A Brat and Her Master


I knock gently on Master’s door and hear his footsteps approaching. He opens the door and welcomes me warmly.

“Come in, Princess” he says.

I smile my sweetest Princess smile and kiss him lightly on the lips. Master gently pulls me by the arm inside his apartment. Once he closes the door behind me his affect changes instantly. He grabs a handful of my hair and brings my ear closer to his lips. Master asks me if I remember what my safeword is and I nod my head while keeping my eyes lowered, my pulse starting to race.

“Tell me” he demands and I whisper it to him. Then he asks “Are you ready, Princess?”

Master inhales deeply and exhales fiery air on my neck. He takes my hand and traces the line of my spine, slowly, so as not to miss a curve. He makes his way down my back, lower, down over my ass, and rests his hand under the curve of my ass cheek as if he owns every part of me. He traces another line, down my throat, between my breasts, my belly, and finally between my legs.

A growl escapes Master’s lips. Low and gutteral, primal. He orders me to go to the bedroom, remove my clothing and kneel down on the floor facing the wall. He tells me my hands are to be clasped behind my back. I watch as he saunters into the den and sits in his recliner with a drink. He puts on his glasses, opens a newspaper, and puts his feet up. Master senses I am standing motionless watching him. He peers up over his glasses at me expectantly. He asks me if I need motivation to do as I’m told.

I walk into the bedroom and see that Master has layed out a few tools, knowing I will catch my breath when I see them. I run my fingers over the leather, silk, metal, and rubber. As I do, my breath quickens at the memory of Master using them to wake up my flesh in other sessions. Slowly, I remove my clothing, but leave on my silk thong just to give Master a little taste of my defiant spirit. My crotch begins to feel slippery as I fantasize of what he will do or say when he sees my naughty oversight. I place my hands behind my back and kneel facing the wall, chuckling to myself.

The sound of Master’s approaching footsteps makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I sense him watching me silently from the doorway. The ice in his glass rattles and he takes a lingering sip, watching me sit with my back to him. He takes a long, slow, deep breath before speaking. My flesh becomes hypersensitive and prickly, my nipples rise, as I feel him gazing on my mostly naked form.

Finally he speaks “Young lady, I do believe I gave you very direct orders, yet you insist on defying them. I shall not give in to your manipulation, my dear. What I say goes. You are under my subjugation, though it appears you may need that proven to you, Princess.”

Master approach me and tells me to stand up. He drags his fingernails down my delicate neck, my back, and finally they come to rest on the teasing little thong I’ve failed to remove. He touches the waistband in back, and then takes a thumb and runs it along my lower back, just inside the thong. Suddenly he shoves my body roughly forward onto the bed so that my ass is layed out before him.

Master pulls my thong tightly up in back, making most of the fabric disappear inside my ass cheeks and cunt. He kneels down next to the bed with one hand continuing to hold me down. I feel him blowing lightly between my legs. The roughness of his cheek makes contact with my inner thigh, as he breathes in the heady scent. He comes close, so very close to my sex that I shudder and moan in anticipation.

“Do you like that, kayseri escort Princess? Do you want more?” Master asks me. I nod my head and murmur yes. Suddenly Master tears the thong from my body. “Poor baby,” he says apologetically. “No pleasure for you. You must learn obedience first.”

“Don’t move, Princess” he tells me. He still holds me down on the bed with one hand. With the other, I feel him sliding a butt plug inside me. My body clenches tightly, not expecting to be raped so suddenly. He smacks my ass sharply and tells me to stop resisting him.

“Don’t hurt me” I say, feeling awfully vulnerable.

“This hurts me more than it hurts you, Princess. Lie still now and be a good girl.”

Master gently croons to me, and begins stroking my hair to calm me. I arch my back for him while he slides the plug in. “Good girl. Arch up a little higher for me.” Master’s touch continues to be compassionate now that I’ve submitted to his wishes. He gently trailed his fingers over my ass, between my legs, twisting the plug a bit as he teases by it, tickling past my cunt just a bit.

“Open your mouth, Princess.” Master demands, and when I do, he stuffs my thong inside and puts a gag in place. “My darling, your mouth gets you into a world of hurt. This is for your own good.”

He is exceedingly gentle as he lowers my body onto the bed and places my hands behind my back. Master binds my wrists tightly with a silk tie. My heart quickens and as I ponder the helplessness of my plight yet feel myself getting wetter all the same. Master knows my responses so well that he chuckles and rubs a finger over my cunt. He licks the wetness from his finger as if he’s licking chocolate from my body.

“You trust me Princess, don’t you? You know I always take care of the things that are mine. That’s why you’re excited and wet, even though you’re to be punished, isn’t that right?” I moan in response. Master knows I would prattle off something sassy if it could, so he perceives my moaning to mean defiance.

Just to be fair he asks me pointedly to nod if I deserve and welcome the punishment he is about to bestow upon me. I slit my eyes at him and turn away from his gaze. Master sighs and clucks his tongue, seemingly pained that I have not succombed to his absolute control. He seems confident, nonetheless.

“My darling Princess, it seems you are in need of some correction. Such beautiful, flawless skin……such a shame, my dear.”

He traces a hand down my back, over my ass, between my legs. Then he leaves my side. When he returns I feel the blindfold slip over my eyes and then all I hear is his deep voice as he whispers into my ear.

“It’s so much more delicious for me to see you blindfolded, completely helpless. Now you’ve no way to tell if it’s just my own hands on you….or maybe others too.”

Master knows that for me, this version of mind fucking is the most primal and enticing. The dance between humiliation and desire. I lie there immobile and fantasize of multiple Masters watching me, touching me, and all my senses become heightened.

The room is quiet now. All I hear and sense is Master’s presence somewhere nearby. The stereo begins to blare with a primal beat, so loud that I lose sense of where Master is. Did he leave the room? Is he standing over me, watching me, knowing my thoughts?

The music that floods the room cannot drown out the unmistakable crack of a whip as it snaps in the air. My body flinches, but my flesh goes untouched. Once again I hear the magnificent whip being weilded. My body kayseridekifirmalar.com tenses again, anticipating the ferociousness of the whip contacting my bare thighs. Again, I feel nothing.

Master chuckles a bit to himself. He asks me if I’ve had a change of heart and want to submit now. When I make no movements or sounds, Master chuckles again. He tells me he was just curious, that my punishment is still forthcoming.

Master runs the flogger lightly over the tips of my toes, up my calves, thighs, and finally teases my pulsating cunt. He starts at my neck, travelling down my spine and ending again at my dripping wet cunt. I lift my ass off the bed and arch my back to feel it a bit more. Master cracks the flogger against my ass and orders me to lay still. He flogs me again, warming and awakening the skin.

Master touches me with his bare hand now and tells me how beautiful my flesh looks when marked by him. He weilds the flogger again and again, never in the same spot, systematically reddening all the areas on my ass, my thighs.

“Very, very good girl” he tells me.

He traces the stripes he has created and tells me what a work of art they are. Master puts down the flogger and gives me respite from my punishment. He sits on the bed beside me and runs his fingers thru my hair.

“You’re mine now, aren’t you my Princess?”

I pant in response, and Master knows I may be starting to submit, but have a ways to go.

“As you wish, my love” he says.

Moments later I feel the riding crop begin teasing my flesh. He runs it down my spine, over my ass, down into my cunt, opening the surrounding lips on the way. I moan and Master chuckles. He reassures me that he’ll use the least amount of force necessary to bring me to blissful submission.

The crop comes down on my thighs, lightly at first. Master is quite skilled at weilding it and knows my body will quickly warm and adapt to whatever punishment he sees fit. The crop becomes more intense now with each successive strike, enflaming my skin, creating marks upon marks.

My ass and thighs begin to resemble a road map. My pain receptors scream out for deliverance while I simultaneously derive exquisite pleasure from the steel devil. Master knows just when and how to strike, and when to bring me relief. Finally the crop comes to rest. Master looks over the markings he’s created on my body.

“Lovely” he tells me. “Delicious submission, Princess, yes?”

I know he desires me to use our sign for “yes” but I am still willfull and refuse.

“My darling girl,” Master croons to me “your spirit and will are so very strong tonight. I’m afraid I must whip that very naughty pussy as well.”

Master removes my tied wrists from behind me and gently asks me to turn onto my back. He removes the gag.

“Let’s see if you can control that fresh mouth of yours, my dear”, he whispers into my ear.

Master pulls my panties from my mouth. He ties each wrist to the upper bedposts, and each ankle to the lower posts. The butt plug feels more constricting in this position and I wriggle a bit to get comfortable. Master senses that I’m complaining a bit and removes something from a dresser drawer.

“This will be better for you. Spread your legs, my dear.”

When I obediently open my legs for Master, he removes the smaller plug and slides in a much larger one.

“You will accept your punishments without complaint, in fact with a thankful spirit. Hopefully this little reminder will be sufficient.”

My body screams out in agony at the larger plug, and from my mouth escapes a horribly dangerous word.


Master removes my blindfold and looks me square in the eyes.

“Are you confident you can handle the repercussions of what you’re saying, Princess? Or are you writing verbal checks your pussy can’t cash?”

I look into his eyes tauntingly, and he knows he’s not broken me yet. He walks over to the stereo to increase its volume. Just before he does, he explains that he doesn’t want to hear my screams as I plead with him for mercy. He removes a deerskin cat o’ nine tails from his tool cabinet. His favorite delicious toy. He whips the air with it several times, knowing the anticipation of hearing it will bring me to the edge of pain and pleasure, while never having struck my flesh.

Master slowly walks over to my side and I feel his obvious love for me as he looks into my eyes. Even lying at his mercy knowing he has total power over my flesh, my body aches for his touch, especially as he looks at me with adoration in his eyes.

“Baby, we’re going to count to ten together, ok? Please cooperate so this can be over soon.”

I’m feeling a little lippy now that the pain has subsided to some degree,

“Fuck you, Sirrrrrrr!” I tell him with might defiance in my voice.

Master chuckles and shakes his head at my sassiness.

“All in good time, Princess. All in good time. For now, though, I do believe you’ve earned another 5 lashings. Lets count.”

He strikes my cunt with the weapon and says “one,” in a calm and measured tone of voice. He lets my body accept and register the pain while watching my face and body for response.

“You aren’t counting, Princess. I was very clear with you, was I not? Shall we take it from the top once more, my dear?”

He strikes again, and says “One.”

I count with him as I feel the screaming pain in my cunt.

“Good girl! I’m very proud of you.”

“Is that all you got?”

I can’t resist taunting him when he feels he has won my submission. The firey feeling in my cunt doesn’t overpower my mouthiness yet. Master calmly looks into my eyes with nothing but love. With one hand he strokes my cheek very gently while the other whips my cunt and this time he almost whispers “one.”

Quickly I echo him, “One”, I whisper as my voice catches and I feel myself starting to break, finally. He runs a hand over my cunt and feels the heat and wetness.

“Mmmmmmm. do you feel that baby? You’re so wet for me. Beautiful. Again” he says and strikes me, “two”, he says, looking deep into my terrified eyes.

I count with him again. My voice begins to have a pleading quality that Master cannot hear as the music is overpowering my voice. I continue to count with him as he strikes my cunt, and finally pauses at ten. Tears are streaming down my face now.

Although Master cannot hear the aching in my voice, he sees the terror in my eyes and lightly runs a hand over my cunt, slightly penetrating my swollen cunt. Then he peppers kisses all over every area he has whipped. I cry out as he does, feeling oh so vulnerable.

“Princess, I can see you’re wholeheartedly submissive now. Although you cannot speak at this moment I am confident that if you could, you’d thank me for bringing you back to your rightful place, on your knees before me. I’d like to give you a reprieve from the remainder of your lashings. You’ve earned it.”

Master goes and puts his weapon away, returns to the bed and layes behind me, his body melding into mine. He strokes my hair very lovingly.

“My dear girl…my Princess…all I want is your full obedience. Mind and body. That’s not too much to ask, is it?” Although I silently shake my head no, unbeknownced to Master I am flipping him the bird.