Caught In a Storm


Caught in a storm!

I live in a valley surrounded by decent size mountains, the highest averaging well above the 1 mile point. There are hundreds of trails that attract all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts from professional climbers to complete beginners, I consider myself somewhere in between, hiking as often as I can. I developed a love for the outdoors at a very young age and honed those skills after years in the military and the love of the outdoors is strong as ever in my retirement.

I decided to start today’s trek on a medium skill trail starting at about 3,500 foot elevation. My plan was to climb to about the 5,000 foot point, take a few photographs and be home in time for dinner. The weather forecast called for clear skies and mild temps, nothing too drastic on either end. I packed up my backpack and headed for the starting point.

As I was loading up my gear, I saw Tom the local ranger and chatted him up for a while.

Before I left he mentioned that there was some crazy weather building up off the coast and to keep an eye on the weather. We shook hands and I hit the trails.

A little secret about me is that I love to find the obscure trails and walk in the nude when the temperatures are nice enough to do that. I love the feel of warm sun and cool breezes blowing across my naked crotch. About a 1/2 mile into the woods I was on what was probably a deer trail and seeing as I had not seen a human being or even a footprint since I started walking, I decided I was safe. It was a little cooler than I like, so I chose to leave my t-shirt on and remove only my shorts.

Pulling my shorts off in public still gives me a thrill, and before I was able to pull them off over my shoes I was sporting a solid erection. This makes the thrill even greater since getting caught with an erection would be even worse than if I was just naked. I absolutely love the feel of my hard-on and couldn’t keep my hands off of it. Giving it a few strokes seemed to make it even harder if that was possible. I stuffed my shorts into my backpack and started walking again. The cool air in contact with my low hanging balls and stiff cock was exhilarating.

I continued my hike, climbing higher up the side of the mountain, stopping every now and then to take a few photographs. I even managed to get a few close-ups of my swollen cock amongst the foliage. I had been at it for about two hours so I decided find a place to sit down, relax and enjoy the scenery. I found a nice rock that was warmed from getting some direct sunlight and sat down on it. I used my backpack as a pillow, took off my t-shirt and laid back to soak in some sun.

I must have dozed off and in that time the sun had moved off the rock so it had cooled down considerably. As I stood up to put my shirt on I heard a noise behind me.

Thinking it was an animal I turned around and was quite shocked to see a guy and girl standing about 50 feet away watching me.

I was not sure how they would react, but it was too late to try and cover up so I just said. “Hi there.”

The girl was the first speak and she said, “Hi there to you! We thought you might be hurt or dead, but I see now that you are quite alive and well”

As she said this, her eyes travelled down to my crotch where my erection had returned to full strength.

“Do you hike around naked a lot?” she asked.

“As often as I can, but I usually try to find trails most people don’t use” I told her.

This whole time her boyfriend was looking from her to me in a nervous kind of way.

“Well we were looking for an out of the way place for a different reason” she responded.

She was obviously the bold one because her boyfriend tried to shush her.

She turned to him and said, “Relax, you’ll still get your dick sucked, I’m just enjoying the view and conversation with our new friend!”

“Well I’ll let you two get to your fun and be on my way, by the way, that rock over there is quite comfortable!” I added.

I started up the trail as the two of them headed towards the rock I had napped on.

As we passed each other she looked me in the eye then looked at my cock and said, “Nice!” Then licked her lips.

I swelled up even more thinking of the possibilities.

She then shocked both of me and her boyfriend with her next statement, “Hey mister, wanna watch?”

“Excuse me? I asked.

“Do you want to watch me give my boyfriend a blowjob? She replied.

Her boyfriend looked mortified, but I was turned on as hell and quickly said, “I’d love to!”

“Ok, but you have to stay over there and promise not to touch me or him, but you can touch yourself if you want, that’d be hot!” she instructed me.

With that she grabbed her boyfriend by his belt and began unbuckling it and tugging at his shorts frantically trying to them down off his hips. This seemed to pull him out of his shyness and he pulled his shirt off while she finally got his shorts loose enough to take off of him. She had him step out of his shorts, escort bayan she then pushed him back on the edge of the rock. This was the first glimpse I got of him and I could see that he was quite hard at the thought of her sucking him off.

I was standing about 10 feet away from them and could see that he was sporting an impressive tool, it looked to be about 7-8 inches long and skinny, but with a large bulbous head. He took it in his hand and began to stroke it, but she slapped his and away saying it was all hers today. The girl leaned in and took his erection in her mouth all the while looking at me.

This was an incredibly erotic scene and I couldn’t help but grab my own erection and begin to stroke. This seemed to encourage her and she began to feverously bob her head on his cock.

Taking her hands off his cock, she reached up and pulled her tank top up and over her tits. Out popped a luscious pair of milky white breasts. I would guess they were at least C-cups and were topped off by incredibly hard, cherry red nipples sticking out at least half an inch.

She again looked over at me and with his cock head in her mouth she pulled hard on her nipples stretching them out even further and let out a very audible moan. Seeing this, I began to stroke my cock even faster.

Her boyfriend had been leaning back on the rock this whole time enjoying her oral ministrations. Still looking at me, she began to work her way down his long shaft. She paused about halfway down and adjusted her position, then without warning she slammed her face all the way down his cock, burying her nose in his sparse pubic hair.

He groaned, she moaned and I simply said. “Fuck!”

Keeping his cock buried solidly in her throat, she reached to her boyfriend’s hands, pulled them forward and put them on the back of her head. Taking the hint, he wrapped his hands in her hair and began to fuck her face. He was pulling her mouth all the way back to the head of his cock and then forcefully pulled her back down. As he was doing this I could see the bulb of his cock head move in and out of her throat.

I was stroking like a madman watching this and knew I would cum soon.

She put me over the edge with her next move. Angling her body so her ass was facing me, while still looking at me, she reached down and pushed her hiking shorts over her hips exposing a clean shaved pussy with long fat lips extending out from her. She rolled her hips back to give me a better view and simultaneously shoved three fingers deep in her cunt, working up a white froth.

That did it for me. I growled, “Oh fuck!” and began to shoot white hot cum all over the forest floor.

It was such a powerful orgasm the first shot launched out about five feet and was followed by four more equally as powerful. Using my come as lubricant, I continued to stroke until the rest just dribbled down over my hand.

Seeing me cum must have triggered her orgasm, because her hips were bucking like crazy as she rapidly pounded her fingers in and out of her hole moaning loudly around the cock in her mouth.

Her mouth worked it magic on her boyfriend as he pulled her head down one last time and began to erupt deep into her throat. I could see his cock pulse in her mouth and after three bursts she pulled her mouth off his dick. The power of youth is wonderful and he proceeded to pump at least 5 more shots onto her face coating her with his white cream.

Seeing me standing there with my cum covered hand and softening penis, brought her boyfriend back to his shyness and he quickly stood up to pull his shorts back on. She wasn’t shy at all and simply stood up facing me. One hand was lightly stroking her slit and pulling on her clit while the other was wiping the cum from her face and slipping those fingers into her mouth.

After she had cleaned most of it up, she pulled her top down and her shorts up.

Turning to her boyfriend she said, “Lets go, you need to take me home and fuck the shit out of me!”

Turning to me as they walked away, she smiled, winked and licked a last bit of cum from her fingers.

At my age I usually don’t recover too quickly, but as I walked on, the scene that I had just watched was fresh in my head I was quickly getting my erection back. It was still shiny from my recent orgasm and looked intensely erotic. I headed out again with my cock bobbing in the breeze. The temps were dropping and the wind had started to pick up, although not enough to make me put my shorts back on.

After about 30 minutes I checked my GPS and saw that I had climbed to just over 5000 feet and decided it was time to turn around. Looking on the trail map I saw that I was near one of the new emergency survival shacks they had set up over the last few years to give people a place to get out of the weather, mostly the winter storms.

I guessed my position to be about a mile away so I figured I would head that way, have some lunch and then head back down the mountain. Knowing I would be altıparmak escort bayan accessing a more public trail I grudgingly decided to put my shorts back on so I wouldn’t get into any trouble.

Just as I pulled my zipper up there was a bright flash of lightning followed by a loud crack of thunder. It scared the crap out of me since I hadn’t expected it and as I looked up to see what the sky looked like it opened up with a torrential downpour.

Now I desperately needed to get to the shack and wait this out, not only to get out of the rain but the lightning also. I walked as fast as I could along the rain slicked trail and

I was finally able to make out the shack in the distance. A few hundred more feet and I was at the entrance.

I should probably clarify the term ‘shack’, it is actually a three sided ‘bus stop’ or lean-to type structure. The thought being that it would keep hikers out of the worst of the wind and precipitation till the storm subsided.

Coming at it from the side I thought I could hear noises inside and my first thought was, “Great, some animal has decided to get out of the storm too.”

I thought I could maybe share the space with whatever it was so I closed in and when I poked my head around the corner I saw that it wasn’t an animal but a human that had also gotten caught in the rain. Getting closer I could see it was a younger man somewhere in his early 20s. Closer still I realized he was shivering almost violently, obviously from the temperature drop the rain had brought on.

Kneeling next to him I ask him his name, “John.” he tells me.

I asked if he was ok and his response was a stuttered, “C-c-c-cold.”

I carry some survival gear with me, but being soaked I know that you’ll never warm up until you dry out.

I told him this and he simply replied with. “P-p-please help.”

He was obviously a novice hiker as he had on tight blue jeans and a sweatshirt, both items that hold water and won’t do anything to help his current situation. I pull an emergency blanket out of my backpack, you know the thin foil looking thing, and unfold it while telling him to take his sweatshirt off. He struggled to get it over his head, the wet material clinging to his body. I reached over and helped pull it the rest of the way off and wrapped the blanket around his shoulders.

I leaned in and pulled his tennis shoes off (one more indication he was a novice hiker) and followed with his socks. Now the final piece of clothing was his jeans. Heavy denim that were obviously soaked though. I told him he had to stand up so I could remove his pants and on shivering legs he slowly stood up.

I unbuckled his belt and undid the button and zipper and began to slide them down his legs. The going was slow because of the wet denim sticking to his legs. Slowly they slid down, all the while he is still shivering violently.

Getting them down to his crotch I can see his pubic hair and feel rather embarrassed to be undressing another man, however, remembering I need to try and get him warmed up I refocus my effort.

I have never had feelings toward another man, but I have also never been this close to another man’s crotch. Having the earlier scene still in my head, I feel a stirring in my own loins. Back to the jeans, I continue to pull them down. As I get them about halfway down his thighs, a strange thought enters my mind.

“I should have seen the end of his penis by now” but his shaft is still tucked into the jeans.

“This guy is Hung!” I think to myself.

I finally get them down to his knees and see the head of his penis. “Wow!” Is all I can think.

Getting them the rest of the way off was easy after they passed his knees. I pulled them off his feet, leaving him standing there naked and shivering. I looked up and my face was only inches from the biggest cock I had ever seen and it wasn’t even hard yet.

I stood up and attempted to adjust the blanket around him and realized I was till soaked and cooling down myself. I pulled the blanket around him and told him to sit on the bench while I got out of my wet clothes. I quickly stripped off my drenched shirt and shorts and looked up to see that he was still shivering violently.

It was obvious that the only way to warm him up was with body contact. I walked over to him and told him what I was going to do, he simply opened the blanket and invited me in. I pulled the blanket around both of us and put my arm around him trying to get as much skin contact as possible.

I could feel the coolness of his skin on mine and while I was concerned about his condition I was also a little alarmed at the thoughts going through my head. One thing about guys, once you begin getting an erection, you usually can’t “think” it away, thinking about it just makes it worse. That is where I was at just then, sitting next to another man, naked cold and sporting a hard-on.

He was still shivering so I began to rubs his arms, hoping nilüfer eskort to generate some heat and blood flow. His body temp must have been increasing, because his shivering was slowing down a bit but his skin still felt pretty cool to the touch. Pulling him tighter seemed to help as well, but I knew I needed to get blood flow to his legs as well.

Reaching down as best I could while keeping the blanket around us, I began to rub the tops of his thighs. The friction was helping but I was in such an awkward position I couldn’t get too much movement. Leaning down further I decided to concentrate on one leg at a time and started with the leg closest to me. Reaching both hands around one thigh I accidentally grab hold of his cock as well as his thigh, this kind of startled both of us.

I apologized and pulled my hand away but the damage was already done, almost instantly he is hard and throbbing.

This is both a good sign and awkward as hell, but at least I know he has good circulation there. As I rub his thighs a little more, my forearm bumps and rubs against his erection, making it even harder. This is definitely not what I had in mind when I thought skin to skin contact, but to be truthful it has me excited as hell. He is coming around and warming up but needs more circulation.

I decide to get out from under the blanket and get a better position to rub his thighs. I crouch on the floor between his legs and reach under the blanket to his thigh. As I am vigorously rubbing his left thigh, his erection flops out of the opening of the blanket.

Without thinking I move my hand up to cover it back up and before I realize it I have my hand wrapped around the first cock other than my own.

Almost as if I am in a trance I begin to slide my hand up and down the long shaft. The next crazy thought that goes through my head is, “Skin is skin is good and there is a lot of circulation in the penis.”

I add my other hand realize just how long his cock really is. I have both of my hands on top of each other near his balls and there is still several more inches showing. I continue to slide my hands up and down the shaft and this is definitely getting this young man warmed up. He has stopped shivering and has opened his eyes and is looking down at me with complete lust in his eyes.

Yet another crazy thought enters my mind, kind of like the little demon on your shoulder.

Something in my head says. “suck it”.

Still in a trance-like mode, I lean in while simultaneously pulling the shaft towards my mouth. Slowly I open my mouth and allow the bulbous head to slip between my lips.

The feeling is absolutely erotic. The silky soft head feels wonderful on my tongue, and the heat has definitely returned to his body, his cock feels absolutely on fire on my tongue.

I try and take more of his cock into my mouth. I obviously don’t have the right angle as I can only get a few inches in before I gag. Undeterred, I decide to concentrate on what little bit I can suck on and use my excess slobber to lubricate his shaft and stroke it’s considerable length. John seemed to have recovered completely as he grabbed the back of my head and began to try and shove more of his turgid rod into my mouth.

Suddenly he just froze and I quickly found out why. The head of his cock swelled in my mouth and he erupted, spewing a torrent of hot cum onto my tongue. I was not expecting that and shocked as I was, the only thing I could think to do was swallow and suck harder while sliding my hands up and down his shaft.

Blast after blast entered my mouth and I swallowed what I could until he finally stopped spurting and slumped back against the shelter wall. I continued to stroke his shaft and lick the head as it softened until he finally pushed my head away.

I realized I was still hard and sat down next to John and began to pull on my throbbing cock.

John pushed my hand aside, leaned in and said, “Let me repay you.”

I was so wound up after sucking my first cock that no sooner than he had put my cock in his mouth, I erupted. I pumped all I had into his mouth and he let it slide down my shaft and drip over my balls.

As I said earlier, youth is great and this kid was no different. Sitting back up against the wall of the hut I could see that he was once again hard as a rock.

Rather meekly, John looked at me and said, “Would you do it again? It felt so good last time.”

Who was I to refuse, I was completely hooked on sucking his cock and wanted it back in my mouth as much as he did.

I got back on my knees on the floor of the hut and moved between his legs. His erection was bobbing with his pulse and seemed to swell even more as I took it in my hands. I wanted to take my time and enjoy myself and his cock this second time so instead of working on the head I went lower to his large balls.

Hefting them in my hands I could feel they were quite heavy and full. I licked all around them and took them into my mouth one at a time to gently suck and roll my tongue around them. With my free hand I was slowly stroking up and down his shaft.

Tiring of his balls I flattened out my tongue and slid it up his length. When I got to the underside of his head I paused and flicked my tongue there causing John to gasp and moan.