Fantasy Drive


Authors Note:

Thanks again to SlaveGirl70 for her help with this, I know she is far too good for the likes of me!

Again this story is one our favourite fantasies and has been written for my wife.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it.


Fantasy Drive

You walk into the house to find it empty. You walk around to see if I’m asleep or hiding, you don’t find me but you do find a fancy package, wrapped in fine gauze and tied up with lace. Sitting on top of it is a single red rose and a note. The first thing you notice is my scent on the note, which raises the hairs on the back of your neck ever so slightly, making you shiver with the anticipation of what might lie within.

You open the note, eager to know its contents.

Wear these…

All of them.



You look at the clock and realise that you only have an hour to get ready. Time enough, you think.

You carefully open the package, pulling at the delicate lace bow, the gauze falls away to reveal an elegant purple corset dress with matching stockings and garter. You notice that the panties also match and are in your favourite style. At the bottom is a black lace long shawl with a belt of the same delicate lace as the wrapped parcel. At the foot of the bed is a pair of elegant black 6″ stiletto shoes.

As you look at the clothes that have been laid out, your mind starts to wander and you can feel that familiar warmth start to spread out from your stomach. You feel it creep up through your chest, your nipples start to respond, which turns the warmth into a pleasant tingle you feel reaching for your clit. You shiver once and shake yourself out of your reverie and head to the bathroom.

Just before you step into the shower, you notice a little box on the shelf in front of you with another note that simply says:

You know how to wear these….

…they stay until I say

When you look inside the box your knees go weak, as you realise it is a modern set of kegel eggs. You know straight away that these will have you on the edge of orgasm for hours all by themselves. You are about to put them back in the box, when you stop and slowly your hand moves down your body, as if it has a mind of its own. It places the eggs at the entrance to your very aroused quimm. You pause a moment to enjoy the sensation of them sliding inside you, slow and tight to start with, then as your pussy accepts the intrusion they feel like they are snatched from your grasp as they disappear inside you. You can’t help but groan as they start to move around. You hold on to the sink for fear of falling over while you get used to the feeling of being filled and massaged from the inside.

Your kegel muscles are working all by themselves moving the balls around and feeling like they are hitting everywhere all at once. It’s all you can do not to come then and there. Somehow you manage to hold on and compose yourself for the moment, but you know it could overcome you quickly if you let it. Tonight is going to be hard, you can’t help but smile at the thought.

With all your nerves tingling you step into the shower and hope you can manage to get washed without losing it but the feel of the water running over your body is too much, and you give in to that feeling deep inside as it swamps your senses.

When you finally stop shaking, you are on your knees in the shower with water running over your back and pouring over your bum and around your breasts, dripping off your nipples. You can feel the aftershocks run through you from head to toe. You pick yourself up and start to wash yourself carefully to keep your movements to a minimum, aware that too much movement will set off another orgasm easily.

You manage to finish without making yourself come again, although it is hard not to just let go. You look at the clock and see you only have 45 minutes left. The adrenaline helps take the edge off the need as you dry your hair and make a final trim, although the touch of the razor takes you right back up again. By the time you put your panties and stockings on you are fully aware of the balls again and slow down to enjoy the experience as you slowly pull your stockings on and clip them to the garter.

As you put the corset on, it rubs against your nipples where two soft silk pads are sewn in, bringing new waves of pleasure to your already dripping pussy. Your clit is standing out and rubbing against the lacy knickers. It feels like every touch is a new pleasure point of electric current, you don’t know how you will make it to the door let alone outside into public.

You put on your heels and make a few attempts to walk up and down but the feelings inside are overwhelming. You almost collapse on your unsteady feet but at that moment you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mardin escort mirror and suddenly the adrenaline is back as you see – looking back at you – a goddess built solely for bringing pleasure, oozing sensuality and the promise of forbidden treasure. You know that any man you look at will fall at your feet and carry out any demand you make, and possibly a few women.

A few more practice steps and you are ready with 5 minutes to spare. On the way down the stairs you see another note, but one you wouldn’t have seen until now. It simply says:


Feeling much steadier on your feet and getting used to the feelings inside, you are being kept in a state of high arousal rather on the edge of orgasm. You open the fridge and find one crystal glass of champagne waiting for you. After the excitement of the last hour it is a welcome refreshment. At exactly half past seven, and just as you put your empty glass down, there is a knock at the door making you jump, reminding you of the balls which suddenly move and press up in a new way yet again.

It takes a moment but you compose yourself and head to the door, but when you open it you find yourself looking into the deep green eyes of handsome man in a chauffeur uniform. He is a shade under 6′ and appears to fill out his uniform nicely, in your current state you can’t help looking him up and down, paying particular attention to how his black pants barely conceal his impressive-looking manhood.

When you finally pull your eyes away from his crotch, you notice the blacked out limousine parked behind him. Your heart skips a beat and you feel your pussy pulse at the possibilities.

The chauffeur opens the rear door for you and you climb in. Inside it is like another world, everything is lit in a pale pink light, and there is one long seat under the rear window that looks wide enough to be classed as a small bed. It is covered in a thick deep pile sheepskin which goes down and across the floor to cover all of the seats of which there is one at the driver end and one down the left hand side joining the two ends together.

The mini bar sits between the two seats splitting what would otherwise be one long seat around the outside of the limo. Soft music is paying through hidden speakers so that the very air tingles with excitement from the combined sensations. You get yourself another glass of champagne and settle down in the back seat which seems to mould itself to you and you can finally stop and concentrate on the constant ache and need that fills you. As you lie there sipping your second glass of champagne your mind starts to wander over all the directions that tonight could head in.

As your thoughts turn toward what you would like to do to your chauffeur, the limo stops outside of a very posh restaurant and the driver opens the door for you. You walk up the steps and enter the place with a touch of nerves, but you feel confident because while you will turn heads, you won’t be turned away, not the way you’re dressed.

You are shown to a booth at the back of the restaurant where you feel safely anonymous again. You sit down where you can see who is coming and going while you wait for me. Almost as soon as you are settled, a waiter brings over a wine cooler with yet another bottle of champagne in and pours you a glass. You catch him stealing glances at your well displayed cleavage and you give him a little wink and pout, making him nearly spill the drink.

Then you notice me standing by the bar, watching you with hungry eyes but making no move to join you. You see me take something out of my pocket and place it on the bar in front of me. You can’t make it out from where you are but you’re pretty sure that I intended you to notice. You watch me take a sip of my champagne and tilt my glass at you with an evil yet exhilarated smile on my face. As I sip the drink, my other hand reaches out and very obviously presses something on the box in front of me.

At the same instant your pussy explodes in sensation as the massage balls start to vibrate and spin in pulsating waves inside you. They now really are touching every part of your cunt and it is mere seconds before the first orgasm washes over you quickly followed by a second and then third. By the time the third one is fading the balls have stopped and I am seated opposite you in the booth with a very sexy grin on my face, obviously having enjoyed watching your pleasure. In front of me is the control box and you already know that I won’t let you have it; that you are at my mercy tonight, and that I really can make you come at the push of a button. You watch as I slowly move my hand back over the button and a small whimper escapes your lips as my finger moves closer to your release.

As we try to chat which is more dirty talk than small talk you see me hide the remote again. When only one hand stays van escort on the table and a jolt courses through you as the balls start again you realise that I don’t intend to give you any warning for when I will use it.

It’s when the waiter arrives at the end of the booth without you noticing, that you realise I started the balls because I had seen him approaching. As the vibrations get fiercer you lose sense of everything around you. You’re concentrating on appearing aloof. When the balls stop, the waiter has gone and I’m still opposite you. You beg me to take you home and tell me everything you will do to me if I let you go. “Only if you’re a good girl,” I say in return. The waiter returns then with our food and we eat like it’s our last meal, so eager are we to move on to what promises to be a delicious and naughty dessert.

As you stand up you feel the balls start vibrating again only this time much more slowly, more sensual somehow, but for each step closer to the door you take, the vibrating gets stronger and stronger. You are glad I am there to hold on to, as by the time we reach the door you are on the verge of coming hard, you can feel your juices soaking through your panties and running down your stocking covered legs. Just as we reach the limo and the driver opens the door for us, I lean over to your ear and whisper, it’s completely soundproofed in here. You virtually fall through the door and lie on the sheep skin rug squirming and moaning, your hands reach for your tits and pussy at the same time, squeezing and rubbing as you come loudly and violently. Your pussy contracting around the balls over and over rhythmically to the pulses that they are making. Each time you grip them they slide round to a new position, a new point of ecstasy continuing your orgasmic high long past when it would normally have dropped off. All the time the vibrations from the balls and their rotating get faster and heavier.

You are vaguely aware through the haze of your passion, that a pair of hands are slowly caressing your legs, moving slowly and sensuously up your thighs spreading them open to reveal your sopping lace knickers tight up in between your lips, your fingers moving over your clit. You feel a breath on your lips, a cooling breeze over your hot sex. Then you feel the soft caresses of a tongue as it slowly works its way up one of your petals and down the other before it teases around your pulsating opening, spreading your free flowing cream around before taking over from your fingers and sucking your clit into the mouth. You would have come instantly if you weren’t still being racked by orgasm after orgasm by the balls inside you now going at full tilt.

You open your eyes just long enough to see my cock by your face, this is enough to make you realise that the tongue and mouth giving you so much pleasure isn’t mine, in fact you soon realise it probably isn’t even male and your heart flutters just that little bit more with the thought. Sure enough, when you look down you can see a blonde head buried between your legs. You turn back to look me in the eyes before I draw your attention to your other side where another large purple headed cock sits just within reach. Without thinking you lean over and take the head in your mouth and start to suck and lick it, your other hand reaches out and grasps me working your hand backwards and forwards in time with your mouth on the other cock.

You feel the blonde’s long delicate fingers reach inside of you and you groan around the cock in your mouth. She grasps the cord from the balls and slowly and torturously starts to remove them. It feels as though your pussy doesn’t want to let go of them as she pulls them out one at a time. Pop. Your body shudders as the first leaves you. Pop. Your orgasm finally ends as the last ball leaves. Suddenly you feel empty and need to be filled by a hard piece of meat.

You pull yourself over onto your hands and knees without removing your mouth from the chauffeur’s glistening penis, presenting your very wet cunt for my inspection. Before I can move towards you the blonde inserts two of her fingers into you and me into her mouth making you buck back against her and me to groan as her tongue swirls around my aching head. Somehow, while she still has two fingers inside you and her thumb on your clit she slides one up, covered in cream and starts to tease your most intimate hole before inserting the finger inside making you scream in pleasure.

You can’t believe it feels that good and when she finally removes her fingers and thumb she has my rock hard cock rubbing up and down your lips, around the entrance to your warm and inviting tunnel then rubbing the head over your clit again and again until you are on the edge yet again. Then in one movement she places one hand on my bum and guides me directly into you with a hard push that has me hitting ankara escort your depths immediately. We moan in unison at the familiar feelings of filling and being filled as the blonde dictates our pace by forcing my bum forwards and pulling back on my balls which are being massaged at the same time. When she is happy with our strokes she lowers herself underneath you and starts to suck on your clit again. I can feel your pussy contracting around me squeezing me, begging for my cum to fill it.

You become distracted from the driver’s cock so I grab the back of your hair and push you forwards until your tongue is one again tickling the underneath of that monster and for the first time you realise just how big it is. Easily 9″ and at least 3 across. It is the largest you have ever seen outside of a porno and the thought if it filling you up makes you moan around the head as you try to get as much into your mouth as you can. I watch as your head bobs up and down on this stranger’s cock, while mine is sucked and licked by another stranger. Suddenly you feel a lube slick finger start to massage something moist into your most private hole and then when it starts to gently probe again you try to move against it, to push it deeper but the position you are in, spit roasted between the two of us with a mouth on your clit, limits you to just rotating. Her finger starts to pump in and out of you while her mouth and tongue still play with your clit. The sounds coming from all of us combined is just pure animal. Groans and screams fill the air as we continue our group climb to release. It feels like my cock is clamped in a rippling vice as you flow from one orgasmic crest to the next lost in an orgy of pleasure.

You release your grip on the cock in your mouth just long enough to say, “I need this inside me…” adding a begging “…please, oh please I need to ride this monster now!”

“Of course, tonight is all about your pleasure my love,” I reassure you as I withdraw my still hard member from your warm tight confines. I am secretly keen to see how you will cope with that monster inside you, and slightly excited to be completely sharing you.

As you push the driver down on to the seat and straddle his hips, the blonde once again takes my length down her throat as she cleans me of your beautiful nectar. I watch—mesmerised—as you place your wide-open cunt on the head of his raging hard-on. You pause for a moment, savouring the feel of a strange cock at the entrance to your vagina, before easing down it, slowly descending to the root. “Oh god, so full,” you growl, as you begin your slow ascent, the ridge of his cock rubbing over each and every muscle as it pulls itself out of your tunnel like a piston creating a vacuum behind it, begging to be filled again. “Unnghhh,” is all you can manage as you start to pick up your pace.

The blonde moves towards you again, only this time she is leading me by the cock towards you both. The position you’re in, with your bum hanging over the edge of the seat is what the girl is looking at as she coats my cock in lube. Then pushing my hips and guiding my cock towards your lubed-up rear, she looks at the driver and nods. The driver responds by grabbing your hips and holding you fully impaled on his cock. The girl takes this opportunity to place the tip of my cock at your virgin ass and ever so gently applies more pressure through my hips so that I slowly slide inside your tight hole. From the moment the tip of my cock touches your most intimate hole, your lust-fogged mind takes over and you shout out “yes, oh god yes, fill me completely, I want to feel you both fuck me— ooooh. Oohhhh. gooooodddddd. So good…” and the rest turns into unintelligible, guttural noises as I reach my limit buried deep inside you. I can feel the drivers cock throbbing through the thin wall separating us inside you. You are so unbelievably tight but the lube makes movement very pleasurable, as he lets go of your hips we slowly start to piston in and out of you alternating our strokes.

You are now a mass of quivering flesh, coming over and over again as you feel us both stretching you to your limits. Then, with an ear splitting scream you hit your peak as all three of us cum together. I can feel his cock jerk as he spurts his cum deep into your womb, and I ram home and hold it as I fill your bowels with my seed.

You collapse on top of the driver, spent but happy. Small tingles of pleasure still passing through your body and contented sighs escape your lips. As we all part you give the driver a sensual kiss as a thank you, and then fall in to my arms where we stay snuggled together on the back seat, as the driver and the girl get dressed and move to the front to continue our journey home. I suspect neither of them will be getting much sleep tonight judging by the looks they give each other.

On the journey home we kiss and cuddle. Whispering and reaffirming our love for each other. We stay like that until the door opens and we climb out and into our home. We grab a quick shower and head straight to bed where we make slow passionate love to each other and as we come together for the final time of the night, it seems the perfect ending for a once in a lifetime evening.