Master Says Ch. 04


Master grinned down at Colleen as he slid her legs back onto the bed fully sitting down on the bed beside her. He reached down and pulled the rose out of her mouth, turning its petals toward her face so that she could inhale the flower’s scent. He then stood up and pulled the flower away as he put it on her nightstand which was beside her bed. He then reached down and slid his shirt off over his head revealing his own skin for the first time. He a very pale complexion like Colleen without being quite as white. He had a very thin upper body with a slight tummy. He then reached down and undid the button on his jeans, sliding the zipper down. He pushed them off his legs stepping out of them. His aroused cock tented his boxer shorts some and he quickly slid them off as well.

Colleen’s eyes were immediately drawn to his cock which stood outward from his body like a staff. It looked to be only about six or seven inches and skinny but she did not care any about that, she just wanted him to be inside of her fully so that she could feel the glorious feeling of satisfaction again. His balls hung down beneath his cock and this was where she saw that he must have dark colored hair due to the color of hair she found there. She spoke softly to him “Are you going to fuck me now Master?”

Master smiled down at her seeing the want in her eyes as he nodded his head yes. He then sat back down on the bed beside her speaking in a hushed voice “I’m going to untie your hands from the bed but do not forget what I told you about trying to get away.” He then reached up and undid the scarves that had held her wrists to the bedposts. She rubbed her wrists gently once they were free again. Master then told her to roll over onto hands and knees. As she did this he kneeled upon the bed behind her, allowing his cock to rub her inner thighs Sahabet gently. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down her pussy’s lips and her slit slowly and then without warning he thrust his hips forward and pushed his cock inside of her. He only slid in about halfway til he felt the head hit her virginal wall. He moved his hands to her hips and said “You are mine from this moment forth until your death. I’m going to deflower you now and no other man will ever touch you in any way except me. You will belong to me.”

Colleen shivered when she felt him teasing her pussy with the head of his cock, trying to keep her breathing even was not easy when she could feel this man’s warmth inside her. She felt his hands upon her waist and readied herself for a further intrusion but he stopped and spoke and she listened to his words with her full attention knowing that he meant every word he spoke. She braced her hands on the bed under him as she heard the word deflower come from him.

Master then pulled his hips back and thrust forward very quickly and buried his length inside her after ripping away her hymen brutally. Colleen cried out in pain and she exhaled harshly as he entered her for the first time. She hoped the rest of the experience would not be as painful as the initial beginning. Master then pulled his hips back again sliding his cock nearly all the way out of her seeing the blood on it, her blood pleased him. He then pushed forward against her holding her hips tightly as he buried himself in her again, feeling delighted when he heard her cry out in pain once again, trying to hunch down some so as to stop his onslaught of her. He would have none of this though and gripped her hips tightly forcing her to stay upright as he drew back, thrusting harshly again.

Colleen Sahabet Giriş kept up a steady stream of moans as she spoke to him “Oh please slow down, slow down it hurts so much! I can’t take all of you at once in me; please I’ll tear into pieces from your thrusts if you keep that up.” Then something she did not expect happen, his thrusts continued to be the same harsh and quick motions but she felt the heat in her pussy begin to smolder again as it had when he pushed the ice cube inside her. Now with each harsh thrust she became keenly aware of his balls smacking against her pussy’s lips and she realized with great pleasure that his balls were hitting her clitoris and with each smack she began to swoon deeper for him.

Master could sense the change that was taking place in Colleen and he knew once again that even though she had tried to remain defiant that like all the women he had done this to she had begged him in the end and wound up enjoying it. He continued to thrust long and hard into her without taking anything off the speed. He enjoyed listening to the sound of her breath leaving her lungs at the end of each stroke. He said “Tell me you like it. Tell me that you want more of it, that you don’t ever want me to stop. Admit it to me that even though you tried to deny me, you love the feeling of my cock buried inside you. Say it you bitch!” He then began to smack her ass, first the left cheek and then the right. He drove his hands wholeheartedly into her ass, pounding it as hard as he was pounding her pussy with his cock. He kept smacking her ass with one hand, alternating between cheeks. With his other hand he reached forward and tugged her head back by her hair as he spoke into her ear “Say it, tell me you love it. Squeal and cry and moan and groan, if you don’t I’ll pull out this Sahabet Güncel Giriş very second and leave you like this until someone finds you. Admit it Cunt, tell me you want me.”

Colleen gasped in pain as she felt him continue to drive into her pussy. She remained wordless though, refusing to give in to the latest of his demands. She could not stop herself from enjoying what he was doing to her though. Her pussy was on fire and her orgasm was building and she just prayed that she would be able to cum without having to speak to him first and then she felt his hand smack her ass and she cried out in pain louder then before. She tried still to fight herself and not give him the satisfaction of completely submitting to him. She gritted her teeth as she felt his hands pummel her ass hard. She then felt him tug at her hair and pain and pleasure became mixed like blood and sweat. She moaned out a little more as she spoke finally “Yes I want, please give it to me hard and deep. I love it; please don’t ever stop thrusting in me.” She moaned softly feeling his grip in her hair loosen as he kept thrusting deep inside her. She felt her orgasm nearing and she began to try to clench her pussy muscles shut to slow him down some.

Master enjoyed listening to her beg and plead him, it made her humiliation to him complete. He enjoyed listening to her breathing hard knowing that her climax was quickly approaching. He kept thrusting hard and deep inside her. He felt her beginning to cum as her pussy muscles tried to clutch his cock deeply inside her. He laughed and kept thrusting hard and deep. He felt his own orgasm coming on strongly and he kept his quick rhythm up. He then began to shoot his cum inside her splashing it all along her cervix. He continued shooting inside her, feeling her pussy’s muscles finally relax some as she finished cumming around him. He thrust a few more times and then slowly pulled back and out of her. Master smacked her ass again on both cheeks and finally smiled down at her. “This is the beginning my darling, there is so much that awaits us.”

To be Continued…