First Auntie, Then Mom Ch. 04


As the warm water from the shower cascades over the them, TV weather girl Holly Chase and her 18 year old nephew hold each other in a lover’s embrace. The 34 year old sexy blonde milf and her sister’s only son had spent the night fucking until almost 4 am. The youngster had finally collapsed after fucking his aunt from behind. She had laid on her tummy then came up with the idea to put two pillows underneath her tummy so the teenager can drive his young cock deeper into his aunt.

As the water continues to flow out of the shower head, Holly can feel the boy’s cock start to harden again. After all of this…he wants to…again?? The blonde’s cunt starts to moisten at the thought. Yes…she has to get that cock of his back…where it belongs…deep inside his Aunt Holly.

There had been no talk about Michael’s smoking hot mother Abby or any of the kids at school. Last night aunt and nephew had made love. For Holly, her first time with a young male was something she will never forget.

“Michael, you’re getting hard again…for auntie?”

“Yes…I mean you’re all naked…and soapy like this. You’re just so beautiful I can’t stand it.”

The firm bodied blonde turns around, facing away from the boy. She bends over, giving the teenager a perfect view of her tiny round rock hard ass cheeks.

“Michael, the last time, before we went to sleep, you fucked me from behind. I want it again…okay?”

“Aunt Holly, you mean…right here? In the shower?”

“Yes…look at that tiny ass. See how my little pussy is starting to open up for you?”

Michael Chase, after last night any stuttering completely gone, and now full of confidence, slowly gets behind the beautiful blonde. She guides the boy’s cock inside her welcoming depths.

“Michael, it feels good to have you back in me…”

“Yes, Aunt Holly, it does.”

The teenager starts slowly pumping his hips, the blonde milf now matching his gentle thrusts with her own. She grabs the boy’s hands and guides them around to her round hard breasts.

“Michael, pinch my nipples…while you fuck me…please…”

His cock sunk to the hilt inside her sugar walls, his hands pinching the rock hard nipples, Michael’s mind wanders off…to his sexy blonde mother. He had always wanted to fuck her from behind, slamming his body against her ample ass while playing with her huge tits, just like this. Here he is having the time of his life with the sexiest 34 year old milf on the planet, and he can only think of how good it would be…with his own…mother! Try as he can, he can’t get the picture of his mother’s big tits and ripe luscious ass out of his mind.


“Shit Aunt Holly yes!! Gonna…fuck you good…”

The teenager’s hips are a blur as he starts slamming his 18 year old cock deep inside the sexy blonde. The boy’s hands playing with her sensitive nipples, Holly screams with each thrust of his teenage dick.


The warm water still bathing the happy couple, Michael continues his cock assault on his sexy blonde aunt. Holly’s body is pinned against the shower wall as Michael drives his aunt to the brink…


Michael isn’t too far behind. He can feel his aunt’s cunt start to squeeze his dick as the first blast belches deep into the sexy blonde. Michael lets go in sheer ecstasy.


Holly, having another mind shattering orgasm, hears her nephew cry out for his mother, but doesn’t care one bit. The shy teenager has given her a series of the most mind blowing orgasms…one after another. Its just too fucking good. She screams as another orgasm fills her body.


As the boy slowly stops unloading, he tries to catch his breath…


Michael Chase has just spent the night and this morning fucking his sexy 34 year old Aunt Penny. But he’s never had anything like what had just happened. The sexy 34 year old blonde had never had anything as intense as this morning. Michael, realizing what he had just done tries to apologize.

“Aunt Holly, I’m…sorry…I just…blurted out…”

Michael, sweetie, don’t worry. I’m not mad at you…I’m actually…excited for you. Let’s get dried off, order some room service…and we can…talk about it.”

What Michael didn’t know its that his mother Abby’s little sister had been sending her a series of secret texts giving her the details of everything that has happened so far. Holly can’t wait to send her older sister this one! Abby’s darling son had fucked his sexy Aunt Holly in the shower, and called for his mommy as he exploded inside her! acıbadem escort That ought to drive her older sister crazy!

Holly Chase for the first time in her life, realized that she just may be bisexual. But right now it’s just too good with this 18 year old boy who happened to be her darling nephew. She wanted to make this last. For the first time she was getting a long interrupted view of her first male body. She took a lot of extra time took time to dry the boy off. The sexy milf ran the towel over his hairless chest, down to his washboard abs, then down to the precious package between his legs. Holly already had lost track of how many times last night the teenager had exploded deep into her hungry belly, making her scream as she had orgasm after orgasm.

As she gently rubbed the towel over his low hanging hairless testicles, she could see her nephew’s fuck stick jump then start to harden again.

Holly was sorry that she hadn’t secretly texted several pictures of the boy’s hairless body to her sister. She was going to to make sure to tell her older sister that her son didn’t have a hair on his body, that his 18 year old testicles didn’t have one pubic hair.

On her knees, her pretty blue eyes totally focused on the hardening teenager, she gives her nephew a sexy smile.

“Michael, I can’t believe you’re hard again. I had heard that most men are once a night or if you’re lucky, twice. You darling are something else. Are you getting hard again…for your auntie?”

“Uhhh… yes.”

“Tell Auntie Holly how much you want to fuck her. I want to hear you tell me.”

“Uhhh…Aunt Holly, I want to fuck you…again.”

“Michael, I have to ask you one thing. I mean…in the shower you were calling for your mommy. You really want to fuck your mother, don’t you?”

The teenager was unsure what to say.

“Don’t worry sweetie. If I were you I’d want to fuck her too. Look at her…those big titties, pretty legs and fine plump ass. I can’t blame you sweetie.”

“Well, Aunt Holly…yes…I…I’ve thought about it…a lot.”

“You really want to fuck her…senseless, make her scream for your cock?”

“Yes…I want to her her scream for it.”

“Then Michael…cum deep in her horny pussy?”

“Yes. I want to make her scream…for my cock. Then I’m going to…nut in deep in her…”

“Michael, Auntie Holly is going to help you…seduce your mother. I’ve talked to her many times lately. She wants it, probably even more than you do. But part of her thinks its wrong to fuck her own son.”

“Aunt Holly, I know. She’s told me that it’s wrong for boys to fuck their own mothers. But…you said you’re going to…help me?”

“Yes. I promise you. I wont go back to Indiana until you get your cock inside your mom.”

“The talk about fucking his big titted blonde mother is making the teenager’s cock start to throb. His sexy aunt looks at the stiffening teenage organ and licks her lips.

“Michael, all this talk about fucking your mother…is making your cock hard again…so soon? You must really want it bad.”

“Aunt Holly, yes. But all this talk…and …you’re so beautiful…and so hot. I just have to…fuck you again.”

“Michael, we have to meet everyone at the beach at 6 pm for the bonfire. We have almost four hours to kill. Let’s order some room service then we have a lot of time to…play.”

The sexy blonde auntie takes Michael’s cock and leads him back to bed.

After spending the afternoon having incredible incestuous fueled sex, the 34 year old milf and her nephew ordering a quick meal from room service. The teenager and his sexy blonde aunt get dressed for the senior class bonfire at the beach.

Michaels mother had packed a tight fitting pair of swim trunks and a neon green tee shirt. The youngster pulled the tags off the new swimsuit, thinking that his mother had made a mistake. The youngster’s cock and balls barely fit into the suit. He looked at the tag which said “men’s boykini” size small. It was too late to go to the store and exchange it for a larger size, but the boy did have to admit that the slick nylon fabric felt pretty good literally squeezing his cock.

The teenager did a double take when his gorgeous blonde prom date walk into the living room. Aunt Holly wore a tiny white string bikini and a white mesh coverup. She had fixed her hair and freshened her makeup, looking like an absolute milf fuck doll. Even though he had fucked his gorgeous auntie numerous times already and had spent hours gazing at her naked trim body, there was something about seeing his Aunt Holly in that string bikini. His cock, smothered in his tight fitting nylon suit, tried to jump to attention at the sight of his sexy auntie, the edge of his hardening cock bursting to escape the tight fitting nylon prison.

“Uhhh…Aunt…Holly. You are…just…incredible.”

“Michael, I kinda like what I see too. Your poor cock must hurt like crazy in that thing.”

“Well, mom must have bought the wrong size.”

“No atalar escort sweetie. Your mom bought the right size. I gotta tell you, looking at you is making my little girly parts all wet. Sweetie you’re gong to drive your mother crazy when you wear that for her.”

Michael couldn’t take his eyes off his gorgeous aunt. The boy isn’t an expert at male female relations, but he knows he had made a major mistake. His mother’s sexy little sister had driven over a thousand miles to be his date for the senior prom and had fucked his brains out and he had made the mistake of calling her “mommy” when he fucked her. The older and wiser blonde knew something was bothering him and decided to bring up the subject.

“Michael, don’t worry about calling me mommy. Things happen sometimes when you’re having sex. Lets make this evening about you…and me.”

“Yes Aunt Holly. Just you…and me.”

“My big beautiful hunk…”

“And my sexy blonde prom date.”

“Sweetie, would you consider your old auntie…a milf?”

“Aunt Holly, you’re more of a milf than any of those porn models on the internet.”

“Your…milf auntie. I kinda like it. Your milf auntie, and at home you have a certified milf…mommy.”

Holding hands Michael and his aunt arrived at the senior class bonfire. It was a beautiful spring evening, the waves from the Gulf of Mexico were crashing in and the bonfire was already going strong.

“Aunt Holly, lets sit back here. That way no one can see us.”

“No way Jose. I want all the other boys and their dates to check out your sexy prom date. And…all those girls who told you no to check you out in that tight fitting suit. Let’s sit right in front…at least for now.”

The music from the boombox was blaring as Michael and Holly walked by his classmates. Michael gave everyone a wry smile and said hi as he showed off his prize to the others. Holly made sure to give everyone a huge fuck me smile. She loved being the center of attention to a group of 18 year old horny boys.

Michael noticed that Lori Lamont, the beautiful raven haired homecoming queen, gave Michael a big smile and a thumbs up. Lori had the reputation as the loosest girl in the senior class. It seemed that the smoking hot girl with the beautiful tits, long legs and dark piercing eyes approved of his prom date.

“Michael, let’s sit over here. That way we can watch the waves hit the beach.”

Grant Walker elbowed Scott Barnett pointing to Holly’s direction. He had to make sure that their dates didn’t hear him. He had a feeling that all the girls at the bonfire were already jealous of the older blonde newcomer.

“Shit, look at the tits on that shit. How in the hell did that freak score a…milf like that? I wonder how old she is.”

“I’d guess she’s at least 25, maybe even 28 or so. All I know is my dick is hard just looking at that shit.”

“I know. I thought they’d never stop. Every time I walked by their room last night for ice, he was fucking the shit out of her. She’s a real…screamer.”

Steven Lang piped in. “Yes, I’d love to spend a night making her scream like that. She is absolutely…prime grade A milf.”

As aunt and nephew sat down on a big rock near the campfire Holly turned around one last time and asked everyone sitting behind them.

“Everyone, I hope we’re not in the way. We don’t want to…block your view.”

“No, you’re fine.”

Steven Lang muttered under his breath. “No, we have a perfect view…”

Holly smiled at Michael.

“Well, I think I made a few cocks hard, and a few girls jealous. I noticed that there was one beautiful dark haired girl who was eyeballing you sweetie. Wait till you take off your shorts and she sees the bulge in those trunks. But she ain’t getting it. Its all mine, sweetie.”

“Why don’t you help me get my wrap off.”

His hands trembling the suddenly shy boy helps his sexy blonde prom date off with her wrap. The 34 year old blonde is now wearing a white string and nothing else. Her new silicone tits are screaming to be let free of the tight fitting string.

“There. Michael, take off your shorts…let all the girls see you in your boykini.”

Michael takes off his shorts. Several girls are speechless as they check out the bulge in the front of the tight fitting swimsuit. Lori Lamont can’t take her eyes off the outline of Michael’s hard cock underneath the tight fitting nylon prison.

“Audrey, his look at that cock on Michael. And I passed that up when I had the chance?”

“Yes. Now he’s the property of that old…blonde slut.”

Michael and his aunt make some small talk pretending not to notice everyone looking at them. Holly’s mind tries to picture the 20 horny boys from Michael’s class, wondering what their cocks look like. She snaps out of her reverie, looking down at her 18 year old nephew’s hardness sitting right next to her. Michael, can’t take his eyes off his aunt Holly’s fabulous round melons. The sexy blonde then runs her hand over the front of Michael’s nylon aydınlı escort trunks.

“MMMMM!! You’re hard…for your Auntie Holly…”

“Yes…I can’t stop looking at your tits. It’s like that…bikini makes them look even bigger than they are.”

“You know this little bikini top is starting to squeeze my nipples. Maybe my nephew should give my tits some love. Just give them a gentle massage.”

As Michael runs his hand over his aunt Holly’s silicone hooters, he notices how firm they are.

“Aunt Holly, they’s just so…perfect…and round…and hard.”

“I’m glad you like…cause I’m liking what I feel down there in your lap, my beautiful hard cocked hunk. I’m getting all wet…why don’t we make out a little?”

By now some of the others were making out in front of the bonfire. The 18 year old high school senior and the 34 year old blonde were in a world of their own, kissing each other, their hands everywhere.

“Michael, I told your mother we’d be home tonight. But change of plans. How about we spend another night in our hotel room? We’ll go home in the morning.”

“Sounds good…Aunt…Holly.”

“Michael, let me text her and let her know we won’t be home until tomorrow.”

Excitedly Holly grabs her cellphone. She quickly texts her older sister.

“Everything is going great, even better than we talked about. I told him we’re spending another night in the hotel, but I’m making sure Michael knows there’s no vacancy. We’ll be home later tonight.”

“Well, give me some details, Hol.”

“As you know I’m no expert on 18 year old boys but his cock takes me to places I never knew existed. An hour ago he even fucked me in the shower. I let him call me mommy when he came inside me.”

“Are you guys at the bonfire?”

“Yes. I’m going to ask him to take me down to the water in a few minutes. I’m going to suck him off right in front of the whole senior class.”

“You go girl! Just don’t swallow it all. Let some fall into the water…for good luck of course.”

“Sis, your son is something else. He just can’t get enough. What kind of vitamins are you giving him?”

“No vitamins Hol. I think my son must be addicted to milf pussy.”

“Well, I have to get back. Tonight I get him…then tomorrow we start putting our plan into action. Are you going to…stand in the doorway and watch us like we talked?”

“Yes, He’s going to think that his mother is…sleepwalking. Hol, I’m so jealous of you. Shit, I want him…so bad. I don’t think I can wait any longer. God yes I’m going to watch you two.”

“Just think about your beautiful boy, pounding me tonight. Tomorrow, if we play our cards right…he’ll be pounding you sis. Oops, Michael is looking this way. I better go.”

Her fake tits threatening to fall out of her string bikini, Holly Chase stands up and holds out her hand to her horny 18 year old nephew.

“Come on, let’s go…it’s time…”

“But, we’re right in front of the whole class. Maybe we should go down the beach a little.”

“No way. I want those boys to know what a hottie you got for the prom.”

Michael knew about the senior class tradition at Roosevelt Hi. The couple would wade into the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico and the girl would give her date a blowjob. The boy was to shoot his semen into the salt water for luck.

A couple of the boys sitting behind them make eye contact and shake their heads. They would have given their right nut to charity to change places with the luckiest kid in the senior class. This gorgeous hard body blonde milf was leading him down to the water and suck his cock until he shot his load into the Gulf of Mexico. Lori Lamont, the senior class homecoming queen, looks at her date Grant Walker, and shakes her head no.

As they slowly walk down the warm sand and put their toes on the water, Holly knows that Michael’s classmates are watching their every move. The hard body milf wiggles her delicious ass then turns around and smiles at the group watching them. She licks her lips, getting a gasp from several of the boys on the beach.

“Michael, they’re all watching us. I’m so glad I’m wearing this skimpy little bikini. Lets give them all a good show.”

The bikini clad blonde bends over pretending to pick up a sea shell. The tiny string cannot hide the perfect globes, riding up the edge of her asshole. Everyone on the beach gets a great view of the tiny brown ass ring.

“Shit! Look at that ass! It’s like she’s showing it to us! I’m getting my cell phone. This is too damn good to pass up.”

Now with the gentle waves hitting their knees, aunt and nephew put their arms around each other and kiss. Then again, this time more intensely.

“Michael, play with my ass…please.”

As they make out on the beach, Holly pulls the tiny string to the side so Michael gets a nice long feel of his blonde aunt’s asshole. She reaches down and puts her tiny hand under his tight fitting swim trunks. They kiss again.

“Michael, you’re all nice and hard. Go ahead darling, put your finger in my ass. Gently, darling. Now Michael…put it in a little deeper…Yes…MICHAEL!! EEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!”

His gorgeous aunt’s hand on his teenage hardness, Michael almost explodes. His finger made her…orgasm!