing her sisters by rolling the head of my cock inside her mouth, holding her lips open so they could only watch her tongue arousing me.

“Then Amal couldn’t take her eyes off my tits. She told me after that she was brought up never to display a female body. Even to another woman. She had never seen any white woman’s naked tits before, and none as large as mine of any colour.”

I noticed that Claire and Krista’s fingers continued to stimulate Bridget under the water. Bridget seemed to be retuning the favour, one hand buried inside the thighs of each twin. Mallory shifted around the underwater seat, closer to Krista. She motioned with her head, and I moved around towards Claire’s side.

“Mmmm….tell erotik porno us more.” Claire sighed, relaxed by her sister’s fingers, deeply into the adventure tale.

“Amal was very shy. With her skin tone, I can’t say she was blushing, but she did cast her eyes to the floor. I went over to her just to give her a sisterly hug to reassure her.”

“I guess you forgot what kind of sisters you have,” Krista laughed.

“And what kind of hugs they like.” Claire added, turning to hug me, her tiny breasts pushing flat against my chest, her legs rubbing my erect cock.

Mallory laughed, but was cut short when Krista imitated her twin, but topped off the hug with a most unsisterly kiss of Mallory. Bridget, used to being the center of attention, and perhaps re-enacting childhood jealousy of the twins, yanked Krista off Mallory, “Let her continue. My cunt is quite enjoying this,” Bridget said.

Krista laughed and rewarded Bridget with her own hug and kiss combination. Mallory’s kiss had stopped at gentle probing of tongue into teeth. Bridget received a full open mouth lip smacking tongue twister.

Mallory spoke again. “Amal must have been really starved for affection. She melted like butter in my arms. Her tongue was suddenly taking the initiative, driving into my mouth. As I held her tighter, we both instinctively ran our hands gently down the other’s spine until they rested lightly at our waists. Then there was a pause. Maybe we were each waiting for the other to commit to more. Fortunately, our pussies knew best. We started rocking against each other, grinding our cunts together. Mine was naked of course, so my juices were soaking her clothing. I broke the kiss to suggest that she take it all off.”

The rest of the Good sisters seemed shocked that Mallory was so aggressive in her maiden lesbian experience. Despite the slack jawed expressions, the twins kept their hand busy underwater. Mallory and I both sighed simultaneously at the tender massages we were receiving inside our respective thighs. The way the twins were moaning suggested Bridget was sharing with them as well.

I let Mallory relax for a moment, adding my point of view to her report. “I stood back and gave them space, but I could see that despite Amal’s enjoyment of Mal’s handiwork, her eyes never left my cock. I automatically started stroking my own shaft, like I might while watching a porn movie with Mal.”

Bridget laughed. “Mallory likes turning you on with porn? I remember when she was already eighteen, she walked in on me and a date getting heavy while we watched ‘Misty Beethoven’. She freaked and ran out.”

“The way I heard the story, that was because you asked if she wanted to make beautiful music with your friend’s skin flute,” Claire said.

“But let’s hear more about Earth Day and Amal.” Krista said.

Mallory resumed. “Amal broke our kiss and turned her chin onto my shoulder. I wasn’t sure what this meant. I took it slow, pulling her buttocks open without rushing. Her thighs were totally wet. I teased her pussy lips open just as I finally realized what she was looking at over my shoulder.”

“Her first clue was when Amal said ‘It’s so big,’ I recall. Mallory held Amal loosely in her arms and pivoted them around. This gave me a nice view of Amal’s right side, and some of Mallory. I kept stroking my cock as I stepped closer. They reached out together and pushed my hand aside playfully. Mal made sure Amal was comfortable stroking the shaft, and then started rubbing my balls.”

“I bent over – my right hand still buried half way inside Amal’s pussy, and kissed the tip of his cock. Amal giggled. Apparently she had never experienced cocksucking before. Later, she called that ‘a sport that only the boys play together’ in her culture.”

“What about pussy lapping?” Krista asked.

“I’ll come to that,” Mallory promised, prompting Bridget to raise her eyebrows and provoking more giggles out of the twins. Claire’s laughter caused her hand to tug my cock harder. Or maybe that was on purpose. “I spoke softly to Amal,” Mallory said, “urging her to her knees, telling her that it was a glorious treat. What I think I said was ‘imagine the taste of your favourite dessert. Then double that.’ Amal grinned as I said that. She also sighed. My fingers had teased her clit out of its hood. I knew then she was ready to try anything. Like I am now.”

Mallory turned and kissed Krista passionately, running her fingers along her sister’s rock hard tits. I followed suit, repeating her motions on Claire. The twins mewed appreciatively in stereo.

“We lead Amal to the hot tub together. We each took one side. She collapsed against the side, surrendering entirely as we explored her entire body with our lips and fingers. She especially liked the four hand effect, I think. I could bury a fist in her pussy while he caressed her breasts. She came on my hand as he bit her nipples. I think she came twice more as we rubbed her. After her long slow second orgasm, she became more active, running her fingers all over our bodies. She took particular care comparing the heft of my tits to her smooth little mounds. I gave her a cue by lowering my lips to hers, then bobbing my head up. She copied the movement. So I did it on the other one, a little longer. She grazed contently on my left nipple, which allowed studly here to start easing her hips up off the bench.”