“Jesus, Doug, you can’t just do that!” I yelled at my business partner.

“Just watch me.” Doug said in response. He was really getting on my nerves. We ran a small little manufacturing plant, and we did pretty well with our current customer base. The problem was that now Doug wanted to expand in a very big way, while I was happy with the way things were. In an attempt to cut costs on his expansion expenses, he was deducting Provincial Sales Tax from a bunch of invoices that our exemption certificate didn’t cover, and I had a very big problem with that.

“‘Just watch me’? Who do you think you are? Pierre Trudeau?” I was furious. “Look if the government finds out your trimming the tax off these bills, the O.R.S.T. auditors are gonna come down here and we are gonna get assfucked!” The fight went on for about an hour and a half. Not the way I wanted to start a Friday morning in the late summer. I could hear it get very quiet outside Doug’s door as the entire office staff could hear the fight. We didn’t reach a settlement in our argument, and I stormed out of Doug’s office in frustration. I slammed the door to my office and flopped down in my desk chair, slumping against the seatback, my thumb and forefinger holding the bridge of my nose as I considered this fresh hell Doug had brought us into. I sat there, just relaxing for a couple of minutes before I heard a knock on my door.

My secretary stepped into the room with more than a little trepidation, and said, “Mr. Leigh? There’s a call for you…”

“Like I have time for this… Who is it!” I snapped at her, my face softening instantly as I regretted my tone of voice with my innocent assistant, my eyes giving her an apology.

“It’s a new supplier from Gravenhurst I believe Mr. Roe wanted you to speak with.”

I was in no mood, “Take a message, Shelly. I’ll call him back later.” My assistant nodded and headed back to her desk, while I spun in my chair and looked out my office window, seeing the yellow morning sunlight fall on the buildings in this industrial park in Toronto. It looked so warm outside and this was going to be one of the last weekends in the summer. The last thing I wanted to do was be cooped up in my office with my asshole business partner. Then something Shelly had said stuck with me…


A town in the Regional Municipality of Muskoka, Gravenhurst was in the heart of Central Ontario’s cottage country. I remembered heading out to Muskoka for a couple of vacations when I was a lot younger, and I went over my memories of those holidays. On a lark, I did a Google search on Muskoka resorts, and found a couple that I found attractive. I looked at the monitor, the image of a cabin on the shores of one of the hundred tiny lakes that dot Muskoka county very appealing, and it was at that point that I reached a decision.

I picked up my phone and called the number of the resort and was answered by a very nice lady on the other end. Yes, they had a cabin available. Yes I could book for just the weekend, yes, they’d take my MasterCard number, and yes, they’d see me later in the day.

I just left my office, shouting to Shelly on my way out that I was leaving early for the weekend, and hopped into my car. Driving home quickly, I rushed around my house, wanting to get up to the cabin as soon as possible. I threw just the essentials into a gym bag that I’d need for a weekend away, got back into my car and headed up Highway 400 North.

I couldn’t drive fast enough it seemed, and I frequently saw the needle on the speedometer pass 140 km/h. The drive seemed to last forever even though it only took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Orillia, the mid-way point between Toronto and Cottage Country that it seemed everyone stopped in. I stopped in the town too, found a beer store and loaded up the trunk of my car with some suds (you can fit A LOT of beer in the trunk of a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am), and continued up along Highway 11 towards Gravenhurst. It took another 25 minutes to get up there, and another ten to get to the resort.

The proprietor was a friendly, helpful older lady. She was quite cheerful which helped lighten my mood after the fight and cottage country traffic. She gave me my cabin key, some points on what the resort had to offer, some directions of what was around the resort if I needed anything they didn’t have and wished me a relaxing stay. I drove my car to the cabin, which was down a little path and to the side of a clearing.

As I climbed out of my car, the view was almost exactly as I had envisioned it. The cabin was at the top of a hill, looking down at a nearby lake and the forest that separated the lake from the hill. I noticed that there was another cabin on the other side of the clearing, maybe thirty yards from the one I’d be staying in. A rented Chevrolet Cavalier parked in front of it, the trunk open and the contents half-unpacked around the car. I didn’t see any motion in the cabin or around the car, and so I decided to just head to my own cabin and get settled. Antep Escort Bayan With not bringing very much, I stowed my bag in the master bedroom, put my beer in the refrigerator, and familiarized myself with the layout of the cabin. Then I grabbed myself a beer and headed out to the wrap-around deck of the cabin, had a seat on a deck chair and took it easy. Looking out onto the lake, seeing the sunlight dance on the rippling waters, I felt so relaxed and sedate that I lost track of time and my surroundings.

My reverie was broken by the sound of someone walking through the grass separating the two cabins. With mild irritation at the disruption, I looked over to my right to see what the disturbance was. My mood was lightened by seeing a beautiful woman approaching. Tall, red hair, blue eyes so rich in colour they bordered on violet, her wonderful hourglass figure accentuated her full breasts, dressed in short cut-off jeans and a tied off shirt that showed off her flat midriff. She smiled and blushed a little at me staring at her as she came towards my cabin.

“Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have a bottle opener, wouldja?” she held her smile and cocked her head as she finished her question. Immediately, I pulled out my key chain, which had a church key on it and handed it to her as she came to the railing of the deck. “Thanks,” she said as she accepted the bottle opener, “Would you believe my husband brings a whole two-four of Miller Genuine Draft, and doesn’t bring a bottle opener?”

I smiled at her, already feeling a little sorry to hear she was married, but hey, I only just met her. “Only too happy to help. By the way, I’m Brock. Brock Leigh.”

“Hi, Brock Brock Leigh,” she smiled coyly as she made fun of my introduction, “I’m Roxanne, and over there is my husband, the dolt. You can call him Scott.” I looked over to see a man unloading the trunk of the Cavalier, and I waved over to him. He smiled and waved back, and the looked a little sheepish as Roxanne held up the bottle opener.

“Thanks, eh?” he called over and went back to carrying the last of their stuff into the cabin. Roxanne turned back to me and we chatted a little about where we were from and how long we’d be staying and so on and so forth. There was a little flirtation between the two of us, but I chalked that down as probably just being part of her nature, and to be honest, I actually rather enjoyed having someone seem a little interested in me. Just before Roxanne left to head back to her cabin, I took my key chain back, took off the bottle opener, and gave it to her.

“Best you hang on to this. All my bottles are twist off.” I said. She smiled and cocked her head, again accepting the church key, and started to head back to her cabin

She turned after a few steps and said, “Maybe you’d like to come over for dinner tonight. We brought a little barbecue with us.”

My face went pale as I realized, ‘Food’. I forgot to bring any with me. I was in such a hurry to get up to the resort, I forgot to bring anything with me to eat. I had plenty of beer, but ‘cold barley sandwiches’ didn’t make much of a meal. “You know,” I said with a soft grin, “I think I’ll take you up on that.” With that, Roxanne headed back to her cabin and left me on the porch to enjoy the rest of my beer.

I ended up going back and forth to the fridge a few times for beers, cursing myself lightly that I hadn’t brought a cooler with me. I spent the rest of the afternoon looking out on the lake, at total calm and peace, never once thinking about work or Doug Roe or anything stressful. If there is such a thing as nirvana, it exists in Muskoka. I watched the sun set and the sky darken, and heard the sounds of a barbecue next door. I decided it was time to get ready for dinner.

I went inside and changed into some fresh clothes, a golf shirt and cotton pants, and made my way over to the neighboring cabin. Scott was cooking up some steaks, and I took some time to chat with him. He was a nice enough guy, and we shared enough interests to sustain a conversation for a good long while. He cooked up the steaks, grilled some corn to go with it and had some foil wrapped potatoes on the go as well. Looking at all the food, I was very happy I had been invited over. As we shot the breeze, Roxanne came out of their cabin and headed to the car to get something. I couldn’t help but watch her shapely form as she walked back from the car. She had changed into a cute little cut-off tank top that really showed off the swell of her full breasts and flat tummy, and a pair of shorts just as short, if not shorter, than the ones she wore earlier. My eyes followed her as she walked back into the cabin from the car, and after she disappeared into the building, I looked over at Scott. The look on his face told me he had seen me watch his wife the whole time. It wasn’t anger that was in his face, though; it was amusement. I was about to offer an embarrassed apology, but he spoke before I had a chance.

“Gorgeous, isn’t she?” he said as he looked towards the cabin, “Sometimes I can’t believe a woman like her married a schmuck like me. One of life’s great mysteries, I guess. Y’know she looks just the same as when I married her? She’s beautiful.” I was about to say something about how nice it was to hear a guy talk about his wife like that, as normally all you hear guys do is complain about their wives, and again to apologize for staring at her when he shocked the hell out of me, speaking in a lowered voice as he leaned in to say, “…and she’s great in the sack, too.”

I stood there open mouthed as Scott said something like that to a guy who had just been staring at his wife. I was still in disbelief when he continued, “Y’know, sometimes I come home from work and we just do it right there in the front hall. She just jumps me. Hell, on the way up here, we pulled off to the side of Highway 11 back there and did it on the side of the road. She’s unbelievable. I think she thinks about sex even more than I do and that’s a LOT!”

I stood there like a gaping idiot for about ten seconds after he finished speaking. He looked at me for a moment, sniffed and said, “Well, food’s ready. You gonna come in?” I nodded and shook out the cobwebs as I followed Scott inside the cabin. As soon as I walked in, I saw Roxanne standing in the kitchen, taking care of some last second preparations. I blushed and dropped my head before she had a chance to see me, heading to where we’d be eating.

There wasn’t a kitchen or dining room table large enough to seat all three of us, so we sat around the living room table, eating kind of Japanese style, seated on the floor. I relaxed as dinner went on, losing my embarrassment, almost forgetting what Scott had said earlier and got very comfortable around my hosts. Every now and then I’d look over at Roxanne’s gorgeous features, remembering what Scott had said about her and felt a little stirring of arousal. Sometimes our eyes would meet, and her eyes would dance and twinkle in the low light of the cabin, giving me a little shiver of excitement. Every time I would shake it off and concentrate on the conversation.

Roxanne and Scott were wonderful hosts, and kept the evening lively, not giving me pause to remember what I was escaping from or anything troubling me. The thought had occurred to me as I sat with the two of them on the couch after dinner how much enjoyment I took away outside my own little drama in real life, and how my current situation in life was a weight around my neck rather than a ‘raison d’être’. It was just about then that Roxanne asked me, “So, Brock, what is it you do for a living?”

I thought about that for a moment and how absolutely unhappy the business and my business dealings made me. The only thing that I would regret if I left was Shelley, my assistant, and leaving her to work under a prick like Doug. That wasn’t enough, was it? I made up my mind at that point in time and answered Roxanne, “Ummm, nothing right now, really.”

She smiled an amused smile and said, “It took you a long time to say ‘nothing’.”

I smiled back at her and said, “I’m kind of new to the idea myself.” I leaned back on the couch, feeling liberated in my freedom, even if it was only a minute old. I sipped the last of my second glass of wine, a wonderful Valpolicella, so smooth in flavour that it blended wonderfully with the relaxed nature of the evening. The intoxicating properties of the wine were starting to do their thing, giving me a very pleasant buzz, and as I saw Roxanne rolling the remnants of her second in her glass, I could see she was much in the same shape. Scott, however, had already polished off his fourth glass, and sagged against the arm of the couch, a silly grin on his face. He was clearly half in the bag, but not a fall down drunk.

My hosts had a radio playing some music from a nearby station and the sounds that emanated from the boom box was some soft jazz. Pleasant music to have dinner over, and in the low candle and lamp light of the room, it made a truly serene and comforting atmosphere. I was in the midst of sinking into a dreamlike reverie when Roxanne heard some song come over the radio. She got up into a clear spot in the living room and started to dance, moving slowly, sensuously, closing her eyes as her body swayed with the jazz. I watched her for a couple of minutes, enjoying watching her move when she opened her eyes, turned to me and stretched out her hand, “Brock, come dance with me.”

I looked over at Scott, and saw his head sag as it turned towards me, his eyes glassy and unfocused at first and then the silly grin returned. I looked back at Roxanne, her smile telling me it was okay, and she waved her fingers to me beckoning me to join her. I got up with a little reluctance, feeling a little uneasy at dancing with another man’s wife, but joined her.

“Umm, Roxanne, I don’t know how to dance to this.”

She smiled again, took my hands and laced her fingers between mine, “Its easy, just let the music move you.” With that, she closed her eyes and resumed her seductive motions, holding onto my hands as her hips and shoulders moved. Her fingers tickled lightly with the backs of my hands as she held them, which made me feel a little easier somehow. I mimicked her movements a little, adding some of my own touches, and we danced through the song as the DJ blended that tune into the next.

As the new song came on, Roxanne stepped a little closer, looking deep into my eyes, her lips parting a little. The expression on her face was one I could only describe as lusty, and I heard her breathing become audible as she looked down into the space that separated us. Her thumbs moved from being laced in between my thumbs and index fingers and tickled the palms of my hands, causing my own breath to catch momentarily. I looked at her in a little shock, while she responded by looking at me with desire. I was about to say something when she spun around, facing away from me but moving back to press her back to my chest, nestling her ass against my groin. She took my hands and placed them on her stomach, then placed her hands on top of mine, tilting her head back against my right shoulder, closing her eyes and breathing deeply as she ground against me. Again, I was in shock at her display right in front of her husband. Seeming to sense this, with her head tilted back on my shoulder she whispered, “Is he watching?”

I looked over at Scott, and the glassy look was gone in his eyes. Now they were sharp and watching every minute detail of my dance with his wife. However, that was the only thing that had changed. The grin was still there, but now it didn’t look like a silly, drunken smile. Now it looked like a smile of… approval?

I turned back to Roxanne and whispered, “Uh- yeah!” I wasn’t sure what was going on, and the uneasiness crept back over me.

“Good,” she replied, “then let him see this.” Roxanne arched her back and took my hands, sliding them upwards, gathering her tank top upwards as our hands headed for her breasts. I moaned automatically as my hands pushed her tank top all the way up and I felt the weight and swell of her full breasts, my uneasiness forgotten for a moment as I touched and held them. I gave them a soft squeeze before shaking myself back to reality.

“Roxanne, Scott’s right there!” I hissed into her ear. A throaty little chuckle was her initial reply before she turned us slightly towards him.

“I know,” she said, “look…” I turned my gaze back to Scott and saw him smiling again, squeezing his member through his pants, his head cocked slightly and in obvious enjoyment of the scene before him. “He likes to watch,” Roxanne continued, “It’s alright, Brock.” With that, she turned her head and nibbled on my ear, making me moan a little again. Scott’s unwavering gaze stayed upon us, then looked me in the eye and gave an almost imperceptible nod, giving me permission to take his wife in front of him. I shrugged a little and continued cradling her breasts in my hands, squeezing them a little more firmly as my confidence grew, I pressed my groin against Roxanne’s ass, grinding back against her, taking one hand off her breast and placing it high on the front of her thigh, pulling her harder against me, emboldened by Scott’s acceptance.

Our hips moved together, my groin pressed more insistently against her ass as I pulled her back on me tighter. She released my ear from her lips and gasped sweetly as I took her nipple between my fingers, pinching a little. My other hand moved off her thigh and slid upwards, over her shorts and to their front, undoing the button, but leaving them zipped. My hand then dipped into the front of her shorts, finding her wearing nothing underneath them and giving me free access to her moist center. Immediately I slid my fingers along her slit, feeling her widen her stance, opening her thighs apart. My fingers glided along her folds, their dampness collecting on my fingers as they slid back and forth from her clit, towards her tight star and back. I head her whimper softly as I teased her petals and press her shoulders back against me while her hips bent forward towards my fingers, intensifying the contact.

Roxanne turned her head and buried her face in my neck, sucking hard upon it. I could almost feel the hickey rising on my skin as her lips fastened to my flesh. Her hands then stole down to her shorts, unzipping them and letting them fall to the floor, leaving her clad in nothing but her tank top that was pushed up over her breasts. As she stepped out of the shorts that had puddled around her feet, she turned to me, and with a short, lustful look, pressed her lips to mine, attacking my mouth, hungrily snaking her tongue between my lips. I accepted her tongue as it probed my mouth, moaning a little at how passionately she kissed me. My lips felt almost bruised as she ground her mouth to mine, and with each flick of her tongue against mine, I felt my excitement grow. My hands roamed over her back at first as we kissed, then slid around to her front, capturing those luscious breasts again, kneading the soft flesh, my fingers sliding along their sides, then their undersides, over the nipples, exploring their fine texture and weight.