Earl and Mom Ch. 06

Female Ejaculation

This story takes the morning after the last story.


After falling into a deep sleep last night, I slept solid until my alarm went off at 7am. As I hit the snooze button, I rolled back over and relieved some of the events from yesterday. Despite being used four times yesterday, my cock had not failed to greet me as usual with a full morning hard on. It pressed against the loose sleeping shorts I was wearing.

As I tried to ignore my cock for the moment, I wondered what it would be like to see my mom again for the first time after our time the day before. I really hoped it would not be weird. But how could it not be just a little? I mean I came in front of her yesterday. Then she showed me her pussy and she came in front of me. And then to top it all off, she french kissed slash snowballed me right before we said our good night. Wow, that was hot. But what did she think about it? If I had to do it all over again, I would, but would she? Was it the wine? She didn’t seem drunk, but then again, who knows.

As I pondered all of this, I started to drift back to sleep when I hear a knock on my door followed by the door opening.

“Good morning honey.” my mom said as she walked into my room all dressed for work.

“Good morning.” I said in a sleepy, but happy to see you voice.

“I have to go into work early honey, but wanted to say good bye before I left.” she said.

“Oh, thank you.” I said and smiled.

“Is there anything you would like to talk about before I leave?” she said. Great, she wanted to talk about last night. Oh well, its all I could think about anyway, so I guess we might as well.

“You mean about what happened yesterday between us?” I asked knowing that’s what she meant.

“Yes, are you okay honey?” she said. “I mean it was crazy. If you want to, we can chalk it up too to much wine and never speak of it again.”

She reached down and took my hand in hers.

“I’ll let you think about it honey.” she said. “And if you never bring it up again, nor will I and we’ll go back to they way it was before, okay?”

“Can I ask you a question?” I said.

“Sure honey.” she said.

I slid over in the bed and put my head down below the side of the bed in an attempt to look up her skirt.

“Can you show me what panties you’re wearing?” I said and started to giggle. An instant wave of relief washed over her and she joined me in the giggle.

“That’s my boy!” she said. “Okay, one quick peek and I have to go.” She then quickly pulled up her skirt and a second later, pulled it back down. It was not very long at all, but I could tell she was wearing a very sexy pink thong.

“Oh those are sexy!” I said.

“Can I smell you right now?” I asked. “Just a quick sniff?”

“Honey!” she said with a smile. “I have to go to work and did you not smell it enough yesterday?”

I slid on my back and moved my body so I was laying across my bed and lowered my head down the side facing and looking up at her.

“Just for a second, please?” I begged. “You smell so good and look at what you already did to me.” As I said that, I pulled the blanket away from my morning wood.

“Well good morning Mr Penis.” she said as she walked toward me. “Oh honey, okay, but since I just put these on 10 min ago, you’re probably not going to be able to smell anything.”

I reached backwards motioning her to me.

“No hands honey.” she said as she took both of them in her hands.

My head was hanging just below where he pussy was so the height was just about perfect. As she walked over the top of my head I could feel the warmth of her legs between the sides of my head. I took a deep smell trying to suck the smell into my nose, but I couldn’t really make out any scent.

“Can you smell me honey?” she said looking down at me.

“No,” I said in a disappointed voice.

She then lowered herself and pressed against my nose. My nose was actually touching the outside of her panties and I’m sure pressing against her pussy. I could feel the warmth coming from her panties. I took a deep sniff. What I did smell was more of the fabric softener that the panties were washed in more than the pussy that was hiding behind them. Still, feeling her push her pussy down on my nose albeit through her panties was incredible.

“How about now honey?” she said and giggled and then as quickly as she lowered herself on me she pulled back up.

As she pulled away I immediately wanted more. I looked to see what I could see. She was so close it was hard to focus. She was wearing a pink thong which was sexy from the front and even better from the back. From my new view, I could see the back of her thong only had about an inch of material making up the back covering my mom ass crack and very sexy asshole. From the way she was standing, I could see the part of her asshole that craters out that was not covered by the material. The beginning of the lines that all point to the center of her asshole. The view was breathtaking.

“Maybe!” I said with a hint of desperation alanya escort in my voice. A plead to give me more of this morning surprise. She let go of my hands I moved one down to casual touch my hard cock. Seeing me do this, she surprised me and reached down and cupped my balls. Her touch was amazing and almost caused me to cum.

“Oh honey, these are full again” she said. “I only have two minutes, can you cum that fast in the morning?”

“Yes!” I said sure that I could make that happen. “If you let me smell you some more.” I added not really having any negotiating power, but I thought it was worth a shot.

She let go of my balls and slid her thong covered pussy back to my face.

“Like this honey?” she said as her thong once again was on my face.

“Um Hum” is said muffled with her pussy blocking my voice as my hand started up and down my cock as the 2 minute clock had started.

“Oh honey!” she giggled. “That kinda tickles when you talking into my panties like that.

“UM HUMMMMMMMM” I said and then hummed into her pussy doing my best to vibrated her pussy and clit with my voice. This was a trick I had read about online once that I just remembered it about the same time she landed on my face.

“Honey!” she said. “Honey, honey honey, stop!” she giggled and raised herself off my face. She looked down at me. My hand still going to down on my cock wondering if the clock was still running during this halt in her action.

“Honey!” she said. “That’s going to cause me to tinkle. And I know you would probably like that, but I don’t have time. Now, you have 1 minute to cum if you can. So get to it and don’t get any on me, please!” She smiled and winked at me.

“Now, get going tiger!” she said offering encouragement. She then lowered herself back down on my face. When she did I started to stroke faster. I also opened my mouth and let the material of her thong sink into my mouth. I might not be able to touch her with my hands, but she said nothing about my mouth and tongue. So until she told me to stop, I figure it was fair game.

As the fabric from her thong entered my mouth, I instantly starting to soak the material with my saliva. Within no time at all it was soaked and I started sucking on them. I then came up with a brilliant idea. Now with everything wet on the outside with my saliva, maybe could I slide my tongue under her thong and into her pussy? So just as I started trying to do that, she noticed, and pulled herself off my face.

“Thirty seconds honey” she said. As she pulled away I could see how wet I had made her thong. Plus my tongue came so close to getting under that thong. If nothing else, I had my tongue about an inch away from her pussy. I was so close, my tongue could feel the small bit of pubic hair that had been shaved likely a day or so ago. Thinking of all this put me over the edge and I was about ready to cum. In fact, I was.

“I’m cumming!” I said a half second before the first shot flew out of me. It went pretty much straight up and a little towards me. Pretty much the same trajectory they all took when by myself, but this time with more force having my mom’s pussy so close to my face and having had my tongue so close to getting in.

“Go honey go!” she said and lowered herself back down on my face.

“HUMMMMMMMM” I hummed into her as I shot my second spurt. Remembering what she said about that making her tinkle gave my hum a motivation I had never had.

“Honey!” I think I heard her say over my humming but I could not tell for sure. I felt my cum erupting and falling back to hit all around my lower chest and belly button area. I continued to hum and cum. My mom started to shake a bit and she adjusted her weight. She then moved herself up off my face and put her hand over the crotch of her thong.

“Oh honey!” she said and started to laugh. “That was really close. You so almost made me pee all over you. But good job on cumming in under 2 minutes.”

I watched her back away and start to pull down her skirt. She then grabbed a t-shirt that I had on the floor and brought it over to me where I was still laying with my head over the side of my bed. She looked at me and smiled and then down at all the cum I had on my chest and stomach.

“You have so much cum honey.” she said. “I’m really impressed.” She then started to mop up my cum with the t-shirt. She then took my hand where a fair amount was also and she cleaned it in the t-shirt. She then grabbed my still hard cock and gently dabbed the end with the t-shirt to soak up some of the post cum that was leaking out. The feeling of her hand wrapped around my cock was crazy. If I had not just cum, I would be now from her touch.

“Just look at you honey.” she said gazing at my dick.. “This thing is going to get more pussy than you can every imagine honey.” She looked back at me and smiled.

“Ah, thanks mom.” I said. “I just hope I get one like yours.”

“Ha, thanks honey.” she said as she let go of my cock and stood back up. “Speaking of mine, antalyajazzfestival.com I need to get it to work now. Text me if you get bored honey. Love you!”

She left the room and a few minutes later, left the house. Wow, what a morning already. My mom had just sat on my face while I came. Too bad she had her panties on but still, wow! And then the humming I did almost made her pee. Give it 5 more seconds and I would have tasted more than pussy.

That thought stayed with me for the next several hours.

Later than morning, I texted my mom.


Earl: Hi mom

Mom: Hi Tiger! How are you?

Earl: I’m good. I wanted to say thank you for a super good morning surprise.

Mom: You’re welcome honey. I’ve been thinking about that all morning

Earl: Me too! 🙂

Mom: What part are you thinking about the most?

Earl: All of it.

Mom: Give me some details honey, I’m bored at work 😉

Earl: I liked it when you pressed your panties into my face.

Mom: LOL. Could you smell anything?

Earl: Other than a clean laundry smell, no. LOL

Mom: I figured, oh well.

Mom: So, could you taste anything? 😉

Earl: Nope. LOL. Just clean panty taste.

Mom: I’m sorry honey. Guess I’m just too clean for you.

Earl: I loved every second of it. And I almost got my tongue under your panties.

Mom: Yes you did you bad boy. LOL

Earl: Hey, you only said no touching. You didn’t say anything about tongues.

Mom: I guess you’re right. So tell me, what would you have done if you got your tongue under my panties?

Earl: You know 😉

Mom: LOL, no I don’t. Tell me Tiger 😉

Earl: I wanted to put my tongue in your pussy and suck your juices out. Then I wanted to suck and lick your clit until you came.

Mom: Down Tiger. 😉

Earl. Plus I would not have ignored that sweet looking asshole of your also.

Mom: Honey! You are crazy 😉

Earl: But, since you would not let me do any of that, I tried that humming thing.

Mom: Oh yes! What ever made you think of doing that?

Earl: Desperation I guess. LOL

Mom: You hum well honey.

Earl: Did I really almost make you tinkle?

Mom: OMG yes honey. If I would not have pulled up when I did, I would have. LOL

Earl: Hmm. I mean, HUMMMMM

Mom: LOL. So if we ever do that again, watch out as I really almost did not catch that in time.

Earl: I’m ready now. Come home for lunch and let me hum to you.

Mom: Honey! It would get everywhere

Earl: So? Put some towels on the floor then.

Mom: You’re silly honey.

Earl: So you’re coming home for lunch?

Mom: I’ll think about it.

Earl: Could you drink a bunch of water while you’re thinking about it? 🙂

Mom: You’re a bad boy honey 😉 TTYL

Oh wow, is she really going to come home and let me hum into her pussy I thought? And then let whatever happens happen? As in was she really going to sit on my face and pee? If she did, how much will she pee. And if she peed, will she pull up a bit or would she grind her panties into my face. All of that was rushing around my head and was all I could think about. How would she taste? How would she react to me tasting her? Would I even like her taste? I knew how I tasted, but I had never tasted anyone else’s pee before. Would it be like mine? Mine is not all that bad and if she tasted as good as me, I could really get into it.

Later that morning right before lunch


Mom: hi honey. Good news bad news.

Earl: Hi mom! Tell me that bad news first.

Mom: I can’t make it to lunch honey, I got pulled into a meeting.

Earl: bummer! So what is the good news

Mom: I really have to pee! 😉 TTYL

Earl: Tease!!

That really sucked! Oh well, if not that day for lunch, maybe that night or the next morning. So now what? Porn, jacking off? Tempting, but I wanted more. I wanted a real woman.


Mom: Hi tiger

Earl: Hi mom

Mom: Still in the humming mode?

Earl: yes!

Mom: Well, good news and good news honey. I’ll be home in 30 min and really need to be hummed to!!


Mom: Save it honey! Long drive for me and need to pee NOW! 😉

Earl: 🙂

Mom: Get a bunch of towels and lay them all over your floor honey. Be ready when I get home.

Earl: yes ma’am! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Awesome! I ran to the hall closet and got 5 big thick towels. I then brought them to my bedroom and laid them over the floor where they would best be put to use. I then just waited thinking about what it was going to be like.

By the time the door opened just before 6:30. My heart was racing and my boner was throbbing.

“Hi honey!” I hear her say. “Are you ready?”

“Yes ma’am!” I shout out. “I’m up in my room” I took off my jeans, but keep a light grey t-shirt on. If she spills onto me, having it get my shirt wet might be cool. Plus it would capture some of here that would have just fallen unto the floor un-tasted. I debated on leaving on my underwear or not but in the last second, I reached down and removed them. I then laid in my bed side-wise with my head hanging off the end of the bed just like I had that morning. I cover my hard cock with a sheet to provide at least some modesty.

“Hi Tiger!” she says as she pokes her head in my room. “You do look ready to go.”

“So do you.” I say to her from my upside down view. As I smile back up at her she returns my smile.

“You’ve got that right you naughty boy.” she said as she playfully pretends to get serious. She then bends down and kisses me softly on the lips just for a second. She then walks over to me and fiddles with the side of her skirt of a few seconds. Before I know it, her skirt falls to her feet and she steps out of it. She then looks at my not so hidden boner under the sheets.

“What do we have here?” she said as she yanked off my sheet. “You have a really nice dick honey.” She then climbed on my bed putting her knees on my bed straddling my chest. Here knees were probably nipple high and her ass was facing me. She bent and pushed her panty covered pussy and ass closer to my face. I breathed in deep and could smell her scent.

“Are you ready for this Tiger?” she said?

“Yes!” I said.

“Are you 100% sure honey?” she asked again

“Yes, I’m 100% sure” I told her.

With that she started crawling backwards and brushed her pussy against my face roughly. But she kept going backwards. In a second more she backed off the bed and before I know it, her face was down next to mind again.

“Ok tiger!” she said with a smile. She then gave me a kiss on the lips that lasted less than a second. “You asked for it!” She then stood up behind me and spread her legs. She then walked up over my head and lower herself on my face. As she did I could smell her pussy that had been trapped behind those panties all day long. As she made contact with my face, I felt the material make contact with my mouth. The material was different now than it had been this morning. This morning was clean and dry, but now the material had a different texture having spent all day pressed up against a pussy soaking up her wetness that escaped her. It was so much better than this morning. As I opened my mouth to accepted all the material I could, I started to hum. Softly at first. As at first she made no movement. As my humming got deeper and louder, she start to shutter.

“Oh honey!” she said. “Oh honey! That’s going to do it! Oh my.” she started to giggle like I was tickling her. She started shaking her hips back and forth. I reached up and grabbed her hips. I know she said no touching this morning, but I was thinking she likely meant no touching of sexual parts. After I grabbed her hips she studied herself. I kept up my humming.

“Here, here, here, here it comes.” she said quickly “I’m going to pee!” And with that, I felt warm wetness flood her panties and then my humming mouth. It was wonderful. It was warm and a bit salty and a bit sweet. Above all I was surprised by how warm it was. I tried to capture it all in my mouth, but it was leaking out of both side of her panties and down her legs also. It was in my mouth, on my face, my nose, the sides of my face and some on my shirt as well as likely on the towels that were now doing their job on the floor. Her flow was slow at first, but after the first two seconds or so, it was like the floodgates opened and a torrent of pee rushed out. But two seconds after the flow really got going, she stopped it. Was that it? If that’s all I was going to get, then okay. I would of liked more, but it was incredible to be that close to her pussy and actually tasting her pee in my mouth. She bent down to my face with her face.

“Honey!” she said. “That was crazy. Did you get enough?”

“No,” I said with a smile and a lust in my voice. “Do you have any more?”

“Oh honey, I have tons more.” she said and smiled down at me. She then stood up and pulled off my t-shirt. She then quickly removed her wet panties. For a second I was hoping she would give them to me for closer inspection, but oh well, perhaps another time as she discarded them on top of one of the towels. She then turned around, got back on the bed and sat on my chest with her legs spread. She reached down with one of her hands, and parted her lips.

“Do you like this view honey,” she asked as she gave more one of the most raw views of a pussy I had ever seen in my life. Are very healthy large lips where being pulled apart revealing the insides of her pussy. She was likely aroused as the lower half of her vagina was gaping a bit. I could also see her pee hole pointing right at me in a ready to launch position.

She smiled at me and then looked down at her self to dry to get a peek of what she was showing me.

“Oh wow,” she said with a half giggle. “Not much left to the imagination.”

“That is one incredible view.” I said staring right up her pussy and then up at her eyes. As I eyes met, a spurt of pee flew out of her and landed on my chest and lower neck.

“Gotcha!” she said with a quick playful laugh as she stopped the flow as quickly as she started it.

“Nice squirt!” I told her playfully.