Cross-Country with My Uncle Ch. 14


During a cross-country drive together, Mikey, a studly 18-year old finds himself intimate for the first time with Mike, his namesake 24-year old uncle whom he’s idolized all his life. Steve is the 20-year old collegiate gymnast who hitches a ride with them.

We all awoke as the bright, early morning sun stole into the room. Mike and I were in each others’ arms, and Steve’s front was pressed up against Mike’s back, with one of his arms curled over Mike’s side, and one of his legs between Mike’s. We all had boners, and they weren’t just the typical early-morning boners: who wouldn’t be massively erect in such a circumstance? Probably we had all three been so all night long, even in our sleep.

Mike looked over at the clock: it read 5.54, and evidently something occurred to him. He rolled Steve over, and more or less crawling over him, chest to chest, he reached for the bedside phone and picked it up. After a couple of rings, a voice answered and Mike said, “Yeah, good morning, Scotty, we have a little problem up here in room 201. Can you come up and give us a hand?”

At 6.01 (we’d just had time to piss) a rap sounded on the door, and Steve walked over. It was Scotty, the room clerk, who’d just ended his shift. With his big wide grin, Steve said, “Morning, guy. Come on in, ” and turned to return to the bed.

God knows what Scotty had expected; but what he saw had to astonish him anyway. Past Steve’s magnificent back, and his huge arms, and big legs, Scotty could see stretched out there my uncle and me with very prominent eight-inch erections. We had seen in his face last night when we checked in that he was impressed with us, maybe it’s fair to say hungry for us, but I don’t know that he really could have believed what he was seeing. Mike said, gesturing at his cock and mine, “Do you think you can help us with these?”

Scotty’s look of astonishment did not disappear; instead it was replaced by a new expression of astonishment and excitement and joy all at once. “Sure, guys, god it’s my pleasure!”

Steve got up again and putting one of his hands on Scotty’s shoulder, gently kissed him. And then grabbing Scotty’s right hand in his own left, led him next to the bed. He knelt before Scotty, and unlaced his Reeboks, and unbuttoned his cargo shorts, which fell to the floor in a puddle from which he stepped out. I came over on my knees on the bed, and grabbed the bottom of his simple white polo shirt, and he lifted his arms to permit me to pull it over his head, so that he was now standing in only some light blue Jockey briefs, from which his cock was almost busting.

Scotty, who we learned was just turning twenty, was a really nice-looking kid, with the fairly average body of a fit college student. He was 5’10” maybe, and had a trim, slim-hipped, slender build. Not an ounce of fat anywhere, but no bulging muscles, either. Except for a fair amount of hair on his lower legs, bleached by the desert sun, he was more or less smooth, so that his smooth, youthful musculature was xnxx well-displayed. He had a very pleasant face, with pleasingly regular features, and especially notable were his brilliant white teeth set off by his tan; but, with his medium-brown hair, falling somewhat raggedly across his forehead, despite his pleasantness, he wouldn’t cause too many heads to turn if he entered a room, at least until he smiled, anyway. But he was unmistakably a looker.

Mike sat up and reached out to him with both his hands and as Scotty took them, Mike pulled him onto the bed, and lay him down supine, and leaned over him and gave him a deep kiss, certainly surprising Scotty, but he responded by reaching around Mike’s neck with both his arms, and held on. Meanwhile, I gently tugged Scotty’s Jockeys off, so that his erection sprang free at last. It was well-formed, maybe a shade over six inches, and throbbing with excitement. His cockhead was already smooth and almost shiny, and his balls were neither low-hanging nor carried very close to the body, and it was easy to see their separate shapes. From his navel descended a thin but very well-defined trail of hair that lay flat against his body, merging with his pubic hair, which also was not bushy, but agreeably neat and lay mostly flat against his body. He was a good-looking kid.

First we turned him over onto his stomach, and the three of us ranged around him, simultaneously caressed the parts that were nearest to us, Mike taking his shoulders, and neck, and I his right arm and right leg and sharing with Steve his nice round butt, who took charge of his left arm and leg. Scotty groaned, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”

After maybe 6 or 7 minutes of this, we told him to flip over again, and we did the same with his front side. Steve knelt between his legs and using both hands, jacked him slowly for about ten strokes, and at first it seemed Scotty was being hit by electrical jolts. Steve took care not to push him off the edge, however, and soon released him.

Mike told him to turn over and get on his knees, which he willingly did, and Steve arranged himself in front of him, with his legs splayed, and his dick throbbing in Scotty’s face; and Scotty, with a will, grabbed Steve’s cock with his hand near the root, and put his mouth over the rest, and did a fairly creditable job of fellating Steve, who combed through Scotty’s hair with his fingers. Mike and I stroked Scotty’s rear. Mike licked an index finger and slipped it inside.

Then Mike left Scotty’s rear, and held out his palm to Scotty. In it were three condoms. Scotty selected one, and opened it, and carefully rolled it right onto Steve, who then edged away, and jumped off the bed. I took Steve’s place in front of Scotty, and he began to work me with his hands and his mouth, taking breaks to look up at me in the face. I have to say I was smiling from ear to ear. Meanwhile, Steve had lubed Scotty’s butt and gently entered him. Scott gave a great gasp, and went “Oh my god!” and his whole brazzers body trembled. Steve, expert as ever, began giving Scotty’s rear an artful workout. You gotta give Scotty credit. Despite the overwhelming nature of the whole event, and his being invaded in his rear by the handsome stranger, he continued to do his best to work my phallus, with only occasional interruptions. He obviously loved his work. Mike meanwhile had his big right hand on Scotty’s shoulder, and idly caressed it.

Steve, generous to a fault – he really had no special obligation to Scotty – gave him a very full-service butt fucking, using the various skills he possessed (such as reported upon in previous chapters), and he grabbed Scotty’s balls once or twice, and caressed his smooth round butt, and leaned down and kissed Scotty in the small of his back. He was gentle, he was firm. Eventually, he did give a few extra-deep strokes, and, with a sigh, emptied his seed into Scotty. I had the ideal vantage point to watch Steve, and his perfect upper body, and his loveably cute face, so dear to me now, and most of the time our eyes were locked together. What a guy!

Mike then handed Scotty another condom, and he rolled it onto my dick, and I took the place that Steve had occupied only moments ago, and Mike assumed the position I had been in. And again to give Scotty credit, he did not lag in his work, but began working Mike’s big dick just as he had mine. His attention was divided between what I was doing in his rear, and on the cock before him, and were it a matter merely of size and shape, he wouldn’t have known any difference, so similar were Mike and I in that way. Of course Mike was bigger in the chest and notably hairier, both in the chest and in the belly, and even with his concentration on his business, Scott wouldn’t have failed to make that distinction.

When I pushed into Scotty’s rear, he gave quite an audible gasp – it came close to being a yelp or a shout — since my tool was of a noticeably larger gauge than Steve’s; but he soon adapted and continued his work with my uncle. I knew I hadn’t the artistry of Steve, but by now I don’t think it mattered any. Scotty had been so primed by Steve that he was almost in rectal spasm. Scotty’s hand and mouthwork had pretty well set me up, and so it didn’t really take that long for me, too, to climax in Scotty, and with a pleasant, agreeable slap on his butt, I withdrew.

At this, Mike handed Scotty the last condom, and Scotty unrolled it onto Mike’s cock. I think he was almost disappointed that there was nobody else ready to take Mike’s place, but he needn’t have worried. Mike just flipped Scotty over onto his back, and hoisted his legs over Mike’s shoulders, and without much more ceremony entered him. This time, there was no big gasp or yelp, for I had already prepared Scotty for Mike. Steve, meantime, had rolled off his condom, and he was already ready for more. On his knees, he straddled Scotty’s upper body, and again presented his cock to Scotty’s sikiş izle seeking mouth. And on my knees on the bed beside my uncle, I reached in and grasped Scotty’s cock. It wasn’t really possible to give it a quality jacking under those circumstances, but I know he appreciated my firm grasp and irregular stroke. He was on sensory overload anyway.

Steve pulled out of Scotty’s mouth, and got up and stood beside the bed, and giving himself about 4 or 5 final strokes with his hand, sent a stream of semen all over Scotty’s chest. It was just about then that Mike, too, completed a series of particularly long and deep and hard strokes, and he, too, pulled out, stripped off his condom, and with his hand jacked himself in a highly efficient manner to send his big load onto Scotty’s chest, his stream falling across Steve’s, already lying across Scotty’s chest. And looking down and seeing himself covered in cum was the final straw for Scotty, and in my hand he too erupted, and, with me carefully assisting with specially intense terminal strokes, sent shot after shot after shot onto his chest, overlaying the mess that Steve and Mike had deposited. Mike dropped Scotty’s legs, and I released his dick, and now he lay there, eyes closed, with cum running down his sides in eight or ten streams, too overwhelmed to move the slightest muscle. I leaned down and stroked his forehead a little. His hair had only a little cum in it, probably his own, but maybe Mike’s. He opened his eyes and seemed to be trying to say something, but all he could manage was, “Awesome. Awesome,” in a rather feeble voice.

After giving him a few moments to recover, the three of us picked him up – I grabbing him by his right thigh; Steve his left; and Mike grabbing him under the arms – and carried him to the bathroom. There we set him onto his feet, and he proved now steady enough to stand on his own. I took him into the shower stall, and carefully bathed him, showering off the cum, washing away the strong sex odors he had generated and those he had picked up from us. He just stood there, letting me wash him with a cloth I soaped up; and like the mother of a five-year-old, I washed between his legs and up his butt crack, held up his arms to wash under them, scrubbed his neck, his back, and of course his chest and belly, still somewhat slimy with spunk, and shampooed his hair. Hey, I even rinsed and repeated!

I pushed him out of the shower, and Mike and Steve were there with the big, somewhat rough towels you find in motels, and toweled him everywhere. And when they were done and he was shiny as a new penny, Steve embraced Scotty in a big bear hug, and kissed him deeply, and said, “Hey, thanks, man.” Mike slapped him companionably on the butt; and still slightly unsteadily, Scotty made his way back to the bedroom and sat on the corner of the bed and pulled on his Jockeys, his cargo shorts, and his little white polo shirt, and reached down and tied his Reeboks.

He said “God. Awesome. Just awesome.” And, as a very charming coda, he said, “And guys, the room is on the house. And if you want breakfast down in the coffee shop, that’ll be on the house too.”

And this was the morning of the fifth day on the road with my uncle.

To be continued.