A Night Out

3D Monster

NOTE 1: I’d like to thank those who edited this story and helped make it better. Gaymaninawomansbody, Kate09 and ThePastBehindMe.

NOTE 2: This story has had some man on man sex, shemale on male sex, group sex and a woman too.


I have been working with the same sales group for years when they hired a new guy from out of state. He moved to town when his wife and kids tried to sell their house and he was now staying in a hotel on the company dime. Mark was fun at work but would usually complain about fast food and eating alone at night. So occasionally my wife and I invited him over for dinner. We always enjoyed hosting him and for me it was nice having a guy around to break up the oestrogen level in my house of my wife and three daughters.

Mark was tall and skinny, about 6’3″ and 190lbs. He had black hair that was starting to show some grey and like myself he was in his early 40s. He had a natural dark tone to his skin and walked with a purpose. We were equals at work but I had to look up to Mark as he was taller than me by two inches, I outweighed him as I was more muscular in tone at 230 pounds.

The girls’ spring break was coming up and my wife decided to take them on a trip to her sister’s place about 6 hours away. Beth told me that I could still have Mark over for our weekly meal and maybe join him on a night out on Friday. Mark and I thought that would be good as we had never went out for drinks together.

Beth and the girls left on Saturday and would only be back on the next Sunday. After they hit the road I cleaned up the house and took care of a few things that were long overdue on the “Honey do list”.

On Sunday Mark called and said he was going to pick up a pizza and a few beers to bring them over. It was late March and the weather was becoming nicer and the days a little longer. When Mark came over we watched some spring training baseball drank some beer and of course are some pizza.

We started flipping through the channels when Mark asked me, “Hey Chris, you ever step out on Beth?”

I was quite surprised as our conversations were always about sports, food, and beer. Never about sex our women. I stammered to get an answer out before Mark spoke again.

“Sorry man that was very blunt of me. Maybe I should have broke the sex talk with the classic ‘Would you rather do Nichole Kidman or Faith Hill?’ He forced out a small laugh.

“Well if you put it that way Faith Hill.” I replied, “She’s on my free pass with Beth.”

“Nice. Me too. We don’t have a free pass list. We have the understanding that you don’t bring it home and don’t get caught pass.”

I was taken aback by Mark’s response and intrigued at the same time so I asked him, “So who brought that up in your marriage? And how does that work?”

“Go for it Chris. Ask away.” Mark grinned and answered, “Megan brought it up since I used to travel al the time. It’s the same really. When I’m out of town, I look for someone I can have sex with them. I don’t talk about it at home; just let her know I had sex. It’s the same for her. She usually gets a baby sitter and go out to find someone to take her to their place and get screwed.”

“Oh.” I muttered, not knowing how to react. I had never cheated on Beth and unlike some of my friends, I wasn’t even big on strip clubs.

“Man I’m sorry. We can talk about sport if you’re more comfortable with that.”

“No no it’s fine It’s just that I haven’t had a conversation like this since college. That was nearly twenty years ago. Just need to get in the flow of it again.” I laughed still not sure if I was ok with it. “So no problems between you and your wife?”

“None. We don’t hide it so it works. It’s when you hide what you really feel that gets you in trouble.” Mark went on, “Look let’s go out this Friday for some drinks and just flirt with someone and see how it feels?”

“Well Beth did say we should have a guys night out so sure why not. I’ll watch the pro and play on the wingman.” We continued our talk and planned our Friday night out. After Mark left I called Beth and told her about going out on Friday. She was quite happy about it as I had gotten in a routine of just staying at home or having a few beers with the neighbours from time to time.

“Hey it can be like your old college days of bar hopping and ogling women”, Beth whispered so that her sister wouldn’t hear her. I was shocked to hear my usually reserved wife talk like that. She was not a prude but she was one for always staying in and never going out to town.

“Whaat?” I replied drawing it out trying to act cheesy and coy at the same time. “I can’t ogle women anymore honey. That wouldn’t be fair on you.”

“Oh come on you’re a man. You have a pulse. Enjoy your night of looking at others. Go for it. Look at the menu all you want. Just don’t order any takeout!”

Again I was shocked by her response. “Ok. Since you gave me permission I’ll try and look and not stare too much.”

Monday at work was the normal meetings and sales calls. Mark asked if everything niğde escort was cool for Friday and said he was still in. The rest of the week was par for the course.

Friday at work I was impatient for the night to get there. After work I rushed home and changed into something casual. Beth even sent me a message “If you see any hotties take their pics so I can see what you’re ogling over!”

Shocked, I texted back “WTF?”

She soon replied, “Katy and I are going out tonight too. So if I gave you permission to look, I want to know what you are looking at and I’ll do the same.”

“Ok. Have fun. Talk to you tomorrow. Don’t drink too much though. It’s been a while since you had more than one glass of wine.”

“Last night. Had 3 with Katy. Heck we’ve killed a bottle each night.”

“Hello. Who are you and what have you done with my wife?” I texted back. I know Beth drank in college and knew how to party. That is where we met after all.

“Ha. No worries. Let’s have fun two states away tonight!” Beth clicked back at me. “Ttyl”

The next text was from Mark, “All ready man. Come to the hotel and meet me in the lobby. We will take a car from there and go out.”

“Ok will be there in 15.” I replied as I pulled out of the driveway. All the way to the hotel my mind raced. Where were we going? Could I still flirt? What happens if it goes past flirting? Before I knew it I was pulling up to Mark’s hotel. I parked and texted him I was there and headed to the lobby. When Mark exited the elevator he was no longer walking with a purpose but with a strut in his step. He was also wearing denim jeans and a long sleeved buttoned down shirt. Holding a small bag, he was on the phone and gave me a sly smile when he noticed me.

“Our car is pulling up. This is going to be a fun night.” Mark said pointing towards the door.

As I turned to look, a limo was pulling up, “A limo Mark? Wow. Wasn’t expecting that. What’s in the bag?”

“Primer.” Mark responded holding up the bag, “I figured why not a limo, we don’t have to drive and we can drink all we want.”

“Alrighty then”. I said smirking, “Let’s go'”

As we entered the limo, Mark pulled a white bottle out. It was Rumchatta. He looked at me and then the driver, “To Twin Peaks sir.” Twin Peaks being a classier lumber themed Hooters, I had only been there once as Beth wasn’t big on it. All the girls wore low cut flannel tops that showed off their boobs and mini shorts.

Mark twisted the cap off the bottle, took a swig and passed it to me. I also took a swig then acted as if I was going to hand it back but instead took a bigger gulp of it. The night was off for a good start.

Mark and I kept passing the bottle back and forth when out of the blue Mark asked me,”Boxers or briefs?”

“Um well boxer briefs to be exact. Man you do have a way of catching me off guard with your questions”. I responded smirking, the Rumchatta starting to loosen me up.

“Sorry man. Better be ready to go on the fly tonight. No more getting caught off guard. Think on your toes. No. Don’t think. React!” Mark declared as if he were the boss. He continued, “Are you going to ask what I wear?”

“Um sure. Boxers or briefs Mark?” I asked shly.

“Boxers at the office commando in the field,” he said as he pulled his jeans out a little showing me some skin. “Dude you gotta get on with it. Take those things off and be free tonight. I will turn my head and just whip em off and have some fun. Go!” And he turned away grinning.

I hesitated for a second before I looked over at Mark who he was signalling with his hand to hurry up. The limo was already pulling in the parking lot. I thought what the hell, why not? As I undid my belt and in zipped my jeans and began to wiggle out of them along with my boxer briefs, Mark turned to look just as my cock flashed out.

“Easily seven inches when it hard.” stated Mark as he looked at my crotch. “Beth has to love riding that thick piece of meat. Wow. Impressive my friend. Now hurry we are here.”

I couldn’t believe that Mark was staring at my cock. At least I had shaved my sack and shaft along with trimming the pubic hairs on the top, I normally only did that when I knew Beth was in the mood. I hurried and put my pants back on as I started getting aroused. Was it from the rush of going commando or Mark complimenting me?

“Ok all set lets go.” I said as I opened the door. As I got out I had to adjust myself to get comfortable without my underwear on. We walked in and quickly grabbed a seat. Wow. The wait staff was definitely A+ tonight.

Our waitress stopped over to take our drink order. She was a very short brunette with short curly hair and loads of ear piercings. She was quite young and it was apparent that she worked out. We both ordered Crown and Cokes and Mark winked at her as she walked away. When she brought our drinks back she smiled at us and asked if we were ready to order.

“Mandy, is it?” Mark asked but before she could answer, he continued, “So can you ordu escort tell if a guy is going commando or not by the way he walks?”

I almost spit out my drink by his bluntness.

“No sir I can’t. I can only tell if they are a Plummer.” Mandy smartly replied. “And what can I get you both to eat?”

“So many jokes. So many jokes.” Mark laughed “Plumbers. Pipe. Laying pipe. Cleaning pipes. So many jokes. Sorry Mandy I will try and behave. I’ll have the cheese burger and fries.”

“Well Mandy I will have the same, add bacon. Living dangerously tonight with this guy.” I responded.

Mandy just smiled and walked away. We both had a few more drinks with our meal and Mark picked up the check. We left without further issues from Mark’s bluntness.

As we approached the car, Mark smacked my ass, “Man that was good. Now we really need to cut loose before we see her later tonight.”

“Later tonight? How is that?” I asked surprised.

“When you got up to piss, I told her that we would pay for all her drinks and whatever girls she brought with her. I gave her my number so she could track us down. Like I said, this is going to be fun.”

As we got in the car I checked my phone but there was only one text from Beth asking if I had found any hotties. I told Mark about it and he laughed, grabbed his phone and sent me a few pics.I forwarded them to Beth reading, “JUST A FEW”. She responded with a pic of her own. It was her sister between two guys looking very flirtatious. “Katy found two. My turn”

“To the Underground my good friend.” Mark commanded the driver.

“The Underground? Really? Isn’t that the gay bar down town?” I asked.

“Yes and no. Not now. It’s a great dance club to pick up some hotties. After midnight it becomes a gay bar”. Mark continued. “You should have seen the pick up I had from there last week. Very sexy indeed and knew exactly what to do in the bed.”

Shocked, I replied, “Wow Ok. This is all new to me. But I’m game as long as you are my wing man.” Mark handed me the bottle and I took another hit. I was feeling buzzed. “Mandy’s going to come down there?”

“She might. Doesn’t matter there will be plenty down there to flirt, make out with and take back to the hotel. Trust me.” Mark said as he unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt exposing his smooth hairless chest. “If Mandy makes it, then great another to choose from.”

“Give me that bottle! I need to really enjoy this.” Mark handed me the bottle and I chugged it. Didn’t finish it but I took more than my share as I was trying to wrap my head around everything.

The car ride took about 30 minutes and we arrived around 10:30. There was no line but we could see a lot of people as we walked in. I paid our cover charge and as I looked around, I noticed there were some very sexy seductive women along with a few that looked like they had a lot of plastic surgery.

“You ready buddy?” Mark asked.

“You bet.”

I grabbed my phone to see if Beth had texted back yet. Why I had it out I snapped a few pics of what looked like an older Pamela Anderson and sent it to Beth. She responded “She looks completely fake. Don’t waste your time”

Mark bought some beers for us and we just kinda walked around before we found some extra seats at a table with three women. Mark just grabbed a chair, turned it around and sat in it backwards smiling at everyone there, “Mind if we sit here? We will buy the next round.”

They are nodded and we started making small talk. I was sitting next to a lady in her mid-30s, with blonde hair, a very tight top and even tighter jeans. Mark was next to a tall red head who had big brown eyes, freckles on her cleavage and a very low cut top exposing the top half of her breasts. Across the table sat a nice looking blonde even more shy than me. Her hair was really short and straight. She was wearing a baggy blouse paired with a black leather skirt. When she headed to the rest room, you could easily see the bottom of her ass cheeks


I glanced back at my phone and there was a pic of Beth and Katy accompanied by what would best be described as a super model. The text read, “I’ve found a hotter chick than you! Lol”

So when the shy blonde came back I asked her to walk away again as I grabbed my phone. She knew what was up and hiked up her skirt a little exposing the bottom third of her cheeks. I snapped the pic and sent it to Beth, “Can’t believe we are having this competition.”

She replied with a smiley face.

After a few more beers, I got up to piss and as I stood up, I realised how drunk I was getting. I walked in the bathroom and was stopped in my tracks as the Pamela Anderson looking girl was in the men’s room standing there with her skirt hiked up to her waist, and a smaller cock. Beth was right, she was fake! She smiled at me as she walked out. I turned towards the urinal. I unzipped my pants still shocked that she was a shemale.

When I turned around, Mark was standing there with a huge smile on his face. “Dude you like rize escort this place or what? Hot women wasn’t I right?”

“Uh that blonde had a dick. She or he was a shemale. What the fuck dude. Gay bar fine. Trannys I’m not so sure. Did you know?”

“Hell yeah brother.” I could smell the alcohol on Marks breath as he could probably on me as well. “Don’t worry. They know you’re straight. They only react if you ask for it. Mandy and two of her friends are almost here too. Gotta buy some drinks. Let’s go!”

He was full of spunk and I was full of questions. First Mark looks at my cock. Then we go to a gay bar. Then a shemale in the bathroom? What was the rest of the night going to bring?

I walked back out to the table. The seating arrangement had changed I was now by the wall next to the shy blond and the red head. I sat down and grabbed another beer and smiled. Suddenly, I felt a hand slipping on my thigh. I jumped a little, then relaxed when I saw it was the red-head. I looked around and Mark was walking over with Mandy and her two friends. They were no longer in their uniforms and were now in little black dresses that fitted tightly around their bodies.

Mandy had on more make up than before. She smiled, waved at me and then introduced her friends from across the table. “This is Maria and this is Shelly. Girls that’s Chris and Mark.” Maria had a side of her head shaved, a nose piercing and a few tats showing. But her body was a killer. Shelly had jet black long wavy hair and brown eyes. She was very clean cut. No peircings and her body was amazing. Her tits were the biggest at the table. My guess 34 DD’s. Again I took out my phone and asked to take a quick pic of the three. They agreed and I sent it off to Beth “A triple”.

She responded “Getting better…very young but better”. Then right after that she sent a pic. It was a guy without his shirt on and his jeans unbuttoned. He was ripped. “Katy found a toy. Can I find one too?”

“You can look at the menu just don’t bring home take out.” I quoted her back.

Beth replied “There won’t be any leftovers.”

“Well OK THEN”. I responded. Drunk as I was I really didn’t care as the hand on my leg was steadily climbing higher and higher.

“Is this on?” The red head whispered in my ear.

“Yes it is. But I don’t even know your name”. I whispered back in her ear.

“Mickey” was all she said as she kept rubbing my leg. I had lost track of Mark but soon enough noticed him on the dance floor with the three waitresses. He looked like he was in heaven. Before I could grab my beer, another hand was on my other thigh. The little shy blond was sneaky but was caressing my leg too.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Jamie” as she slid her hand across my crotch. I wasn’t hard but was beginning to feel a chub coming on. I looked over the dance floor and Mark had his shirt off now.

A few minutes later Mark came back to the table. Llet’s go man. To the limo. Let’s take this party on the road. Ladies are you in?” He asked both Jamie and Mickey.

Mickey took her hand off my leg grabbed her purse and answered with a yes. Jamie did the same and headed towards the door. Mickey looked for her other friend , the blond in the right jeans. She sent her a text message. As we hit the door she was right there ready to go with us.

“What’s your name!” I shouted as my ears were still adjusting from the loud music inside the club.

“Sara” was all she said smiling and winking at me.

As we headed to the car Mark had Mandy with him. Her friends trying to convince her to stay. As she struggled to make a decision they ran up to her and pulled her away from Mark.

The five of us got in the car and there on the floor sat my damn underwear. Mickey noticed them first and grabbed them. Holding the up “Look someone is commando. Looks like the boys already had a good time in here tonight!”

“No no we didn’t” I responded my face turning red. “Mark told me to go commando like him. So yes we are commando. Why aren’t you?”

What did I just say?? Oh well.

Sara looked around the limo, “Oh what the hell I hate panties and with that she shimmied out of her tight jeans and pulled off her G string, throwing it on the floor.

“Cmon Mickey you’re up” I spoke up, wanting to see this gorgeous red heads naked body. Mark just had a huge grin on his face.

“I don’t take mine off. You do”. She responded in the demeanour of someone in charge.

“Ok let me at em”. I responded and was kneeling on the limo floor in front of her. I couldn’t believe I was going to do it. But I was here so why not?

I dimly heard Mark in the back ground, “Wait for it” was all he said.

I slid my hands up Mickey’s outer thighs; they were very toned and smooth. I reached the bottom of her skirt and looked up at her. “It’s a very tight skirt. Can you slide down a little?”

“What? You need help? Wow. This is bad little boy. Are you afraid?” Mickey said mocking me.

“Just rip em off you pussy!” Sara shouted. We hit a bump on the road and at that moment not wanting to be humiliated any more I forced her skirt up and yanked at her panties. I pulled on them and she didn’t budge. So I pulled a little harder. Then it happened. They ripped and I tore them off.