A Bungled Robbery


“Don’t let the door shut!” Caroline Davis cried in a horse whisper as she watched the big steel door of the vault silently swing shut. “Jesus, you guys, that was about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen! You realise, of course that we can’t get out now. We were supposed to be robbing the damn place not waiting to be rescued!”

The brothers Jimmy and Mark Sullivan looked at each other for support and then at the third man Ray Teal. None of them seemed to know how the door had managed to close without them seeing it. Jimmy turned back and addressed Caroline.

“Sorry, boss. I didn’t see it…er…sorry.”

“Me neither.”

“Or me.” the other two thieves joined in.

“Well, that’s just great!” Caroline rolled her eyes upwards in a hopeless gesture. “Shit! We could be stuck here for hours. And when they do finally open this fucking door,” she kicked the steel of the vault door, “we’re all gonna be going to jail!”

The three men looked sheepishly at each other.

“Surely there’s something we can do?” asked Ray with a growing panic, “we could get five years for this!”

“What do you think?” continued Caroline, “you gonna tunnel out through the steel floor?”

Ray shut up and stared at his shoes. When the boss got this mad it was always best to keep your mouth shut.

Caroline looked at all three members of her gang with a feeling of contempt. She had always known that they weren’t the brightest of teams, but this was ridiculous. She slumped to the floor and sat silently with her back against the steel wall.

“So, what are we gonna do, boss?” Jimmy Sullivan asked pathetically.

“What do you think we are gonna do? We’re just gonna wait until the security guards open the door, dick-head!”

All four lapsed into an awkward silence as they contemplated their fate. Caroline was suddenly acutely aware of the way she was dressed. Being the smallest of the gang, it was always her job to crawl through the dark, narrow air vents and enable her gang access to the banks they robbed. This time had been no exception and she had worn skin-tight pants and shirt to make the task a little easier. But now, as she sat in the vault surrounded by cash that she knew she would never be able to keep, she was suddenly aware that her clothes accentuated every curve of her body. She noticed too that her co-thieves were also aware, and were looking at her in a completely different way.

Despite her predicament, Caroline couldn’t help but feel a shiver of excitement as she allowed the men to feast their eyes. Always a bit of an exhibitionist, she could feel her nipples hardening under the thin suite and bulging through the material. But she was mad at her gang; she certainly wasn’t going to give them an easy ride!

“What do you think you lot are looking at?” she asked in a curt, clipped voice.

“Oh…er…sorry, boss” Jimmy replied, quickly averting his eyes. He had worked for Caroline for several years and, despite the fact that it looked like they would all be going to prison in the very near future, he still didn’t want to upset her.

“What are you sorry for, Jimmy? Looking at my tits?” Caroline was beginning to enjoy teasing the men and making porno them uncomfortable.

Jimmy mumbled incomprehensibly and tried to keep his eyes on Caroline’s face rather than her growing nipples.

“What about you two?” she continued with a sly smirk, “you getting a good look too?”

Ray and Mark couldn’t help themselves. Bot were avidly staring at their boss’ chest.

“Well, we gotta do something to pass the time,” said Ray smiling cheekily, “I’ll show you mine if you show me your’s!”

Mark and Jimmy’s attention was quickly aroused and both men’s heads snapped up in interest. Jimmy could feel the inside of his mouth dry and parched and Mark’s heart beat suddenly increased. Both men looked at their employer and wondered what her reaction to Ray’s suggestion would be.

“Don’t start what you can’t finish!” laughed Caroline. She half wondered how far she was prepared to take this situation, but she had to admit to feeling a little excited by the whole idea. “So? What are you gonna do?”

With less than a second’s thought, Ray stood and quickly lowered the zipper on his jeans. His belt buckle fell loose and he practically tore down the garment together with his underwear. His large cock was hard and swung out fiercely in front of him. He smiled as he noticed Caroline’s rapt attention.

“Your turn now!” he laughed.

Without taking her eyes from Ray’s solid weapon, the gang boss rose and began to roll the tight pants down over her hips. All three men gasped as the ebony skin of her legs and ass was revealed – it had been obvious to them all that there was no room for panties under the garment.

“That’s a nice trimmed little bush you got there, honey!” Ray exclaimed as Caroline began to sway her hips and walk slowly towards him.

Caroline was getting into her stride now. She had always been very sexual – a slut her husband called her – and she knew that she could take these three men on without problem. Without a word she stood before Ray and then slowly dropped to her knees in front of him.

Ray gasped as he felt his employer’s cool fingers wrap gently around his throbbing shaft and guide him towards her mouth.

Caroline’s long, braided hair fell loose about her shoulders and tickled seductively over Ray’s groin. He drew in a sharp breath again. Her tongue fluttered delightfully over his glans as he took him deeper into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. This woman was good, he thought. Really good!

Mark and his brother Jimmy stared on with a fixed expression of awe as they watched their boss fellate Ray. Her top still covered her dark breasts but she had spread her knees wide allowing both men a good view of her pussy. Mark looked deep between her legs and felt his own erection grow uncontrollably in his jeans. He couldn’t wait. He just had to taste that sweet looking pussy and as he sank to the floor and wriggled between her thighs he was rewarded with a long female moan as he sank his tongue deep into her honeypot.

Ray began to rock his hips back and forth as he fucked his thick meat into Caroline’s hot mouth.

“Mmmm…that’s good, baby…nice…suck my hard cock…mmmm….”

He could feel anime porno the pressure building up in his heavy balls as she took him deep into her throat and he knew that he was about to blow his load.

Caroline could feel Ray’s legs start to tremble and his meat swell up in her mouth. She smiled inwardly as she looked forward to his explosive climax. The tongue in her pussy felt so good as she squirmed her butt up and down trying to get as much contact with her clitoris as was possible. She knew that she was close to cumming as well and wanted to time her climax with Ray’s. The first wave of orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt just as Ray’s cock erupted thickly into her mouth. Her whole body shook violently causing the tool to slip from her ruby lips and spurt it’s viscous issue directly onto her face.

And then, all at once Caroline could feel her legs being pulled backwards. There were hands at her breasts pulling at her shirt. Up and over her head, she made no movement of resistance and held up her arms to aid the garment’s removal. Her tits bounced free. Warm, ebony coloured globes topped with thick, hard nipples. Fingers grasped them, squeezed them. Caroline could still feel the aftershock from her massive climax and the waves of pleasure and satisfaction continued to roll over her.

Jimmy continued to pull back on his boss’ ankles as he endeavoured to place her in the best possible position for his hard erection to enter her pussy.

Eventually he succeeded in his plan and, with one slender, tan leg draped over his shoulder, he thrust himself with a groan deep into her vagina.

Mark had also taken up a new position and was lying back on the floor with his cock poised at Caroline’s lips. His tool twitched violently as his boss teased and licked the tip, her soft hands gently cupping his straining balls. And then he was inside her mouth. Fireworks exploded in his head as she immediately began to deep-throat him urgently, massaging his balls and dropping her head down so far on his cock that her nose nestled in his pubic hair.

Ray sat back and watched as his two friends fucked their boss at either end. She really was a slut, he thought, she had taken three cocks in the space of only a few minutes; had at least one orgasm already and still seemed eager for more. Ray wondered what else she was capable of! His unasked question was quickly answered as Caroline allowed Mark’s weapon to slip from her lips and she gasped out her request.

“Fuck me in my ass, Jimmy,” she cried, “fuck me hard up my tight ass!”

Just as Jimmy was repositioning himself for the perfect entry into his employer’s sweet back door, he heard his friend cry out. He looked over Caroline’s shoulder and watched fascinated as Mark ejaculated thickly into her mouth. He watched closely as the massive quality of jism oozed from between her lips and began to drip over her chin and down onto her upturned breasts. Damn!, he thought, this bitch is fucking hot!

Frank Davis brushed a small piece of fluff absently from his otherwise perfect security guard uniform. He looked back at the monitor and at his wife, Caroline, as she took the man’s hard cock deep into her arap porno ass. He felt his own erection stir and he smiled.

“Suppose we’d better go get em out, John,” he said casually to his co-worker.

John smiled back. “Oh, Frank, can’t we wait til he cums? Don’t look like it’s gonna take too long, your old lady sure knows how to work her ass!”

“That she does, man. That she does! Okay..okay, I think he’s gonna do it…yep…there she blows!”

Jimmy howled out as he slammed his cock deep into Caroline’s anus and exploded. She was wriggling her butt cheeks deliciously from side to side and almost milking the cum out of his spasming dick. The noise of the big steel door opening took him completely by surprise. It took all of them by surprise.

“What have we got here,” cried Frank Davis triumphantly as he led his team of security guards into the vault. “Looks like we interrupted a bit of an orgy here! It’ll probably be your last for a while too, Jimmy Sullivan. I reckon you guessed you’re going to jail for this!”

All three men were hurriedly trying to dress themselves. Slick, limp cock were being rapidly thrust back into jeans. It was only Caroline that seemed unconcerned. She sat back against the wall with a “just-cum” look on her face; her legs hanging apart to display her open abused vagina and asshole.

“You guys take care of these three,” Frank indicated to his colleagues, “Don’t worry about the woman, I’ll take care of her!”

As the men left under close escort, Frank closed the steel door behind them. He turned to his wife with a smile and quickly pulled out his hard, throbbing tool.

“We’ll talk later,” he said quickly, “first, you’re gonna suck me off! Watching you with those guys has got me real horny!”

“I can see that, honey! Come here and let me take care of that for you!”

Frank groaned deeply as his wife drew his engorged weapon into her mouth and began to suck. Hi fingers played lightly with his balls and he knew he wasn’t going to last long. Her head bobbed up and down. Faster then slower. Then faster again. Her tongue lashed over his glans delightfully as he felt the cum begin to boil up from his heavy balls. And then he was in her throat. He couldn’t hold back any longer as her muscles contracted around his shaft and with a gasp he loosed his seed onto her face and hair to mingle obscenely with the cum already there.

“That was a hell of a display you put on there, honey.” he said finally as he tucked his dick back into his pants with a satisfied smile. “And that’s the third tip-off you’ve given me in the last six months. At this rate I’ll make chief of security before the year’s out! Don’t worry, we’ll keep you well out of it as long as you’re nice to the rest of the guy’s. They should have handed their prisoners over to the cops by now. I expect they’ll be waiting for you in the canteen! I’m sure you’d like to thank them yourself!”

Caroline laughed and kissed her husband’s cheek. He really seemed to get a thrill out of sharing her around his buddies and, being the slut that she was, there was no way she was going to argue. In her opinion there was no such thing as too much cock!

“Is there much point in me getting dressed?” Caroline asked her husband with a mock sigh.

“No! No point at all!” Frank replied.

Caroline felt his hand pat her cum stained bottom as she began to walk towards the canteen and the rest of a fun filled evening!