His Highness Jon Ch. 03


Sammi opened her eyes and realized that she was still curled up on the couch. She felt like she’d slept for hours. The morning she’d spent with Rose and Francis had left her completely spent and she barely remembered making it to the sofa before passing out contently. She fixed her gaze on the clock and groggily rubbed her eyes, trying to bring it into focus. Oh no! She thought as 2:47 blinked back at her. She only had a little time to shower and get ready if she was to make it to Jonathan’s hotel by 4pm.

She scrambled off the couch and ran upstairs to shower and change. It wasn’t until she was completely engulfed in hot water and steam that she remembered Jonathan’s odd instructions. Comfy clothes and nothing to bring. She took a deep breath and relaxed a little with that thought. She didn’t need much time after all. Sammi let the water pelt her for a few more minutes before finishing up her wash and shave routine. She stepped out and towel dried her purple locks, deciding to let her hair curl naturally instead of blow drying it straight. The East Coast weather was so conducive to going au natural. Sammi admired her reflection, the bouncy ringlets framed her round porcelain face beautifully.

Dressing was an easy task. Sammi opted for cropped black yoga pants and a sheer pink tee. She chose to skip panties and had selected a barely there, lacy white bra that was easily seen through her tee. Her nipples were already at full attention and were entirely defined through the lace and soft material of her shirt. Perfect. Sammi took one last look in the mirror. With very little make up on her face and her wild curls she hurried downstairs.

The girl at the hotel registration desk eyed Sammi curiously, almost enviously when Sammi gave her Jonathan’s kuşadası escort fake check in name. Without so much as a smile, she handed Sammi a room key and pointed her to a private elevator reserved for guests on the top floor. Grinning all too much, Sammi headed to the elevator, barely able to contain a squeal as she rode up to Jonathan’s suite.

It wasn’t until she got to the door that the nerves kicked in and it felt like the breath had been taken from her. Unsure of whether to just go in or not, Sammi knocked timidly first. “Use your key.” Oh how that deep Irish voice turned her insides to mush. She quickly slid the card in the door lock and turned the handle. Cautiously moving forward, the door shut behind her but there was no sign of Jonathan.

The room was exquisite! Clean, tasteful, modern elegance in every detail. Just as she was about to turn around and inspect the rest of the suite, Jonathan said quietly, “Don’t turn around.” Of course that was what she wanted to do most now, but Sammi obeyed and stayed frozen where she was standing. Jonathan must have been waiting just on the other side of the door when she came in. “You are to be naked. Now.” He demanded next. Sammi quickly stripped, hands shaking a little. This was so sexy and exciting but a small part of her was still terrified of the unknown. “Address me properly slut!”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir.” Damn it! All her training seemed to go out the window with Jonathan. If she couldn’t get her manners in tact soon, she was going to be sorry.

“Good. Now, hands behind your neck, spread your legs wide, and close your eyes.”

“Yes Sir.” Sammi responded as the room went black and she got into position.

When Jonathan was certain she couldn’t kuşadası escort bayan see, he stood behind her, just inches from her skin. He could almost feel the goosebumps she got when she felt his presence. He smiled, quite pleased at this little nuance. Then, slowly, he wrapped a length of silky material three times around her head so that her eyes were entirely shielded. He walked around to her front and she could feel his breath on her face. “I noticed you took the liberty of coming without panties.” Sammi nodded and he smacked her suddenly and swiftly across the face.

The sting was so sharp and glorious and her ears were ringing from the blow. “Yes Sir, that’s right. I’m sorry Sir.”

“I’m going to do you a favor you little brat. Open your mouth.” Sammi obediently opened her mouth as wide as possible, not knowing what to expect. Jonathan quickly shoved a small rubber ball all the way in and fastened a strap behind her head. A ball gag. At least she wouldn’t have to speak for now. “Now,” Jonathan said softly, “did I tell you could come to me without underwear on?” Shit. Sammi hadn’t thought of that. She shook her head. The blow across her face cracked louder this time and stung so bad she saw dots in front of her eyes for a second. “Only whores wander around without panties on. Is that what you are,” he asked, almost growling, “are you a dirty whore?” Sammi nodded, whimpering through the ball gag. Jonathan laughed a little, the tone was downright devilish. “Well whore, lets see if that’s true.” He skillfully ran a single finger lightly between her legs. Just enough to feel that her pussy was already soaked. “Well at least you’re not a liar.” He remarked as he wiped his finger on her mouth, smearing her wetness escort kuşadası across her stretched lips. All Sammi could taste was the rubber gag and this made her whimper more.

Jonathan was quiet now and Sammi could feel him behind her. He pushed himself against her back, his cock straining in his pants. Her breathing was getting shallow and he spread one hand across her chest, steadying her against him. Breathing as deeply as she could through the gag, Sammi relaxed into him. It was like each part of their bodies fit together just right. She was quickly yanked from those comfortable thoughts when Jonathan sank his teeth into her shoulder. Sammi yelped loudly at first but he was unrelenting and she began to savor the burn. Without letting up, Jonathan moved his hand from her chest to her throat and began to squeeze. Just as Sammi thought she couldn’t take anymore, he release his grip and his bite at the same time, moving away from her completely. The sweet sting of his teeth releasing her skin and the sudden intake of air were euphoric. With her hands still clasped behind her neck, Sammi was in such a state that she almost fell over. Jonathan steadied her and then whispered, “release your arms my dear.” She obliged and the aching in her joints felt like knives stabbing her. She smiled to herself around the ball gag. Boy, she really was a glutton for punishment.

Jonathan carefully scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed in the next room. He lay her face down, head turned so that she could barely breath between the bed and the ball gag. “I’m going to bind your hands and feet now.” He said matter of factly. Between the darkness and the struggle for air, Sammi was getting desperate. She wanted to feel Jonathan and see him and touch him. She knew that fighting it would just make it worse though so she relaxed into her discomfort as he stood over her and bound her wrists together behind her back and secured each of her ankles to a bedpost. Now she was face down, blind, struggling to breathe, and completely immobile.