The Porn Star and the Prostitute


Chapter One


“Alright my lovelies! You know how much I hate to disappoint all my cherished viewers, but I haven’t had a weekend off in months! So after I finish up here, you’re just going to have to satisfy yourselves with watching my videos until I come back online. Sorry! I’ll miss you all as much as you miss me, I promise!”

The comments that popped up after my explanation all assured me that not only would I be missed, but that they wished me a happy weekend. They also assured me that I deserved time off too and that they were happy that I was taking care of myself so that I didn’t get sick. I know it’s all artificial and superficial, but it genuinely made me happy that my fans expressed such concern for me.

Stupidly, this probably made me glow as I finished up giving them what they wanted, and then blew them all kisses before signing off. All I needed now was to take a quick shower and then I’d be able to get dressed and head off to a drinking session/party with my buddies. With them in college and me working odd hours, we hadn’t had a chance to meet up in ages.

I entered Anthony’s apartment like a conquering hero. My friends all roared with enthusiastic cheers that I’d managed to show up. Several of them pounded me on the back and babbled things like:

“Dylan! So happy to see you again, man! How’ve you been?”

“I’m good,” I assured them with a grin. “Working like a dog and raking in the dough! I’ve got nothing to complain about. What about you guys?”

This set off a rumbling groan that circled the room. “Studying so much we can’t see straight!”

Alcohol was freely available on the kitchen counter, so I helped myself.

“Hey Dylan, what did you say you do again?” Rob asked.

“I post videos on YouTube,” I lied smoothly.

“Really, how come I’ve never seen anything by you?” Anthony wondered with a frown.

I waved that away by flapping my hand. “That’s not weird. I basically just ramble on and don’t have much of an audience. I’ve never gone viral or anything.”

“Oh… well still, you’ll have to send me a link,” he insisted.

I shrugged. “Alright, when I get home.” I was already planning to claim I got so drunk I forgot — should he remember to ask me about it later.

We all relaxed and played card games and the like that gave us an excuse to drink, but hopefully pace ourselves so that we didn’t pass out or kill ourselves in the first hour. After a while, more guys showed up. Most of them were guys I’d never met before.

“I’m so happy you could make it!” Anthony greeted them. “Everyone, these are some guys I met in college. I told them that I was having a party for my buddies from high school, and they got a bit depressed because they’re all from other states and can’t hang out with their buddies all that often, so I invited them over.”

“Ugh! You don’t have to say it like that! It makes us sound pathetic!” One of the guys protested with a groan.

We all laughed and changed card games so that everyone could play. After a while, we were all so drunk that I have no idea what game we were playing or who was winning. All I know is that hours had passed with us all laughing our asses off and we were all in that stage where we were sort of wound down towards passing out, but also not quite ready for the night to end.

“Hey, we should go swimming in the outdoor pool!” Anthony suggested abruptly.

I was sobered up just enough to realize that this was a bad idea. “Naw man! You’re so drunk that you’d probably hit your head and drown!”

“Oh this is bad!” Someone cried out suddenly, grabbing all our attention. “Luka looks like he’s about to puke and his best friend already passed out on the couch! I’m not going to hold his hair for him!”

I snorted in amusement even as I shook my head in disbelief that some guys could be so insensitive. What was so bad about helping a guy out when he was puking. I stood up and pulled Luka’s arm over my shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I got you,” I promised him, helping him to the bathroom. Once there, he groaned pathetically over the toilet for a good two minutes before just shoving two of his fingers down his throat to speed up the process. When he was finished, I handed him a glass of water and rubbed his back as he rinsed his mouth out and spit the water into the toilet.

“Feeling better?” I asked sympathetically.

“Yeah, now I just wish I could lay down for a bit,” Luka groaned.

Sounds from Anthony’s bedroom confirmed my suspicion that his girlfriend had arrived in the last couple of minutes and his bed was no longer free for guests to pass out in. The couch was already taken, and the chairs were not exactly the most comfortable place to pass out.

“Hmm… well, do you live far from here?”

“I’ve been crashing on my friend’s couch until I can find a place to live, so even though it’s only a couple of miles from here, I can’t go there while he’s passed out here,” Luka explained.

“Ah. Then I’ll just take you back gaziantep escort to my place. It’s only a couple of blocks from here anyway,” I informed him.

“Okay,” he accepted in a faraway voice that let me know he was focused on his urge to pass out.

Once again slinging his arm over my shoulder, I let the others know that I was bringing him to my place so that he could pass out and sleep it off. Those that were still awake and coherent enough to understand me waved goodbye. They also promised to tell Luka’s friend when he woke up that Luka was being taken care of.

At that point, it was easy enough to get Luka in my car and drive him to my place. The hard part was getting him back out of my car and into my apartment — especially since it was on the third floor. Eventually, I realized that I had no other productive choice but to scoop him into my arms and carry him all the way to my bedroom. Then I set him on the edge of the bed and tugged his puke-stained shirt off him. Finally, I was able to tuck him in on the ‘guest’ side of the bed.

My bed was king-sized — which made my relatively small room a bit cramped, but I felt I deserved the luxury and comfort and space this mattress provided, so why not? In any case, there was more than plenty of room and we wouldn’t even be near each other. So, I stripped down to my boxers and slid into my side of the bed. Sighing happily since I’d had a fun night of much needed bonding with my friends, I stretched out, and then curled onto my side and fell asleep.

In the morning, Luka tapped on my shoulder. “Hey, um… dude?”

I cracked my eyes open to squint at him. Ugh! It may not be the worst hangover in the world, but I was definitely NOT in one of those lucky euphoric pain-free states.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Couple questions: First, did we have sex?”

“Nope,” I replied with a shake of my head.

“Alright, second, why am I in your bed?”

“You got sick and I brought you home to sleep it off,” I explained.

“That part I vaguely remember, I just mean, why am I in your bed? Why not on your couch? Did you expect me to repay you with sex this morning?” Luka asked in a tone like he thought this was a perfectly reasonable expectation.

I snorted in amusement. “Actually, as much as I am not opposed to the suggestion, I can’t have sex for the next couple of days, and so, no. I simply figured that my bed was big enough for the two of us, and that we were both going to be passed out anyway, so why not?”

“Oh. Thanks! This bed is REALLY nice! I’m sort of glad you didn’t make me sleep on the couch,” Luka said with a smile, then winced as he clutched his head. “Alright, last question, what’s your name again?”

“Dylan,” I informed him with a soft smile. “Listen, I have a rare couple of days off, so I want to go back to sleep. But you can feel free to make yourself something to eat. I know you said you were staying with your friend, but if he takes a while to wake up, or if he’s busy or something, you can feel free to stay here. Take a shower since you reek of puke!”

Luka laughed, which made his rich chocolate eyes sparkle merrily. “Thanks man, I think I will.”

I rolled over and went back to sleep. Until the smell of bacon and coffee was so powerful that I couldn’t help but wake back up. I trudged out to my kitchen to find that Luka had made breakfast, and since his hair was wet and he was wearing some of my clothes, I could only assume that he had already taken his shower.

“Good morning,” Luka greeted cheerfully. “I made a full breakfast.” He pointed at the bacon, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast — which were all on a plate set on one of the burners on low to keep it warm. “I dished me up but didn’t know how long you were going to sleep.”

As good as the coffee smelled, I didn’t drink coffee all that often because it gave me headaches and I was already hungover. So, I looked in my fridge and opted for orange juice instead. Plus a glass of water to hopefully rehydrate me and banish my hangover.

“Thanks,” I murmured gratefully as I dished up.

“I was a bit shocked you had a fully stocked kitchen, to be honest. My friend usually only has the basics of boxed and canned food, and even though I do grocery shop, I don’t usually have time to cook, so I just buy more of the same processed crap,” Luka told me, probably just to make conversation.

I shrugged. “I usually do have time to cook and I actually sort of like doing it. You’re one of Anthony’s friends from college, right?”

He tilted his head side to side a couple of times. “Well yes and no. We do go to the same college, but I’m actually a friend of a friend. My friend that I’m staying with is one of Anthony’s classmates and was invited to the party. I was basically asked to tag along, and I had fun — before drinking too much and getting sick — so I’m glad I went.”

“What are you studying?” I wondered, curious and not sure why.

He winced konya escort sheepishly. “A bit of this and that. I know it’s stupid! I’ve already been in college for six years and I’ve already gotten pretty much all of my generals and even a couple of degrees — such as my AAS and a general accounting degree — but nothing appeals to me, so I just keep taking classes, hoping that I’ll eventually know what I want to do with my life. Currently, I’m majoring in business.”

“Oh… well even that’s respectable. I didn’t even want to try college. I mean it was important to my parents, so I DID go for a year, but then I quit because it just wasn’t for me,” I told him.

“So… then did you just get a part time job or something? If so, that must be SOME part time job, because this place looks like you got some serious money,” Luka observed, looking around at the actual quality of my furniture.

I shrugged. “More like I found a small niche that just so happens to work out well for me.”

“Ah, well, good for you man! At least you’re living a pretty good life,” Luka complimented.

I frowned. “If you already have a couple of degrees, then why continue to go to school and rack up debt? Why not just get an accounting job and start saving up for your retirement — or at the very least, something to live off of when you DO figure out what you want to do with your life.”

He shrugged. “Actually, I’m not racking up debt. I also have a decently good paying part time job and am able to pay all my expenses. The only reason I’m not living in my own place is that I was just kicked out of my apartment and am looking for a new one. And it’s… surprisingly harder than I thought it’d be.”

I stroked my chin in thought. I didn’t actually need a roommate, but I kinda liked Luka for some reason. “I suppose you could actually just move in here. I don’t have a spare room and I work odd hours, but my place is big enough that even if you crashed on my couch, you’d probably feel better than where you’re currently staying, and like I said, my bed is huge, so I don’t mind sharing. Just don’t think I’m asking you to date me or even have sex with me. I’m not…”

“Not gay?” He finished with a laugh. “Yeah, you don’t give me vibes that suggest you’re gay.”

I chuckled. “Actually, I was going to say that I’m not looking for a relationship or sex, but since you’re making assumptions, I’m actually Bi.”

“Oh! Me too! I don’t often find Bi men because it seems like everyone is against those of us who identify as Bi. I think that it’s okay for women because they can form triads and the like, but with men, I think we just find it easier to claim to be the orientation of our partners for the duration. If we date a man, we claim to be gay, and then if we date a women, we say straight.”

I gave him a look of disbelief. “That’s actually messed up, you know that, right? After all, we live in a time when we should ALL be inclusive to the entire spectrum.” Then I sighed sadly. “But it does seem like there’s less love for Bi men than all the other sexual orientations.”

“Anyway, I’m glad for the offer. I also don’t want a relationship and while I’m not opposed to sex, I’m actually glad that you’re not expecting it. Most of the other people I know — aside from my friend Cory that I’m crashing with — sort of expect that if they let me stay with them, I should pay for it with some sex in addition to helping out with bills and chores and the like. And it’s fun and all, but I dunno, I guess I think that it should be separate, you know?”

I chuckled because he was clearly babbling almost nonsensically. “Yeah, I do.”

“Great! Then if you’re serious, I really wouldn’t mind staying here. It’ll save me a LOT of trouble!” Luka agreed with a relieved grin.

I glanced at the clock and realized that even though I had assumed that it was morning, it was actually well into the afternoon. “Huh! It’s later than I thought. I should probably go grocery shopping while I have time. Anything you feel like having for dinner?”

“I wouldn’t mind seafood alfredo,” Luka answered without any hesitation. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a real dinner and I’ve been obsessing over alfredo for days!”

“Alright, I could go for that,” I agreed with a small smile.

Suddenly, a phone rang and the ringer wasn’t mine. Luka jumped up and raced to the bathroom so that he could grab his phone from his discarded pants pocket. I couldn’t help but hear his conversation.

“Luka here! … Oh, um… In about two hours? Yeah, I can do that! See you then!”

He then ran back out to the kitchen. “I’ve got a date in a couple of hours and I need to stop by Cory’s and get some of my stuff and my car first. Will you be home tonight, or will I need to wait for you to come back and let me in when I return?”

“Oh, actually…” I trailed off as I stood up and walked over to one of the drawers near the door. I pulled it open and grabbed the spare key out of it. kayseri escort Then I tossed it at him. “Here! If you’re moving in, then you’ll need a key anyway, so you might as well just take it now.”

“Thanks man!” Luka gushed with a happy grin, kissing me on the cheek before running off.

“He’s got a lot of energy, I’ll give him that,” I mumbled to myself as he left the apartment and presumably ran out the building and down the block. If he had waited just two more minutes for me to finish up eating and put the dishes in the washer, I would have given him a ride, but whatever. He was probably going to Anthony’s to check up on Cory, and Cory would probably give him a ride from there.

With not much else to do, I cleaned up a bit and headed out to shop like I’d said I should.


“Oh wow! I didn’t expect you home!” Luka exclaimed as he burst into the apartment. “I just came back between classes for lunch since I forgot to pack something to bring and I’m not a fan of the cafeteria food. Anyway, I thought you’d be working.”

“I told you, I work odd hours, but yes, I’m actually about to head out in a few minutes. I just needed to finish showering and the like,” I explained.

“Oh, so that’s why you’re dripping on the floor while you towel your hair,” he remarked with a flirty smirk. “Well, in case you come home before me, I have another date tonight and I don’t know how long it’ll take me, so I might not be home until really late.”

I frowned in concern. “Won’t that interfere with your studying?”

He shrugged. “You’d be surprised. I have a rather lazy attitude towards homework, but since I generally do well on tests, the teachers put up with me.”

“Alright,” I murmured since it was none of my concern.

He busied himself making a sandwich even as I went and got dressed. I only pulled on a tight pair of jeans and a clingy tee shirt, then I waved goodbye to him as I walked out the door. I had time to think while I was driving about my new roommate and came to the conclusion that his generally cheerful attitude had sparked an interest in me, because I KNEW with all certainty that it was fake, and… I wanted to eventually learn why.

About a half an hour later, I pulled up to a pretty fancy hotel and went to the room listed in the text from the Director. As expected, the room was already set up and ready to go. I looked around with a happy nod because it was a fairly posh room and had a lot of space to work with. Not to mention a hot tub.

“I’m ready!” I stated once the door was shut.

“We’re still waiting for the actress,” the Director informed me. “But I can certainly explain what today’s movie is about. You’re going to be playing this guy’s best friend.”

“Hi I’m Rick, nice to meet you,” he introduced himself.

“I’m Dylan, and you can call me Dylan, but my porn name is Digg Johnsinner,” I informed him but he almost certainly knew that already.

“Oh! I’m sort of new to this, so I keep forgetting that we’re supposed to go by fake names! My porn name is Real Hung!”

I laughed, eyeing his tan and muscular body up and down. He had golden blond hair and blue eyes, and sure enough, there was a telltale bulge in his tight jeans. “I guess that just means it has to be true, otherwise you wouldn’t make it far in the business.”

He laughed too even as we shook hands.

“As I was saying, the two of you are best friends, and once the actress gets here, she’s playing Real’s wife. Real and his wife have invited you over for lunch and you all get to chatting about how hot you are and how much they’ve been wanting to invite you to bed with them. Simple, yeah?”

“Yep!” I agreed with a nod. I’d probably done this scenario a half dozen times already. It was one of my favorites because it was not only popular, but it also happened to be a lot of fun.

“Who’s the actress?” I asked because there was a busty blonde named Ashley that worked with me from time to time that was also very popular and tended to increase sales.

“Um, for this video, I really wanted to work the innocent angle of this being the married couple’s first time doing anything like this, so I asked Miki to do it,” the Director answered.

“Ah. Nice!” I murmured in appreciation, then turned to Rick. “She’s a petite Asian woman, and as such, everything about her is small, making her feel nice and tight. You’ll like her.”

“Mmm,” Rick hummed in anticipation.

A knock on the door was answered by the crewman currently in charge of the door. He was a lighting specialist once the work started, but would also have the responsibility of intervening if anyone should happen to come to the door while we were filming. The crewman opened to door to let Miki in.

“Sorry I’m late! Traffic was terrible!” She apologized profusely.

Just like I’d been asked to wear something casual and comfortable with a hint of sex appeal, she was wearing something that made her look like a school librarian — in other words, innocent. And probably shy.

She lightly ran over and hugged me. “I’m so excited to work with you again! I haven’t seen you since that gang rape scene about… three months ago?”

I nodded in agreement, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Sounds about right to me.” Then I gestured to Rick. “This is some newer talent named Real Hung.”