Poachers and Puddles in the Dark


I squinted into bush and idly my hand rubbed my neck, feeling the dampness there. Gosh hard to believe winter is scarcely over here in the bush. It sure was a hot day, I thought as I looked up at a blue sky with a few wispy white clouds in it. Still hot as it was I had been glad to be in the field rather than the classroom today~! I watched the students as they walked through the bush. They had come a long way. One of the few female rangers had learned the hard way that the bush is tough stuff. She had kept reporting in fashionable shoes until a few a days ago when I sent them unannounced on a 10km hike. Give her her due she never complained about the blisters, and she always wore bush boots after that~! Ebrahim was leading today, his eyes squinting at the bush as he moved. He missed nothing, and I was glad to have him along.

I lifted my canteen and took a long drink, loving the coolness of the water as it ran down my throat. I was leaning against the Landy, and as the sun’s rays touched my face I adjusted my bush-hat so it shaded me. I have fair skin and light freckles, so I have to be careful. I always wore long sleeved cotton shirts, though today mine was hanging open, and the light breeze was blowing against the thin cotton top underneath. With the students around I could not take off my bra as I usually do, but at least it was a light thing cotton one, and the breeze felt good as it danced against my ribs and lightly caressed my large supple breasts through the fabric. Bush work is not glamorous and I guessed I looked anything but that today, my curls escaping under my functional bush hat, tendrils at the nape of my neck damp with perspiration, the thin cotton vest sticking to me like a second skin, no makeup just lip balm and sun block, feet encased in bush socks and my work boots, legs in light cotton khaki jeans. The jeans did fit well though, I thought, emphasising my round firm butt, and finishing just above my hips, hiding my wildcat tattoo.

The jeans were a tad tight right now though, and I hooked a finger between the top seam and my distended bladder~! I rubbed my tummy loving the hardness of my bladder, and smiled. Sure I was full, but hell I intended to get even fuller~! I closed the canteen and hooked it back on my belt. The students and Ebrahim would not be back till tomorrow, and would cover quite a distance. Today they had to survive on the water in their canteens and the food they could find to eat. Sometimes students ate lizards or frogs on this part of the training. Ebrahim would of course laugh inside as he knew where to get decent food. They would also not sleep well out in the bush, whilst Ebrahim would, even though he was far more likely to hear the throaty call of a leopard close by than the students were~!

I was going to make camp right there on the rise, where I could see for some distance and from where I could see or hear anything approaching. I would pitch my tent against the side of the Landy and have a grand old time. Of course I was the teacher so I had brought fruit and energy bars with me~! hahaha~! I looked forward to night time when I could slip into satin boxers and my vest top with no bra, and relax. When I could, if I held long enough, find sweet relief and finally let go, and enjoy watching my pee splash in the dust~! The thought made my bladder twinge, and also turned me on~! I thought I might even wet my boxers, sitting on an old towel on the grass.~! hmmmm oh yes, that might be good. The warmth of my own pee against me as it would puddle before dripping through~! Ahhh, but that was later. Much later, I assured my filling bladder~!

I watched as the students disappeared over the far drive, then set about setting up my camp. I loved camping and was so organised at it, so it did not take long for me to have a place where I knew I could actually live for more than the 36 hours or so of this part of the students’ course. As I finished and swigged more delicious water I noted how long the shadows had become, perhaps the only indication that this was indeed winter still. In summer it was still bright and the sun still hot enough to burn till almost 7 pm~! The students gone I took off my bra without taking off with the vest top or my cotton long sleeved blouse. Damn it felt good to let them hang free and unfettered. I love my breasts, and am glad that despite being large and heavy, they are still firm and supple. I love the feel of them through my cotton tops. Something about the feel of them through soft cotton or sheer silk is just deliciously sensuous. I massaged them, feeling the nipples harden against my hands as I did so. Damn the bush, its sounds and smells, coupled with a full bladder, always made me so darned horny~!

It was still too light for me to really relax and have fun though, so I grabbed an apple and sat on Landy bonnet watching the sun start to make its slow descent as I enjoyed the crisp tart apple, wiping its juice from my chin. My quiet reverie was broken at the sound of dogs barking. Immediately my laziness vanished and I jumped up onto antalya escort the Landy, standing tall and scanning the area, alert and very very tense. There~! I turned slightly to my right and pin-pointed the sound. Sure about it now I quickly checked the GPS on my phone then jumped down and opened the driver’s door to get to the radio. Turning to channel 2, I called for Craig or Mike to come in. After two calls I heard mike’s voice. “Receiving you Kae. What’s up?”

“Dogs”, I replied quietly but clearly, acutely aware of how sound travels in the bush. “I’m at the rise near the old white road,” I continued softly. “The dogs are to the right of me about 2 maybe 3km away, but moving in my direction” and I gave the coordinates.

“Who is with you?” Mike asked, tensely.

“Ebrahim is with the students, but about 5km away, in a northerly direction, he was taking them to the rhino middens near the second borrow pit,” I explained, still in a soft but even tone. ‘Luckily they are walking in the opposite direction and should not cross paths, I am solo here on the rise” I concluded, voice still clear yet soft. I heard Mike’s intake of breath before he answered.

“How fast are the dogs moving and are they moving in your direction?”

“Yes I believe they are moving into my direction, or at least an area where they will intersect with me, or see me. Not sure of speed, but from the sounds of their barking, they are moving at a steady pace. How far are you?” I was dismayed that my voice cracked just a little as I asked the last question, I prided myself on my bush sense and skills, but I was tense.

Dogs in a national park meant only one thing — poachers~! And I heard at least four maybe five different calls, so that meant at least five men, probably twice as many, in fact, were with them. Usually I loved being alone in the bush, and was not really scared. I respected the bush and its wild inhabitants, and had always found that respect was good start~! But I did not relish being alone with 10 or more poachers in the area.

“Kae,” Mike answered in a firm calm voice. “I’m at the borehole, so maybe twenty minutes away. I will send Stephen now and follow him, bringing my vehicle in wide arc to come in east of your location, alright? Just stay low, stay quiet and stay alert, ok?”

“Roger that,” I replied with a smile in my voice. Alert I would be. Twenty minutes. Damn that seemed long considering the way the barks kept getting closer at steady intervals. Still Stephen would get here in less, maybe 12 or 15 mins. I scanned the horizon with my binoculars, and though I saw some dust and brush movement in the general direction the barks came from, but was not certain. These men knew how to walk in the bush, they had been doing it long before this was ever a national park~!

Well there was nothing I could do, I knew that, so I drank some more water and settled on the bonnet again, feeling somewhat safer there. I could of course just leave, but that was NOT me!~! my bladder twinged and reminded me I had promised release once it got darker, but now I had poachers AND Stephen coming in my direction, and did not relish being in the vulnerable position of relieving myself when either arrived~! Besides, Stephen would be here soon and Mike soon after, and no doubt Mike would have men with him, so once that hoo-ha died down I could take my time and relieve myself the way I had planned. I just had to focus on NOT thinking about how I needed to pee~!

I kept scanning the horizon and soon I saw the dust less than a km away, and knew it was the dogs when they bayed again! Their call made goosebumps rise on my skin, or perhaps it was the deepening shadows and weakening of the sun’s rays? I scanned the area again and as I lowered my binoculars I heard the bush to my right moved and my heart thudded painfully in my chest and my breath caught in my throat~! I turned in slow motion and saw Stephens white wide smile in his very dark face and let my breath out in a sigh of relief. He grinned and winked and came closer to whisper softly in my ear.

“Hello Missus Kae”. No matter how hard I had tried he refused to call me anything but Nonnie Kae or Missus Kae. I grinned back and he used sign language to show me he was going closer to scout. I signed back telling him to be careful and he grinned again and literally melted into the bush. I watched him go but still lost sight of him, amazed as I always am at the way the local rangers manage to meld into the shadows of the bush without making a sound.

He had been gone for a few seconds when I heard the distant hum of an engine before it was switched off. As promised Mike had come round from the other direction and would now ditch the vehicle and approach on foot. I scanned in front to the side and behind me, yet still got a fright when the first of the rangers materialised in front of me. Mike came through next, and then six other rangers joined him. They all signed and I signed back showing Stephen had gone ahead, and giving them artvin escort the direction I had seen the dust and heard the last calls. I jumped off, and followed as they started to melt into the bush too. Mike grabbed my wrist, hard, and whispered fiercely in my ear “Stay here~!”

I turned and looked just as fiercely at him, my dark eyes squinting as I did so, taking in his craggy features, the faint stubble on his chin, the gray threads in his dark hair, the tanned weather beaten face and the clear blue eyes. I realised with some surprise that he was actually quite handsome. I had never noticed. We had worked together for some years now, joked and laughed and shared good and bad times. I had always thought of him like he was an elder brother and he had always treated me like a sister. How come I had never noticed how long those lashes of his were before? I shook my head and tried to break free. He gripped tighter and I whispered back in a hissing tone. “Let go. You know I am better off with you than alone!” I saw the reluctance in his face but he nodded curtly but added in aloud whisper “But you bloody well stay back!” I nodded. He still did not let go but half dragged me along and I quickened my pace to meet his.

Not too far in we stopped and Mike pushed me onto my tummy and I bit on my teeth not to make a noise as the pressure on my full bladder made me wince. He looked at me as I winced but then turned away and I breathed softly to relieve the pressure. Ahead I heard movement and then the dogs followed by six men in dark clothes came into view. They were armed with panga’s and axes but no guns, luckily. I had not seen any of the rangers move, yet suddenly there they were rising as if from the dust itself, surrounding the men and dogs, rifles against their shoulders. And there Stephen appeared from in front of us, I had not even seen him~!

The dogs growled and snapped and one of the rangers had to kick one to avoid being bitten~! The poachers shouted loudly but too fast for my limited knowledge of the local languages to help me follow. The rangers shouted back and Stephen approached and practically poked one man in his chest with the point of the rifle.

I looked at the steely glare in his eyes and shivered. This look was a far cry from the normally cheerful grin I was used to associating with him. There was no doubt his eyes confirmed that he knew how to use his rifle and that he would indeed use it if necessary.

I shivered again and looked up startled when I felt the warmth of Mike’s hand on my shoulder. He winked and I smiled. He stood up and approached, speaking as fast in Shangaan as the rangers and poachers. In what seemed like mere moments the poachers were subdued and handcuffed, but their defiance shone from their eyes. In such a poor area my heart felt a little for them. Subsistence poaching often put meat on the tables, and sadly poaching for greedier richer men also did. Many of the rangers, and a few of my current students are converted poachers — who better to catch them than people who used to be poachers?

Five of the rangers moved off back to Mike’s vehicle with the poachers, Stephen and one other stayed behind, having rounded up the dogs. I knew what was coming and felt a knot in my stomach. Mike looked at my face. “Go back to the Landy, Kae,” he said softly. I looked up at him tears in my eyes, an unspoken question on my face. He shook his head slightly, his lips tightening, his fingers squeezing my shoulder hard. I nodded, as a tear slid down my cheek and I turned and walked away.

Mike was patient, and it was only as I reached my makeshift camp that the first shot rang out, causing my whole body to shake. Six shots, six times my body shuddered, and I used the back of my hand to wipe away the other tears that trembled in my eyes. I plonked down on my camping mat, shoulders hunched, feeling sad and tired. I did not hear Mike approach, never saw Stephen and the other ranger melt into the deep blue shadows of the falling night.

I had automatically lit the fire I had carefully prepared in a well dug fire pit earlier. Fire is a hazard here, so fire must be contained and controlled when used. I heard Mike arrive and knew that it must have been intentional as if he had wanted to he could have slid past unheard and unseen.

He had been a ranger and manager so long now the bush was his backyard. He sat down next to me, cross legged, put his arm around me, and pulled my head onto his shoulder. “I’m sorry Kae, but you know we have to….” he said softly and I heard the pain in his own voice. Like me he had dogs, and like when I had lived in the bush my own dog had been my companion, my tracker, my guide, and my protector. I knew he had to shoot the dogs. It took a poacher three years to train a dog to hunt and track, and the loss of these dogs would put their operation back by months or more, I knew it made sense, but it still hurt. It was not the dogs fault.~!

We sat silently for a while and I turned to him. “Don’t you need to go?” beylikdüzü escort I asked. He shook his head and his teeth flashed white in the darkness. “Nope Kae, dear. The guys can take care of the paperwork and call the authorities. I thought YOU might need the company tonight.”

I smiled, glad of his nearness tonight. He looked at me closely and I blushed and looked away realising what a sight I must be, dust and tear streaked face, sweaty and dishevelled. Oh Gosh~! And bra-less~! I crossed my arms over my chest but saw his eyes dart down a second before I did so, and heard his chuckle. I punched him on the arm — hard. “hey no laughing,” I chided. He just laughed again and I got annoyed and punched again, harder. I KNEW how to punch. HE had taught me, I thought wildly~! He winced and I punched again.

He grabbed my hands and I struggled, we lost balance and I fell backwards. He fell half against me, the heaviness of his torso over my bladder, and I winced. His eyes found mine and I saw a look I had never seen from him before! He gazed at me then dropped his eyes. I wiggled under him, my hands free of his now, and when I moved his eyes met mine again.

He moved slightly so most of his weight was across my tummy as his hands found my arms trapping them above my head. I wiggled again, and my bladder protested so I stopped. His eyes again found mine, gleaming strangely and my breath caught again. He let go of one arm and his hand moved down and cupped my breast.

My heart thudded so loudly I thought he could hear it, and my tummy contracted painfully over my very full bladder. I used my free hand to try and slap him but he laughed and caught again, moving over me, the weight of his legs parting my legs like Moses parted the red sea.

I felt the hardness in his jeans press against my crotch, his body pinning me to the ground. He moved slightly and ground the hard lump in his jeans against me, as his one hand easily held both mine and his free hand found my breast again. His thumb circled my nipple and I groaned and writhed beneath him. His eyes caught mine as he lifted my vest top and lowered his head.

Hi tongue touched my nipple and sent electricity through me and I moaned softly, closing my eyes. His mouth covered my areole and nipple and he sucked softly and I moaned again. his teeth bit gently at the firm flesh of my breast and tugged on my plump rosy nipple, sending shivers right through me and I bucked under him. His mouth left my breast and I felt the night air against the wet flesh. His hands released mine as he pushed himself up, kneeling between my splayed jeans clad legs.

I looked up at him, eyes bright with desire and confusion. He shook his head. “I’m sorry, Kae,” he said in a hoarse voice, and turned away. I struggled to half sit up and grabbed his arm, forcing him to turn to me. His eyes were full of pain and also lust. He looked away again.

“No, Mike, no,” I said softly. “Don’t be sorry, please don’t…”my voice trailed off and he turned to look at me again.

“Kae,” he said huskily. “We’ve been friends forever, and this….” his voice faded and he shook his head. “This,” he said in a firmer voice, “was crossing that line. I’m sorry. It’s just… it’s just…” his voice faded again

“Just what?” I demanded and he looked at me almost angrily.

“You looked so beautiful, so sad and lost and lovely….” his voice broke and he turned again. I pulled myself against him, my head on his shoulder.

“Don’t stop, Mike. Please? I need you tonight…” I half pleaded.

“And tomorrow, Kae? What about tomorrow?” he asked bitterly. I swallowed hard. My eyes filled and tears spilled onto my cheeks again.

“Let tomorrow be tomorrow’s problems, Mike,” I said softly. “I love you, we love each other. True we’ve never loved this way before, but I could never regret anything we did together. Not ever. Please?” I said pleadingly. He looked at me.

“Fuck Kae!” He said under his breath, looking at me, at my exposed breast, wet from his mouth, red from his teeth. He looked at my wild curls, freed of the bush hat which had slid off down my back held by the leather thong against my throat. He saw the tear streaked cheeks and looked long into my dark eyes. He sighed, and pulled me close. He kissed me, softly tenderly, gently.

He intended to be gentle I am sure, but when our tongues met I melted and murmured against him. He reached out and pulled off my blouse and I tugged at his bush shirt. I pulled so hard I heard a button pop but did not stop, as he pulled my vest top and bush hat over my head. He sighed when he saw my firm creamy breasts bounce free, and stood up, pulling off his khaki’s, as I stood up and pulled off my jeans. I stood there, shivering in the night air, naked, my red curls blowing in the breeze, my soft red pubes glistening with desire. I watched as he pulled off his trousers and boxers and gasped a little.

He was big, and hard, throbbing hard, the end glistening already with pre-cum that I so wanted to taste. He had a lean but muscled body from years of working in the bush~! He was also tanned and firm. I licked my lips a little~! Having shrugged out of his clothes he pulled off his socks and boots and I did the same, then he pulled me against him and my breasts squashed against him.